Framing a Mirror with MirrorMate: Giveaway

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The winner is #112:  Shari!  Congrats, Shari, you have been emailed!

With all the things to update in this house, it’s been fun to get some help from MirrorMate on my guest bath mirror.  You know how it goes.  Those large plate glass mirrors that are all over the place, with not a lot of personality.  I have framed my own before and they turned out nice, but it’s also great to have a professional frame go up on a mirror too.  It totally transforms the space.

I’ll do another complete post on this bathroom later, but wanted to share the MirrorMate opportunity with all of you now.

I got to choose a frame from MirrorMate and they shipped it to me to install.  And installing a frame from MirrorMate is very easy.  For a large frame, you will need two people to help hold it in place, but the frames go together very easy and fast.

frame from MirrorMate

It comes in a box in 4 pieces.  Once you measure your existing mirror, you send those measurements to MirrorMate, along with your frame choice and they will cut the frame to exactly fit your mirror.  The frame sits on top of the mirror, overlapping just slightly to completely cover the mirror.

putting frame together

Lay out all 4 pieces on a protective rug or cardboard.

add inserts and glue

It comes with glue and corner anchors that go in each corner of the frame to hold it all together.  Notice on the frame above, there is double sided extremely sticky tape that is already on all the pieces of frame.  Once you get ready to put the frame up, there are also cardboard corners that help with setting the mirror in place before the tape is pulled and ready to adhere.

wipe excess glue

Once it’s glued in the corners, simply wipe off excess glue and let it dry well overnight and then it’s ready to put up on your mirror.

My dad came over to help me get it in place, cause with a mirror this big, you really need 2 people to hold it.  Pull off the protective paper from the sticky tape all the way around and simply place it over the mirror.  It’s stuck and will not come off!  There are also protective cardboard corner pieces to help with installation too.

Tribeca Frame

Now you’ve got a beautiful framed mirror.

Yippee!!  MirrorMate is giving away to ONE of my readers a mirror frame of your own.  I’m so happy to be working with them and to get a beautiful frame for my bathroom.  This one is called Tribeca and it’s a gorgeous black finish with small beads of silver all around the inside edge.  Perfect complement to my bathroom.

I’ll show you the whole bathroom soon too!

In the meantime, leave a comment telling me which bathroom you’d love a frame for and which style and color you think you’ll pick?!  Go to MirrorMate to check out all the styles and come back here and leave a comment. 

That’s it!  I’ll choose a winner in a few days.

Note:  I received a free mirror frame from MirrorMate, but was not paid to do this post. 

- Rhoda


  1. I need to take care of the mirror in my daughters’ bathroom. I would choose waterside in pearl to go along with the beachy feel my oldest daughter wants. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I love the Bellemeade Traditional Cherry… it would match the cabinetry and add so much sophistication to my main bathroom.

  3. We’re remodeling 3 bathrooms at once (I never claimed to be smart), so I could use a MirrorMate for any one of them. I’d probably pick the Tribeca Black for my powder room – I think it looks really sharp!

  4. Debbie Wilson says:

    This would so amazing in my bathroom. I have been looking at different ways to frame my mirror but this looks the easiest by far!

  5. Have been wanting to try these. I would choose the Grandezza in bronze for my son’s bathroom.

  6. I would love to frame the huge mirror in our master bath. I would choose the tribeca in burnished brown.

  7. Would love to frame my master bathroom and guest bathroom!

  8. I love these. I’ve done my own, but I have a hard time with permanent adhesion . I’d pick the Permaquid Bronze for my hall bathroom.

  9. We’ve just finished redoing (un-wallpapering) our master bath and need so badly some frames like thee. Such a great idea and reasonable prices too. My favorite is the Mediterra Glazed Stone.

  10. I think I like the Cherokee Mocha Walnut the best.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. The large mirror currently in the bathroom doesn’t have a frame at all…and it’s soooo ugly. I like several of the frames, so would have to think about it — but the cherry one or the pearl finish might win out.

