Boxwoods Gardens in Atlanta’s Buckhead

There are so many cool places to shop in Atlanta, but this is a new to me spot on the Buckhead map, Boxwoods Gardens.  My longtime decor friend, Maureen, introduced me to it and we met up for lunch and some browsing a couple of weeks ago.  It did not disappoint.  Full of beautiful eye candy, and a live garden outside, Boxwoods Gardens is a treasure trove for those who love eye-catching interior design as well as garden treasures.

Featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, it is a not to be missed spot in Buckhead for the home decor and garden enthusiast.

Boxwood Gardens

Set in a pretty old house, draped in ivy, it’s a very fun spot to spend an afternoon.  We had so much fun looking at all the eye candy.


The owner graciously let me take pics of everything. I usually ask if I’m not sure and most of the time these shops will let me snap away.  After all, it brings them business, so why not?


There are some gorgeous things to look at and I took tons of pics.


Giant antique cloches


These glass vases were really pretty.


Antiques and white were abundant.

orange garden stool

An orange garden stool was in vogue right now.


Bookcases filled with pretties.


Birds and horse heads are so prevalent now, have you noticed that too?


They have an entire area devoted to garden things, so I’ll share that in another post.  Love these birdcages and the blue room at Boxwood Gardens

This room absolutely made me smile really big when I walked in. I am in love with these colors and they are such a perfect complement to each other.  Lime green and turquoise.  What is not to love about this?

green blue pillows

These colors make me happy.  Now where am I going to use them?


This whole room was a wonderful explosion of eye candy and got me thinking about spring.


Pretty pillows.


These glass cylinder vases filled with more blue and green glass balls were mesmerizing.




And these, these big orchid topiaries with moss under the glass cloches.   Oh, how I loved them.


This pair was on a mantel.


And this pretty architectural piece was over the top of it all.


I adore real plants and they have some nice ones.


Check out the little glass bird on this pretty piece.


These were faux dogwoods, but I wouldn’t even care if they are this pretty.  Tuck them in a vase for some Spring happy.


More of those luscious blue and green glass balls.


These pillows really make me smile.


And these monogrammed ones are gorgeous too.


Everywhere we turned, there was more to look at.


Then we walked in this huge room.  All white and neutrals and gorgeous lighting, it was more than I could stand.


If you are looking for some unique light fixtures, here you go.


More treasures.


Rustic lanterns are all the rage now and they had many to choose from as well.


Fun to get ideas on putting it all together.


Lovely displays and beautiful pieces.


White ceramics


Pretty corbel shelves.


Blue and white


Loved this huge window and the architectural feel of this pic.


Some very stunning light fixtures to choose from.  I see a bunch I could take home.


It’s not a true bargain place, but sure is fun to look.  And wow at the unique items they offer.


Furniture, accessories, and lighting.


A huge birdcage, I think this is.


More unique lighting


Tables and chairs.


One last light fixture to drool over.

I hope you enjoy going with me all over Atlanta to see the sights and what is out there.  I’m having a ball catching up on new places to see here in my city and I knew that all of you would love it too.

If you get a chance to go by Boxwoods in Buckhead, it is on East Andrews drive.  You can’t miss it!  There’s another Boxwoods next door with tableware, so check that out too.

I’ll be back with more posts on this beautiful spot, with the garden area and the tableware store.  So much to see!

- Rhoda


  1. Arlene Grimm says:

    What a beautiful store…I love to find unique accessories!

  2. Love, love, love Boxwoods! I used to sell mosaics and gemospheres to them!! Great owners, great store, beautiful merchandise.

  3. Jane Heppner says:

    Great post! I went to high school in Alton, Illinois with the owner of this store so I really enjoyed seeing this! Hope to check it out the next time I’m in the Atlanta area. Looks like a place I could spend a lot of time in ~~ just beautiful!

  4. Thank you for taking us shopping with you, Rhoda. I am still trying to catch my breath from seeing all these drop-dead gorgeous images!

  5. All of those lighting fixtures are to die for! Ah!

  6. Oh my goodness…how beautiful! I love the horse head book ends as well as the Orchid Topiaries under glass…stunning! These pictures are fabulous, thank you so much for sharing them!

