Organizing the Bathroom Counter and Giveaway with Homegoods!

Ya’ll are in for a treat today!  I’m working with Homegoods on sharing a spot in my house that needed some extra special organizing.  I chose my master bath.  It’s small and definitely doesn’t have enough storage space, so I’m working on organizing the bathroom counter to better utilize my small space.  I’ve got the bottom cabinets maxed out with stuff and my every day items sit on the top of the counters in plain view, but not really all that tidy.  I decided that a tall piece would fit up there if I could find what I was looking for.  Homegoods came along with a partnership for me and I got to go shopping to see what I could find.

I found the perfect piece to fit up on my countertop and it sits next to my vintage cabinet that hangs on the wall.  This new piece will help so much with keeping my bathroom accessories organized.  All the brushes, flat iron, hair dryer, hair clips and more will now be hidden away in the drawers.

Let’s see what I found!

master bath

Remember how small my master bath is?  It’s very much a one person space.

new storage piece

When I measured and found out I had a little room on the right side of my hanging cabinet, I thought I’d look for just that special piece that would fit.  This one fits perfectly and I found it at Homegoods in the bathroom storage area.

storage piece with basket

I love the open shelf at the top, as it’s perfect for adding my skincare things.  I need them to be handy and accessible since I’m using them twice a day.

clear plastic storage

This clear storage piece found in the home organizing section of Homegoods really got all my stuff so much more organized and off the countertop.  I love this little caddy for looks and it’s so handy too with the divided compartments.  Cotton rounds and cotton swabs fit in there also.

For an extra pop of color in here, I picked up the clear vase with orange flowers from Homegoods too and I love the addition.  Normally, I love real plants but in a space like this, a little color goes a long way towards brightening up a room.

brushes stored

With these pull out drawers, I’ll store my brushes and combs.

clips and headbands

Clips and headbands in another one, all handy and accessible.

extra storage in the bathroom

The top basket holds my hair dryer and flat iron.  I can pull it down when I need it and store it away when not in use.  It feels GREAT to get this extra storage in the bathroom and have it looking pretty and organized too.  Big thanks to Homegoods for helping me out with this project with a giftcard.  I love shopping Homegoods and if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you have heard  it before.

I’m having lots of fun giveaways lately and I’ve got another fantastic one today.  Homegoods is giving my readers FIVE $50 giftcards so that you all can experience the Homegoods happiness for yourselves.  I’m so happy to be able to share this with y’all! 

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what area of your home needs the most organization and what you’d like to look for at Homegoods? 

Have fun getting your Homegoods Happy on!  Just fill in the Rafflecopter widget and leave a comment!

Note:  This is a sponsored post from Homegoods.  I was given a giftcard to shop with and organize a space in my home.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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- Rhoda


  1. pam clark says:

    I need to completely reorganize my scrapbook paper and paper craft items!

  2. Barbara says:

    I would look for baskets to organize my kitchen pantry! Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Elizabeth F says:

    What a pretty addition to your bathroom! I would love to organize my pantry and also my master bath closet!

  4. Ellen Ross says:

    All of the bookshelves REALLY need purged and reorganized in this house!

  5. Melanie says:

    There is no area of my home that doesn’t need organization, ha! If I had to pick just one, it would be my master bath vanity. Mine is similar to yours, and I am often rushing to get ready for work so my stuff just stays out and clutters.

  6. melinda says:

    My kitchen needs some help!

  7. My daughter’s room needs more organization.. Love your space..

  8. Shirley says:

    I would like more organization in my sewing/craft room.

  9. Your bathroom looks great! I have a linen closet that needs some help! I love Homegoods – I visit one at least twice a week. We have the best ones in Mass. Have a great day!

  10. My own little office needs more organizing. From the outside it looks great but when you open the cabinets – watch out! Things might fall. I need to organize and contain the items within the cabinets. Thanks for the chance to win a Homegoods giftcard, Rhoda. Love that store!

  11. I just reorganized my bathroom because of all my new skin care regime! But now it’s on to my office closet… Love Homegoods!

  12. Looks great! My master bath is even smaller than yours. 🙁 I have a 2 x 2 shower stall, and a scant three inches of vanity on either side of my sink. It’s tough!

    However, my pantry needs the most organization!

  13. Homegoods is my absolutely favorite place to shop (I am there at least once a week). I could really use more storage in my office guest bath. It is really small and storage is limited.

  14. My kitchen could use some organizing. We don’t have a pantry, and I am always looking for more room to store soups, crackers, cereals, etc. Nice job with your bathroom!

  15. My closet!

  16. Love your little cabinet. Perfect for your space. My sewing room never seems to look organized. I would love to get some help from Home a Goods, one of my favorite stoes. Thanks

  17. My pantry could use some organization. We have plenty of space, I think, but I’m not using it very effectively. Sure do love Homegoods!

  18. Catherine says:

    I need some organization and storage for a guest bathroom! It’s lovely to leave delicious lotions, etc for guests to use, as well as items they may have forgotten. I’d love to put them in plain sight where guests would know the goodies are for them and not feel like they’re rummaging in the cabinets! I’d LOVE something like your white vintage cabinet!

  19. Toss up between storage bins for closet and storage unit for vanity table.

  20. Leslie J says:

    My sewing studio is always in need of some organization. What a great opportunity!

  21. Susanne Hefner says:

    I don’t have a pantry in my kitchen so I’d love to find some type of storage for that room.. I love your blog. Thank you so much for the giveway!!!!

  22. erica sweatman says:

    My kids’ playroom closet needs some serious organizing. So does my bathroom. And my kitchen cabinets. Pretty much everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  23. My master bath needs more storage too!

  24. T. wimes says:

    Definitely need more storage in my bedroom.

  25. Carolyn says:

    I’m a sucker for pretty dishes and am usually very llucky to find them at Homegoods. Now I need a place to keep them all!

  26. my bathroom!

  27. My kitchen pantry is only a cabinet. It’s deep but things get pushed back and get lost in the darkness. It needs organization badly!

  28. I just organized my walk in closet but it could certainly use some help. I would like to get some unsightly objects out of the way in baskets and bins.

  29. Carol Tauber says:

    My quilting/ sewing room needs to be more organized, I really could use it for threads.

  30. savannah kay says:

    Rhoda, that is perfect for your bathroom.
    I’d love to be able to hide my everyday use “beauty treatments”!
    I’m lucky to have a Home Goods a mile away. yay.

  31. Sandi Allen says:

    I could use help organizing a few spaces in my home.
    Kitchen, boys bathroom and master bathroom.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I would organize the same room: my master bathroom. But I may have to split that incredible gift card between there and some baskets for the kitchen organization!! Thank you and love what you found for your bathroom!!

  33. My closet!

  34. Pauline says:

    The garage is a disaster. If I make it visually pleasing, that should help me maintain it.

  35. Karen Debenham says:

    Hello, in our small home, organization is a necessity. I would like the laundry closet (with stacked w/d and wire shelving on the right) where we store detergent, extra paper towels, iron, and cleaning items, to not only be neater and handier, but to look good. For the shelving, I would search HomeGoods for deep and shallow containers for all the storage I need in that closet. Thank you for this great contest. Karen

  36. I love Homegoods! I make a trip to Memphis often to go to one!

  37. My craft room needs organizing desperately

  38. Oh, gosh, what doesn’t need organizing. I think I will say my pantry.

  39. Planning to reorganize our linen closet this week. After checking out several bloggers’ linen closet makeovers, I noticed baskets were used often. So HG has many sixes of baskets and I would love to win one of their gift cards.

