Beauty Products at Yardsale prices

Visiting in the mountains with my family is always fun and this weekend was no exception.  We ate, we walked (one day), we shopped, we sat on the porch and enjoyed the cool weather,  and we ate some more. We do a LOT of eating when we get together.  You should see all the vegetables we brought home!

I’ll be sharing all of that later next week, but in the meantime, we’ll have another fun Monday of sharing yardsale finds. I didn’t go yardsaling this weekend, since we were out of town, but I have something to share that I’ve saved up.

A big congrats to Jenny, who is the winner of the Ritz Crackerful $100 giftcard giveaway. And thanks to ALL of you for participating in the giveaway. It was a fun and successful event and I appreciate all of you stopping by for that. Hopefully, there will be more of these in the future.

Go here for a chance to win a personalized engraved tile from my friend, Kaye at Engraved Euniques!

And for the chance to win a custom border rug, go over to Our Creative Life. I was blessed to win the monogram custom rug in my foyer from her last year and love it!


Beauty products at yardsales?

Did you know you can find cologne and perfume at yardsales, along with brand new lipstick, like Clinique and Estee Lauder? Yep, it’s true. I found all 3 of these just this spring at the sales. I never have to go and buy new cologne for myself now. The one on the left is Ralph Lauren Romance, for $4. Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense was $5 and Ralph Lauren Safari was $3.  So, I’ll be smelling pretty for a long time to come. 🙂

I also find many brand new tubes of Clinique or Estee Lauder lipstick in just-right colors for me for usually 50 cents to $2. Now, that’s a bargain, if you price those at the department stores. It’s a no brainer for me. These are lipsticks that come in the freebie packs and someone decides they don’t like the color and to the yardsale it goes, brand new never used.

And right home with me.

How about YOU?  Did you get out and about this weekend and find any treasures.  You know the drill!

So, get ready to share your treasures too.  Remember our guidelines for Mr. Linky parties:

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Todays Thrifty Treasures Participants

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18. Rhonda @ A Home With A Smile
19. Enchantresses 3
20. { A Beach Cottage } Vintage Tackle Box
21. stefanie @ Rose Petals and Rust
22. the lazy peacock
23. Beth@The Stories of A to Z (Finds and Transformations)
24. Cheap&Sweet ~Good Finds~
25. katie.kubler
26. Chrissie Grace
27. The Shabby Chic Cottage
28. Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss
29. Julie @Working on a Dream
30. Sandy@Copper~n~Things
31. Lisa W
32. Marsha
33. Jill @ Hickory Hollow
34. Gail went curb shopping
35. Thrifting in Paradise
36. Rhonda
37. Anythinggoeshere: worktable revealed
38. Paula @ Sweet Pea
39. Jenn@First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage
40. Susan
41. Michelle@Dei Gratia
42. Sandi
43. Debra@Bungalow
44. Julia @ Open Hand Living (frugal fashion)
45. Southernseven
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47. sharae@motherofthreefellows
48. Shirley Corwin
49. Elizabeth
50. Audra@Frugal Missus
51. Shery@evidence of life on mars
52. Ashleys Busy ( Burlap Coarkboard )
53. Queen of Fifty Cents
54. marty@astrollthrulife
55. Leanne@organize and decorate everything
56. Brittany
57. Julie
58. Pam@bibbidi bobbidi beautiful
59. Caroline @ FOREVER VINTAGE
60. Amy Lynne @ Mom*s Balance
61. Jenny @ Words On Wendhurst (Laundry Room)
62. Tiffany @ This Bliss Life (Oil Painting to Photo Board)
63. Leslie@Butterfly Cottage ( some good finds this week)
64. Gloria
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66. Nancy@Nancy’s Tidbits
67. Armchair Housewife
68. Twice Remembered: {Freeze Frames! A new use for old photo frames}
69. Leslie@Butterfly Cottage ( some good finds this week)
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71. Kim @ Starshine Chic
72. Michelle@Spend-A-Buck
73. Jennifer
74. Cindy @Fairy Tale Cottage
75. Nori@love-2-create (Ball Jar & an Old Ink Jar))
76. Amanda@ Black and White and Home all over
77. Southern Fried Gal
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79. D@SunnySide
80. Bama Girl in AZ
81. Alison ~ Vintage Amethyst
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83. Kristen @ Frugality In The Making(My favorite find this week)
84. Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle
85. C @ Project Pretty
86. Cheri Peoples
87. Alissa@farmer’s wife, quiet life
88. Jane @ Mamie Jane’s
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93. The Stylish House {DIY Drawer Gliders}
94. Boogieboard Cottage
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96. The Cottage Child
97. gabrielle @home-be inspired..
98. Toni @ Georgia on Toni’s Mind
99. Jerri @ Jerri’s Journey
100. Gail @ Faithfulness Farm
101. LizO – a thrifty birthday
102. melissa *320 sycamore
103. Shauna @ They Call Me Lucy
104. Rambling Girl aka Beth
105. Lynda@Ramblings
106. Jill (Vases Wildflowers)
107. Jessica (5 items for $2!)
108. Kathryn@BonafideSouthern
109. Kayleen @ This Old Chair (Desk makeover)
110. Cara@HomespunKitchen
111. Heather@Happy Chippy Junk
112. Brittany @Laughter,Living & Loving
113. Lady Katherine- antique washing machine
114. Suzy’s Sanctuary

