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Family pics are always special and I love to have them around my house.  It’s sometimes hard to find the right spot to display family pics without them being front and center and getting too cluttered looking.

Family gallery wall

But, I’ve got a few family framed pics that I used black frames with and decided my hallway would be the perfect spot to showcase them.  And, I received THE most special gift from my friend, Debbie, which really made this gallery wall come alive.  She is such a sweet friend and created this labor of love for me, all about my house renovation and the journey with my parents.  I got teary-eyed when she brought it over to me.

House renovation collage

It’s a house renovation picture collage and she took pics off my blog and framed them all together for a journey of this whole house renovation, with some of the lovely blog friends who came over to help us paint, all the way down to the scripture verse that my mom shared with me the day we closed on the house.  Now, that’s a teary-eyed moment.

Collage Mom and Dad

So, when I got the collage, I knew it would be perfect to add to my family wall, along with the pics of my parents when they were young and some other old family pics that are special to me.

Scripture from Mom

The devotional that my mom shared with me on the day we closed was right in the middle.  So special!  Thank you, Debbie!

Black framed family pics

So, with the collage in the middle, I added all my family pics to this picture gallery wall and it will be a reminder every day when I walk past, how blessed I am to have the family I was born into.  So blessed!


On the opposite wall, I added this little 11×14 canvas print of mine and my dad’s hands, working on the dining room project.  Many of you suggested along the way, that a good way to remember this journey would be to frame my dad’s hands.  So, I chose this one of both our hands, working on this house for me.  I’ll never forget the journey and hard work that got me where I am today.  For that, I am so grateful for the love of a father.  He has hung in there with me, every step of the way, just like my Heavenly father does as well.

The opportunity for the canvas print came from Staples and they asked me if I’d like to try one of their new Easy Canvas Prints and of course, I said YES!  I knew just the pic I’d get printed on my canvas.  It’s a wonderful reminder of the specialness of this house journey.

And Staples wants to give ONE Easy Canvas Print to one of my readers too!  Turn your favorite photo into a work of art for your wall.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me if you already have a special picture that you’d like to get on a canvas print??

The winner will also receive a free 8×10 photo enlargement from Staples to try out too.  Staples is a great stop for photo services, in case you haven’t tried them.

Leave one comment and I’ll chose a random winner in a few days and you’ll get a gift certificate to try out the Staples Easy Canvas prints and a free enlargement, redeemable at your local Staples Copy and Print center.

Thanks, as always for stopping by to see me!

Note:  This is a sponsored post from Staples and I received a certificate for a free Staples Easy Canvas print and a free photo enlargement.  All opinions are mine to share.

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- Rhoda


  1. I have a few family pictures I would like to put on canvas. I love your family wall.

  2. Donna Ingalls says:

    I would love a canvas of my grandson as a newborn in my son in law’s hand. It is a beautiful picture and one that I cherish. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. Love this idea, what a great give-a-way!
    I have several pictures I would have to choose from – once I start I may not be able to stop. :)

  4. I so love your wall and the enduring photo collage for remembrance. Yes, I do have a special photo for a canvas.

  5. Karen Smithson says:

    I have picture of my family I would love to put on a canvas.

  6. A recent photo of my and my hubby and son at the cemetery. Not because of the funeral, but it’s the best picture of us in a long time.

  7. I love your memory wall with your family and friends. These will be wonderful to enjoy in days and years to come. I always enjoy seeing your parents. Great pictures!

  8. Absolutely heart-warming, Rhoda! (I’m not sure what I’d put on a canvas, but you know I could find something!) 😀

  9. linda miller says:

    I have a picture of my mom’s hand holding my grandson’s hand. Just the 2 hands together and so touching. By this time in her life she couldn’t always remember who he was but did say he was such a beautiful baby.
    That pictures means more to me than I can ever put into words.

  10. I’m sure I could find one in all those photos I just took in Williamsburg.

  11. Alisa Adkins says:

    I have a photo of my daughter I would live to put on canvas!

