A Baby Shower in New Orleans

Our main goal for going to New Orleans last weekend was attending another baby shower for Lauren. Her mother-in-law, Karen’s friends hosted a beautiful shower for her and invited lots of family and friends.  She’s mostly all set now for all things baby related and now just needs to get her nursery put together before that baby girl arrives in just a few short weeks, mid-February.

shower house

Lauren’s mother-in-law, Karen, has a whole group of nice ladies and they all pitch in to help throw baby showers, which I’m sure they are well-practiced at by now.

front door

This cute pink tulle wreath with baby Parker’s initials was on the front door and Lauren took it home to use later on her own front door, after the baby gets here.  Isn’t it cute?

dining room

I snapped some pics of the dining room as everyone was arriving.

dining buffet

It was a very pretty home to host the shower.

stuffed animals

These cute stuffed animals hung from the chandelier and those were given to Lauren too.  Cute idea!

food table

The food table had all sorts of delicious treats for us and it was all so yummy.


Everyone gathered in the kitchen to catch up and talk.


Fruit tray on the island.


And yummy cake bites too.

living room

The living room was the gathering spot for presents.

coffee punch

This coffee punch was so delicious and I kept going back for more.


Lauren catching up with everyone, no way to hide that tummy now.  She’s a cute pregnant lady.

karen renee mom

Karen, Lauren’s mother-in-law, my sister, Renee, and my mom.  Lauren has great in-laws!  They will probably hate this pic, but I was snapping as they were talking.


The beautiful pink cake, which tasted as good as it looks.

4 girls

The four of us:  Renee, mom, me, Lauren


Presents gathering.

opening presents

Ready to start opening gifts. She got lots of great things and should be all set now.

opening presents (2)

Ruffled bottoms for the baby.

white fox

I picked up this cute white fox from Pier One and surprised her with it, since the baby’s middle name will be Fox.   This should look great in the nursery.

baby tub

She was oohing and ahhing over everything.

baby dress

Another cute dress.

smocked dress

And a smocked dress from her mother-in-law, Karen, was so adorable. Karen loves frogs and this dress has some frogs on it.


Renee and I got her this bedding which is amazing, because in a serendipitous moment, Lauren found this bedding at Bye Bye Baby and it has the exact same pink toile that she just used for  her drapes.  How awesome is that?

Lauren nursery bedding

This was a quick pic from my iphone, but you can see all the fabrics in this bedding set and there’s the exact same pink toile.  It’s a lovely mix of elegant and pinkness!  I’ll take pics later when the nursery is all finished, but she’s well on her way now.  You can see the  nursery in the background.


Guests at the shower chatting and enjoying it all.

lauren and friends

Lauren has made lots of new friends in New Orleans and this group of girls are all married to her husband Philip’s lifelong friends from grade school and high school.  They have a large group that all get together periodically for various events, so that has been good for Lauren.  She’s making New Orleans feel more like home now, although nothing will ever be completely home like Marietta to her.  She still loves coming to Georgia as much as possible and of course, we are always glad she does.

I have a feeling the road to New Orleans will be much more heavily traveled by all of our family once this baby girl makes her debut into the world.

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda, I love your blog! Could I trouble you to find out where Lauren got her boots? I have trouble finding “fitted” ones like that. Thanks:)

  2. The shower looked lovely. Lauren certainly is well loved. I make a coffee punch for showers as well. My husband always rolls his eyes and says there isn’t it anything worse that a bunch of cackling hens all hyped up on caffeine and sugar from the coffee punch..and then laughs. Looks like Aunt Rhoda will be getting new tires on her car from a bunch of driving soon. 🙂 Nothing better than a new baby in the family!

  3. Lauren is a beautiful young lady and has a wonderful Aunt Rhoda who adores her. Thanks for sharing pictures of her shower. Lauren looks so cute with her baby bump.

  4. Lovely shower and how fortunate you found the bedding with the exact same toile, the baby’s room is going to be a dream. I loved your Mom’s attire, what a lucky baby to have a Great Grandmother, she is going to be adored by all of you.

    I never heard of coffee punch, would your hostess share the recipe?

  5. So many fun memories, and your family members (including you) get better looking every time I see you! I think the punch contained water from the fountain of youth!

