Spunky Fluff Giveaway!

Thanks for all the fun comments on the laundry/mudroom.  As you can see, I’m really proud of that space now.

And today, I’ve got a really fun giveaway for you, which also has to do with my laundry space!  When Kristen from SpunkyFluff (by the way, I just love that name, it really says a lot…think about it!) wrote to me asking about doing a giveaway with me, I clicked over to her Etsy shop and was instantly completely mesmerized by the pretty bright wood wall cutouts she has in her shop.  They are 3D and oh, so cute and there are so many things she offers with words. I love words!  On walls.  So much fun to display a sentiment or special phrase that means something to you and your family.  She has all sorts of combinations and colors and you can personalize things too.

I think these will make great gift ideas for someone who is hard to buy for. Get them a wall word saying.  I love the fact that they are 3D too. They’re made out of thin wood and somehow Kristen cuts them out and paints them fun colors to make them really special.  She made one for me and I’m crazy about it.  In fact, it’s going in my new laundry room. I had already taken pics of my new laundry/mudroom when I got in Kristen’s wall words, so I’m showing it off today.

spunkyfluff collage

We collaborated on something special for my house and I thought putting a fun wall word saying in my laundryroom would be so much fun.  We came up with “It All Comes out in the Wash”, something I had seen online.  Kristen personalized it with these cute bubbles and it was done!  I chose that pretty blue color, but she has so many fun colors to choose from.

spunkyfluff wall saying

It’s so fun hanging over the shelf above my sink and adds a really nice personal touch to this space. I asked for the blue color and it really matches perfectly with the other blues I have in there.

It all comes out in the wash

Isn’t it the cutest?  Kristen has added “our” sign in her shop and you can find the large version of It All Comes Out in the Wash, which is the one I have. It’s a little over 2 feet up and down.

long shot of laundry room

One more look at the laundry room long shot.  I added a Ballard Designs rug (found at the outlet for $15 last weekend) in a rusty red by the door and I love this punch of color in here. I have a few more red things around the space.

wall hanging

My room is so vibrant and happy and this Spunky Fluff wall saying just adds to the appeal.

Now, it’s time for a giveaway!  If you’d like to win Spunky Fluff products for yourself, join in the fun. UP for grabs is a $75 shop credit to Spunky Fluff, which should be enough for a medium sign, including shipping. 

Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below and enter a couple of times to win.  I’ll close the giveaway in one week.

For my readers, you can get a 20% discount through Dec. 31st, with the code:  SOUTHERN

NOTE:  This is a sponsored post and I love this product.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- Rhoda


  1. LOVE these signs, great Christmas gifts!

  2. What a great space that was so ugly and is now so functional and happy. I love the word collage – it really fits the room and your outlook!

  3. I love the “choose happiness” sign. I’d probably pick white because it’d stand out against my walls!

  4. I love your sign, Rhoda! It would be perfect for my laundry room too!

  5. Love your laundry room! Makes doing laundry a pleasure…almost! Would love to win the wood cutout. Will check out all that are available.

  6. I like the “Sweet Dreams” sign and I would like it in white. My walls are a soft, pale green and the furniture is white. I think “Sweet Dreams” would nestle in among other things in the room quite nicely.

  7. This makes me want to do laundry! Amazing how much more enjoyable a chore can be when it is done in a beautiful environment. Good reminder for all of us. Now to tackle that part of my house…

  8. Jerri C. - TN says:

    I love these! I have to have “Everything Comes Out In the Wash” for my laundry room.

  9. What a great job on the laundry area. And congrats on your 1 year!!! Here’s hoping it last a lifetime…
    I think after checking out the signs, I like the one that you have the best..I think I like the bubbles best
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Love the laundry sign! And the color is perfect!

  11. Megan Cuy Castellanos says:

    Love the laundry sign! I’m gearing up for a make over in my laundry room right now, this would be perfect!

  12. Very cute and not the same old signs you see everywhere.

  13. I LOVE LOVE ‘every little thing is gopnna be alright!”

  14. Pat Peele says:

    My niece would love the bicycle. I like the laundry sign

  15. Very Cute store!

  16. I love the laundry sign! One more cute thing in your space!

  17. I love the large Give Thanks one. Perfect color for our kitchen. Her work is amazing!

  18. elizabeth Normandin says:

    They are all very special but I love the red hello, and the flower shaped one.

  19. Kim Tucker says:

    I love the one you chose! It all comes out in the wash . . .my parents used to say that!

  20. Marianne G. says:

    So creative and cute!

  21. Love these signs, I love “go jump in the lake” for my lake house or trailer by another lake or when my hubby annoys me!

  22. What a really cute idea!

  23. Rhoda, this is the cutest sign! I love the laundry room sign, adorable! Thanks for hosting!

  24. I just love “wordy” things to add inspiration and fun to an area! Can’t wait to check out her etsy site!

  25. What a fun way to add color and whimsey to a room!

  26. I love the wash room sign! We are moving this week and the laundry “area” in our new home is in the garage. It would be a perfect starting point to decorate the area.the signs are great….perfect gifts!

  27. Marnita Parry says:

    What a really great idea! This too shall pass would be my pick.

  28. Your signs are really great. Nice crisp, clean edges. I love the bicycle, however if I were to win your drawing I would want a sign that says “Love” “Peace” “Joy” for Christmas.

  29. Love the signs, especially Grow old along with me for the Best is yet to be!

  30. Laurali Manieri says:

    I LOVE this!!! As afrequent shopper on Etsy, how could I have not known about these???????

