Decorating Dilemmas: Maggie’s Office Space

It’s been awhile since I did a decorating dilemma and I have one today to share with you.  Maggie sent this in last year, so I have no idea if she’s done anything in this room yet, but we are going to take a look at it and give her some ideas today.

living room office 2

Here’s what Maggie told me about her room:

My living room is being used more now as an office for my husband.  He doesn’t work at home, or we would certainly need a larger more masculine desk for him.  He is enjoying having his own space, and I am trying to make it more put together.  I would like to put together 3 or 4 Ikea shelves, as the storage in our house is not nearly enough.  The love seat is  recent Joss and Main purchase (Decor Chick curated) and the painting is an inheritance from my parents’ home.  The wing chair, end tables and lamps are about 20 years old, and are good but clearly out of date.  I have thought of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in black for the tables and mercury glass and burlap for the lamps.  I would like to figure out a color or something for an accent wall behind the love seat.  I have seen some grass cloth that could be interesting.  I also need drapes.

This room is open to our dining room, which also has furniture from my parents’ home.  On the wall that would be the accent wall is a yellow French provincial dresser that my mother bought in a junk shop about 50 years ago and refinished.  It’s beautiful and has special memories.

Any suggestions that you have would be so appreciated.

living room office


First, the room seems like it has too much furniture to me, just looking at that first pic.  I would take out the wing chair and the Mission style rocking chair and move them to another room.  You could paint the end tables with Annie Sloan paint (or another paint) and make them look more updated.  I would stick to one for the end tables, maybe a soft creamy white.  It looks like the desk is already black, which is a good color for that.  I’d paint the chair that goes with the desk in a brighter color.

The coffee table looks to be Victorian in style, so you might take it out of the room too, but it might could stay with the other pieces moved out.  The entertainment center definitely could use a paint job to update it, if you keep it.  If you do decide to get Ikea pieces, I can see that far wall being a good place for the built-in Billy bookcase look.  You could span them all across that wall and put up crown molding across the top and this would give you plenty of storage and still have clearance on the windows.

The loveseat is really cute and I’d add some pretty throw pillows with color on it.  I don’t think I’d do an accent wall in here.  If you painted the wall the loveseat is on a different color, I just don’t think that would enhance the room at all.  With only 3 walls in the room, I’d keep them all the same.  You could go for a color on the wall, maybe something soft and serene, like the gray loveseat.  It totally depends on what feel and colors you want to live with.

I would also add an  area rug for color and texture and yes to adding a pretty pair of drapes, hung high and wide to make the window appear larger.  The lamps are pretty dated, but if they are not expensive pieces and you want to paint the brass, you could paint them a brighter color to add some color to the room.

It really depends on the feel you are going for, but the painting has some nice colors to work with, so maybe bring some of those colors in the room for accents.

OK, girls!  Let’s help Maggie with her office space, which is right inside  her front door.  I know she’d like this space to be welcoming and warm and I definitely think it has a lot of potential.

- Rhoda


  1. Get rid of the side tables and coffee table. As Rhoda says, built in Billy bookcases along that back wall where the wooden shelf thing is currently will take a lot of stuff and look classy. Take out either the blue chair or the rocking chair. Now put the loveseat with it’s back to you, a little further into that space. Right behind it (as part of your entry hall) put a sofa/console table so that the table is what you first see. With a couple of big peices on it – Glass container, pile of books, whatever, it will catch your eye and the office will somehome be more secret even though it is right there and easily accessible. I think you like that picture or you would not have included it. There are several colours in that – the orange and/or the bright blue would make a nice colour for pillows and drapes if you are keeping the walls kind of neutral.

