Thriftstore Repurposing Ideas!

I like to do projects around here that I can really use, so while working with some of the brands I work with on a regular basis, like FrogTape®, I’m always trying to put on my thinking cap in how I can update and repurpose something to actually use in my house and highlight a product too.  So, this month’s FrogTape® project is a small one, but one that was a lot of fun to do. Thriftstore repurposing ideas are creative and cheap.

old brush holder

I had  my makeup brushes in a little plastic tortoiseshell cup on my dresser and these brushes have been in this cup FOREVER.  There’s no telling how long I’ve had that thing!  But, it was getting too small and all my brushes didn’t fit in there anymore without spilling out, so I put on my creative hat and went to the Goodwill thriftstore, cause you know I still love to do that.

Thriftstore cup before and after

I found this ugly little ceramic cup thing, with a ribbon running through it.  It was the right size, about 6” high and I thought it would work well for my brushes.  75 cents at Goodwill.  Isn’t is a beauty? Smile  After scrubbing it down really good with soap and water, I got busy with paint.

I’ll show you all the steps I took to do this project.  I think it looks so cute now!

spray primer

First, I took it outside and sprayed with a good Zinsser primer to cover all the yellow.

Heirloom  White Rustoleum

Next step, was a coat of Heirloom White satin spray paint, also my fave off white spray paint.

taping and painting

I went inside and while watching TV, taped my stripes on there with my handy FrogTape®.  I taped just to the edge of each of those notches and tried to keep my lines pretty straight and even.  I had to work in sections because it overlaps and you want to let one area dry well before you start on the next one.  With PaintBlock® technology, it really does create straight and crisp lines.

paint stripes

So, I spaced around the cup, taping and painting until it was all done. I just used leftover Annie Sloan paint and wall paint for this project, so nothing out of pocket.  As soon as I painted the stripes, I ripped off the tape, letting it all dry well before I moved to the next section.

after painting

And here it is after all the stripes were done.  Some of them are a little opaque, which was fine with me.  All of these colors are in my bedroom and flow well together.

glossy sealer

I used 2 shades of blue, a green and khaki color.  Then sealed it all with Valspar gloss clear sealer.

satin ribbon

I have some ribbon stashed around and found a pretty blue satin that fit in the slots perfectly.

repurposed brush holder

And here it is sitting on my vanity table now.  Plenty of room for all the brushes and it looks cute too!  To elevate the brushes more, I added some rice to the bottom of the cup and the brushes just sit in there on top, all handy and ready for use.

thriftstore cup after

So, that’s my Frogtape® project this month, hope this got you inspired once again with the POWER of paint and how you can virtually change anything with paint.  My fave home improvement weapon, paint does wonders for everything.

Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for FrogTape® and receive compensation for completing projects for Frogtape®. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda,

    I love finding something inexpensive and reworking it with spray paint to make it cute as well as useful! And I immediately spied my favorite Tyler candle sitting on your dresser. Love those!

  2. Great redo, Rhoda. And, perfect for your make-up brushes. I keep mine in an antique cut glass spooner.

  3. Cute! I love treasure finding. One of my NYR is to use what I have, but if I need to buy something, it has to be a purchase like this! Great idea!

  4. Very pretty! I just love repurposing thrift store finds.

  5. This looks great! I was just in a thrift store yesterday picking through for projects! I love repurposing thrifty finds!

  6. Very cute and functional!

  7. This is amazing! Very pretty and practical. You are very talented!

  8. Luke's GiGi says:

    That is darling! You always have the best ideas. Now I am on the look out for a little cup I can do something similar with. Thanks Rhoda.

  9. Cute Rhoda – gotta love the Frog Tape! I was just using it the other day for a project and it’s the best darn tape out there for not getting bleed through.

  10. Very cute! I love re-purposing things!

  11. Donna Jo Smith says:

    What a great project! I love how it turned out. I have never used Frog Tape, but with contemplating putting our house on the market, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Cute Idea. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  13. Lola Hacker says:

    Great job. I was born in the south, love southern hospitality and southern cooking.
    If you know any good websites, would you please share?

  14. Hi Rhoda!!!

    What a great idea!!!!

    I love how the container/cup came out!!! It was a great shape and I love the fact that
    you could put ribbon through the holes!!! It turned out so pretty!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  15. Hi,
    I am sure I am not the first, but I just nominated you for the best Blogger in Better Homes & Gardens. I put you under Decorating, maybe I should have done it under DIY, I don’t know. Well good luck I hope you win in any category.

  16. I love your idea, that is so cute. How do you think of all these things to do? Wish my mind could come up with a few cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh my goodness! How adorable. I would have never seen that sassy make-up brush holder in that funny yellow cup! YOU GO GIRL! That’s seeing the silk purse for sure!

  18. I just love how your little container turned out. Very clever!

  19. What a great little project! Thrift store makeovers are my favorite kinds!

  20. This is so cute! I haven’t redone something from the thrift store in a while, looks like I need to go shopping! 😉

  21. ANITA LEMMEN says:

    So cute!


  22. What a great idea, Rhoda… it turned out so pretty! Those would make great little personalized gifts, too! One little caution: I used rice in a similar way one time and found that it attracted those little pantry moths.

  23. Love the Colors!!! Can you share the names? Thanks!

    • Hi, Donna, I used Annie Sloan Duck Egg, Louis Blue, the khaki is Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams and Fennel by Sherwin Williams. That’s the 4 colors!

  24. What a cute project. You are very clever. Love your blog.

  25. Not only do I love thriftstore makeovers, but I just LOVE the colors you picked for this. So pretty and feminine. Great re-do!


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