  40. I also could use some organization in my Master Bathroom.

  41. Debra Schramm says:

    Both my bathrooms are smaller than your master bath. I could definitely use some organization help in them.

  42. melinda says:

    I have a similar storage challenge in my bathroom. Some help with organizing would be wonderful.

  43. My guest bath needs help

  44. We just moved in – so every room needs organizing!! 😉

  45. I would love more storage in my kitchen..

  46. My sewing/craft room is in desperate need of organization!

  47. I too have a really tiny bathroom and have to store things in my bedroom closet for the bath. I would love to make it more functional.

  48. My sewing room is in desperate need of organization!

  49. Nicolle says:

    My whole house needs organzing! But if I had to pick one space, I’d say my bedroom could use some help. 🙂

  50. I really need to organize my laundry room. Thanks for a great give away!

  51. Sandy A says:

    My craft room sure could use some very needed organizing..

  52. My bathroom is definitely the area that needs the most help! On the counter, we’re good, but just don’t look underneath…. Scary in there!

  53. Sharon Avinger says:

    I’m turning one of our “empty nest” bedrooms into a craft room for me and my new dollhouse/miniature hobby. I am in need of storage and organization for all my supplies for making dollhouse accessories. Love your bathroom and love Homegoods!

  54. Without a doubt my craftroom/sewing room is in desperate need of organization.

  55. Jane H. says:

    My bathroom could also use some organization, as I’m sure is true for most people. Also my office/craft room could use some help in that area. Thanks to you and HomeGoods for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  56. My laundry room definitely needs the most organization! So many things to store in there and not enough solutions!

  57. Laundry room! Even though I’m the only one that sees it, maybe if it looked better it would make laundry a happier chore.

  58. Gail McMurray says:

    It’s definitely my office/craft area it’s a mess.

  59. My sewing room is in need of organization. Shelving, cabinets, a computer desk and counter tops are on the list. You can see into the room from my living room and dining room, as it is in the back of my house. So it really needs to look like part of the rest of the decor because it can’t be closed off. Help!

  60. I would love some baskets for organizing some shelves in my laundry room or to store extra throw blankets and pillows in my den!

  61. C. K. DiBaggio says:

    I desperately need to organize my craft closet. It is literally stuffed 3/4’s full with a sewing machine, sewing essentials, wrapping paper, photo albums, etc. A shelving unit or unit with drawers would go a long way to organizing and being able to find items. I currently have to empty the closet to find what I am looking for.

  62. Jenny G says:

    I would look for things to organize my paper-crafting area!

  63. What area in my house doesn’t need organizing! Love your answer to more organization in your bathroom.

  64. I need help in my Master Closet. It’s not the largest of spaces and we have added shelving, etc., but it always looks cluttered. I would love to find additional storage options for this space!

  65. Samantha G. says:

    We recently finished our basement and it could really use some organizing/beautifying!

  66. I definitely need more organization in the boys’ bathroom!

  67. Homegoods is my favorite even though I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to the closest one! As you know, I live in an old house that has very little storage space so I’m always looking for spots that can hold things. Right now I’m looking for a large basket to store shoes under a cabinet and Homegoods would likely have what I need! Thanks for this opportunity and your bath is looking great, Rhoda!

  68. Tara G. says:

    We have a couple of closets that could use a little help!

  69. There are a few areas in my kitchen that need some organizing help.

  70. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    I use an extra small bedroom as an office/storage room. It really needs to be organized with shelves, baskets (I’m a basket junkie), jars (that, too) and anything else that helps me be organized. The rest of my home is pretty organized because I live by myself with 3 large dogs, 2 cats and an often visiting 10 year old grandson. My little room needs HELP! Please pick me as one of your winners. P.S. Love that I found your blog.

  71. My office needs to be organized.

  72. Kitchen pantry, laundry room, and sewing room. They all need some organizing. Kathy

  73. My bathroom needs help!!!

  74. I love Home Goods and I would look for pieces to add organization to bathroom or home office! thanks!

  75. My home office is in serious need of some organizing tools! Love what you found, Rhoda!

  76. Definitely our bathroom! We have 1 in this house, full of 4 generations from my 70 yr. old mother down to my 2 yr. old granddaughter. It’s a challenge to be sure!

  77. Kim Nations says:

    My bathroom is a disaster..

  78. I think I’d buy the exact item you did and put it in my bathroom. It’s a great space solver!

  79. Joan Moore says:

    My master bath, probably smaller than yours, could use some organization. Love, love, love me some HomeGoods.

  80. Beth Carden says:

    I just moved in to a new house so I need organization everywhere! Thanks.

  81. I love Homegoods and that bathroom caddy is the Bomb! Our main bathroom is so small – you can’t even change your mind in there! I never thought of something for the vanity top – what a great idea.

  82. Karen Rawlins says:

    IN my craft room!!!

  83. Linda g says:

    Gosh, I need help everywhere. Is that a fair answer? Ha ha ha. My kitchen probably needs the most work. After 11 years in this house, it’s still a mess. Darn shame.

  84. Charlotte says:

    It looks great!
    Charlotte T

  85. I need help all over the house, but my pantry would be first!

  86. My sewing/craft room … baskets or shelves would be great!

  87. Gina Reed says:

    I could use some help in my laundry room. It’s a disaster, and I seem to avoid doing something about it. I would love to have a gift certificate to jump start the process!

  88. Sandy G says:

    I would organize a closet that holds grandkids toys.

  89. Beth G. says:

    Goodness – there isn’t one room in my house that doesn’t need organization!! I would love to have the funds specifically earmarked for organization!!


  90. Linda Sullivan says:

    Bookshelves and craft area in my office, need a redoing ……

  91. Suzy H. says:

    I could definitely use organization in my kitchen and bathrooms.

  92. Kathy w says:

    I love Home Goods! Was just there and saw tons of storage stuff needed for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. LUV Homegoods!

  94. I would love some help organizing my craft room… Plus I love Homegoods and it is right down the street from me. YAY!

  95. I could use some additional storage in my master bathroom too! I LOVE me some Home Goods, always find something to add to our home!

  96. Kristie says:

    My craft studio definitely needs to be organized! There are little goodies all over.

  97. Sharica says:

    My closet could use some additional organization. I am in the process of adding more racks to hang clothes. I am also in need of a upright laundry basket for towels as well as an organization tool for my jewelry and accessories.

  98. Leah Turner says:

    This year I am the chairperson for our local Christmas Tour of Homes. I set aside a special place in my craft room for all the Tour things but right now, it’s a jumbled mess of papers, ideas, posters and notes. I REALLY need to get that area organized before things start hopping in the Fall 🙂

  99. Laurie McClure says:

    I’d organize my master bathroom too! My counter is always a cluttered mess!

  100. My laundry room is in dire need of organization!

  101. My guest bathroom needs organization pretty badly. My cabinets are crammed full!

  102. Looks fantastic! I love Home Goods and it is great that they are working with you like this. 😉

  103. My master bathroom could use some help too! The room is large, but lacking practical storage.

  104. Very nice! My master bath could use a little help!

  105. Kristina A says:

    My kitchen needs organization most! Thanks for the chance.

  106. Deb Young says:

    Definitely my bathroom counter!

  107. My bathroom has a lot of storage space. Now…my kitchen?? Not so much! I would love to revamp my kitchen space!

  108. My bathroom could use some organizing!

  109. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Our bathroom or kitchen need the most organization! Thank you for the chance!!

  110. Raylynn says:

    My bathroom also needs some extra storage. AI have organized under my sink, but need something under my husband’s sink to help him out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. Amy Davis says:

    My kitchen needs organization. Thanks for the opportunity.

