A Wintery Dining Room


Today, I’m joining Marty for her cloche party and since I only have one cloche and it’s in the dining room and since I decorated in there for Christmas, we’ll go ahead and look around at everything.

Hope you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚


I sometimes play tug of war with myself, since part of me loves the natural look that I see in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens.ย  The other side of me loves glitz and glitter, so what usually happens, is that I have some of each to satisfy both parts of my personality.

This year on the sideboard, I decided to use my white pieces and go natural.ย  Some of these things are dried and some are fake, but I love the combination of all the natural greens with my white dishes.ย  The middle greenery here in the big urn is actually preserved greens.ย  IMG_7847

Makes for a pretty striking arrangement.ย ย  The long garland in the front, I picked up at Michael’s in their recent 1/2 price sale and I love how it looks with the icy pine branches.ย  Really adds to the look.ย  I simply put down a string of lights underneath it to make it glow.ย  Dried hydrangeas on the left are from my yard and the magnolia on the right is the dried magnolia from last Christmas that I cut.ย  It dries beautifully with those velvety brown backs on the leaves.IMG_7848

The little snow-dusted tree is fake and I found it last year after Christmas complete with twine for a rustic look.ย  I just noticed I got myself in the pic, didn’t mean to do that. ๐Ÿ™‚ IMG_7849

You’ll recognize the yardsale bowl that I just found recently and I piled up some pinecones and white glass ornaments to give it a festive feel.


Now, finally we are peeking at the cloche.ย  Are you still with me??ย  This cloche usually sits in the middle of my diningroom table and I change it out on a whim.ย  I love to add a Winter scene during this time of year with my tiny Christmas village people.ย ย  Add a little fake snow and it’s too cute!ย  Last year I found that cute little lighted hedge, can you stand it?ย  It’s perfect under the cloche and runs on batteries.IMG_7851

If I remember right, I found it at Walmart too.ย  I added some fresh greens that I cut in our nearby woods underneath the cloche, which is sitting on my white cakeplate nestled in a round silver platter.ย  IMG_7853

These littleย  people make me smile.IMG_7864

And we will enjoy our little Winter scene under glass. IMG_7867

A peek at the china cabinet which also got a glitzy gold pinecone wreath tied on with a pretty ribbon.IMG_7869

And some rustic gold stars that I’ve had for a few years hang from the chandelier with bronze ribbon, along with some sparkly glass ornaments.IMG_7865

Fun, festive and natural.ย  I love this combination.ย  You really can add a lot of ambience with just a few things, so I hope this gave you some additional ideas for your Christmas decorating too.


Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas to all of you.

- Rhoda


  1. I like the natural look that you used in your dining room. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house all decked out for Christmas!

  2. As always, it is just beautiful! I love the natural look of things also. It is one of my favorite ways to go!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Such pretty decorations. Mine seem to be a bit haphazard this year.

  4. I think it’s fun to do different looks in different rooms as you’ve proven here, Rhoda. I love red and green, but sometimes those colors just don’t work in certain rooms. They fight with my DR drapes (which are from a previous owner and someday will be replaced) because the drapes have kind of a peachy-orange color that doesn’t like Christmas, plus the pattern is a bit loud. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually, it doesn’t like all the different sets of china I have, so that’s why they are going! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your cloche which looks like a giant snow globe with those fun villagers and snow in it! I enjoy seeing what you do with it!


    Sheila ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Rhoda, you are so talented! Everything looks gorgeous and so festive. I absolutely love all the natural elements combined with the glitz. I haven’t decorated yet so I think I’ll use some of your natural ideas.

  6. Great job Rhoda!! I love all of the natural elements, I always incorporate them in my decorating. I always enjoy your decorating ideas!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m with you Rhoda. I love both the natural and a little sparkle too! I’m planning on decorating this weekend. Can’t wait!

  8. I love your cloche!!! I am thinking that would look cute on my table!! Enjoy the weekend ~

  9. Love it, Rhoda!! I have some hydrangeas still on the bush–need to clip them and bring them in. Thanks for sharing!

  10. So beautiful Rhoda and thanks for sharing.
    Sure wish you were here to help me as I intend to finally get started this afternoon with Christmas decorations:)
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  11. Beautiful (thanks for all the ideas you share with us)

  12. Wow! This is beautiful!! It captures the new serenity and elegance of your dining room decor. I love the natural materials you used and the simple colorscheme for this room. As always your rooms reflect your great talent. Can’t wait to see the rest of your home all decorated up!

  13. Rhoda, I don’t know what to look at first! I know it is a Cloche
    Party but your decorations are spectacular! The buffet decor is natural yet lux! The wreath on your hutch is so eye-catching! I would love to have that one!
    Now about your cloche- I love the little story it tells. And when I say the hedge- I couldn’t get over it was lit! Very sweet.
    Thanks for making me smile with your post!

  14. Great idea of the little village under the cloche. We have several in our shop—now we have another display idea! Your Christmas decor is beautiful.

  15. Rhoda,
    I love all the natural elements paired with your white pieces….gorgeous. I know it all is breathtaking in person.