  2. I’m going to take a slightly different tack on this space – I’d lose the end tables, the rocker and the hard surfaced desk chair. I’d use the wing chair as the desk chair – even though I know it won’t fit “under” the desk’s work area, it’s much more comfortable seating! – and move the desk and chair to the far corner, right of the current bookcase, and angled facing the window. If you add Ikea book cases the chair and desk can sit just in front of them on an angle facing into the room and taking advantage of the natural light through the window to illuminate the work surface. I’d leave the loveseat where it is and add a small table in front of the loveseat. and go ahead and hang the framed painting above it. Replace the end table to the left of the loveseat with something that gives more storage or just add an attractive standing lamp. I’d also add a medium-height cabinet to the right of the window (left of the door) as storage and to display photos or set a vase of flowers, with a small framed artwork above. It’s worth considering adding a half wall to the left of the door to help separate and define the space from what I assume is the entry foyer. Definitely try a different paint color, as Rhoda suggested, and some attractive drapes and throw pillows with a bit of pattern for visual interest and texture. By all means, use the artwork as inspiration for the color scheme for the fabrics. Finally, consider replacing the ceiling fixture – perhaps with a paddle fan with a covered (not multi-shaded) light or something that looks a little less like a bedroom or hall light fixture. Good luck!

  3. Maggie Fieger says:

    Thank you all so much for the comments. These are all good suggestions. I have made some changes in the room but not many and I can go forward with some of your suggestions. Fun to open up the page and see my house!

    • Hi, Maggie, so glad you chimed in on the room. Hopefully, you’ll get some good ideas to take forward.

  4. I would move all this furniture out except for the wing back chair. Use some Ikea bookcases along the back wall hopefully some that will let you have lamps on them at desk height and get a nice big desk to place in front of it facing the dining room. Get a nice desk chair for hubby – he deserves a good work chair! Use the wing back chair in one of the corners facing (angled) the desk with a small side table for a lamp. Yes to drapes high and wide and yes to an updated color (the carpet and the walls appear to be the same color in this photo?). Yes to some substantial crown molding. I’d get a nice updated light fixture (remove the boob light). The painting is gorgeous but feels a bit feminine for your hub’s office. Ikea has tons of artwork – or check out the options on craigslist (when you’re searching for a desk). I hope you send a photo to Rhoda when you’re finished. (That love seat is gorgeous!!)

  5. Dana Helton says:

    I’m new to the blog and didn’t know Rhoda even offered this kind of help!! how awesome!! Thank you Rhoda. Maggie you Must send updated photo’s!!! can’t wait to see it.

    • Hi, Dana, I started this series over a year ago and had people email me their dilemmas and pics. I’ve got a file going and will continue to share these along the way.

  6. Michelle Ferrer says:

    What I see is that the scale of the pieces are out of proportion. Since the room is used mostly for office, I would agree that a wall of bookcases is a great idea and gives the room larger scale. However, I’d move the bookcases to the wall where the loveseat is. Put the loveseat on the wall where the skimpy bookcase is. Flank it with the end tables and paint them in a creamy tone that works with the loveseat. Replace the lamps with larger scale lamps. I like the mercury glass idea, but would use black linen shades. Paint the sofa wall (the back wall) a darker shade of grey from the bookcases for dramatic impact. If you need a pillow on the loveseat, I would suggest one bolster pillow rather than smaller pillows in a small scale print that picks up the colors in the drapes. Coffee table is not needed, but you could add a fabric or leather covered bench or storage ottoman. If you choose a bench, nailhead trim would be nice.The desk is too small for the space, however, if hubby doesn’t want a larger desk, then I would keep it on the same wall as it is now, but turn the desk so that the back of it faces the dining room. If the back of the desk is not finished, it can be painted or attach a fabric panel to finish it off. Change out the chair or paint it black to match the desk so that it disappears. If hubby wants a larger desk, then center it to the room facing the dining room. Remove wing chair, rocking chair, and coffee table as the styles clash. The painting is charming, but too small for the space an and the theme is more dining oriented. I’d reframe it in an ornate frame and place it in the dining room with the yellow sideboard. Add a large scale monochromatic painting over the sofa either a grahic or a metallic sculpted piece that has scale. For color scheme, I would choose grey/cream/tan/black. Paint the bookcases a light to medium gray. Desk black with black chair. Curtain panels hung from the ceiling in a grey/cream/tan/black graphic for pattern. Keep the rug light. I would not add color as the books and items you place in the bookcase will provide that interest. Oh, and the light fixture needs to be changed. I would suggest a downlight with a diffuser or a chandelier. Please let us know what you decide and we’re interested in seeing the finished room.