  12. I have a picture in mind. It is for my baby’s nursery. I love the picture of your hands; that is really special.

  13. I don’t have a specific picture picked out, but it would definitely be a picture of my family.

  14. We just had family pictures taken and i would love to have a canvas of one of them

  15. I would love to have my favorite photograph of my son on canvas.

  16. Deborah Culpepper says:

    I have a picture of me and my son that was taken earlier this year. He is 24 and we have traveled a very rough road since we both lost the heart of our family, my husband and his dad six years ago. Every chance I get, which isn’t often I try to get a picture of us together. There have been many times I often thought he wouldn’t make it through the trauma we’ve endured so this picture is a treasure for me that I have wanted to put on canvas but funds and just getting through daily struggles have prevented it. Just like you, with out the good Lord and my sweet, loving, family we would’ve crumbled a long time ago.

  17. Your collage and canvas made me very teary! Priceless. Have some wonderful family memories I would love to see up on a great canvas.

  18. I love the picture of your hand with your father’s. My own dear father always found ways to help us with our home. I miss him every day. It is really beautiful to see your relationship with your father.
    I have a photo of my 2 children that I would love to have put on canvas.

  19. It is a toss up. I have a beautiful picture of my grandaughter in a princess costume…it was the first thing that came to mind. : )

  20. Teresa Gann says:

    Your blog is my favorite, and I look forward to reading it each day. This is my first comment. I don’t have a picture in mind now, but I am sure I could find one for a canvas. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  21. Choosing which pics to use is the hard part. I have an awesome pic of my son with his newborn in black and white that would be perfect for canvas.

    Thanks, love your blog.

  22. I love the picture of your hand beside your dad’s hand. My grandparents were more like parents to me than grandparents. They are both in heaven now. I wish I had a picture of their hardworking hands. I would like to put a picture of them on a canvas.

  23. What a sweet friend you have!! I often have thoughts of doing nice things like this but rarely complete them due to my crazy hectic life!! Very impressed with her. I have a beautiful black and white picture of my mother and my daughter taken on a bench outside the Newport, RI Mansions on a special “girls” Christmas trip the 3 of us took When my daughter was about 6. She is now grown and in college in beautiful Newport at Salve Regina. We sadly lost my mom this past June. I have wanted to do something with this photo for my daughter for Christmas. (one of those “on my very long list things to do” )Would love to put it on canvas for her. Blessing to you and yours in your beatiful new home this Christmas. Thanks for sharing the journey!!

  24. Susan Graben says:

    I would love to have a canvas of one of my very old family pictures.

  25. Joan Caruso says:

    That is such a sweet photo!! I have a pic of me and my grand daughter feet at the beach!! It’s one of my favorite!!

  26. I love your photo wall! There are a couple photos I’d love to have: one of me and my son or one of me & my grandson. Both were taken a little over a year ago. We took a friend with a camera to a nice area on the ocean and did a photoshoot so I would have pics to remember them!

  27. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. It’s all wonderful. Wonderful friend, wonderful collage, and most wonderful canvas of two wonderful people’s serving hands. I don’t have a picture right now but I have a special one in mind that I will take over the holidays with my children. Now I just need to win that canvas!

  28. most beautiful and meaning hallway family portrait wall ever! Just enough – not too much and one of a kind! I would put a picture of me and my daughter that I have on canvas … from when we were both younger! Precious! Love those hands – the hands that built the house! Perfect!

  29. What a great effect! I love the pic of your dad’s hands and yours:) And the photo collage, and your mom’s scripture…. What a great display. And, YES, I would love to try the photo canvas–I definitely have a photo I could use (but I doubt I’d stop with one;)

  30. Verlan Day says:

    I have the perfect picture–my sweet grandson sitting in his Papaw’s rocking chair when he little.

