Feature Friday: House for Hope Designer Showhouse in Franklin, TN

Last weekend was so much fun as we gathered as a group of bloggers/designers to see the house all decorated for the opening of the House of Hope Showhouse in Franklin.  It's been a year in the making, so to see all the planning come full circle to fruition was both rewarding and exciting to see.  I loved getting to see the house after everyone did their decorating and made this house a beautiful … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Love Your Abode

Today's Feature Friday is blogger Yuni, mom to 3 children who blogs at Love Your Abode. She loves decorating and creating a wonderful home environment for her family and her tagline is Creating a Home With Purpose.  I like that!  I'm not sure where Yuni lives, but her home is really inviting and pretty, so come along for the tour. Entry way decked out with fresh flowers, looking so … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Erin Spain

Today's Feature Friday is a blog friend right here in the Atlanta area, blogger Erin Spain.  She's a mama to 3 adorable boys and a busy gal who's been blogging for several years now.  She does a beautiful job in decorating her home on a budget and she and her family have been in their home, bought as a foreclosure for about 3 years.  It's a brick traditional and Erin's done a lovely job of making … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in North Atlanta

Today's Feature Friday is one I'm really excited about!  It's a feature of a newly built farmhouse out in the country in North Atlanta, which belongs to a long time friend mine, Barbara, who I went to high school with.  She and I were friends during high school, but haven't really kept in touch that much, but she and I have a mutual friend in my very close friend, Vicki, and so have stayed in … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Rain on a Tin Roof

The beauty of decorating is that we all have different ideas and tastes on what we want in our homes and here on Feature Friday, I like to highlight all of the diverse decorating styles out there. Today's feature is Jenna, from Rain on a Tin Roof.  She's been blogging for a few years at Rain on a Tin Roof and her style is definitely colorful and very modern, completely different than my style, but … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Up to Date Interiors

This home decor blog world is so big that it even spreads internationally, which is not really a surprise since we all love beautiful spaces.  Today's featured blogger is new to me, Kathy with Up to Date Interiors.  And she happens to be in a military family and lives in Okinawa, Japan, so this is definitely a different type of Feature Friday than normal.  She lives in a rental space and loves to … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: My Life From Home

Today's Feature Friday is a fairly new blogger, she's been at it since 2014 and Amy blogs at My Life From Home.  She's from Cincinnati, OH and lives in her 80's fixer upper with her hubby and three kids. They've done a lot of renovating already and have more to go.  I just saw that they are now gutting their master bathroom. Seems that so many homeowners are making over older homes and it's always … [Read more...]

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