  112. Great finds from Homegoods, Rhoda! I’ll have to go have a closer look in their bath organization area! I most need more organization in my craft room! I’m moving one big craft room to another, “not-so-big” craft room. I am a bit overwhelmed!

  113. Nina-marie Barr says:

    Love your bathroom!

  114. My basement needs some organizing help.

  115. shannon macklam says:

    I would love to give my master bathroom a spruce up!

  116. Maureen says:

    Just downsized and definitely need to get organized with all my stuff in my small bathroom! Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Maureen says:

    The guest room. It is a guest room -tv room -craft room with yarn for knitting in different bins.

  118. My bathroom also could use some organization.

  119. My boys’ rooms could always use more organizing!

  120. Paula Romer says:

    Rhoda, Thanks for the Home Goods giveaway. It’s my favorite store! I think my kitchen and pantry areas could use a major overhaul. I love containers, bins , trays and Home Goods always has such functional and beautiful options for home organization.

  121. Definitely my bathroom! Although it is a good size with dual sinks it seems to be overflowing with stuff!! I need to clean out, clear out, and throw out! Then I will need baskets, etc., to reorganize the stuff I’ll keep. Help!!

  122. Lisa A. says:

    Homegoods is my very favorite store!! I am a new demonstrator for Stampin’ Up (papercrafting) and need a way to organize my catalogs, sales slips, flyers and items I need to take to workshops with me. This would be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  123. Debi Hendershot says:

    Home Goods Happy! Isn’t that where we all want to be? We are building a new home, so I am a little overwhelmed with picking just one space! My focus (today) is our master bedroom area. Really could use the Home Goods gift card. Thanks!

  124. We’re moving into the house we’ve been building next week, so we need a LOT of organization everywhere!

  125. Perfect timing…. out with the old… in with the new (Bedroom decor that is) …LOLOL… I do believe I could use that Home Goods Gift Card to help me “Redo” the Guest room .. Right??!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks Rhoda

  126. My Great Room! Specifically, kid and dog toys.

  127. Like your master, mine is tiny, tiny, tiny! I would buy something similar to what you bought.

  128. K spencer says:

    Kitchen cabinets/bakeware. Thanks

  129. Love Home Goods! I am in the process of reorganizing my daughter’s bedroom & playroom.

  130. Diane Taylor says:

    Homegoods = my happy place!

    My master bedroom closet has one wall that cries out for something I can use for additional storage (think scarfs. belts for me, ties for my husband).

  131. Michelle says:

    My master bath could use some organization and a complete remodel!!!

  132. BamaCarol says:

    Oh, my laundry room and kitchen are both in dire need of organization! Love your solution Rhoda, thanks for the opportunity!

  133. Barbara says:

    I need to organize my jewelry – desperately! I’ve got it in a couple of different places and it’s just not efficient.

    Thanks, Rhoda!

  134. My craft/extra bedroom needs organization help. Thanks so much.

  135. Mary Feagley says:

    My bathroom needs organization as well…possibly some matching baskets for the closet shelves. They hid a multitude of sins, right?

  136. My master bath linen closet needs help! It is open shelving and it looks messy. I need to find some large baskets to store everything.

  137. Andie Pattison says:

    My closet needs some organization badly! I even have clothes on the floor! I am overwhelmed and it makes me feel like a hoarder when I open my closet doors. I would be embarrassed if anyone looked in there.

  138. Michelle Jeffery says:

    I love Homegoods!

  139. My pantry is a mess! I could definitely use some bins or baskets in there!!

  140. I love organization!

  141. Reannon Pino says:

    My dining room needs an upgrade! Could totally use things from Home Goods to dress it up. Fingers crossed!

  142. Tardevil says:

    I need to re-organize my jewelry. What a great giveaway from my absolute favorite store!

  143. Tardevil says:

    I need to re-organize my jewelry. What a great giveaway from my absolute favorite store!

  144. Loving the cabinet for the bathroom. I don’t have much counter space or cabinet space. Could certainly use this idea! Thanks for the chance!

  145. At my house I think the laundry room is what I need to get more organized.

  146. Definitely my bathroom!

  147. Kristin Jones says:

    my daughters bathroom!

  148. Lindsay says:

    Love the cabinet

  149. Would love to shop HomeGoods for some office organization items. I am revamping my office space to have a vintage look and I think HomeGoods will have just the thing.

  150. My daughter has the tiniest of apartments. If I won, I’d be happy to have something to help her with her bedroom. She has so little space for her things.

    Fingers crossed!

  151. Susan Taylor says:

    My home office could use a TON of organizing. I can’t seem to keep the clutter under control. I want it to feel good in there but it’s a small room and I try to fit too much in. Plus I don’t have a good system to keep work/fun projects in order.

  152. Emily M. says:

    My front door entry way!

  153. Patti Reesor says:

    My laundry room needs…I mean REALLY needs HomeGoods! They have so many wonderful items! 🙂

  154. LOVE HOMEGOODS….it’s just down the street….so handy for me. I have a hall closet that could use a good dose of organization. Would love to win this!

  155. Candy Thayer says:

    My craft room! Would love some baskets to organize ribbon, fabric and lots and lots of paint supplies.

  156. I could definitely use some organization in my pantry!!!!

  157. My master bath definitely needs some organization help too! BTW, love your bathroom!

  158. I LOVE HomeGoods….I just purchased some beautiful bath towels from them with seashell motif and am redecorating my bathroom with a coastal theme. I will head to HomeGoods to see if I can find that exact rolling cart (sorry for being a copycat!!) 😉 Love the extra storage idea…Thanks!!

  159. Love it! My bathroom counter could use some help.

  160. Our office needs help! Shelves, baskets, organizers…all are needed!

  161. We are turning a bedroom into a home office. My husband is trying to get his business going and I want to make the room as organized as possible along with a relaxed home office feel. HomeGoods is always my go to store!

  162. i need to organize my closets, so definitely some sort of shelving would be great.

  163. Cathy Roberts says:

    My closets.

  164. Karen E says:

    The mudroom area with all of the shoes!!

  165. Leanne Williams says:

    There are SO many things that need organizing….. But I would start with the kitchen, since I seem to live in it! I would love some baskets to store table linens for my bakers rack. 🙂

  166. Denise S says:

    I would definitely use it to organize my master bath as well. Going to start painting my bathroom cabinets this weekend and storage and organization is a must after that is complete!!!

  167. Carolyn says:

    My grandson’s toy room in the basement.

  168. The office – it’s a disaster

  169. Melissa says:

    I love home goods they are a great place to find interesting pieces for my house with out breaking the bank.

  170. My bathroom

  171. cathy claus says:

    my bathroom countertop for sure! love the cart! and….HOME GOODS! 🙂

  172. shaylin says:

    Our guestroom/sewing room needs some organization and style help. A rug? Some decorative pillows, a thousand drawers and boxes and clear organizers… I could spend all day at Home Goods finding just the right things to make the space pop.

  173. My kitchen most needs organization.

  174. My bathroom also needs major organization and I would love some pretty organizational containers to help with the clutter.

  175. Oooh, what a great little shelf. I bet one of those would be useful in just about every room of the house. I have only had the opportunity to shop at Homegoods a few times because the nearest store is an hour away from me but if I won $50 from them I would definitely make a special trip to spend it, hahaha! I love their cute stuff!

  176. Although school is almost over for the year, I need organizing help in our homeschool classroom. I actually want to be more organized for the summer for fun arts and crafts.

  177. I have so many places that need organizing. My home office and the garage especially! Thanks for this great giveaway. I love Home Goods!

  178. Donna Hartshorn says:

    My laundry room! I have cabinets over the washer and dryer and a big open shelving unit in there as well but it always looks unorganized!