  7. What a fun idea Rhoda, I think I’ll pass along my own decor dilemma. As for this room, I like the idea of using the mission chair and end table elsewhere. I can see having a navy, coral and lighter gold/cream on the walls. Or maybe take a look at Manchester Tan by Ben M. I see a navy print, ikat? geometric? on the window treatments and a pretty print with navy, coral for the pillow on the love seat. Or maybe a plaid since it’s for your husband. Have you thought of reframing the lovely print? Maybe a bigger frame and add a wide mat in a neutral with a smaller mat of navy underneath. Using about 1/4-1/3″ of the navy closer to the print to make it pop. I like the idea of using burlap shades on the mercury or clear glass lamps. And I’ve seen those at Hobby Lobby. Billy bookcases would look lovely. Just a few large objects and some books. Remove the paper book jackets so the solid spines are displayed. You could cover some books with large scrapbook paper in your colors too. And I love the fan with light and floor lamp idea. Have fun!

  8. Katherine says:

    I’d flip the idea of furniture placement completely! She wants to keep the end tables and lamps…yes the tables can be painted and lamps can be painted in a mercury glass! I would paint the wall where the current stand is in a color from your painting and put the love seat/end tables on that wall…where the love seat is now is where I would line up the book cases…yes drapes floor to ceiling and wider than window by a foot and a half on each side…move the desk towards the entranceway beside the drapes…this allows for a couple of chairs at an angle facing the loveseat! You are thinking yellow because of the dresser…try accent pillows in print in golds/beiges and blues…definitely a new area rug…reframe the print..wish I could draw it out…easier…

  9. Briefly I would give it a lay out like Rhodas. I love her office! I am planning on doing a similar one in my house…

  10. I believe in using what you have so I wouldn’t replace anything until you feel that you’re ready for that. Most people have to make changes one or two items at a time so going out and replacing everything at one shot isn’t realistic for most people. In my world rooms evolve with time. My approach would be to make the room feel like two spaces since this is your living room too. I would move the desk over a bit and center it on the wall between the window and door. In addition to being a desk it would make a convenient spot to drop your purse or gloves, hat when coming in the door. I’d get a large mirror to hang over the desk, something more masculine looking since a mirror at the entry is important for checking your appearance before you open the door to guests and so they can straighten themselves before entering the house. I would move the bookcase to the wall directly behind the desk. Now your office area is all together. Paint the book case to match the desk. Find some baskets to fill some of the shelves so you have better storage that is hidden. Replace the most of the knick-knacks with things that pertain more to an office, like reference books. In the back of the room, I’d arrange the furniture with the loveseat against the back wall making it front and center to the seating space so you can show it off. Arrange the chairs with the backs to the office furniture and angled into the loveseat so you have a nice conversation area. I would use the tables you have but in the future I would replace the small lamps with some that are larger/taller. The small lamps get lost next to the tall arms of the loveseat. I would add drapery panels at the window. Hang them high, make them simple but with a pattern and color that will look good with the sofa style. Change out the chairs when you can afford to with some that go better with the sofa style but in the meantime I would make slipcovers to make them more cohesive to the other things in the room. I would not concern myself with making the living room portion of the room match the office portion but would instead choose colors that would compliment each other. You might want to add a cushion to the office chair and paint it in a complimentary color to the living room decor for example. I would also look for a new light fixture that goes with the style of the loveseat. Good luck!

