Organizing the Bathroom Counter and Giveaway with Homegoods!

Ya’ll are in for a treat today!  I’m working with Homegoods on sharing a spot in my house that needed some extra special organizing.  I chose my master bath.  It’s small and definitely doesn’t have enough storage space, so I’m working on organizing the bathroom counter to better utilize my small space.  I’ve got the bottom cabinets maxed out with stuff and my every day items sit on the top of the counters in plain view, but not really all that tidy.  I decided that a tall piece would fit up there if I could find what I was looking for.  Homegoods came along with a partnership for me and I got to go shopping to see what I could find.

I found the perfect piece to fit up on my countertop and it sits next to my vintage cabinet that hangs on the wall.  This new piece will help so much with keeping my bathroom accessories organized.  All the brushes, flat iron, hair dryer, hair clips and more will now be hidden away in the drawers.

Let’s see what I found!

master bath

Remember how small my master bath is?  It’s very much a one person space.

new storage piece

When I measured and found out I had a little room on the right side of my hanging cabinet, I thought I’d look for just that special piece that would fit.  This one fits perfectly and I found it at Homegoods in the bathroom storage area.

storage piece with basket

I love the open shelf at the top, as it’s perfect for adding my skincare things.  I need them to be handy and accessible since I’m using them twice a day.

clear plastic storage

This clear storage piece found in the home organizing section of Homegoods really got all my stuff so much more organized and off the countertop.  I love this little caddy for looks and it’s so handy too with the divided compartments.  Cotton rounds and cotton swabs fit in there also.

For an extra pop of color in here, I picked up the clear vase with orange flowers from Homegoods too and I love the addition.  Normally, I love real plants but in a space like this, a little color goes a long way towards brightening up a room.

brushes stored

With these pull out drawers, I’ll store my brushes and combs.

clips and headbands

Clips and headbands in another one, all handy and accessible.

extra storage in the bathroom

The top basket holds my hair dryer and flat iron.  I can pull it down when I need it and store it away when not in use.  It feels GREAT to get this extra storage in the bathroom and have it looking pretty and organized too.  Big thanks to Homegoods for helping me out with this project with a giftcard.  I love shopping Homegoods and if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you have heard  it before.

I’m having lots of fun giveaways lately and I’ve got another fantastic one today.  Homegoods is giving my readers FIVE $50 giftcards so that you all can experience the Homegoods happiness for yourselves.  I’m so happy to be able to share this with y’all! 

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what area of your home needs the most organization and what you’d like to look for at Homegoods? 

Have fun getting your Homegoods Happy on!  Just fill in the Rafflecopter widget and leave a comment!

Note:  This is a sponsored post from Homegoods.  I was given a giftcard to shop with and organize a space in my home.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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- Rhoda


  1. My kitchen pantry needs some organization.

  2. Requelle says:

    Id start with my closet! Being able to find what im looking for eould be fabulous!!!

  3. Phyllis McDaniel says:

    My bedroom closet needs some organization.

  4. My linen closet is next on my list to organize. I’m sure I could find baskets or bins at Home Goods to organize this space.

  5. Cheri Murphy says:

    My bathroom could always use more organization! Love your counter top storage! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Vunda V says:

    i would love to organize and spruce up my entry way!

  7. What area of my home DOESN’T need more organizing?? Mainly the kitchen could use more help, but always the bedroom closets too.

  8. Christie says:

    Our upstairs bedroom aka “the junk space” is in serious need of some organization!

  9. My kitchen could use some organization. Thanks for the offer!

  10. I need one of these cute little storage pieces for my master bath, too! so definitely, the bathroom!

  11. Renee Richardson says:

    My master bedroom is in need of serious organization. I adore your bathroom and thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  12. latanya says:

    My kitchen could use some organizing

  13. I need organization in my dining room, master bathroom and home office! Love your little cabinet.
    Also LOVE that you use Rodan and Fields! I am a consultant and I always love it when I hear of people using and loving our products. :)

  14. Vanessa says:

    Our playroom needs some serious organization! No surprise though… :)

  15. Dawn keenan says:

    For sure my bedroom needs help. Everything seems to get dumped there.

  16. What a great little find! I could use some storage in the bathroom as well!

  17. joy joyner says:

    My bedroom so needs some help! I also really love Homegoods.

