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The Winner is #129:  Linda Miller – Linda, you’ve been emailed! 

Bathroom hardware is so important to the functionality of a bathroom space, especially one like my master bath, a space that is really only big enough for one person at a time.  And, you know I really don’t mind it at all.  I’ve had the big spa-like bathroom, with his and hers vanities, spa tub, free standing shower and a toilet room and right now, I would prefer my tiny cozy bathroom to a big one.  Call me crazy, but I’d much rather have a bigger bedroom and smaller bathroom, that’s my preference after having both.

When I was contacted awhile ago by Liberty Hardware, who wanted me to try out their bathroom hardware and safety products, I said YES.  Why not try them out in my new house, since I had 2 bathrooms to outfit with hardware?

So, I chose Satin Nickel (Carson)  for the hall bath and Oil Rubbed Bronze (Lockhart) for my master bath and I’ve just had the opportunity to get them installed.  What a difference hooks, towel bars and toilet paper holders do for a space.  Now I’m so much more organized and can dry my towels too instead of throwing them over the shower rod.

Peerless Bath hardware

I chose Satin Nickel in Carson for the guestbath. It’s a basic satin finish with a nice looking base holder and I got several pieces to use in each room.  A towel ring for the sink area.

Template for towel bar

They all come with templates to help hang them easy and quick.  The template covers all the pieces and you can tape it in place and find where the holes are that you need for each.  Taping in place helps keep it straight and using a level on top will ensure a level bar.  This is the 24 inch towel bar I’m hanging.


I poked holes through the template and made a mark where my screws will go.

Mollie bolts

If you are going right into drywall, you’ll want to use these anchors to help the screws stay in.  These are included in the package too.


Screw in both sides like this.


Then make sure the small set screw at the bottom is backed out all the way and these pieces slide right over the anchored metal bracket.  Tighten up the small screw with a tiny screwdriver and your towel bar is set and in place.


Looking good in here.  I still have to hang the shower bar too, but that’s all that’s left in here.


I love the sleek lines of the Carson line.

Satin Nickel Carson Peerless

These hooks look great on the wood board above the beadboard in here.

Peerless Hooks in bathroom

Since I have all this sea-inspired artwork, I am using it in this bathroom too.  Use what you have and since I love the beach, it works for me.  I will probably put one more hook in the middle and this wall will be perfect.

oil rubbed bronze hardware

In my small bathroom, I decided on hooks right outside the shower and one towel bar above the shower enclosure where I hang my large bath towel.  One towel for my hair and a washcloth and that’s all in place now.  I love,  love using hooks in small spaces in a bathroom.  These are nice and substantial, again Lockhard in Oil Rubbed Bronze and I have a mix of metals in here and that’s fine with me too.

oil rubbed bronze

Hooks can go in small spaces where a towel bar will not.  I’m a big believer in hooks now.

oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder

My toilet paper holder is in place as well and now I’m about as organized as I can get in this small space.


Peerless also has some wonderful bath safety products, so while we were at it, my parents got to try out some of these products.  Elderly folks sometimes need help in the shower and this tub and shower seat will come in handy in the future.

Peerless Tub and Shower seat

My parents are still pretty spry for their ages, as you know, but it might not be too long before this will be a handy item to have for them.

Peerless Safety toilet seat

A safety toilet seat is also a must for elderly folks when getting up and down gets hard to do.  Those handles help get the job done.  My dad put one of these in his bathroom in the mountains and liked it a lot.

Peerless Bath Safety bar

This safety bar will also come in handy for them to assist in pulling up from the toilet as they get older.  I know this is something they will use now, especially my dad.  Putting it within arm’s reach is much needed for helping out with safety issues as our folks get older.  I’m grateful that they are still getting around well now, but you never know how long that will last.

I’m so thankful and happy with my new bathroom hardware!  It makes such a difference and really brightens up my bathrooms, so thank you to Liberty Hardware for the opportunity to get these products for myself.

In case you didn’t know, Peerless bath hardware and safety products can be found at Walmart.  It’s stylish and pretty and won’t break the bank either.  I’m very proud to have both of these sets in my house.

And here’s some great news for ONE of my readers!  Liberty Hardware and Peerless is giving away $100 in bath and safety products to one of my readers. 

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which you would use the most? 

New bath hardware or some of the safety products? 

Is is time to spruce up your bathroom too or do you know someone who could use these safety products?  $100 in products for one of you! 

I’ll leave the giveaway open for a week and choose a winner!  Thanks for stopping by.

Note:  This is a sponsored post and giveaway by Liberty Hardware and Peerless.  All opinions are my own to share as I wanted.