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- Rhoda


  1. I love the perfume bottles. My mom wears Safari–recognized the pretty bottle. I have no sense of smell (ever!), so I wear Ralph Lauren Romance all the time b/c I liked the bottle/packaging and my husband likes the way it smells. 😉 I did find a few things this past week, just not at yard sales. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!!

  2. Well talk about good timing. I can’t believe I get to be #1 on Rhoda’s hot list. woohoo!!!

    Glad you got to go to the mountains. I can totally relate. I’m a mountain girl through and through. Born and raised in Blue Ridge, GA. It doesn’t get any better. I didn’t always appreciate it when I was younger, but now that I’m older I love the mountains. Love your perfume bottles too. Great find.

  3. So bad this blog doesn’t have a smell feature.

    Oh and I want to ask. I entered my link and saw myself as number one, I went to my own site to add your permalink and when I came back my link was gone. Any idea how that could have happened? Now I am at three, also good, if I don’t disappear again.

  4. I want to smell too!

  5. Wow! Those perfumes were great finds! I find AVON & Bath& Body stuff pretty often at yardsales. I am really spoiled to finding cosmetic bargains that it darn near kills me to have to pay full price. LOL!

  6. I’ve bought a full bottle of cologne from a sale before- the woman didn’t care for the way it smelled on her. It was one of my favorites, Estee. You just never know what you are gonna find out there!! My hairdresser sells a line of cosmetics- she had a garage sale and sold a ton of things- full price!
    🙂 Sue

  7. So thankful to hear you had a great weekend away with family.
    You have sure found some ‘great’ scents at yardsales….I’ll have to keep that in mind and hopefully that will make me want to get out more to see what is out there.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  8. I have gathered most of my perfumes from yard sales. If you find the right smell at the right price it’s a victory.

    I think if we can send a man to the moon, someone can invent smell o’ meter for computers. don’t you? wink*

  9. I never even thought to look at yard sales for perfumes before! I am so excited that I actually found some cool stuff and able to join in this time.

  10. you will be smelling good and smiling pretty !
    we all like to find great decorating items but I get very excited about finding useful items too.
    Earlier in the summer, I got 2 big bottles of still sealed lavender baby wash and lotion for my GS, I think they were 50 cents and they retail for $6 or so.

  11. Love the perfume bottles…especially Estee Lauder. I don’t have timeto post for tomorrow, but hope to hop on board next week…looks interesting!


  12. Rhoda–sounds like you had a fun weekend with your family! I love the perfume bottles–they are worth the price even empty, to me. Thanks for being such a gracious hostess, once again.
    I’m so happy to take part in the party this week. I’m off to visit a few blogs now…

  13. Love your finds! Ralph Lauren Romance is my favorite!!! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Over the years, I’ve sold a ton of cosmetics at garage sales I’ve held. I found nail polish always sells especially well at garage sales. Since I do my thrifting at charity thrift stores, I don’t ever see makeup or perfume in the thrift stores where I live. I know eBay prohibits selling used/opened cosmetics so I’m wondering if the thrift stores are prohibited from selling it.

    Thanks again for hosting Today’s Thrifty Treasures, Rhoda. It’s one of my favorite Blogland events!

  15. I want to go to the mountains!!!!
    Isn’t spending time with family just so wonderful.

  16. I think you can find anything you want at yard sales…you just have to be flexible about WHEN you want it.

  17. I would not have thought to look for cosmetics while at yard sales. What a great tip! Glad you enjoyed your time with your family and thank you so much for hosting us each week. It is so much fun to see what others have acquired and transformed over the weekend!


  18. You are smart to find perfume bargains at yard sales. Those bottles are really pretty.

  19. I am beginning to think you can find anything at a garage sale. 🙂

  20. Hi Rhoda,

    You’re so lucky to find all those nice perfumes. I haven’t really come across them in my hunting.

  21. I bought that Safari flask at a department store years ago. It’s works double duty…keep it in your purse for a quick freshening up during the day..or as protection whilst dumpster diving for hidden treasures in a dark alley!