  11. Too much furniture. Those side side tables are olio big for your new piece. It needs small tables so that it is what you notice. The colors in that painting can be your accent colors. Pull them out by using the same colors in throw pillows, curtains or painting the furniture. It needs to be moved around. As well. The couch at the end of the room and the desk away from the window. This will allow you to put storage options around the desk and allow natural light in. The painting would go above the new couch. Ditch the shelves, the style doesn’t match, and place the rocker by the window. I think a floor lamp would be better instead of the two table lamps, and then add a desk lamp. The rug in the kitchen is too small for that area. If you really want one there it should be longer. The current one makes it look lopsided. However, try it in the living room, it might work in there. Not sure of the colors but it is worth a try.

  12. Cindy Hancock says:

    This is so fun! Thought I would add my two cents in….From the photo, it doesn’t look like there is enough room for Billy bookcases to span the whole wall area and hang drapes any wider than the edge of the window, so I like the idea of putting the Billy bookcases on the wall that the love seat is currently on. Then hang some “fun patterned” drapes wide and long. Place the love seat on the wall where the bookcase currently is. Please the desk under the window. I have my desk centered under a set of windows in my great room because I love to look out at my backyard and watch the birds on their feeders! Yes, def. paint the desk chair black to match the desk. I liked the idea of a small wall to the right of the door, but you could also purchase some sort of chest to go there (facing the dining room) for a “drop zone” for keys, etc. and tuck the wing back chair behind it. This would kind of give the office more of a secluded feel and hide the desk, somewhat, if it is “used” a lot. I, too, would remove the end tables and use a cool floor lamp on one end of love seat and a smaller end table on the other. If there isn’t enough room for a small end table, bring the round coffee table back in and use it in from of the love seat. You can still use the beautiful painting and add some other prints, etc. and make a gallery wall over the love seat. I did a gallery wall in our office and it turned out so well. I appreciated everyone’s comments, as well! Can’t wait to see “after” pics! Blessings~

  13. Since it really IS a living room, I’d try to keep it looking somewhat like that, for people arriving into the space through the front door. I would create a focal point with the desk where it is. Honestly, I’d remove everything first, and concentrate on what accent colors you want to use (to hopefully relate to the rest of the house AND the carpet undertones.. THEN repaint the walls all one color, again, to relate to the carpet undertones (since the carpet is staying). Ditch the lamps and go for something else that would be of the same era as the loveseat. The desk looks kind of dinky (doesn’t he need something better (read: library table)and I would center the library table in front on the windows, with a simple chair or stool (depends on how much time he would be spending in there, actually sitting AT the desk). ..Then the new “end tables” could be those that conceal files, as would the same type of ottoman/coffee table you could get……I’d only go with book cases at one end IF there actually ARE books that need shelving. Otherwise I wouldn’t close-in the already small space. Once you decide on the accent colors, I’d just do some burnt bamboo blinds or linen roman shades that would have the same undertones as the carpet and, now, wall color. Maybe get some wrought iron bridge lamps for some punch of black…I think you need a fabric pattern in those colors from the art, LIke that tangerine and lime,,and do modest pillows in that, maybe paint the desk chair in that color–OR THE DESK..Add live plants (maidenhair fern, succulents)

  14. I like the idea of trying to use what you have because replacing everything at once is expensive. Some good suggestions here and I’ll be repeating some of them.
    1 – Move desk over so it’s centered between window and front door.
    a – Artwork or a nice size mirror above it to do double duty for the entry way.
    b – Paint chair to match desk and you can eventually replace if so desired. If it’s not used often, maybe even a stool without a back so it can be easily stored underneath the desk for additional space saving.
    2 – I think the wingback chairs are classic and would still work. Place an updated patterned pillow on it to bring in color from couch/painting on it and try to stain/paint the legs to match either the desk or the couch legs.
    3 – Add drapes and hang them high and wide.
    4 – You can eventually replace lamps if you’d like, but I’d paint in the meantime and replace the dated shades to a more updated shape.
    5 – I think the rocking chair just clashes too much with the style in here so I would move it to another room.
    6 – Replace the end tables with updated look or if you can’t do that, then I’d paint them black and change the hardware. It would tie in better with the couch as well as the desk.
    7 – Replacing the wall unit is spendy. You can update it by putting a backing on it, such as beadboard and painting it (or even stenciling) or using luann (1/4″board) and putting some kind of patterned paper on it.
    a – Declutter and style a bit and possibly add some baskets with office supplies if needed.
    b – Since it doesn’t take up too much wall space, it definitely needs to be anchored with some artwork on either side.
    8 – I’d definitely update the frame for the picture with something more substantial. It can even be a DIY project.
    9 – Love the loveseat (ha). I think it would work on the wall it is now or as some others have suggested switching it out with the bookcase wall.
    10 – Coffee table – unsure to be honest. Can’t see it that well.

