Decorating with Real Live Plants & a Lowes Giveaway!

{Giveaway is Closed}

The Winner is: #32 Jane! Congrats, Jane, you have been emailed.

My last challenge of the year with Lowes as a Lowes Creative blogger, was making my house shine and sparkle for the New Year.  There are many ways to interpret that and I browsed in my local Lowes and immediately spotted some pretty plants, some of them even marked on clearance.  I’ve long been a lover of real live plants and have always had something live and green in my spaces ever since I can remember.

live plant

Real plants add so much life to a room and I love having them around.  From what I hear, they all add oxygen to the air too.  This pretty plant came from Lowes, as did the white ceramic planter.

small plant

With my brightly painted front door, I added this little plant on the ledge. It’s in some sort of lightweight rocks and all I do is add water to this clear container and the plant grows and thrives.  My kind of plant!

corn plant

Over by the fireplace, I added a cornplant.  I had one of these in  my old house and it got huge, so now it’s living on my parent’s back porch.  This one should get big eventually too and I can move it around the room.  I’ll  put it in a ceramic planter too.  My paperwhites are leaning in this pic, those things always get too tall and next time I’m planting them in a tall cylinder to keep them upright.


But even thought they get a little gangly, I still love the look of real paperwhites blooming this time of year.  We eagerly wait for spring and this just gives a little boost of sunshine inside the house on a cold winter’s day.

ivy on table

On an end table in the living room, this potted white ceramic planter of ivy is a reminder of spring as well.

coffee table plant

This live plant on the coffee table, in a planter I found at a yardsale in one of my fave shades of blue, is so vibrant and green and a much needed pick up this time of year.


When all the Christmas décor is put away for another season, my real plants will be the stars and remind me that Spring is not too far away.  I love watching them grow and how much life and vitality they add to a room is priceless.

If you think your room is looking pretty blah after Christmas, head out to Lowes and check out their houseplant section for lots of inspiration for the New Year.  You’ll love bringing home a plant or two yourself!

Thanks to Lowes for letting me write about what inspires me for the New Year.  Plants do it for me, how about you?  I got rid of almost all of my fake plants a few years ago and haven’t looked back.  I don’t think I’ll ever do that again….bring home the fakes.

Live ones are so much better!

I have so enjoyed being a part of Lowes Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers this year! Here’s to a fun year in 2013.  

For some end of the year excitement and to make some reader really happy, Lowes is giving away a $75 giftcard to ONE of you this week! 

What a way to start the New Year, right?! 

All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me what you would do to add some sparkle and cheer to your home in January from Lowes? 

Note:  Lowes provided a giftcard for this project. 

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- Rhoda


  1. Your rooms have so much light and the
    live plants look so happy! I’d love a
    gift card from Lowes. I’m one who
    loves plants and have tried to get them
    incorporated into my home.. but, I would
    so love to get a new ceiling fan for my
    living room.. the gift card would come
    in handy!
    Thank you so much for the giveaway
    and Happy New Year to you.

  2. Barit White says:

    My go to at Lowes, especially in the bleak winter months in the Northeast is PAINT! I will be repainting my master bedroom and am trying to decide on a color. Something cheery to lighten up an otherwise dark room. That will be my sparkle and shine for the New Year.
    Happy New Year!

    • What I love after Christmas after all the sparkle and cheer is a simple white orchid. It soothes and grounds me after all the Christmas chaos.

  3. Love all your plants….they really add so much to a room, don’t they!
    I would love a Lowes gift card to get to work on a few projects that I have in mind for the new year….paint would be a good start.

  4. I love your plants…but I can’t have plants because my cats will eat them! I’d use a gift card to organize!!

  5. I really need to paint the outside of my home.

  6. Chris Olson says:

    You’d find me in the Christmas clearance section at Lowe’s as you can never have too many glittery Christmas decorations and lights!

  7. I would shop their lighting section, they have the most wonderful selection of kitchendining chandeliers and pendants!

  8. Cabinets :& paint. Thanks

  9. I’m like a girl in a candy shop when I go to Lowes! There are so many things I would pick up but with a gift card I would definitely check out their clearance section for rugs and maybe some needed organizing things! It’s always a must for January’s to do list.

  10. Rhoda – I love your plants. They do add so much life to a room. If I had a chance I would buy a cabinet to finish out my laundry room. I started this project one year ago this week, and then our lives pretty much went on hold while my husband was unemployed for 6 months and dealing with health issues. I went back to work after 14 years as an at-home mom. It’s been a crazy year for sure – and finishing out my laundry room would should add some sparkle to my life right now. This time of year is so “blah”, isn’t it? I cannot wait for spring!

    I have to say, Rhoda, that you have definitly been an inspiration for me – watching you handle your situation with such grace. I have felt like my life has fallen apart – definitly not the life I’ve known for so long, and I have been inspired by your fortitude and now your gratitude for your new home. I find myself smiling when I read your blog – happy for you and what you’ve accomplished this year.


  11. I like the idea of adding some green plants especially in the middle of bleak winter.

  12. I would look at the rugs.

  13. grammygoodwill says:

    I love Lowes! If I won the gift card, I would use it on a lamp to brighten up the winter days. As for plants, I inherited my mom’s when my parents moved into a retirement community. Her Christmas cactus is blooming right now. What a beautiful spot of color it adds.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. So much has changed in my life and I would use the giftcard for some needed little improvements in my home.

