A Family Gathering in the Mountains

It was a beautiful Fall day just over a week ago and my sister and I drove up to the mountains to spend the afternoon with our parents, a family friend, and my mom's brother, sister-in-law and their 3 daughters.  As time passes, I'm continually reminded of how grateful I am for this family of mine.  Time keeps marching by and as we have these family gatherings, we all remark on how much longer it … [Read more...]

Preserving Family Memories

You all know that I'm close to my family.  It happens naturally, I think, as we get older to appreciate our family heritage more than ever. At least it's been that way for me.  I so appreciate the parents I have and having family pictures and memories to hold on to is just priceless. My family was not wealthy at all when I was growing up.  We still aren't, but we are blessed with much more than … [Read more...]

Family Time in New Orleans

I just did a recent update on the family, but since we just got back from another fast weekend trip down to New Orleans, I thought I'd share what we did this visit.  My sister and I went down and took mom with us, she will continue to travel with us as long as she can and she always enjoys seeing those grand baby girls, so it's a win-win for all.  They are getting to know their great grandmother, … [Read more...]

Southern Wedding at Roselawn Museum: Cartersville, GA

I've got a fun post to share with you today.  You've all met my dear friend, Vicki.  I've shared her on my fashion posts and it's been awhile since she has appeared on my blog, but her youngest son, Tanner, just got married and it was a fun wedding to attend.  Vicki put together a rehearsal dinner at their church fellowship hall and asked me to help her with the tables so I did and we got that all … [Read more...]

Labor Day Weekend Family Time

Lauren surprised us and decided to fly home with the girls for Labor Day weekend and of course, we were very excited she did.  It's always great to have those baby girls home, the little ones and the big one.  They are growing so fast and we want to treasure every moment of their little lives.  Parker is now 2 and 1/2 and Iris is just over 4 months, so I wanted to share their visit with all of … [Read more...]

Charming Apalachicola, FL

As a final part of my recent coastal vacation, today I'm sharing the charming town of Apalachicola, FL.  As I mentioned earlier, the only time I've visited this town was 5 years ago with my friend, Vicki and it was a quick drive through the little coastal ton and a drive out to St. George.  It has always stuck with me as being such a quaint town and I can see why people love it here.  It doesn't … [Read more...]

Have You Had Your Colonoscopy?

I hope that this subject won't cause my dear readers to completely lose it on me and not stop by to read today, but I thought the subject was important enough to talk about. The older I get, the more that aging and health issues become even more of a priority to me and my friends, so I figured it might be something you'd all be interested in as well. My real life friends and I talk about these … [Read more...]

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