  6. Lauren is such a beautiful mom-to-be! I’m so happy for her.

  7. Thanks for sharing Lauren’s beautiful shower, she looks fabulous and so happy to welcome her daughter.
    I had coffee punch made with ice cream at a shower in Texas. It was delicious and I would also like the recipe if the hostess will share.
    On a side note we went to New Orleans and Destin in Dec. and we used your blogs as part of our travel guide. Royal Sonesta was decorated beautifully for the holidays… Cafe du Monde and Morning Call delish… August only open for lunch on Friday so that was disappointing since we weren’t in the city on Friday.Thank you for always sharing your adventures with us! Can’t wait to see the nursery.

  8. Hi Tori,
    It is nearly impossible to find boots that fit skinny calves (for a decent price). I got these years ago at DSW and they are made by Diba.
    Hope that helps,

  9. Thank you for sharing the party pictures, I had to giggle at Lauren’s facial expressions over the cute baby clothes, tooo cute !!

    I too would love the Coffee Punch recipe , I love cooofffee !!

    Have blessed day

  10. Am writing to you from Praire Canada where we are also sharing the Arctic Vortex with you all! It is strange to ask for a coffee punch recipe on a day where it is -30C today but I would love to have one. Also could you make it decaff without it getting that strange taste that happens to it when decaff sits!
    Read your blog everyday! We’re working on our older new to us house too. You are ahead of us on the journey and it is quite inspiring!

  11. How beautiful and fun! I love that you found the bedding to match the drapes….meant to be!!! Little Parker Fox is going to be a lucky little girl! Congratulations!

  12. Would you share the coffee punch recipe? Thanks

  13. Rhoda – thanks for sharing your family time with us. The picture of you, your mother, Renee and Lauren is very special and will look great next to the picture of all of you with baby Parker in it!

  14. the wreath isn’t tulle…it’s decor mesh,a wonderful material to work with for wreaths and garlands.

  15. Hi Rhoda,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Lauren is such a pretty mom to be and all of you looked fabulous, especially your sweet mom! Loved how sassy she looked! I believe I saw Lauren on TV a while back on a commercial for a lawyer. Am I correct or does Lauren have a lawyer twin? LOL

    I live about an hour northwest of New Orleans and love that city. Y’all have to come back down for Mardi Gras! Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in N.O.?


    • HI, Terri, you are right, that is Lauren on TV down there, she’s with a local firm in NO. And no, I have never been for Mardi Gras, but I imagine I’ll make it down there one of these days for that big event.

  16. That sounds like so much fun! It’s really sweet that her husband’s friends have welcomed her so nicely. The home was beautiful and all the cake looked delish. Love the baby’s name.

  17. For those of you who wanted the coffee punch recipe, I’m working on getting it. Stay tuned!

    • I emailed Marian for the recipe and will get it to you as soon as I receive it. I got to take the leftover home and enjoyed it the next day!!

      • Karen & Rhoda,
        The coffee punch (taste as you go):
        We used a small container of store bought cold drip coffee, vanilla flavor. It is a concentrate. (18 serving size/ Cool Brew).
        2 large half n half
        1 gallon vanilla ice cream
        Add at least 1 cup of milk and 1 to 2 cups of water.
        The best part….. Hershey syrup …. Squeeze a lot, taste, add more if you want a more mocha flavor.
        This made a large punch bowl full.

  18. I love the picture of the four of you. That is one for the frame. Can’t wait to see the nursey when she gets it put together. I am sure Aunt Rhoda will take some pics.

  19. Such a happy family time. So glad you are able to travel and be part of the fun. The picture of the four of you is wonderful! I love it. 🙂

  20. grammygoodwill says:

    I love baby showers, and Lauren’s looks like it was so much fun. I have to compliment you on how beautiful you look!

  21. Lauren looks lovely. What a wonderful party and home.

  22. The shower looked lovely and looks like it was a great day and Lauren received many nice gifts! I adore smocked clothing, so I loved the dress she received. The bedding you picked out was perfect with her drapes. I love toile! All the ladies in your family are so attractive. Can’t wait until you show photos of Parker and her gorgeous room.

  23. Paula Lusk says:

    The shower looked lovely. And of course the 4 of you looked beautiful and happy. What a find, the bedding for the crib. Love the Smocked dress from her mother in law.
    What a fun day, she will never forget. Blessings Paula

  24. So excited for Lauren! She looks adorable! And so do you sweet friend.


  25. Hi Rhoda!!!!!

    I love Lauren’s little baby bump!!! I looked like that at 4 months. I’m so happy for Lauren and hubby and all the family and relatives!!!! It’s always such a joyful time when you get to welcome a new baby into the family!!!

    I love the pictures and Rhoda, you look beautiful and classy!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


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