    I understand that you have done some changes and I can’t wait to see what else you decide. Hopefully you will update us with more pics!

    • Oops I forgot #11 – Definitely need a more substantial ceiling light. Step away from the boob light! LOL!

  15. Here’s what I would do, since you asked! I would buy a screen and put it perpendicular to the wall on the left looking into the room. Place the painted (black) shelving unit front of the screen in the room. Put the desk(maybe a larger one) on the left wall just a bit down from the screen and shelving unit. I would then add the wing chair in the left corner of the room. Painting the wing chair a charcoal grey would be attractive. Now I would place the beautiful loveseat under the window. I think shutters on the window would add a more masculine feel to the room and highlighted the sofa. The light/medium gray colored shutters could have drapery panels on either side similarly to Rhoda’s living room. Darker colored blinds could also be used in place of shutters. On the wall to the right of the sofa I’d place a chest or small trunk with a larger lamp on it with your picture above it. On the left side of sofa a cool standing lamp would be nice. The round little table could go on the right side of the blue, soon to be painted, wing chair. The back wall could become a gallery wall of similar objects, not necessarily art work, think sculptural items.

  16. Here some other ideas… separate the entry way from the room with a higher sofa-style table that can be used as the catch-all for keys,etc. A lamp can be placed on that table of consider a floor lamp. In that corner, place the wingback chair at an angle, facing into the room. A small ottoman wou,d be nice and makes it a cozy reading corner.

    The wall of bookshelves should be on the long wall. Cabinet doors on the bottom section can store all the office stuff. The sofa is placed at an angle in the other corner or along the back wall.

    Get rid of the small desk and consider getting a round table that fits the size of the room. You can use a few of the dining room chairs as the desk chairs.

    Check out the dining room turned library makeover that was done at the thrufty decor chick site. At the top of the page is ‘our home’ and scroll down to find the room. I’d copy the link but I haven’t quite figured out cut and paste on my tablet!

    And the accent colors could be picked up from the painting. I like the blues and corals.

  17. The art is pretty, but I’d take it out of the frame and put it into something dressier. I don’t think it necessarily needs a matte either.

  18. I agree with everyone especially Rhoda. There is too much furniture in the room.
    Move out rocker and coffee table.
    To me the desk seems too small and the black color actually makes it look smaller. But if you must keep it, perhaps a new chair with Queen Anne style legs and finish of end tables.
    If you decide to keep chair and paint it black chair repeat black somewhere else in the room, maybe paint existing bookcase black.
    BUT.. have you every thought of painting desk, chair and bookshelves (or new Billie shelves) WHITE?
    As for framed art…colors are good and should be guide for accents. Keep it only if you and hubs love it otherwise it is more dining/breakfast roomish. BUT if 2 do love it then work with it…mat and frame are too small. Take it to frame shop that can help you with ideas for proportions and estimate. A custom frame will be $300 or more, but once you have a frame/mat size idea you can thrift, craig or DYI the size you need. When you go in be sure to tell them how wide and high sofa and wall are where you are hanging pic!
    Lastly good luck and please send after pics!
    For more ideas go to BH smart Home Office Designs (you may have to login)