  179. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HomeGoods, but the closest one to me is in B’ham where my sister lives. I always go there when visiting and come out with one to two buggies full of wonderful things!! I need to reorganize my bathroom and you’ve given me an idea. Sure hope I win!!

  180. I need a framed corkboard for my home gym so I can pin my workouts and see them.

  181. Heather B. says:

    We’re working on a nursery so we need all the storage we can get!

  182. Lynn f. says:

    Love Home Goods. The piece you found is adorable.

  183. bathrooms, kitchen

  184. Jackie Rossing says:

    My laundry room! It’s very small (live in a condo) and just know I can use the space better than I have it set up now. Just have pieces parts for storage, but would enjoy doing laundry a LOT more if I could paint it and add some fun, unusual pieces to organize. Love the idea of a coat rack for my mop/broom, and a platter to put on my dryer to hold products I use the most.

  185. It doesn’t matter what I need for my home I can always find it at home goods and usually I walk
    Out with several items I didn’t know I needed. 😉

    The clearance section is where I start my home goods round and I’m joyful on vacation and business trips when I find a great home goods clearance.

    I recently moved in to a rental house in need of a lot if love and fixing and with a VERY limited budget iv decided to give each room a $50 allowance to get it livable. It’s made me be very creative and home goods find help pull things together. Getting an extra $50 to spend on one room would be awesome and I would spend it in a colorful rug for my second guest bedroom/office. I’m painting the pink walls white and painting an old bamboo patio table white as well instead of putting in my old office desk. I have beautiful blue and white plates to hang on the wall and have a denim blanket for the day bed but missing a fun rug to tie the pretty bare room together. ( it needs to be spacious because there is a rollaway bed under the day bed and I’m hoping my sister is bringing my nephews to visit from Sweden soon. So I want the space to be good for play too. With a home goods gift card I could splurge on a fun large area rug. Happy home goods hump day to you all!

  186. every room in my house 😉 but I will go with my bedroom. some baskets, a trunk, and some small accessories could definitely help in there 🙂

  187. YAY! I’ve gotta say my laundry room (closet…) needs the most help. I’m hoping to get it cleaned, painted and prettied up later this summer. (SO MANY PINTEREST IDEAS! LOL) A gift card to Home Goods would be a huge help! 😉

  188. Definitely my bathroom! All my products are shoved in a drawer and tip over all over the place when I go looking for something.

  189. Sandy Heath says:

    My kitchen pantry is small and is a catch-all for things other than canned food, etc. It needs some serious organization!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. Laura K. says:

    My bedroom–I am in need of some new bedding and fun new colors!

  191. My bathroom could use some organizing too! Too many products, not enough space! They always end up all over my counters!

  192. My family room needs the most help. I would love to get some decorative storage items, pretty baskets, shelving, etc. Thank you for this contest!

  193. J. Lamb says:

    My bathrooms need so much help! I love Home Goods and find lots of great things there.

  194. Rhoda,
    My home office could use a ton of help and Home Goods is one of my favorite stores, so please count me in.


  195. My bedside’s a mass of lotions, phone chargers, remote controls, nasal spray, nail polish, nail polish remover, and so on, so on! It’s a mess, but I need it all..

  196. My craft room in my favorite room, but definitely the room that needs the most organizing help!

  197. Lavivia Doster says:

    Home Goods is always my place to go.

  198. Glenda Kerr says:

    Every inch of my house needs organizing!! It is such a huge job, but you make it a fun job!!

  199. Ugh. The area around my hubby’s recliner tends to get really cluttered with all of his reading, work, projects, computer (and computer paraphernalia), and – shudder! – dishes that really should be in the kitchen, and so on. He calls it his “nest.” I call it his “mess.”

  200. I am sure it would be hard to pick with so many good things to choose from at Home Goods. Would love to find something for my extra bathroom to spiff it up.

  201. Norma Jean says:

    I always have my Home Goods “happy” on! It’s one of my favorite stores. Right now I need things to beautify and organize my craft room.

  202. My closet needs work!

  203. SoCalLynn says:

    I love Home Goods! I’m always looking for good, but good looking, too, storage solutions. Good job!

  204. Becca P says:

    My kitchen needs some major organizational help! There is entirely too much on the counters so some good shelving or baskets would be perfect!

  205. Amy Mason says:

    I am always looking for more organization for my craft room.

  206. Marilyn says:

    My office needs LOTS of organization! Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Right before we moved into this house 4 years ago, I ruthlessly decluttered and vowed to stay better organized so I’m actually doing pretty good in that department. However, Home Goods has been instrumental in helping me furnish and accessorize this (bigger) house on a budget. I’m always on the lookout for pretty things to help make this house look and feel like a home.

  208. Stephanie says:

    Every room in my house needs organizing love…but right now priority #1 is the mudroom!

  209. I love home goods! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. My den could use some organizing 🙂 xo

  210. Helena Dias says:

    The cabinet under the kitchen sink sure needs help.

  211. I have not had the joy of shopping at Home Goods and have a cute house that needs decorating. This would be a fabulous way to get started!

  212. My laundry room!

    Thank you for the give away….I’m a big Homegoods fan…always Homegoods happy!!

  213. My dry goods storage needs help!!

  214. My office/mudroom. I could seriously use some organization in there!

  215. I have always turned to HomeGoods for household items and decors. I cannot leave that store without getting something. If I could, I would decorate my whole house with their merchandise.

  216. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I need to control the clutter in my bathroom.

  217. Love Homegoods!!!

  218. My closet needs the most help. Homegoods will work for that.

  219. My entire house needs organizing.

  220. Maureen R says:

    I love Homegoods and I’d love to find something for my pantry.

    Thank you!

  221. I’ll be moving soon so EVERYTHING will need to be reorganized. While the process us underway though, my storage areas need the most organization.

  222. I really could use some type of organization for our living room – my son’s toys are getting in the way!

  223. Tara Harless says:

    I love Homegoods. Right now I am working on planning a potting bench area. I’d like to find outdoorsy pretty things to make it useful and charming at the same time. If you pick me, I will send you a photo of what I select and how I use it .

    Thanks, Tara

  224. carol clark says:

    my son bedroom for sure

  225. Denise Cosgrove says:

    I love beautiful organization ! Yiur mix in yiur bathroom is gorgeous. I would love to organize my master bath as well. It has two pedestal sinks with space in between for something. There is also a nice area at the end of the tub to put a cabinet. Just need to find the perfect pieces!

  226. Our office could definitely use some organization!

  227. Danica H says:

    With the school year ending on Friday, my daughter’s room is the first room that comes to mind!!! **crosses fingers**

  228. My entire house needs organized. Love HomeGoods. Wish we had one in Iowa!!!

  229. It would be much easier to say the areas in my house that don’t need organizing. I’d like to find decorative baskets for my laundry room. It’s my “summer project”. Besides painting every square inch, I want to take down the cabinet doors and use baskets for easier access.

  230. I work from a home office that I also share with my craft space. I have tons of organizing opportunities with both of these functions of my room. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  231. family room and i have never been to Home Goods . we do not have one where i live and i would love to have one come to Sioux Falls SD.

  232. Shannon says:

    I think I need a little organizing all over the house.. But the biggest need is my catchall room upstairs.. I know that Homegoods could help out with that! Thanks for doing the giveaway! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  233. Love, love, love Home Goods! I would use the gift card to help organize my grand babies toys – I keep both of them and end up with toys EVERYWHERE! LOL! It would be fantastic to be able to get some things to help with the mess. Thanks!!!!