  16. It all looks wonderful…love the combination of glitter and nature!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  17. Hi Rhoda, just wanted to stop by and say Roll Tide Roll today. It’s been a hairy week at my house with my husband being a Gator.

    Love the sideboard!
    Candy in Virginia

  18. VERY pretty, all of it! I love your little lights and people and buildings under the cloche….just the things Christmas dreams are made of!
    (It’s snowing in Michigan this morning! YAY!)

  19. So pretty Rhoda! I love the natural look and you added just enough bling to make it pop!


    Lou Cinda ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I, too, chose to use all white on my hutch top this year. No greenery as yet, tho.
    Your dining room looks lovely and your cloche is so sweet.

  21. Love it! I would love to go with all neutrals throughout my home but it ain’t gonna happen! My sunroom is going to be redone similar to my DR after Christmas…I’m in the middle of stripping and repainting the sideboard in there now and trying to decide on a paint color for the walls. I’ll show you some pics soon!


  22. I just love how warm you make your dinning room look. I love pine.

  23. I love your side board with the white and pine. Hydrangeas are my fave flower , nice to see that in there. Have a blessed day!

  24. Rhoda it’s gorgeous. But what else would it be if you are the one behind the design! I love the simplicity of the beautiful yardsale find piled with balls and pinecones. I currently have a pretty basket of pinecones on our breakfast nook table and it was missing something. Of course! Some Christmas balls. Thanks for the inspiration. Come visit when you get the chance.

  25. I just love your village people in the cloche! That is just too cute!

  26. It looks beautiful! Perfect combination of glitz and nature!

  27. I love the white ornaments with the pine cones ~ what a great way to mix a natural looking Christmas with a glitzy one!

  28. Tasteful and classic as usual! My favorite features are the rustic stars hanging from the light fixture…very nice!

    Thanks for your comment on my house, Rhoda! I am beside myself with excitement…can’t wait to put our own touch on such a beautiful home…wish I was there to decorate for the holidays this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Beautiful!!!

  30. You are all dressed in the season’s best finery! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  31. Simply beautiful! Love it Rhoda…you give me so many great ideas. Thank you so much. Now I have some tweaking to do on my Christmas decor…

  32. I have to say that I cried a little when you got rid of your red walls…I sooo loved them at the time!…but.now…..I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE the look and feel of your dining room…I can’t imagine it being red again! It’s Beautiful!

  33. its so beautiful!! I love all the little touches like the tassels on the lamps and the stars hanging from the chandelier.

  34. Very nice…looks great

  35. Rhoda~~~

    I am so like you when it comes to being torn between the natural look and the sparkly look. Thankfully, we can add a little sparkle to all thing natural. Your dining room is gorgeous and yes, it did give me some ideas!! Especially with all your pretty wreaths. And I love your cloche…so cute and made for your dining table so that everyone can see those little figures close up!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet lady!


  36. It looks beautiful, Rhoda! I have a tug of war with myself too between the natural and a bit of sparkle. So I allow myself both, just enough bling to add some holiday shine and plenty of natural to suit my home’s style. Whatever makes us happy, right?

  37. Rhoda…everything is soo beautiful! I love the way your buffet is done…I too like a little natural and glitz. I wish I could say I am decorating for Christmas at the moment…we are in the middle of remodeling…hopefully soon we will be done. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad I was able to stop by and see all the beautiful ways you are decorating your home for Christmas. Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs and love friend,

  38. Hi Rhoda ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your dining room looks so beautiful and it’s a perfect combination of glitz and natural. Love it!

    I’m so glad you were able to have such a family filled Thanksgiving. You have such a beautiful family ๐Ÿ™‚

    See you at the party!


  39. Hi Rhoda,
    Your wintery dining room looks fab! I totally understand how you are torn between the natural look and the more glittery look. I love how the dark browns of your furniture and the natural elements play against all the white accents in your dining room. It looks just like a winter wonderland!

    I also just got a chance to look at your sister’s home and I’m speechless. She has accomplished the same look in her home as all the decorators did in your holiday home posts. She has done a beautiful job with her decorating. TFS! Sheila

  40. Oh, Rhoda! You’ve outdone yourself. Your dining room is so beautiful! You have thought of every little detail. I love love that garland with the little twinkly lights underneath. I may have to steal, um, borrow that idea from you! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your little cloche display is just precious! Love the lighted tiny hedge!
    Your blog was one of the first I ever visited when I discovered Blogland…you were always wonderful and your blog never disappointed and still is such a treat to me! Pure beautifulness! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. I love how you have combined the natural with the glitz. It’s perfect. And your cloche is perfect as well. I love the lighted hedge and that you have added natural greenery below. Thanks for sharing your Christmas dining room.

  42. Oh, Rhoda, what a beautiful, elegant display. I love the simplicity and beauty of the white pieces with all the greenery. Your vignette in the cloche is so cute!