  12. Pebbled White Portage!! For my downstairs bathroom. I painted it years ago with a great wisteria growing up a wall. Very gardeny and this would be awesome!!

  13. Katie stokes says:

    My husband and just finished painting our guest bath, I would chose the permaquid slim bronze because it goes with the frames we have. Thanks!

  14. Really like the Bellemeade Traditional Cherry Frame, Thanks

  15. I’ve been dying to frame out our mirror in our master bath. The Portage Pebbled White would be perfect!

  16. Oh, I have been begging my husband to help me put up a frame on our master bath mirror. I have the large mirror with the ugly 80’s make-up lights. Need a renovation in there so badly!

  17. I have wanted one or two of these since you posted on the previous install you did at your parents’ house. I love the Tribecca in black.

  18. My daughter’s bathroom is in desperate need of sprucing up. She is a pre-teen and we are working on updating her bedroom. Her bathroom will be the next project. All we have in there now is a builder’s grade mirror in desperate need of one of the old-world silver frames! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Leigh Ann S. says:

    I would love to have a Tribecca Burnished Bronze with silver for my large master bath mirror.

  20. The Venetian Silver Wave for my master bath. I have have not been able to update. This would be perfect to give me a start and even if that’s as far as I get for a while it will really make a big change. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. I would choose Chelsea Cherry Red to match my bathroom vanity if I won. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I’d love the chelsea in black satin for the boy’s bath. I’ve been wanting to try this for quite a while. Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. Hi there. So glad you’re blogging and using MirrorMate product. I want the Pemaquid Slim Dark Cherry (funny name). Our master bath has all white cabinets and marble and ocean blue tile and walls. I want to paint the cabinets dark cherry and frame the mirror to add dimension to the whole room and warm it up! This mirror frame is slim, yet has depth and will keep the mirror from looking flat. Hope to win. Merry Christmas to ALL!

  24. Just helped my sister remove a large mirror. Have one just like it and love the MirrorMate solution.

  25. I would pick the Grandezza Aged Silver or Pacifica Silver Sheen. The first I would probably use in our main bath and the second for our kid’s bathroom. Thank you so much for sharing this great product and the chance to win one. What a wonderful way to dress up mirrors.

  26. Bellmeade vinatge silver-i need my master bathroom done badly!!!

  27. Rhoda–I have wanted a mirror mate since I saw it on your blog a long time ago. I want one in our master bath. I love the cherokee mocha walnut so much.

  28. I would love to do the master bathroom in Pacifica white.

  29. I would like to add a frame to my bathroom mirror. I like the Acadia in white. I have the rosettes plus my miroor has tile around the bottom and up the sides 6-8 inches. Don’t know how it work around these obstacles.

  30. Waterside Pearl….would look great in my children’s bathroom which has a very large mirror such as yours……the poor bathroom is in desperate need for a makeover….still stuck in the late 60’s…….this might be the push to get us started??? !!!!

  31. I’d love to use one of these on my mater bath mirror. I love the Tribeca Burnished Brown. I can attest your mirror looks great!

  32. I think that the Chelsea Brushed Bronze would look great in our hall bath!

  33. I have hall bathroom that could use a frame on the mirror. I think the Waterside Pearl would look best. Thank you for the chance to win. I am glad to find out more about these work. Yours look so nice.

  34. I would choose waterslide. Oyster for my master bath!

  35. What a great site – & perfect for my master mirror which is a super long, joined ‘his n her’ type deal that has no frame, except for this ugly gold stripe along the bottom edge. Yikes – I’ve been looking for some nice wood to make a frame, THIS IS MUCH BETTER!!
    Cliche maybe, but perfect for my theme!!!!