  234. Marianne in Mo. says:

    I need to organize our office, specifically the desk. Need some stand up temporary files and a couple of small drawer spaces for pens, paper clips, etc.

  235. My master bathroom is in need of organization. Not just ordinary organization; fabulous organization!

  236. My master bath vanity is in need of organizing too. Hairdryer, brushes, all just a mess!

  237. My kitchen needs the most organization. My mother recently passed away and I now have some of her cherished dishes and other kitchen items. I would look for cabinet organizers and cute storage items at Homegoods. I love Homegoods!

  238. I am organizing my guest bathroom and laundry room.

  239. I love your vintage cabinet! Right now I am in the middle of renovating my entire house! Keeping everything organized in the mean time is a challenge. I have a linen closet that is in desperate need of a makeover! We just got a Homegoods in our town and I have not shopped there yet. I’m excited to check it out now.

  240. Homegoods being a top favorite, I would like to organize my guest bathroom!

  241. I would love an awesome organization piece for the mail I receive! It ends up on my counters all of the time!

  242. Who couldn’t use a little more organization in the bathroom? I are could! Love your new tower Rhoda.

  243. My master bath also needs some storage so I’d probably do something in there as well. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  244. My office/sewing room needs the most organizing attention.

  245. Definitely need to organize the kitchen!

  246. I love Homegoods. I have a guest room that I am working on and would love to get some pieces from Homegood for it.

  247. My office looks like a tornado hit it!

  248. My closet is in desperate need of organization!

  249. Kelly D says:

    My master bedroom closet could use organizing.

  250. Katrina J says:

    My 4 year old daughters room could use some organizing! I lost her in their last week! 😉

  251. The desk area in our kitchen could use some organizing items.

  252. Teresa Stout says:

    Love Home Goods. Wish there was one in the town I live in. I need help with the master bath.

  253. Brandi Bryant says:

    I could use some organizing everywhere, but especially in the office. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  254. My bedroom is in desperate need of some organization and additional storage.

  255. I love Homegoods, and need to work on organizing my laundry room!

  256. My mail needs the most organization. Maybe something by the door to corral keys and mail

  257. I would really like to organize my walk in closet!!! This gift card would be a great start!!!

  258. Chrissy S says:

    My masterbath is roomy but has zero storage except under the vanity. Baskets or a caddy on my double vanity would be perfect. Keeping my fingers crossed!! I love Homegoods!

  259. My son is moving into his first house and we are helping him do some rehab. Storage is always an issue in small, first homes so I would be looking for something to store his games, dvd’s and electronic mess. Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. Let’s see….my office, my bathroom, my garage and my closet.

  261. Mary Hite says:

    The guest room!!!

  262. Heather says:

    We are in the process of remodeling our master bath. That could always use more “space”. Our daughter is moving into a new house, too, and wants to add storage under her stairs in the basement. I love Home Goods. Just bought an area rug there not too long ago. 🙂

  263. christy says:

    my bathroom counter, home office/mail area too!

  264. Jessica says:

    cute! I need more storage in my master bath too!

  265. Jessie C. says:

    My home office needs some help.

  266. Shannon says:

    My basement! I put things down there and forget they are there!

  267. Sadly we just don’t have tons of storage. So I definitely need to organize the space that we have. A Homegoods gift card would be wonderful. Ps. Love your blog 🙂

  268. LynAnne Ivy says:

    My closet, bathroom and laundry room! The unorganization is driving in me crazy! I need help! Thanks!

  269. Cookie Tinnell says:

    My craft room looks like a bomb was set off in there. Need help with organization with new storage pieces. Thanks for the opportunity.

  270. I love home goods. It is my first go to for home decor deals. Our office needs a ton of organization and is a catch all. I’d love wall shelving, cork boards for planning and desk accessories. As well as some organizing bins for the overcrowded craft closet.

  271. Sharon L Smith says:

    My office/craft room ALWAYS needs organizing!!!!

  272. Lindsay James says:

    Who doesn’t love HomeGoods – I like to tour it even if I don’t have the money to buy anything right now (out of work, sigh). We could really do with some organization in our kitchen

  273. My sewing room! What a mess….I could use something to finish it up.

  274. I’ve seen pictures of your bathroom cabinet on Pinterest but I didn’t realize that it was taken in your home! I love the way you have things displayed in it.
    It’s my bath that needs some organizing too. I have no linen closet so have a cabinet in my bedroom that holds my linens etc. I have a narrow little built in between the tub wall and the bathroom door frame that I think was filled with small shelves just to fill the space in. It holds a LOT of stuff for being only 8″ wide and deep but oh boy does it need some attractive containers in it! It has no door on it so EVERYTHING is exposed for the world to see. It’s bothered me since I moved in this house but I’ve been at a loss as to what to do with it. I’d love to shop at Homegoods when I go to the city next time!

  275. April was in CT now CA says:

    Definitely the kitchen!

  276. My pantry : )

  277. Vel Smith says:

    I need a fresh, snazzy organizer for the bathroom. Reading this inspires me…maybe the space isn’t hopeless:)

  278. Pam Taylor says:

    What a great idea!!! I love Home Goods, I always find things there that you don’t see anywhere else. Love that store!!

  279. Tiffany says:

    My bedroom, kitchen, closets- basically everywhere!!!

  280. My kitchen always ends of the catch all for everything. It need the most organizational help!

  281. My whole house, lol.. I could always use some organizing ideas!! Thanks for all your ideas also : ) Really glad I found your blog, have gotten lots of ideas from your blogs.

  282. My bedroom closet needs a lot of organizing.

  283. Michelle Wright says:

    My upstairs bathroom needs some tlc.

  284. To be honest, I don’t know what area needs to be organized first! We close on a house tomorrow and we are totally lost because it is so big and so well laid out that we have never had this much functionality in a house before! So we will just have to figure it out as we go along!

  285. Nicki K. says:

    Our kitchen and closets need some more organization.

  286. I need some help in my bathroom and kitchen!!

  287. My kitchen needs organizing badly!

  288. mamashortcake says:

    We’re closing on a 3600 sq ft home in 2 weeks, and we’re coming from 1900 sq ft, so we will need organization in probably every room of the house. On top of that we have five kids! 🙂

  289. Master bath!!

  290. What a great idea to use a shelf organizer – I have a small master bath and need to think differently when it comes to organizing. Thanks!

  291. My kitchen for sure

  292. Debbie w says:

    Kitchen….upstairs….it is a toss up. Both are screaming at me as I type this! Pick me!

  293. My desk, shameful but true it’s a disaster

  294. my bathroom needs help

  295. Susan Anhder says:

    So cute! I’m a big Home Goods fan!

  296. Definitely my scrapbook closet. Its an never-ending experience.

  297. maureen says:

    My laundry needs serious organization. I was in Home Goods yesterday and picked up a great candle, starfish ornaments, Fringe photo frame, cloche, jeans and blouse. I was Home Goods happy!

  298. It would be wrong for me not to say that everywhere in my house needs organizing! Currently I am working on organizing all of my paper recipes.

  299. I could really use some pretty baskets for extra towels etc for my master bath. Great giveaway Rhoda, thanks!

  300. Tabitha P. says:

    My bathroom needs the help.
    it’s a tad bigger than yours but 3 ppl have to share it.
    2 of them being ladies 😉

  301. Definitely my office space!

  302. Christine says:

    My laundry room cabinets are in desperate need of organization!

  303. B. Redd says:

    Bathroom would be a place to start for me.

  304. our kitchen pantry needs some organizational help 🙂 Thank you for hosting the give away!

  305. Megan CC says:

    My hall closet!

  306. Rodolfo says:

    The master bathroom

  307. The whole house needs help but our master bedroom could use it most.

  308. MeganM. says:

    Definitely my bedroom closet. Yikes!