  43. It’s gorgeous, Rhoda. I love the whites used with the naturals and your cloche is very cute!!

    Our hearth room tree looks like all the storage cartons got together and exploded all over the tree!
    I haven’t exactly done this kind of tree before. I lost track of how many ornament there are, but they are varied in color, style and size! I know the g’kids are going to love it! That tree is part of the party contribution, for next week.

  44. Everything looks wonderful……I love your mix of natural and glitz! I haven’t even started my Christmas decorating yet….guess I’d better get busy!?!?! LOL…Have a great weekend!

  45. Hi Rhoda, I love your side board, we think alike. I am using all natural and snowy elements in my dining room this year, and I am like you I struggle with the colorful vs. the quieter look of little color. I will let you know how it turns out.I can only imagine how lovely this all looks in dimmed lights and candlelight. Would love to see a shot of the whole room. YOu are inspiring me!!!

  46. Rhoda, Your blog is addictive! I will have to get myself a cloche. What a lovely little winter scene you created. I love the look of the dried hydrangeas and magnolia leaves. I admire your fabulous collection of ironstone and the way you have it displayed.
    Also, thank you for stopping by ‘my house’ and your kind words.

  47. Oh Rhoda, this is all just breathtaking. I love it all. YOur sideboard is gorgeous and all of the greenery with the white is so beautiful. Your cloche is just wonderful with your little village people, they look like they are having a wonderful time playing in the snow. Your chandy is decorated beautifully too. Such a lovely room and your decorations are just awesome. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such fun and you have some wonderful ideas. Hugs, Marty

  48. LOVE all your trimmings, Rhoda! I think the simplicity of whites, greens, and browns is so beautiful. I would love to have a meal in that room!

    Merry Christmas,

  49. So gorgeous. That mirror is “to die for!” Love the natural look. Reminds me of one of my favorite pages from Southern Lady magazine!

  50. It’s all so pretty, Rhoda! Love the neutral color scheme. Have a good weekend…

  51. Rhoda…you’re dining room is just beautiful decorated for Christmas…and I love your little gathering under the cloche!

  52. Rhoda I love your dining room!!! Especially your sideboard! What a beautiful room!!

  53. Hi Rhoda, It looks fab! I love natural elements and glitz too and you have done a great job bringing it together. The sideboard is gorgeous.

  54. What a great idea to change out the scenes with the seasons. Your home looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos. ~ Sarah

  55. Everything looks so pretty…love your dining room arrangments.

  56. It’s all so gorgeous Rhoda ! I want to have dinner at your house ! Love it all, such a beautiful medley of wintery wonders.

  57. Your dining room looks gorgeous all decked out for Christmas! You are an amazing decorator. Hugs, Cindy S.

  58. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful dining room! The cloche looks very pretty! I used some of my Nativity collection with different cloches.


  59. As always, this is just beautiful, truly. I have been a long time reader but am new as a blogger. You are one of my favorite inspirations. I will email you some time in the future to thank you at greater length for inspiring me. Until then, please know that I think everything you do is just wonderful.
    And I, too, love the natural look with the bling…I always call it Rustic Lux………I need and love both in my decorating!!! Maybe that makes me design schizophrenic, but the Good Lord made me that way.
    Much gratitude and many blessings to you,

  60. I’m sure it’s gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™ BUT I can’t see but the first two pix since I have a slow dial up it’s not letting all the other pix download.
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I have tried refreshing and tried refreshing the page so I could see them all but it’s still not working.

  61. Rhoda,
    As always you wow me!
    The dining room look ready for a wonderful Chrsitmas diner.
    I love the touches on your chandelier! So simple & elegant!

  62. The natural look is very appealing to me, too! And the lights underneath and gold ribbon and white dishes! Lovely.

  63. What beautiful decorations. Your rooms are so elegant.

  64. VERY very pretty, Rhoda! I love the neutral dining room accented with all of nature’s beauty and a tad of your own blingy style! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Beautiful dining room. Adorable cloche! I found some similar little lighted pieces at Lowe’s last year. My cloche post is up, so please stop by and take a peek. I so love how you have added the white ledges/shelves to your dining room walls. I have two small ones on each side of my china cabinet. Now I’m thinking I need to add a few more longer ones to each side!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  66. I love how you mixed up your glam and natural elements! The village under the cloche is too cute, and I’m still loving how your dining room looks since you painted. That sideboard is SO pretty!

  67. I love white Christmas decorations. I’m going to use some of your ideas in my dining next year. I don’t have a sideboard yet, but hopefully will have one by then! ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Love the way your buffet is decorated!

  69. I love your colour scheme. And that winter scene! I have seen it on this tour twice now and I think I may try that! I am stopping in from Nester’s Tour. If you would like to see my tour posts you can click on the ‘Christmas 2009’ tag on the left sidebar of my blog. Have a great holiday season!

  70. Donnalee aka Countryfeather says:

    It was so beautiful! Scrolling down the photos I spotted Little Jack Frost. I have had mine for many years and he always puts a smile on my face. This year I will give hime an a new place among the hydrangeas on the sideboard. I admire you and your wonderul ideas and touches. I enjoy your blog and hope you will continue with all your inspirations.
    Thank you for all your hard work too!


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