- Rhoda


  1. I love those J hooks – very nice! We just closed on a new (to us) home Friday – would love to update with some new hardware! Thanks!!

  2. I have three bathrooms in this house that we are renovating, and I could definitely use new hardware in all three.

  3. We are renovating the bathrooms in our home and could surely use some new hardware! I would love to win this generous gift :)

  4. We are remodeling the main bath and sure could use the bath hardware. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. Good tips. I definitely could use some new hardware in my master bath because the stuff in there now isn’t to stylish and its quite old.

  6. The Clines says:

    I’d choose the new bath hardware!

  7. I love your new bath hardware. I have 4 bathrooms in my new house that all need new hardware. I found one set while out yardsaling this summer but I could really use this gift card to help with the rest!

  8. I love the look of both of the sets you chose. I have two baths that need hardward so that is where I would start. The hooks are great, they look really cool! Thanks!

  9. The hardware! I still have shiney brass in both my bathrooms and some new hardware would be so nice!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Kim Johnson says:

    I am starting a complete re-model in my house. It was my grandparents home-place and the bathroom is my last project. Would love some new hardware and towel bars!

    Kim J

  11. I desperately need to get rid of the horrible pink ceramic fixtures in my bathroom, this would be so helpful!

  12. I would love the hardware for a bathroom update coming down the pike! That would be so very very helpful!

  13. New bath hardware- we have that nasty builder stuff that need to go!

  14. Defintely the hardware! Remodeling right now!

  15. the safety products would be really helpful

  16. I need new bathroom hardware – for sure. In fact, my old time towel rack (ceramic bar holders)…just of the holders of the bar fell off – so I have a hole there to patch anyway. Perfect timing! Thank you for the chance.

  17. Like the J hooks, it all looks great in your newly redone bathrooms!

  18. We are building, so the new hardware would be so nice in either bathroom.

  19. We hope to renovate one of the bathrooms in our home and the new bathroom hardware would be a great addition.

  20. Angela Glidewell says:

    Bath Hardware

  21. Carol N. in ISV says:

    Oh this would come in so handy! We want to get some work done in our guest bathroom and I could finish it off with these items. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I probably would choose something from the safety line since we are near your dear parents ages.

  23. Deborah Bruns says:

    shower rod

  24. love the hooks!! :)

  25. Patricia Crowley says:

    My bathroom could use a makeover! I would use this for some new hardware!

  26. Teresa Copeland says:

    Let me first start off by saying that the shower seat is not just for elderly people! When I was pregnant it was a life saver! I’ve kept it around as a seat in my closet for now in hopes of needing it again next year ; ) That being said IU’d love some bathroom hardwear! I’ve lived in my fixer upper home now for over a year and still have the toilet paper sitting on the back of my toilet in my master bathroom! And I toss the towel over the door! Thanks!

  27. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    SAFETY BARS…….they are a must at any age, thank you again for the opportunity to win…Love & Blessings

  28. Susan Herring says:

    I have a bathroom in desperate need of updating and this is the perfect way to get started.

  29. I would say I would choose the safety products. Although I could sure use some new hardware for my bathroom, my mother in law needs to safety products more than my my mis matched bathroom needs a face lift!!

  30. Lovely bathroom. Your home is lovely and many of us can see ourselves living there unlike the 4500 sq ft homes on many blogs. Thanks for down to earth projects.

  31. I’d love new bathroom hardware for my kids’ bathroom!

  32. I’m going to be updating two bathrooms so I would love the bathroom hardware.

  33. I would choose the new bath hardware. The hand towel hook in my master bath keeps falling off the wall. We’re getting real tired of it lately, needless to say!

  34. Definitely could use new bath hardware.

  35. I love the look of both the sets you have! We’re in the process of remodeling a bath and could really use some new towel bars and hooks! Thanks for a chance to win.

  36. I LOVE those “J” hooks! Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Would love to win, just redid my bathroom except for this stuff

  38. I would love to win this to have the safety bar issue fixtures for more secure ,Thanks

  39. Since we got a bathroom with no hardware, that is high on the list. It would be great to be able to hang towels.

  40. Love the look of this hardware.

  41. Shower rods!

  42. I would love to win some pretty hardware to update my gold 80’s hardware. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. We built our house 18 years ago and have never gotten around to purchasing bath hardware. Would love to win some hardware so we don’t have to drape our towels on the ugly plastic shower curtain rod anymore. Thanks for such a generous give away.

  44. The safety hardware would be wonderful in my home. Time for the upgrade, would love to win. Thank you very much!

  45. I’m having a terrible time finding the right towel racks/toilet paper roll holders.
    We just built a house and are moving in with none yet. I have 4 bathrooms. yikes.

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