  31. It’s so hard to choose! But I think my favorite is the ampersand sign (http://www.etsy.com/listing/97188982/ampersand-and?ref=shop_home_active). Thank you!

  32. Andrea D. says:

    I love them all, but I would choose “Make Yourself at Home” to put on my mantle. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. Debbie C. says:

    Love the signs, perfect place in entry for welcome sign

  34. Love the “Laundry” sign.

  35. I love the Three Little Birds sign. That is my “thing”. My whole house has three little birds scattered throughout.

  36. I like the Namaste sign! :)

  37. I love the “I all comes out in the wash” sign. I have a perfect place for it in my laundry room.

  38. The choose happiness sign would be a great addition to my entryway gallery wall!

  39. Cute signs! Would love to have one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. These signs are too cute, and I would pick “Every little thing gonna be alright” with the little yellow bird (authentic to the song) Great work!

  41. Theresa in Nebraska says:

    Love the bike! Very cute…

  42. I think that’s the cutest laundry room saying I’ve seen yet. So appropriate, too.

    Love how cheerful your laundry room is.

  43. I love these…..I would love to have one for my office at work (I’m a advisor at our local junior college)

  44. Oh, I love yours, but my favorite has to be “I love you a bushel and a peck” because I said that to my kids all the time when they were growing up. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Love the sign! As a matter of fact….love everything you do.


  46. I love you a bushel & a peck – it’s my favorite!

  47. Love it! I could so use one of these!

  48. ‘Go jump in the lake’ to go on my new screened back porch because it faces our lake.

  49. Love the signs. I would love one that reads “This is my happy place”.

  50. Love these signs! Would love to win one for my laundry room! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  51. phyllis henry says:

    Your red rug makes the room. I love the Ballard outlet! Also, your blue sign is a definite thumbs up.

  52. I love your cute laundry room sign.

  53. I love them all, I could find a sign for every room in my house. If I have to pick, my favorite is “Grow old with me, the best is yet to come”. I have book marked this store and will be shopping.

  54. Keetha Gann says:

    I love the sign you chose for your laundry room and it would look great in mine! Your laundry room makeover looks so good. I have enjoyed watching the progress of your new home.

  55. Love your laundry room – what a great use of the space! I adore the bike sign and would give it my sister, who is an avid cyclist!

  56. Cute! Love your laundry room!

  57. I can’t get over how cute that sign is and what charm it adds! While I like the current vignette, it would really look great over your washer/dryer and help bring that gorgeous blue around the room. The new rug is a definite PLUS. You continue to inspire me.

  58. I live in a condo that faces Lake Michigan and I would LOVE the sign that says “Go Jump in the Lake.” I was really impressed with the glowing comments that were left at “spunkyfluff’s” Etsy website!!

  59. I Would get either the “Numbers MEDIUM” sign or the “Road Bike”

  60. I love how a little dedication and paint can transform a space into something that is clean and appealing!

  61. Christie Lissemore says:

    Love your laundry sign! The cute bubbles really make it adorable!

  62. Love you more sign. That’s what I say to my grandchildren.

  63. I love the laundry room sign….it would made doing chores a little more bubbly.

  64. Very cute signs! I love your laundry room sign, but the “Go Jump In the Lake” would be great for our RV that we have parked year round at the lake! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  65. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Rhoda, Thanks for the giveaway! I love the “Give Thanks” sign. So many lovely signs to chose from.

  66. Love the laundry room sign….and the bicycle. Would give it to my daughter for her new house – her choice!

  67. Love it…I’m off to check out her Etsy page!

  68. rebbecca drake says:

    I really love your sign! I’d like it in a green color.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Thank you for the giveaway! I really love the “give thanks” sign :)

  70. These are so neat!

  71. Oooohhhh! I love these signs! I could have so much fun with them.

  72. I love the “Suck it up, Buttercup” and “This kitchen is for dancing” signs. But they are all cute, and your laundry room is amazing!

  73. Leigh Ann S. says:

    I love the sign in your laundry room!

  74. I love the laundry room sign and would love to have one also!!!

  75. Choose happiness

  76. What a fun giveaway-thank you! Your laundry room looks great!

  77. There are so many great ones. I can’t believe how many she has made! I think the Three Little Birds in pear green is my fav. It is so hard to pick though.

  78. Michelle Dowd says:

    I love the Three Little Birds!

  79. these are superb!! I love the bright colors and popping words. these signs would certainly bring any drab room to life….especially mine!

  80. I love the laundry area. The sign is really cute. :)

  81. These are so cute! I especially love the laundry sign and the Suck it up, buttercup.

  82. Let it snow is my favorite!

  83. These signs are great! I loved “This kitchen is for dancing,” but there were SO many others that I could see hanging in my home or in my family’s homes. Great new Etsy shop for me! Thank you!

  84. Nice laundry room!!

  85. Tarra Turney says:

    My family and I have just bought a new home and this would be an awesome addition!

  86. I love the Suck It Up Buttercup sign! All of them are really great.

  87. Georgia Gschwend says:

    I LOVE the laundry sign….so whimsical and cute

  88. I have to say, I love the laundry room sign, it’s perfect! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  89. Brandy Poteet says:

    I love this and it looks great in your cute laundry room.

  90. Tanja Williams Hancock says:

    The bubbles add a touch of fun and the statement is a great addition to your laundry room. The custom color is a bonus. My office – ongoing project to be an office – could use a bit of spunky fluff & southern hospitality.

  91. What a fabulous Etsy shop! I just love your laundry sign.

  92. Beth Skjeveland says:

    I love all the signs!! They are so cute. The “suck it up Buttercup” made me giggle. That’s one of your cats names.

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