  7. They have such great stuff I wish we had stores like that around where I am but we don’t. I could go broke in that place. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Grest post Rho! You really did Boxwoods well!. One of my favorite places ever. With all the best places you’ve taken me to in Atlanta, I am glad to have been able to show you someplace new!

  9. I just love going shopping with you, Rhoda. You know all the best places!

  10. They have some gorgeous glass pieces. I would have had fun shopping there too!

  11. What a fantastic store…Will definitely have to place that on “my list”

  12. Stellastarlite says:

    This is a must when my gal pal visits from PA, we love it. And across the street is a fun restaurant, Portofino, with a second level patio. Great for that glass of wine after shopping!

  13. This totally makes me want to get in the car and drive to Atlanta! Those glass balls, pottery and orchids under the cloche were stunning. Also, would love to have that green architectural piece. Hope they open a store in the Charlotte area! ;o) Don’t even want to think about what is in the tabletop and gardening area…..$$$$ Maybe it is a good thing they are THERE and not HERE!

  14. Becky in 'Bama says:

    even though the journey was extremely painful for you, God has blessed with you family, friends and a multitude of decorating opportunities, photo ops, etc.. with your residency in the Atlanta area. I love living in B’ham, but as you know, the population and overall income bracket could never support all the great shops like you have in ATL. Blessings to you.

  15. Ummm…not sure if I would ever be able to leave!! Incredible store…LOVE the chicken wire lamp shades!!! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. Oh my…this is my all time favorite store that you have blogged about. I wish I could visit but it’s a long way from NYC! I love the boxwood topiary and the orchid flowers with cloche in the mustard pots…I hope I can replicate similar for my Easter tablescape. Thanks so much for posting….seems all the good stuff is down south but maybe that is a good thing for me…I may go broke otherwise.

  17. I have been keeping an eye out for horse heads! You guys have the best stores down there, we don’t have so many up north, wah wah

    Turquoise and lime, yes!

  18. Paula Lusk says:

    You lucky lady. This place is wonderful. They have so many unique and beautiful objects. I could walk around there all day, and see something new with each pass through. Paula Lusk

  19. The only problem is I want to put a bed in corner and live there.

  20. This store has been a favorite of mine for years. It is one of those hidden treasures that can be found all around Buckhead.

  21. You alway have the best posts. I love everthing in this store. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wow, just wow! It seems that everything in that shop is beyond beautiful! I love all of your photographs. I love the blue/green room — how sweet and fresh. Perfect for spring! I wonder if they adjust the colors for different seasons! Thanks so much for sharing — makes me want to hop on a plane right now just to explore. 😉

  23. Oh my what eye candy! I could spend hours in there! That store looks amazing! (I pinned a ton!)

  24. Gayle Lowrey says:

    Rhoda, I LOVE this store!! I have seen the ads in Atlanta Homes. Next time I’m in Lilburn visiting my mom we will have to had a field trip. I know she will love it too. I love reading your blog! Gayle

  25. Oh how I love this store! I am definitely going to have to check out this store the next time I am in the area.

  26. This was just the most fun! Could only have been better if I had actually gotten to take the tour with you!!Loved the displays and I’m with you- the lime and turquoise room made me happy all over…..thanks for the wonderful pictures, and can’t wait for the “rest of the story” in pictures of garden and tabletops. I hear those wheels turning in your decorating mind now, and will look forward to seeing how some of this translates in your projects ahed!

  27. Jodi from new jersey says:

    Wow! My kind of shop for sure. I love garden decor inside and out ! Thanks for sharing , Rhoda!

  28. Thanks for your tour of my favorite Atlanta shoppe.

  29. Although I live way out in Jefferson, I always give myself ample time to hit three of my favorites while coming to Carter Barnes for hair appts. Lunch at Henris’, cupcake at Piece of Cake, and always Boxwoods. Love the garden here. Walking through greenhouse area is intoxicating.

  30. Great stuff! Thanks for the inspiration today. I’m “toning down” the family room and I’ve been looking for inspiration as well as accessories!

    Cheers, Dawne

  31. This has always been my favorite store in Atlanta. It is full of treasures for sure.

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