Christmas Home Tour 2014: Part 1

Merry Christmas y’all!  Are you getting in the Christmas spirit yet?  I had fun this year taking my time with the decorating and started putting up my tree right before Thanksgiving.  Then, I took my time with the rest of it and got it finished relatively stress free.  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to be stressed out this time of year.  And blogland tends to get in a little bit of a frenzy with all the home tours and so much else going on.  So, I want to remind us all again this year, this is a season of peace and calm, not chaos and frenzy.  I choose to celebrate without getting stressed out this year and I hope you’ll join me!

On that note, I do love sharing my Christmas decorations.  I’ve always loved to decorate for Christmas and blogging has just allowed me to share it with the world now, so I hope you enjoy this year’s home tour as well.  I’m going to share my living room and den today and then on Friday, I’ll be joining another home tour, where my kitchen and more of the dining room will be featured.

Once again, I’m joining Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Company on her packed with inspiration home tour, featuring so many great bloggers.  I’m happy to be included among them.  You can go over to her blog to see the whole list of bloggers this year and click from blog to blog to see all the beauty!


Thank you all for stopping by to see me this year and if you are coming by from Design Post Interiors, welcome!  So glad you stopped by.   These home tours just allow you to get more creativity and inspiration from so many sources, so enjoy them all.

Christmas Collage

wreath and garland

I added some simple garland to the front of my porch, welcoming in guests to my Holiday home.  A fresh wreath on the front door with a lime green bow adds just the right touch.

living room

Inside the front door my urn tree on a pedestal is my biggest tree now.  I love paring down from the bigger trees and doing this urn tree.   I’m loving my collection of smaller trees to spread around  the cheer.

tree unlit

Placing it on top of a pedestal gives it plenty of presence in the room since I do have higher ceilings in here. I pulled out all my old gold and white decorations this year and love how it looks, with its festive sparkle and glow.

tree topper

I love to add a full and festive tree topper with all sorts of fronds and picks.  Using berries, feathers and sparkly fronds, it’s a tree topper that cascades out.  I just pull out my old stash that I’ve had forever and stick them all in there together.

tree ornaments

Some of these ornaments I have had for years and they still make me smile.  The snowflake burlap garland I found at Michaels last year.  Love it on the tree too, for some rustic appeal.


Flying Santa is one of my fave ornaments from years ago.

living room and foyer

View of the tree looking back towards my small foyer entry area.

foyer table

On the foyer table this year, I added in all my gold sparkle.  I’m enjoying gold all over again and it’s a good thing I kept it around.  It adds such a glow to the Holidays.  I collected a few thriftstore brass candlesticks and brought them home just to have around and enjoy.  The garland is faux, but is a nice one.

christmas foyer table

A brass tray holds brass candlesticks and instead of candles, I just sat some pretty gold and glass ornaments on top. I love having a few unique ornaments around just for this purpose.  Those pretty gold tree cones I picked up at Pier One in the last year or so. They  light up and are so pretty on this table.

sparkle foyer table

Tying a pretty ribbon on them makes them extra pretty.  That white Christmas tree votive holder, I’ve had for years.  I added some faux snow on a brass bowl and there it sits.  When I have my girlfriend party, I’ll add some real candles for extra ambience.

coffee table

My coffee table holds a big candle holder and I just added faux snow in there with some of my battery candles.

green sparkly acorns

I love piling pretty ornaments in plates and bowls and just adding a little fresh greenery.  This is a vintage plate that I picked up from long ago yardsales.


I so enjoyed decorating the fireplace mantel this year.  I just got the rustic mantle added before Christmas last year and then this year’s newly planked fireplace mantel is so much more fun to decorate than the rock was.

christmas mantel

You will recognize this sign from Scripted Simplicity as the star of the mantel this year.  I love it and how it conveys such a wonderful  message for this time of year.  O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord!  I added 2 lemon cypress trees from Lowes on either side of the mantel.  Since I had these pretty urns already, I took them out of their plastic containers and plopped them in the urns, adding reindeer moss around the base.  I LOVE my mantel this year!

mantel with garland

Draping sparkly pinecone garland from Lowes along with the vintage gold garland I found antiquing, it’s the perfect little accent needed for the rustic mantel.  I simply added my slice of wood on top and placed some pretty things on top, with a simple glass urn holding extra ornaments and a string of bells.  Bottle brush trees I picked up inexpensively at the Country Living fair this year, the white deerhead ornament came from Lowes, and the natural branches came from a walk outside.  Those feathers in the top were 50 cents at the Country Living fair and I thought they were so pretty, I knew I could find a spot to use them. The gold box adds a little glimmer to the mix of rustic.  I’ve had the box forever too.

