Feature Friday: Poofing the Pillows

I’m excited to feature one of the sweetest bloggers out there today!  Meet Stacey with Poofing the Pillows, who’s been blogging for several years and I know she is probably one of my longest readers and has left me the kindest comments on my blog over the years.  She’s just a doll and I finally got to meet her in person at Haven and if I had the chance, I’d love to hang out with her, I know we’d have fun.

Stacey is from TX and she and her husband built their dream house in the last year or so.  They moved in last summer and she’s still getting settled in, but wow is it pretty!

A brick TX house, stately with a mix of brick and stone.

I love Stacey’s front door and notice it’s black on the outside and take a look at the inside.

That luscious shade of aqua blue inside the house gives an clue of the accent color that Stacey uses throughout her open floor plan home.

Soothing shades of cream and aqua blue are easy on the eyes and how about that kitchen?

It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Built in bookcases on either side of the fireplace.

Another peek at that aqua door.

The living room flows into the kitchen and dining spaces.

Stacey has great taste and has added lots of pretty things to her new home.

The dining room is open as well.

Open shelves in the kitchen give Stacey a chance to add and change accessories around.

Another view of the kitchen and dining area.

And a peek at that gorgeous planked barrel ceiling, it’s a stunning feature.

And the beautiful marble backsplash is so gorgeous.

I love all the features in Stacey’s new house, she did a great job with everything.

The island is painted a pretty shade of aqua as well.

Spring on the breakfast table.

Isn’t that so pretty and really makes me ready for spring!  I’ve been getting ready for spring at my house too and will be sharing lots of that next week.

It was so fun to feature Stacey and her new home!  I hope you go over and say hello to Stacey and get to know her sweet heart, she is such a wonderful friend in blogland at Poofing the Pillows!


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