  309. Guest Room closet that stores gift wrap items among other things would be a good place for me to start.

  310. Definately my bathroom. Just like yours would work…but would need two carts – the extra is for my hubby’s side.

  311. Lelia Logan says:

    I have a new space for my office. I would love to be able to organize it. Home goods has great pieces to
    organize any space.

  312. Charlotte says:

    I need some organization in my bedroom. How I would like to be better organized! Thanks for the opportunity

  313. You got …the masterbath!!! Just spent Sunday at Ikea looking for the perfect thing with no joy. Guess I’ll have to check out Homegoods. Thanks for the heads up. Your BR looks just as nice( I noticed you didn’t include a before…LOL) and now it’s FUNCTIONAL!

  314. Barbara Williams says:

    My Home office

  315. Two areas in my house are in desperate need of storage items, laundry and master bath. Probably my master bath is the most in need, as I hate looking at the hair dryer and curling iron every time I enter that room. Thanks for the giveaways.

  316. Nichole S says:

    My bathroom for sure…it is a complete wreck!

  317. Sheri Clark says:

    I really need to organize my laundry room. It would be great to be able to finally get some cabinets or drawers to put stuff in.

  318. Susan Hahaj says:

    I need more organization in my craft room!

  319. my room could definitely use some organization! and this is pretty!

  320. About to start a home office project!!!! Would love a free trip to home goods!

  321. Love home goods!

  322. Dorothea says:

    My garage! I’d love to be able to park my car in there!

  323. I love Homegoods and could spend $50 in 5 minutes there!

  324. At least you have a master bathroom. Your master bathroom is the size of my one and only bathroom, so I’m envious that you have more than one. Great way to use your space wisely.

  325. Garage!! Its full of bikes, lawn movers and my unfinished projects 🙂 Would love to use the garage for cars and my unfinished projects, lol… Thanks for the giveaway

  326. Judy V Smith says:

    My bathroom, I have no storage in there.

  327. My Kitchen & master bedroom

  328. Melanie L. says:

    Definitely my laundry room… it is on the small side, and after seeing so many nifty laundry rooms across blogland, mine needs a make-over!

  329. Heather Stansell says:

    My little girls room-there are toys everywhere!

  330. What doesn’t need organizing! 🙂 My closet could use some organizing and jewelry dipslay.

  331. Sandra K says:

    My master bedroom could use some organizing – thanks so much!

  332. My home office is in desperate need of organization!

  333. Sarah K says:

    I need some whole house organization! Every singel room needs purging! Winning this would definatley be a good start!

  334. kathy w says:

    I would love to find something like you found for my master bathroom.

  335. Kitchen or small master bath! Thank yôu!!!

  336. My husband’s man room. He has Legos, board games, gaming systems. Try not trip if you dare to go in!

  337. Workroom organization for sure!

  338. Love love love homegoods!

  339. Home office!

  340. Oh my goodness, I could use some organization in several places!!!

  341. Kim Tucker says:

    Master bedroom needs alot of help! I would look for seasonal clothing organizers at Homegoods.

  342. My master closet.


  343. Kathee Vander Zanden says:

    Oh I definitely need HOME GOODS help with my guest (or main) bathroom!

  344. Homegoods is my absolute favorite store!!! Sure wish I had one down here in middle GA. I make my rounds to every HG in Cobb County whenever I’m up there to visit my parents. I love the the little organizer you got. I think I need one like it for my pantry. 🙂

  345. Dorothy says:

    My craft room for sure! Love Home Goods.

  346. Julia G. says:

    My guest bath (we actually have a young lady renting from us now) so some extra storage would be great!

  347. My guest bathroom needs serious help!

  348. Bathroom needs a new keeper of the stuff!! Love Homegoods! Love the vintage cupboard!!! Thanks so much!

  349. My pantry could definitely use some organizing! I have been meaning to do something with it for awhile now, maybe this is the prodding I need to get going on it!

  350. Leslie K says:

    Oh, I definitely need more bath storage, too. Great space but not enough storage so a counter top piece might be just the ticket (or a hanging cabinet). Love what you did with yours!

  351. phyllis henry says:

    I need to organize my kitchen office.

  352. The Kitchen, so lacking space. Its way too small. I need more space, shelves, organizing containers.

  353. cathy johnson says:

    I desperately need more organization in my pantry. It is very small and could really use some great baskets and other wonderful items from Homegoods!

  354. Lynn Barnette says:

    My bathroom!

  355. Would so love to say ‘nowhere’ but ahem the best answer is ‘everywhere’ – bathroom and sewing room probably the most chaotic at this point in time! Thanks.

  356. patty watson says:

    bedroom really all my rooms

  357. My office!

  358. Lori barros says:

    We are moving and starting over on most every room so any help would be appreciated.probably the laundry room or kitchen.
    I am happy to sayHomegoods did provide the art for starting kids/guest bath

  359. My closets could definitely use some organizing! Love your blog!

  360. Definitely our master bath. I would like to replace our medicine cabinets with mirrors but need to find a place for all the stuff in the cabinets. I love HomeGoods and could spend hours there.

  361. Our office sure could!

  362. My dressing room! That little storage cabinet is adorable!

  363. Angela P says:

    My Laundry Room. It’s a mess!

  364. Caroline Muehl says:

    My living room needs the most organization in my house! So much empty space!! I would love to look for beautiful furniture and storage cabinets/ chests to fill up the space! 🙂

  365. I would love help to reorganize my kitchen! Thanks so much!

  366. Kim Early says:

    Love Home Goods and your blog

  367. Becky in SC says:

    My LAUNDRY ROOM is a constant nightmare…most neglected space in my home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  368. Deb McKathan says:

    Definitely my laundry/crafting room! Thanks for the opportunity.

  369. All of it, but especially my office. 🙂

  370. My pantry!

  371. Lisa Langston says:

    The laundry room for sure!!

  372. Carol T. says:

    Toss up between my master bath and home office!

  373. Definitely my bathroom! I have so many brushes & hair products & currently they’re just stuffed into drawers & under the cabinet. Under the sink has sooo much space but I need a way to utilize it all. The first Homegoods in our area is opening soon & I’m sooooo excited!

  374. MarySue says:

    My kitchen could use some organization-love. Thank you.

  375. Christina says:

    Our office space desperately needs organizing!

  376. I would love to add more organization in my master bath!

  377. Clauda Thompson says:

    Area where I store craft materials.

  378. Shannon B says:

    I definitely need some help with a “command center” in my home!

  379. My master bathroom needs organization.

  380. I could use the exact same organizer that you featured for my Master-bath counter-top. Plus the first Homegoods store in my town just opened a few weeks ago and I have yet to shop there. A gift certificate would be WONDERFUL! Thanks for the Giveaway Rhoda!

  381. Marty Moore says:

    My master bath. Just like yours, not much room.

  382. My hall closet. I like to find matching hangers and some cute baskets for up above the coat bar. I love Home Goods. Seriously. Love

  383. Ha ha, what area of my house doesn’t need organization?

  384. My bathroom, too, could use more storage space. (Really, my whole house could!) I was just at T.J. Maxx today and was going to go to HomeGoods but ran out of time.

  385. Master bath, for certain. Home Goods is a great store.

  386. elizabeth normandin says:

    I would love to organize my kitchen counter. Mail…keys…phones… HELP

  387. Rachel Henthorn says:

    I would use it to organize my daughters room.

  388. MELISSA says:

    I would use it for the bedroom, I’m in desperate need of some storage there!