  19. Sorry, had to feed the grand-baby! Okay, back to the room! There are so many wonderful ideas on what to do here! I would definitely paint the desk chair black or the stool or an ottoman idea is really a great idea…it could serve tow functions, seating for desk and a coffee table. The screen would be creating a foyer of sorts so possibly a small longish table in front of it in the hallway for a resting place for packages, mail, etc. The small desk could be repurpose there if you replace it with a bit larger one. On the back wall a gallery of mirrors would reflect the yellow cabinet in the dining room , too. On the left side of the sofa one of your end tables may fit there for a landing spot for coffee/tea cup and a book. A large basket under the mirror gallery could hold magazines, throws, etc. I think round throw pillows on the sofa would complement the round marble topped table.
    This is a great room with lots of doable ideas on this blog to update and to make the room very functional. Good luck and please keep us all updated!

  20. I don’t know your budget but I think you could make great changes without spending a ton. Paint the walls a soft neutral color like BM Revere Pewter which will look great with any color. I love the pic and the gorgeous colors in it. If possible without any damage to it, I would remove the small gold frame around the pic and get a colorful coral mat and large wood frame painted white to give the pic more prominence. I would use corals and blues from the pic for throw pillows for the loveseat (I really like it too) and also those colors for draperies and agree with Rhoda to have the drapes wider to make the window appear larger and hang them as high as possible. A more modern chandy would look great. I would get a narrow rectangular coffee table with storage if possible to go in front of the loveseat. I think the side tables are too large for the loveseat and would remove those and use garden seat on one side, a floor lamp on the other and definitely add a tall lovely green plant. Also agree with Rhoda to get Ikea billy bookcases and fill that entire wall with crown molding at top and any other wood trim they might need so it looks like a built-in. I would place the blue chair where the rocker is and would change legs on the chair so it does not have the Queen Anne look. I like the straight Chippendale legs and this would give more modern look. The desk is fine and just paint chair a bright color as well. Also can get great finds from Craigslist, thrift shops, antique shops, consignment stores and even from friends and family. Paint and a different arrangement can make a huge difference. Also, shop your home to see if you have anything in these colors you could use. Homegoods, TJMaxx, Ross and Marshalls are great sources too.

  21. She needs to look at the room with the desk from Feature Friday: The Daily Nest. I printed out all these pictures and we are going to use them to redecorate my daughter’s office/den.

  22. Because it is your husband’s man cave, I would definitely make it a little more masculine. I would paint the wall on the left a chocolate brown so the sofa would have a good background and to make it pop!
    Adding shelves all along the end wall is a great idea. Some color placed just right could be a good focal point for the room. I would place his desk right in front or even put on an angle right in front of the shelves so while he is sitting at the desk, he isn’t facing a wall. This will give him a better work experience.
    The room looks small so I wouldn’t put up long draperies or even wider ones. I would buy some really good wooden blinds and some kind of swag at the top.
    Along the dark chocolate wall, I would place the sofa with your pretty pictures above it. Use a color from the pictures to bring the entire room together by pulling that color around the room.
    I had a room just like this one time when we lived in PA. I had painted it every color possible, but ended up with the chocolate brown wall on the long wall and that wall sold the house. It was bold, brown and beautiful. Everyone loved it. Some clients even came and took pictures of the wall and room.
    I have found that pulling furniture away from the wall and placing some pieces on angles really adds to the ambience of a room.

    Good Luck on your decorating challenge, and I hope to see the end results.

