Umbrella Addition to the Patio

Since I added the patio space to my backyard last year, this is the second season I’ve gotten to use it. I'm still so happy that I decided to have it built out. The whole look enhances my backyard so much. Having a screened porch and now a patio just makes my backyard that much more enjoyable.  Plus it's really pretty to look at!  When I walk out my back door now, that patio connects the … [Read more...]

Light up the Night: Patio Style

How do you enjoy your outdoor living spaces and what can you add to make it even cozier?  It's been so nice to have a new patio in the backyard and that ugly space that I had was really transformed with the addition of this paver patio, that connects my back door to the screened porch.  Now it's one nice big space with a beautiful sofa and chairs.  I haven't had major parties out here yet, but we … [Read more...]

Installing Beadboard Wallpaper

If you've been reading my blog since 2009, then you've no doubt seen my love for beadboard wallpaper and all that it adds to plain homes by injecting some architectural detail where there was none.  I discovered Graham Brown beadboard wallpaper back in 2009 and have done many projects in my current and former homes with it.  It really is a great cost-saving way to add some cool wall treatments … [Read more...]

Small Black and White Master Bathroom Reveal!

A new and improved bathroom will not completely change your life, but it sure makes it feel prettier! It's been a long time since I've had a complete room makeover reveal in my house, but today is a treat for me and I hope for you too! The day has finally come that I can share the reveal of my teeny tiny master bath.  It's been 4 years coming and I'm so happy to get this one done.  I wasn't … [Read more...]

Black and White Master Bath Progress Pics

It's been an exciting week at my house!  My tile contractor started last Tuesday on the master bathroom and it's been fun to watch the process and progress.  And it's really been fun to not be doing the work.  It was 4 years ago that my dad and I were knee-deep in this house renovation all during the summer and we worked like dogs getting this house done in 6 months enough that I could even move … [Read more...]

Master Bath Update Plans in Black and White!

It's been 3 months since I shared with y'all that I'm planning a black and white master bath makeover at my house and I really thought it would be finished by now.  But, it's not!  In fact, I have to wait another month before my contractor can get to me. Things have really picked up out there in the renovation business and these guys are staying busier than ever with people updating and renovating … [Read more...]

My Spring Yard and Exterior!

Spring is here in Atlanta and everything looks so lush and green right now. I love this time of year when all those fresh green shoots pop up everywhere and the trees leaf out with new growth.  It just feels so good to see all of that happen after the gloom and dreary days of Winter.  Bring on the Spring! The landscaping in my yard has really taken off too and it's been almost 2 years since it … [Read more...]

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