mantel with urns and topiaries

On the other side of the mantel, I kept it really simple too with piled up gold ornaments on top of my white cakeplate with a cloche on top.  I love just using what I have and making it look new again.  I picked up those gold balls at an estate sale a couple months ago.  More branches from outdoors add to the natural appeal.  I love the mix of natural, rustic with a little gold elegance thrown in!

entire mantel christmas

So, that’s my mantel this year.  I sure am enjoying having this gas fireplace too, it’s been so nice to sit in this room and enjoy the feel, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the lights.  I can say that I’m finally really happy with my mantel and loved being able to show it off this season.

living room (2)

The living room with some glimmer and shine.  Notice that gold tree in the corner?  Oh, I knew you would! That was a fantastic find last week when I was in Nashville.  I was out antiquing before I headed home and ran across this vintage gold tree just waiting on me.  At $19, it was a no-brainer to come home with me.  I love using tabletop trees and so that’s all I’m doing at my house now.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a big ole’ tree again.  I’m so enjoying my tabletop trees and this one is perfect for the corner of my living room, sitting on the pedestal.

gold tree

You can’t see the star that well, but It’s an old school star tree topper that lights up.  It’s not old, but has an old look to it, like the stars we used to put on our trees growing up.  I also ran across a collection of vintage ornaments, with their older patina that I couldn’t pass up, so I brought them home to add to this tree.

gold tree vintage ornaments

No lights needed, just the glimmer of the gold tree and these vintage ornaments.

gold tree ornaments


shiny brites

Those little gold and silver balls were in the original box with 25 cents marked on the box. I was giddy when I spotted these.  They are the smaller ornaments on top of the tree and have such a nice patina. Oh, the good ole’ days!  I bought this smaller set of 12 for $5 and was happy to find them. They are the perfect addition to my golden tree.   This tree makes me smile so much this year!

black table

The living room table just got some fresh greens and feathers added in for some fun.  It is Well is also from Scripted Simplicity.

side table

Along with this pretty Glory to God in the Highest sign.  So cute on my side table with my family pictures.

cloche with winter scene

On the other end table, I added my cloche with winter scene and faux snow.  Love this too!


My Fitz and Floyd nativity scene goes on the aqua table under the mirror.

nativity (2)

I adore this set that I’ve had for probably 25 years.

tree lit

The tree all lit up and looking beautiful!

christmas tree in living room

And another shot of the tree and foyer table all lit up.

turquoise tree

Downstairs, I added my Ballard Designs tree that I found at the outlet a few years ago to my coral table.  Perfect accent in here with all my turquoise ornaments.  I love it in here and had just enough turquoise to cover this tree.  It’s one of my favorite things this year too.


Joy reminds me to be happy and joyful in all things.

den christmas

This little corner of the den sure has come a long ways since last year too.  Last year, it was still piled with my….ummm, stuff.  So glad to get it all finished and looking pretty for this year’s Christmas.

turquoise tree 2

My happy turquoise tree with a mix of ornaments from all over.

box of balls and baubles

On a side table, I added in a mix of colorful ornaments that were extras.  I love the sparkle and shine they add in here too, in this old tray.

console table Christmas

So, Merry Christmas from my house to yours!  I hope you are all enjoying the beauty and peacefulness this season brings and be sure and take the time to slow down and really savor this time of year.  Jesus truly IS the reason for the season, let’s not forget that!

The next stop on the tour is my friend, Diane from In My Own Style.  I know she will have some gorgeousness going on and it will be colorful and so pretty, so stop over there and take a look!

You can see all the links to the bloggers in this tour at Lindsay’s blog.

- Rhoda


  1. Oh wow, everything looks so festive. I adore all your fancy trees. Merry Christmas Rhoda!

  2. Hey Rhoda,
    Your home is really very beautiful. And your decoration skills added oomph to it. Loved the ornamental decoration, it’s adorable <3
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Love it all Rhoda. You always inspire!

  4. Everything is so beautiful. I love all of your trees in the urns, so pretty and the gold one is a treasure for sure.

  5. Jean from Georgia says:

    This has to be the prettiest Christmas décor I have seen all season. It shows your personality so well and all your collections have come together beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love it all. Your house looks very happy.
    The rating dealy is on top of the comment box. When I select the rating star the screen flashes, but the star doesn’t fill in. Does anyone else see it or is it possibly a malware or something else just as bad?