  36. I have wanted to do this for SO long in my guest bath-yours looks great!! I really like the Pacifica white!!

  37. Currently we only have one bathroom, which I’ve been updating a little at a time. I would love to have the Broadway Brushed Chrome for my two mirrors above the double vanity. It would be a perfect combo for my husband and I, sleek and sophisticated, yet not too girly. I love, love, love it!

  38. These are beautiful, and yours turned out perfectly, Rhoda! I would love to do this in our master bath, and I would probably opt for the Grandezza Aged Silver.

  39. What a fabulous product! I love the Soho Matte Black for the guest bathroom. This bathroom also serves my 2-year-old son, so this simple chic look would work for both purposes.

  40. Allison Rysdon says:

    I would love to frame our builder mirror with Waterside in pearl. It would be a great addition to my daughters’ bathroom. I have looked at the mirror mate website several times and has been a to do project on my list!

  41. I love all three finishes offered on the Tribeca, but think I would go with black for our upstairs guest bath.

  42. linda miller says:

    This is such a great giveaway and you make putting this together look so easy. Really would love to redo 2 mirrors in my house so hope I’m a winner but regardless of the outcome you are my hero! You’ve comes so far in the past 2 years and am so happy for you. Love your house and all that you’ve done. Merry Christmas!
    linda miller
    south carolina

  43. My husband and I purchased our first home not too long ago. While we have been lots of improvements to the public areas of the house, our master bath still needs some help! I’d love to use the Chelsea espresso frame on our mirror.

  44. I like Chelsea Cherry Red. I want to someday update our master bath mirror with a frame.

  45. I would love a frame to put into the master bathroom. The frame I might choose is the Cherokee Espresso Walnut.

  46. I love this idea, and definitely have some mirrors that could stand to be dressed up. I liked the Chelsea Brushed Bronze and also the Cherokee Espresso Almond.

  47. Donna white says:

    I love the Lexington polished mica for my master bath. I just told my husband last week I wanted to remove our master bath mirror and hang two mirrors. He said NO WAY was he removing that mirror. Mirrormate is the solution!

  48. I would choose Cherokee in mocha for our master bath.

  49. I would love to put broadway brushed. Chrome in our master bathroom

  50. With so many beautiful choices, it was difficult to choose a fav, but Bellemeade Traditional Cherry would look nice framed around the mirror in my bathroom!

  51. I would choose the grandezza oiled bronze for my master bath!

  52. I would choose the Pacifica Silver Sheen for my master bath. :)

  53. The hubs and I have talked about framing our bathroom mirror. I really like the pemaquid black mirror

  54. Hubby and I just closed on our first home! i’m so excited to start making it into our dream home, i’d love the Cherokee Cherry Chocolate for our master bath!

    • I have been wanting to do this for some time now…but now have been inspired by you and what you have posted. I painted my bathroom…changed out the awful track lighting and am now excited about framing my mirror. Being a single parent doesn’t allow for me to spend a lot of money…thank you!!!

    • Norma Lopez says:

      Just finished redoing my bathroom on a budget…Have been wanting to frame my mirror…excited about what I see…Thank You!

  55. I have been wanting to frame our mirror in the master bath something in a burnish gold tone!

  56. I love the Cherokee!

  57. Pam Breland says:

    Love this idea….been wondering what I could do to this big mirror it looked like I was stuck with!!! Now I know…..
    My choice would be the Lexington Metallic Ash……Love it!!
    This will be a future DIY project…

  58. Leslee in TN says:

    Awesome look for your BathR mirror! I have ordered and installed three large frames for my bathrooms from Mirror Mate this past summer-fall and can vouch for them too! Turned out great, and looks so much nicer on all my flat, plain, ugly plate glass mirrors stuck to the walls! Glad to read your post on these as well… these frames seem to be becoming more popular as people learn about them.

  59. After seeing how easy you made this look, we just ordered three 4″ samples. My favorite is the Cherokee Cherry. Your bathroom looks great!

  60. I want to match my bathroom faucets to the mirror frames. The Broadway Brushed Chrome Slim would look spectacular!

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