  18. Maribeth says:

    I am remodeling a small bath and could use some great storage similar to what you found.

  19. My whole house is a disorganized mess! My laundry room has to me the worst, though. We don’t have recycling pick up so I save all my paper and plastics and take it in myself. Plastic bottles everywhere!

  20. Love home goods I go twice a week!

  21. Our entry way needs major organization. It’s a total mess and really annoying every time I come home.

  22. My garage needs some help.

  23. Lauren H says:

    Master bedroom

  24. Debnmike moretti says:

    My pantry is a nightmare!!!!! I hate going in there. Needs some major TLC.

  25. Kathleen says:

    My bedroom needs organizing! It will be so much more peaceful.

  26. Jacquie Bollinger says:

    I need something like you got for your bathroom to hold my face products. By the way, I use the same products except I am now on the Redefine program. Lovin’ them! Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win . . . Blessings!

  27. Every room in my house could use some organization! I would like to work in my pantry and kitchen to organize things. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. The whole house, but if I had to choose it would be my master bathroom. I still have the old track lighting and metal medicine cabinets.

  29. My bedroom closet is a disaster.

  30. My office/craft space needs some help getting organized.

  31. Cheryl Ann says:

    My craft room needs organizing help…thanks for this opportunity! Cheryl Ann

  32. Anna Pry says:

    my kitchen really needs some help with organization and so does the kids’ bedroom

  33. We’re moving in 1 month and Homegoods is always one of my first places to find organization and decoration for a new house. Would love to win!

  34. I would love to have a little nook in the master bedroom for crafting and office space. I would go to Home Goods for all things related to organizing!

  35. My master closet, pls!

  36. Ashley C says:

    My kids’ rooms could use some organizing!


  37. Lindsay F. says:

    Our bedroom closets and the playroom definitely need organizational help!!

  38. Heather H. says:

    I have the same problem with the counters in my master bath!

  39. Harmony B says:

    My laundry room needs lots of help

  40. My bedroom could use some organizing

  41. Melinda Wilson says:

    I could definitely use some organizing in my office/scrapbooking room!

  42. Yikes! My entire house needs organizing!

  43. Ben (Ada) says:

    My office could use some organizing.

  44. My craft and sewing room could use some help!

  45. Karen Gill says:

    There are so many places in my home that need organizing! Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Love your blog and Home Goods!

  46. Krista M. says:

    The top of my dresser!!!!

  47. Debra C says:

    My linen closet and kitchen.

  48. my bathroom cabinet/closet needs to be organized. it has big deep shelves that are difficult to find anything in.

  49. Kristen says:

    Our kitchen counter definitely needs some help!

  50. My kids bathroom needs some serious help.

  51. Lynn Fox-Embrey says:

    I need to orgainize my master closet and master bathroom. Thanks for the ideas.

  52. My laundry/utility room is the room that need organizing and then some. It is a room unseen by most visitors, which is probably why we put so little effort into making it look nice.

  53. I need to organize my office closet! I use this room as a makeup area, an office and a craft/design space. It is a 9×10 foot room. It has a vanity, a Van Theil desk, a cabinet with wicker baskets and a printer on top of a Michaels craft draw set. The closet is my only hope!

  54. nicole dz says:

    My living room could use some organizing. I need also to add more color.

  55. Just one area? Hahahaha. Okay. The area in which we live. The pantry, the linen closets, and my closet top my list.

  56. Barbara W says:

    I’ve actually never been to home goods winning this is would be total justification!!!

  57. JenniferB says:

    I think my bathroom could use organizing

  58. Karrie Millheim says:

    My bathroom needs all the help it can get

  59. Hello! I am a new follower here! Also, so excited to attend the Haven conference for the first time! I have been organizing my whole house this past year. Next up, the master bedroom!!! I hope we get to meet in July! xo, Emily

  60. My bathroom!

  61. My master bedroom closet and bathroom could definitely use some organizing.

  62. I love your blog! And organizing? It’s needed all over my house! My bathroom is also small and I would appreciate any help I can get there!

  63. Pam Szverra says:

    I could use some closet organization. My favorite thing to look for at Homegoods are the dishes.

  64. Very Comfy.

  65. Bath, closet, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, pantry any and every where

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