    • Hey, Mary Ann, I have no idea what that is. I can’t see it on my computer. I’ll look on another computer and see if I can see it.

  7. Beautiful decorations. Love this blog and the ideas I get from it.
    How do you hang your wreathes on the mirrors?

  8. Your house is just lovely! I love hearing you mention Nashville or Franklin, TN in your posts. I live in Franklin and just went on the Christmas Home Tour at King’s Chapel this week. Love your Christmas decorating just as much, if not more than those homes!! Theirs were beautiful, but your is more my style.

  9. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Yes there are a row of “Rating” stars on my computer screen above the comment box, and the stars do NOT light up when hovered over. Any-way… CLAPPING MY HANDS in delight over your Christmas decor. Now this is what I want for a “Holiday Home Tour”…all those tan/white/beige houses got nothing on you!! Merry Christmas.

  10. Beautiful, Rhoda!

  11. Love all of your decor, as always. You’ve done a beautiful job. I LOVE your collection of colorful ornamnets and your nativity.

  12. Rhoda, your decorations are simply divine! I love the mix of Christmas colours throughout your home! How do you get your trees to stand firm and straight in the urns without falling over?
    Merry Christmas!

    • Raylene, the big tree in the urn is anchored in there, it came that way from Lowes. My new gold tree fit very snugly inside the white urn and I added some paper around the edges to really keep it in place.

  13. Just Beautiful and I am dying over your gold tree find! I want it!

    I notice that you have all of your family’s pictures around your home, but none of your roommates family unless I missed it. Is your Roommate allowed to have any of her stuff outside her bedroom to add to your décor? Just wondering. Thanks!

  14. Hey Rho,

    Beautiful as usual. Are you going to share your kitchen with us?


  15. Love your home!! Did I miss the post with your Merry little Christmas sign?
    Would love to see it!!

  16. Thank you for joining in the tour, Rhoda! I love your rock mantel and how you styled it for Christmas!!!

  17. Your Christmas home is beautiful, it’s one of my favorites! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Also, I love seeing glimpses of little Parker on the blog and Facebook, what a cutie, your love for her shines through!

  18. I am always so jealous of people who can find beautiful vintage stuff! I love your cloche and the gold tree. And all of the natural elements are so pretty!

  19. your home looks beautiful, rhoda! i love the entry, especially!

  20. Your Christmas decor looks stunning Rhoda!! Loved it all and can’t wait to see more!

  21. Segreto Secrets says:

    Everything looks so beautiful and festive!! I especially love your foyer table!! So well done, I hope you have a beautiful holiday!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  22. Just beautiful Rhoda. I love what you have done with your home. The Christmas trees, ornaments, & the other decorations set it off. I especially like the sign over the fireplace which is very fitting to Christmas. “O Come Let Us Adore Him Christ The Lord.”

  23. It all looks so stunning!

  24. Your decorations are beautiful . Everything is so festive. I love your blog, but I hate the pop up ads.

  25. Everything looks gorgeous! I love every single detail. Are you an interior decorator because you have that designer touch? Happy Holidays!!!

  26. It’s all so beautiful! I have all the decorating of the house done. Finished my gingerbread house last night. I need to put up my family tree. I know!!!! Ugh. It’s been a very busy week. I teach preschool and my class is like a sweatshop making all the holiday treasures that parents love. (Hopefully). Tomorrow night that tree is going up!

  27. Rhoda – your home is beautiful and very festive! I love the fireplace and mantel – very pretty! I am now motivated to finish my Christmas decorating for my home!

  28. Rhoda, your home looks so joyous and festive. I love the aqua. It seems to be very popular this year and of course you are always ahead of the curve! Beautiful….

  29. So perfectly you, Rhoda! Love all the textures on your mantel… hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and finding joy each and every day!
    xo Heidi

  30. All that color in the den is so much fun!! Love it! And the winter scene under the cloche is adorable! Merry Christmas, Rhoda!

  31. WOW!!! Everything is beautiful. You have done an amazing job decorating you home. Merry Christmas.

  32. I’ve always enjoyed your Christmas decor…and this year is no exception! I really love the way you decorated your den. You know how to pull off whimsical without it looking tacky. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your home!

  33. Simply beautiful.


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