A DIY Shower Curtain


What do you get when you mix a roll of brown and white grosgrain ribbon with a waffle weave extra-long shower curtain?IMG_7785

Something really special and pretty for a newly done bathroom.  I found this ribbon at  Hobby Lobby and after seeing this Target extra-long shower curtain that Young House Love used in their bathroom, I had to order one for my new bath.  I’m liking the simplicity of this waffle weave fabric and I didn’t want a plain normal sized shower curtain for this room.  The ceilings in here are 9 feet, so the extra tall just looks better in this space. IMG_7938

My niece, Lauren, was sweet and monogrammed the middle of it for me on her handy-dandy machine.  Love it, thank you, Lauren!  That’s my Christmas present and I couldn’t be happier with it.  So, all I did was lay out the shower curtain, measured in 6 inches (thought that was a good amount in) and started laying out the ribbon.  I used the lines in the waffle fabric to follow a straight line, gluing with fabric glue as I went along.  When I got to a corner, I did a simple miter cut.IMG_7790

Glue those corners together and keep on going!  You will probably do a better job with your corners than I did, but I figured no one is going to inspect this thing now that it’s hung up.  If you spend a little time on it, you can get those corners lined up pretty well.  Mine are definitely not perfect.IMG_7939

Now it’s hung up and I think it looks fabulous!  A great way to add some extra pizazz to a plain shower curtain. IMG_7940

After it’s hung, you may need to go back and add a little fabric glue under some edges.  But, mine stuck pretty well. IMG_7941

I love the extra length on this. IMG_7942

I’ll even show you the boo-boo I did.  I started at the top left corner, came down, across, and up and back across and realized my measurement was off on my first corner, so I had to add a small little piece of ribbon back in for both pieces of ribbon to meet on the miter.  Math was never my strong suit, but I can live with it.  If you come to my house, don’t stare at the top of my shower curtain, please! 🙂  It’s not that noticeable.  If I feel like it, I will pick up another roll of ribbon and redo this strip, but I’m not counting on that.  Did I tell you I’m not a perfectionist most of the time?  I can live with “good enough”.

So, have you got a plain shower curtain that could use some pretty ribbon?  my inspiration from this was from my other guestbath shower curtain, where I bought a black and white monogrammed curtain from Ballard’s. I figured I could add my own border with this pretty brown and white grosgrain ribbon and I do believe it looks just as good as the Ballard’s original, if not better. IMG_7952The waffle weave shower curtain came from Target online for about $25.00, well worth the price for the extra long version.

Go ahead and make that plain shower curtain a little more swanky!

I’m joining Kimba’s DIY Day.

Southern Living Christmas 2009 Book winner:

The very lucky winner of the Southern Living book giveaway is Sarah Robbins at Our Cozy Robbins Nest.  Congrats, Sarah!!  Hope you enjoy that Christmas book next year.

- Rhoda


  1. What a great DIY idea. I’d never have thought of that. I just wanted to also suggest an easy way to tie that look in to the rest of the bathroom is by using wall decals. They’ll stick to just about any surface so make decorating a bathroom really easy.

  2. This is crazy..I was just thinking I need a new extra long shower curtain! Thanks for the super cute idea! I even have an embroidery machine I can monogram it with. Happy New Year!

  3. This is gorg Rhoda ! Fabulous idea, and how lucky are you to be so well connected with a fabulous family member that can sew such high quality monograms. You are blessed !

    Happy New Year my friend, can’t wait to meet at Blissdom !


  4. Love it. How lucky that you have Lauren and her monogramming capabilities! That really finishes off the curtain perfectly.

  5. I love the touch of the ribbon and monogram. It really takes this curtain to the next level and makes it personal. Nice work!

  6. I have been looking all over the place for an XL shower curtain to cover my lovely blue bathtub. And it was right under my nose at Target! I have a shower curtain like your inspiration photo (mine’s from Pottery Barn) — we could have just traded! Haha.

  7. It looks lovely in your bathroom! The ribbon and monogram add the perfect amount of detail. Waffle weave says bathroom to me. 🙂

  8. This is a fabulous idea! I have a jack-n-jill bath that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I have one boy and one girl (and their rooms are respectively very boy and very girl). Now I know how to do the shower curtain. What size ribbon did you use?


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