  389. My office really needs help!

  390. My office 🙂

  391. Great giveaway! I like your new cabinet!

  392. Jill Jones says:

    Wow, love HomeGoods. They always come through with these organization projects no matter how large or small. My biggest need for organization is in and on top of my desk. HG has wonderful desk accessories and organization products! Thanks, Rhoda.

  393. Pamela H. says:

    Master bath — we have no drawers and need something to help clear counter .

  394. Pamela G says:

    My craft room/study!

  395. Debbie Parrish says:

    I love Home Goods ! I need some organizing in my craft room, I have paint, brushes canvas, ribbons, hot glue guns, all kinds of stuff laying everywhere! Thanks for a chance to win!

  396. My guest bedroom looks like a tornado blew through it – so it needs MAJOR organization! We’re in the process of remodeling it into a huge dressing room for me, so a little help from Home Goods would rock my world! 🙂

  397. Working on our home office so would love any of the storage options from Homegoods!!

  398. I need more organization in my master bath also. I love Homegoods!

  399. Vanessa Maddox says:

    My kitchen pantry needs a little lovin-izing!

  400. Help! My laundryroom needs organization!

  401. our home office needs some organization

  402. Our kitchen is in need of some organizing.

  403. I could use organization in the master bath!

  404. Your bathroom looks so cute! It inspired me to work on my own and keep the counter clutter hidden!

  405. Mahdi Martin says:

    My husband’s office really needs organizing! Naturally I have a place for everything in my office/makeup station (because I’m a freakishly organized person), but it would be nice to have all my makeup in fancier storage than those white plastic Sterilite containers, you know the ones.

  406. Lee in KY says:

    My bathroom could use some help and so could the laundry room.

  407. Wendy Smith says:

    My kitchen could use some help coraling our every day clutter!

  408. Sewing room … or maybe the kitchen!

  409. My master could totally use some organization. We are moving into our new house next Friday. It would be nice to organized right from the start. Thanks for the opportunity.

  410. Jeanne Bell says:

    I love Homegoods and everything they have to offer. I could make $50 go a long way.

  411. My family room, it always looks cluttered

  412. Christine says:

    I could use some help organizing the bathroom. The laundry room too!

  413. Marilyn says:

    Laundry room needs help!

  414. My craft room needs major help.

  415. Definitely the bathroom. No matter how small or large, needs organization!

  416. Great project – thank you!

  417. I would love some help with my craft room.

  418. My tiny kitchen could use some organizing!

  419. I love to shop Homegoods! Great job organizing with these pieces. Thanks for a chance to win a gift card at one of my favorite haunts.

  420. SHIRLEY says:

    Bedroom closets need much organization. Thanks for the chance to win.

  421. Deanna J. says:

    My master bath also and I just know that Homegoods would have the right things to work!

  422. Theresa Kane says:

    My office/craft room needs some major help. I need shelves for the wall, as well as a storage unit like yours that I can put in the closet or leave out! I know I could find something at Home Goods with one of your gift cards!

  423. My bathroom needs lots of help! I have ideas, but just need a good jumpstart and this would be perfect:)

  424. My coat/storage/cleaning closet under the stairs is in desparate need of organized storage!

  425. Margaret says:

    Love all your new storage.

    I usually like to check out the area rugs.

    I prefer to see them in real life rather than online.

  426. Debbie Cantrell says:

    Craft room or kitchen

  427. My party supplies REALLY need organizing!

  428. Debi Shell says:

    I have a large bathroom, but still need help with organization. No telling what I would find stuffed under those sinks!

  429. Nancy Scott says:

    My kitchen is out of control! I need something to help organize my cabinets.

  430. Just love HOme Goods!

  431. My small kitchen is in great need of some help in organizing and making better use of the space. This would be for the cabinets, drawers and pantry. I would love to win.

  432. I would say the laundry room for sure!!


  433. I would love storage crates for my laundry room! 🙂

  434. I need my bathroom organized too!!! I would look for a cabinet for towels

  435. my kitchen

  436. Elizabeth H says:

    My kitchen is so small and needs extra storage.

  437. Katie Saba says:

    The whole house needs help.

  438. Betty Anne says:

    I also need more organization in my small master bath.

  439. Deanna M says:

    The better question is, “What area of my house couldn’t use some organizing?” I’d likely start with my office and then our family room. But really, I could hit just about every room in our house. 🙂

  440. My attic needs organized, and we need to have a garage sale!

  441. Caitlin M says:

    My husband’s office definitely needs organizing!

  442. Kat Dennis says:

    My craft room.

  443. My spare bedroom

  444. The cabinet works perfectly for your bits and pieces. I lack space in my ensuite too and had similar shelving beside my vanity. I have since moved it but now wish I had kept it.

    Lee 🙂

  445. Cynthia says:

    The kitchen!

  446. Help ! My sewing rom office could use some organization. I’m sure Home Goods could help.

  447. My kitchen, specifically my desk area in the kitchen.

  448. The kitchen in our little ranch house needs some serious organizing help!

  449. hi, i could really use some organization in my closets, thanks

  450. Vesta Bostwick says:

    My Kitchen could use some organizing, some major help! HA! I would like to find some nice pieces to go along with my mid-century modern style/theme. Thanks!

  451. Lauren G. says:

    Our home office could use some organizing. Stuff everywhere….

  452. My kids bedroom! I never can seem to figure out how to make it easier to clean up.

  453. Cheryl Mayers says:

    I love what you’ve done to your bathroom – our bathroom really needs help!!

  454. B Sequeira says:

    My craft room needs some organization

  455. A Gupta says:

    I need to tackle the bathroom.

  456. Natasha S says:

    Pantry needs some love.

  457. I need to organize my closets. Landslide every time the door is opened!

  458. The guest bedroom/office really needs the most help right now.

  459. Shannon says:

    Yikes. Our home office. Whew!

  460. Our kids’ playroom would greatly benefit from some organization!

  461. Linda Southworth says:

    I need more help in our home office. Now where did I put that?

  462. My Master closet needs a facelift….but my secret dream is to take a tiny spare closet that I have and make it into a super wrapping station!

  463. Phyllis says:

    My kitchen pantry needs help. I would like some bins or baskets to organize with.

  464. Sofia F. says:

    The under-counter areas of all the bathrooms in this house need help! I could use some baskets and bins for this. 🙂

  465. Valerie J says:

    We are currently working on our kitchen and it is in need or re- organization( in the new pantry, drawer dividers etc.).
    I love looking for kitchen and bath items at Homegoods.

  466. I need office organization help! Something other than the usual boring old file cabinets would be nice.

  467. My very small laundry room needs organizing. I recently bought a washer and dryer but in need of space for bags, lunch boxes and more. Home Goods is my favorite store!!!!

  468. These last two days I’ve worked no stop on my kitchen and I’m feeling a little organizational helps are needed.

  469. Luke's GiGi says:

    My garage! I have started but still have a ways to go before it is organized.

  470. Our master bathroom definitely needs organization, too!

  471. CLOSETS!!!

  472. My tiny kitchen needs more storage; I’m thinking a metal etagere from Homegoods would fit the bill.

  473. beverly e says:

    My kitchen really needs organization and storage help. I’m sure I could find what I need at Homegoods!

  474. Books and magazines need some organizing! Love Home Goods!

  475. My bedroom…that is the catch all because no one goes in there. I need more storage for all those painting clothes I wear.

  476. Re-doing a bathroom right now. Would love to have some extra spending $$$. Especially from Homegoods!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!

  477. It would be out master bedroom!

  478. Laura O. says:

    I’m in need of a organize system for my bedroom- walk in closet.