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. What great bargains and the prices are wonderful. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

  23. Romance is such a lovely scent…I wear DVF’ Tatiana…for years and years. Couldn’t find it for the longest so went to Laura Ashley #1…couldn’t find it after a few years and for the last two years, I have found Tatiana at Big Lots of all places. Same scent that I used to buy at Neiman’s!. Much less expensive and I got several bottles last Dec 😀

    Request. Is it possible to have the links change color once you click on them? Some days I have a hard time remembering which number was last.

  24. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Love the perfume bottles. I love all glass bottles. Wow, these ladies get on your site fast. I’m impressed! Thanks for hosting. I like seeing what amazing shoppers are out there and the wonderful treasures they find.

  25. Hey Rhoda, I haven’t been commenting but I always read your blog! Love the longest yard sale post! My daughter puts perfume in her yard sale that she gets as gifts but doen’t like the scent!
    Keep up the good work!

  26. hi rhoda

    I never thought of looking for these at garage sales, I will now though, I wear perfume a lot so it would save me a a heap and mean I could try different ones for next to nothing! which is the best thing of all I suppose

    happy thrifting ~ I’ve just gone round your blog partay and visited …


  27. This is my first Thrifty Treasures and I am thrilled to show off my bargains!

  28. Never would have thought to purchase perfume at a yardsale. I think I have my brain trained to scan for lamps and furniture and thats it.

  29. Not much luck for me this weekend, no lovely thrifty buys.
    I’m such a perfume fan & can’t believe that you picked these up so cheaply, how wonderful.

  30. Can’t wait to hear about your time with the fam!! And cool weather? We actually are having some right now–great for running!!

    If you get a minute, I have a decorating issue with my cute tole tray from a yard sale a while back. Not sure what it needs to be paired with!! Help!!

    Love ya,

  31. Hi Rho!

    Thanks for hosting us!

    love, kelee

  32. Oh I LOVE Estee Lauder Pleasures! Mmmm, I haven’t had that in years. I might need to scour some yard sales for it.

  33. I didn’t get to BUY anything at a yardsale this weekend I was too busy SELLING!!! I had my own and made a little cash to hopefully SPEND next weekend!

  34. Rhoda,
    I love special little bottles, and the ones you found are so pretty! It was freezing here this weekend. I had to put a jacket on Saturday afternoon. However, it sure is nice to have a break from the hot and humid weather.
    P.S. Thank you for hosting Thrifty Treasures, it is a fun event!

  35. Hi Rhoda, wow, you really know how to shop some good yard sales! I found an almost full bottle of chanel #5 for a dollar, in the square black spray bottle. It was a man selling out a storage unit and I don’t think he knew a lot about perfume. :O) Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  36. thanks for hosting this fun party every week. glad i could join in.

    hope you have a great week –

    blessings & peace –

    randee p.s. where did the summer go?

  37. Ya me this Ozarks farm chick doesn’t have to travel 60miles to the Estee’ counter in the big city to purchase Cinnabar? What a concept….yard-sales…who knew. Maybe you can teach an old chick new tricks. Ya’ll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  38. Rhoda~ I have found some amazing beauty products at yard sales! Lots of new Mary Kay stuff, perfume I’ve sold on Ebay, brand new bath & body works stuff, etc. Thanks for the link to my laundry room as well~I was wondering where all my traffic was coming from while I was on vacation, and of course it was from here~you’re a rockstar!! 🙂 Have fun in the mountains with your fam!

  39. Wonderful Deals! I found a Ralph Lauren item too—but it’s a bit larger than a perfume bottle. ;~)
    Thank you for always hosting such a great party! It’s so fun to see what terrific buys others find.

  40. Sounds like a fun weekend! I found perfume one at a yard sale. Clinique Happy for 5 bucks. Haven’t found any since though!

  41. This is my first time participating. Thanks for hosting this great party every week, Rhoda!

  42. What a deal on the perfumes Rhoda!
    I can hardly belive it. Some of my favorites too. I got married wearing Ralph Lauren Romance. It always reminds me of my special day. ~Blessings to you, ~Melissa 🙂

  43. Hi Rhoda!

    When I posted one of my frugal finds about a month ago, you wanted me to let you know when I finished it. Well, I have finally finished the wooden chair I bought on Craig’s List. Here’s the link to the redo:

    Thanks for the Monday parties- I love them!


  44. I have never thought about perfume at Yard Sales, but what a terrific way to get perfume. It’s so expensive in retail stores. Great job! I think I’ll look for some now. Thanks for sharing and hostessing this fun event.

  45. Wow, that was wonderful for these perfumes are very expensive in the store! I love Pleasures! I love to find some Poem’ for it is my favorite! Now you saved a lot of money! For more garage sales!


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