  23. This is so much fun! I find that everyone has their own way of decorating so it is very dependent on the owner. If this was my room, I would first determine the purpose of the room. From the information above, it appears that Maggie has decided to make it an office space for her husband but she needs storage space (be still my heart…this is an obsession of mine – I don’t think I’ve ever furnished a room without first considering how to maximize my storage capacity). Ms. Maggy, I absolutely love the Joss and Main love seat but maybe you could find another room for it?
    It looks like this room is visible when guests arrive – so, it really needs to be free of clutter and state a purpose – I wonder if it would be possible to have French doors that open up into the room? I’m lovin’ that idea! I would build-in the Billy bookcases – against the same wall as the bookcases are now – but go end to end…and go up with them to touch the ceiling and finish them out…but I’d make sure that some of the bookcases have doors or bins that you can use for storage. As time allows, I’d replace the desk with a larger piece (like an antique executive desk that has side drawers) and place it in front of the bookcase – with the comfy chair for Mr. Maggy that is placed behind the desk. I like the wing back chair and I think you can make the dark navy color really work in this room – but add a pillow – something plaid or leather – to give the room some masculinity. I’d put the wing chair in front of the desk at an angle for guest seating. I’m really struggling with the wall color, carpet and color of the bookcases – I think (emphasis on think) that I would choose a neutral color (ivory, gray, neutral blue) and paint the walls and bookcase the same shade (I might paint the back of the cabinet a navy to match the chair). I would replace the carpet with hardwoods and add a rug – put it partially under the desk and chair. On the desk, I’d make sure to have some masculine accessories – leather tray for mail, etc – but I’d keep it simple. I’d add floor length drapes – I’m thinking linen-look with key trim (probably because I’m obsessing over this look right now). I’d take out the rest of the furniture and add a credenza on the wall opposite the window (more storage!!!). Definitely add crown molding as time/budget allows. I’d add a decorative tall vase to place on the floor next to the credenza. I’d also put some art on the wall – I’ve purchased some prints from and you can really find some great deals online (I like the art you have in there but it just isn’t masculine enough in my opinion). I’m drawing a blank on lighting – a lamp on the credenza would look nice (coordinate with the navy chair and the pillow). I would put some canned lights in front of the book cases….I honestly think I’d install them throughout the room to provide ample lighting.
    The possibilities are endless! I wish you the best, Maggie. I hope you will post some pictures of the room once you’ve finished the transformation – I am sure it will look great, whatever you decide.
    Mrs. Rhoda – your blog is AMAZING!!! I am addicted to it! 🙂
    Shelia from Birmingham, AL

  24. Tardevil says:

    I agree with you, there is too much furniture in the room. I think all that wood dates the room, also. I’d start by painting the trim white. A paint color like Sherwin Williams Rainwashed would pull out the lt. blue in the photo, and some coral accent pillows would give it some color. I agree about removing the mission style chair. I’d also remove the desk. It looks too small to me. I’d also change out the frame on the painting, as I think it dates the room, also. Would also add either some plants or a green fig or palm tree. I’d probably keep the blue chair or opt for some kind of wicker to give it a more modern feel. I’d only keep the bookcase if it’s used for function….just my opinions. ;o)

  25. French Doors…..perhaps with glass sidewalks, that have some sort of drapes that can be opened and closed depending on privacy needs…. Then, make it an office, with a sitting area. All new furniture, wood floors, ….

  26. I’m one of those folks who strongly believes in trying to use what you have in order to re-purpose items and keep the landfills from overflowing. I LOVE the settee/love-seat and like the idea of putting it on the wall with windows with accent pillows. That way it is the first thing you see when you enter the room. Since your settee is sort of formal, I’d add pleated draperies to the windows. I would remove one of the end tables and paint/distress the other and place it on the wall left of the door, next to the settee. I would keep the bookcase, but paint it. I love your artwork and would reframe it in something a bit bigger and like others have said, I would paint the room a color that you love from the print. I would use the desk in another room, perhaps as a night stand or a makeup vanity, and when you can, purchase a new desk that is a bit bigger and coordinates with your newly painted bookcase. I love a floating desk, so I’d play around with the best placement according to where electrical outlets are placed. I too, would use the wingback as your office chair. I would be very selective with my choices for items to place on the bookcase. One item in the largest opening and only items that you absolutely love on the others. The lamps can be updated with either silver leaf or paint and new shades, and I’d place a longer rug in the foyer. You have very nice pieces and I hope you’ve gotten some great ideas here. Rhoda has great readers 🙂 and ideas! You came to the right place. Best wishes.

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