  479. Sarah Y says:

    Oh good grief – I need organization in every room of my house! I’d probably start with my laundry room though. Homegoods has such cute things!

  480. My bathroom needs major renovations!!
    Very short of storage myself.
    Thank you!

  481. Carrie Shockley says:

    My master bathroom and closet need to be better organized.

    Thank you!

  482. Deborah says:

    My kitchen needs reorganizing. I think I have a lot of cabinets, but I can never find what I am looking for.

  483. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I really need to organize my closet!

  484. Thomas Murphy says:

    My bedroom could use some organizing

  485. My bathroom needs organizing! Small space! Also, every fall when my daughter moves back in to her dorm – we are always looking for better ways (and style-ish) to organize her stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  486. My home office!!!!

  487. Love Home Goods! Bathroom!

  488. Tabathia B says:

    My bedroom and home office

  489. Carolyn G says:

    My office needs organizing

  490. Our home office is a mess. Filled with books, journals, old unorganized pictures, it’s our dumping ground! At Homegoods I’d definitely look into a new desk arrangement or a cute bookshelf.

  491. Danielle K says:

    My bedroom!! Along with my closet 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  492. Jean Tepper says:

    Would love to organize my kitchen and breakfast room.

  493. Pat Howe says:

    The office

  494. We recently moved and our bathroom is much smaller. It could really use some creative storage!

  495. My spare bedroom needs an organization overhaul – it’s a dumping ground for “things we don’t have a home for yet”

  496. I love Home Goods. My living room is in need of organization. Thanks for the giveaway.

  497. I’d love some things for the bathroom!

  498. Charlotte says:

    My spare bedroom which also houses all of my crafts and future small diy projects. I would look for storage solutions that could also double for seating/night stands etc.

  499. My laundry room needs organizing ! I would love lockers but it’s not big enough.

  500. Christan says:

    I love when things are organized too! I am always reworking & looking for new things to help keep my family organized. Thanks for sharing what works for you!

  501. My kitchen pantry needs some organization.

  502. Requelle says:

    Id start with my closet! Being able to find what im looking for eould be fabulous!!!

  503. Phyllis McDaniel says:

    My bedroom closet needs some organization.

  504. My linen closet is next on my list to organize. I’m sure I could find baskets or bins at Home Goods to organize this space.

  505. Cheri Murphy says:

    My bathroom could always use more organization! Love your counter top storage! Thanks for the giveaway!

  506. Vunda V says:

    i would love to organize and spruce up my entry way!

  507. What area of my home DOESN’T need more organizing?? Mainly the kitchen could use more help, but always the bedroom closets too.

  508. Christie says:

    Our upstairs bedroom aka “the junk space” is in serious need of some organization!

  509. My kitchen could use some organization. Thanks for the offer!

  510. I need one of these cute little storage pieces for my master bath, too! so definitely, the bathroom!

  511. Renee Richardson says:

    My master bedroom is in need of serious organization. I adore your bathroom and thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  512. latanya says:

    My kitchen could use some organizing

  513. I need organization in my dining room, master bathroom and home office! Love your little cabinet.
    Also LOVE that you use Rodan and Fields! I am a consultant and I always love it when I hear of people using and loving our products. 🙂

  514. Vanessa says:

    Our playroom needs some serious organization! No surprise though… 🙂

  515. Dawn keenan says:

    For sure my bedroom needs help. Everything seems to get dumped there.

  516. What a great little find! I could use some storage in the bathroom as well!

  517. joy joyner says:

    My bedroom so needs some help! I also really love Homegoods.

  518. Maribeth says:

    I am remodeling a small bath and could use some great storage similar to what you found.

  519. My whole house is a disorganized mess! My laundry room has to me the worst, though. We don’t have recycling pick up so I save all my paper and plastics and take it in myself. Plastic bottles everywhere!

  520. Love home goods I go twice a week!

  521. Our entry way needs major organization. It’s a total mess and really annoying every time I come home.

  522. My garage needs some help.

  523. Lauren H says:

    Master bedroom

  524. Debnmike moretti says:

    My pantry is a nightmare!!!!! I hate going in there. Needs some major TLC.

  525. Kathleen says:

    My bedroom needs organizing! It will be so much more peaceful.

  526. Jacquie Bollinger says:

    I need something like you got for your bathroom to hold my face products. By the way, I use the same products except I am now on the Redefine program. Lovin’ them! Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win . . . Blessings!

  527. Every room in my house could use some organization! I would like to work in my pantry and kitchen to organize things. Thanks for the opportunity.

  528. The whole house, but if I had to choose it would be my master bathroom. I still have the old track lighting and metal medicine cabinets.

  529. My bedroom closet is a disaster.

  530. My office/craft space needs some help getting organized.

  531. Cheryl Ann says:

    My craft room needs organizing help…thanks for this opportunity! Cheryl Ann

  532. Anna Pry says:

    my kitchen really needs some help with organization and so does the kids’ bedroom

  533. We’re moving in 1 month and Homegoods is always one of my first places to find organization and decoration for a new house. Would love to win!

  534. I would love to have a little nook in the master bedroom for crafting and office space. I would go to Home Goods for all things related to organizing!

  535. My master closet, pls!

  536. Ashley C says:

    My kids’ rooms could use some organizing!


  537. Lindsay F. says:

    Our bedroom closets and the playroom definitely need organizational help!!

  538. Heather H. says:

    I have the same problem with the counters in my master bath!

  539. Harmony B says:

    My laundry room needs lots of help

  540. My bedroom could use some organizing

  541. Melinda Wilson says:

    I could definitely use some organizing in my office/scrapbooking room!

  542. Yikes! My entire house needs organizing!

  543. Ben (Ada) says:

    My office could use some organizing.

  544. My craft and sewing room could use some help!

  545. Karen Gill says:

    There are so many places in my home that need organizing! Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Love your blog and Home Goods!

  546. Krista M. says:

    The top of my dresser!!!!

  547. Debra C says:

    My linen closet and kitchen.

  548. my bathroom cabinet/closet needs to be organized. it has big deep shelves that are difficult to find anything in.

  549. Kristen says:

    Our kitchen counter definitely needs some help!

  550. My kids bathroom needs some serious help.

  551. Lynn Fox-Embrey says:

    I need to orgainize my master closet and master bathroom. Thanks for the ideas.

  552. My laundry/utility room is the room that need organizing and then some. It is a room unseen by most visitors, which is probably why we put so little effort into making it look nice.

  553. I need to organize my office closet! I use this room as a makeup area, an office and a craft/design space. It is a 9×10 foot room. It has a vanity, a Van Theil desk, a cabinet with wicker baskets and a printer on top of a Michaels craft draw set. The closet is my only hope!

  554. nicole dz says:

    My living room could use some organizing. I need also to add more color.

  555. Just one area? Hahahaha. Okay. The area in which we live. The pantry, the linen closets, and my closet top my list.

  556. Barbara W says:

    I’ve actually never been to home goods winning this is would be total justification!!!

  557. JenniferB says:

    I think my bathroom could use organizing

  558. Karrie Millheim says:

    My bathroom needs all the help it can get

  559. Hello! I am a new follower here! Also, so excited to attend the Haven conference for the first time! I have been organizing my whole house this past year. Next up, the master bedroom!!! I hope we get to meet in July! xo, Emily

  560. My bathroom!

  561. My master bedroom closet and bathroom could definitely use some organizing.

  562. I love your blog! And organizing? It’s needed all over my house! My bathroom is also small and I would appreciate any help I can get there!

  563. Pam Szverra says:

    I could use some closet organization. My favorite thing to look for at Homegoods are the dishes.

  564. Very Comfy.

  565. Bath, closet, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, pantry any and every where

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