  31. Yes! I would love to get a print of a photo from our wedding. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Your pictures are adorable, Rhoda. And in the perfect spot! You got yourself a heckuva beautiful house there!
    The canvas photo is so precious! I wish I had a photo like that of my father (he passed away over ten years ago, but I still miss him every day) when he helped me with things! So pretty!

  33. Love your gallery wall. We just moved to a new home in October and am looking forward to organizing family pictures this winter to hang on the walls. We took a special trip to London & Paris in 2009 and I would choose a picture from that trip. Thanks, Rhoda!

  34. I have a picture of my son around 18 months (he’s now 15) with my Dad that would be great to have made into a canvas! I’m enjoying all of your home update blogs, just loved your den, too cute!
    Take care,

  35. I love your canvas. Beautiful. I would choose a photo of my friend and her dad. She lost her dad and this would be perfect.

  36. My grandaughter is terminal and MUST capture all of her pictures that I can. So important to have those memories. :)

  37. I would like to have a picture of my parents put on a canvas print.

  38. I would love to have one of these. I have so many pictures that would be perfect. I would probably use a family photo.

  39. Carol Adams says:

    I have saved and chosen a bunch of photos that I have yet to do anything with… This would be soooo nice..
    I love your wall Rhoda, and the note from your mom made me cry… :)

  40. Those pictures are so special…..I just got a few photos of my grandparents and would love to do something special with them :-)

  41. Oh I have one of my son that I’d love to put on canvas.

  42. With seven grands I have several I would like to do!!!

  43. Sharon Avinger says:

    I have a picture of my mom and Dad when they wed in the WW2 years that I would love to have on canvas, Rhoda. Thank you for this opportunity. Love your gallery wall!

  44. Rhoda, this really brought tears to my eyes. What an absolutely perfect gift your friend selected for you, and that prayer in the devotional! It was spot on, my friend. Again, I rejoice with you that you had the opportunity to do over this cute place and make it your own and that you had friends and family along for the journey. I wish you the very best, always and forever, Rhoda.

    Love you…



    P.S. I would love to win that and have a photograph of the godchildren done up for our room. I have the perfect picture of them.

  45. I love your family wall. The picture of your and your daddy’s hands are my favorite. I know that has to be so special to you. Daddy’s are the best no matter how old you are, you always need your daddy’s help. Not sure what I would do without mine. So proud of you and your new life you have made for yourself. You so inspire me.

  46. Blogless Peggy says:

    My son and his sweetie just got engaged! Sure would like to make a special gift of one of their photos with this give-away!

  47. I have lots of photos to pick from!

    Love your blog!

  48. Denise Banks says:

    I have a black and white photo of my dad from 1944, prior to his military time….I’m in the process of making a collage of him for my children because he passed away prior to their births…Merry Christmas

  49. I have a very special picture of my mom that I would love to put on canvas. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  50. My son holding his newborn son the day before Thanksgiving would be lovely on canvas–it would make a beautiful addition on the nursery wall!
    Your poignant photo wall made me teary-eyed, too.

  51. I love the canvas of your and your dad’s hands, what a wonderful memory! And the devotional your mom shared is so sweet and powerful. God is redeeming all that was lost, and I’m so happy for you!

  52. Reading about the love of your parents for you – their grown daughter – and how much that reminds me of my own parent’s love for me through my 52 years, is the best part of your home remodel story for me. The hands photo is perfect!

    I would choose one of our wedding pictures!

  53. I have a sweet, hardworking 80 year old daddy who helps me with my many projects. He has made a lot of the furniture in my home including my favorite thing…a beadboard, granite topped island. I have often thought of taking photos of his hands. NOW, I will! You and I are two blessed girls! Love your blog!!!

  54. I’m new to your blog and very moved by this photo of your and your dad’s hands together. How very beautiful.

  55. I love your family wall. I have a picture of my nephew, my father, and my two sons I’d like to do on canvas. It’s always wonderful to look at our family pictures and to be reminded that no matter what we go through that we come from “good, strong stock” and that with God’s help, all things are possible.

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