  15. Lowes has so many great outdoor lighting selections, and our 1960s-era outdoor lights make me sad. I would choose something in a “classic cottage” style. (And you’re right about indoor plants–I have quite a few and I love them!)

  16. Some repairs that need to be done after Hurricane Sandy and the big wind storm we had last week.

  17. Rhoda, your plants inspire me to add a bit of “life” into the desolate winter months that we experience.

    If I won the gift card I would use it to replace some of the outdated light fixtures in my house!

  18. Karen McCullough says:

    Great giveaway – definitely would use to get organized for 2013 !

  19. Funny enough I was never into having live plants in my home until about three months ago. I have finally come to appreciate what they bring to a room. Instant coziness and a touch of real life in a room.

    With the gift card I would buy small greenery for every room of the house

  20. Erin Buchanan says:

    It’s amazing how uplifting greenery is! I would get more ivy’s for sure. Maybe throw in a fern or two for our bathrooms.

  21. Oh, so many projects, so little time (and money!)! That gift card would surely be welcome in helping those many projects along! Thanks!

  22. I love live plants but if I would win the gift card I would spend it on either paint or to help replace my living room floor. Your house looks lovely.

  23. I practically live at Lowes! I need to replace some of my plants since a hard freeze snuck up on us and killed a lot of my specimen house plants that are outside in our courtyard.

  24. Love your plant additions to your home and I love Lowes as well! It is the only home improvement store that we use! Right now, I am enjoying repurposing furniture so that is how I plan to spruce up my house for the new year. Oh and I think a little reorganizing is needed as well. Lowes has great supplies for both projects!

  25. I have to pick out lights for my bathroom and Lowe’s is my next stop. With an extra $75 I can get a 4 light fixture.

  26. Oh how I love Lowes ! I would either purchase a new kitchen sink faucet or an unfinished base cabinet to finish a project.

  27. I would use it to paint my bedroom and give it an updated look. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. linda miller says:

    Your plants are looking good. I manage to kill every one that enters my house. Right now I’m working on new curtains and purchasing rods for them. Had to leave all my rods behind when I sold my house so starting from scratch again.
    linda miller
    south carolina

  29. if I were the lucky winner, I would use a gift card in the storage and closet organization aisle. For Christmas, I asked for a project to turn our guest room closet into a crafting area. This gift card would certainly help my project along!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Fingers crossed!

  30. My house could use some updated light fixtures for added sparkle.

  31. Maybe plants are exactly what is needed to make this house a home. Also, some new lampshades. They have beautiful ones @ Lowes.

  32. I’m with you on fake plants…can’t stand them.
    Again your home is beautiful, I never get tired of looking at your arrangement of things and look forward everyday to your post. Someday I hope to meet you in person, you are an inspiration to me.

  33. I have grown house plants for 30 years. No fakes for me either. I would use a gift card for paint.

  34. I would like to do some painting and add some new light fixtures.

  35. Some new, updated light fixtures would definitely add some much needed sparkle! Thanks!

  36. Either a new toilet or window coverings for my slider

  37. add some window treatments and paint. i have a plant from my aunts funeral for 2 year and it is still alive i do not have good luck with live plants.

  38. I actually love live indoor plants and need a few more. But I do need some more livingroom lighting and some shelves. Gee Rhoda your remodling has given lots of ideas and inspiration. 🙂

  39. I have plans to fix up and decorate my laundry room.

  40. Thank you for offering this giveaway….I’m hoping to redo our home office this year…..repaint, reorganize, better lighting….

  41. I would use the money to purchase (and maybe embellish) a mirror for the living room wall next to my entryway. It would add a little sparkle to a dark area. Happy New Year in your 1st year in your new house.

  42. My living room is the first room you see when you come in the front door and it really needs some help. In January I am planning to lighten and brighten the room with some paint going from green (this was just not the right color for the room) to ivory. I am also planning to add some board and batten to a wall behind the sofa. I have never done this before but have really been wanting to give it a try.

  43. The one thing I wanted to do before the holidays (and didn’t have it in the budget) is to purchase some new light fixtures for the front door and new shutters for the windows…I just thought these little fixes would give the house a fresher look. Love the plants…thanks for sharing.

  44. I’m all about organization this time of year. I need to organize all my crafts and this would be helpful. Lowes has so many things to help get me organized.

  45. It’s a great idea to intentionally add some sparkle in January–it can be a very dull month! My home needs some serious organizational help (toy storage, under the sink), so while not outwardly sparkly, it sure would make me feel great inside!

  46. Leann Slater says:

    I love that you used house plants to enliven your space! If I won the gift card, I would like to update the globes on our kitchen lights. I would love to add a plant or two to our home as well.

  47. Penny @ From Harvest To Table & The Comforts of Home says:

    Your plants look great Rhonda! I would love to get some plants for my new home. You are right, they add life to a room.

  48. I would add some brightness to my kitchen by installing recessed lights. $75.00 would be a great start.

  49. Jennifer Barbour says:

    I would be buying organizing supplies! Time to reorganize toys now that we have new ones!

  50. I would use the gift card to paint my kitchen..I’d like to brighten up the space, buy blinds for the window over the sink and put a plant or two on the window ledge..
    Thank you, Happy New Year to you and your family!

  51. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would use the gift to help me pay for a new kitchen sink.

  52. Your home, and your plants, are beautiful! If I had a gift card at Lowe’s, I would buy paint!! I have so many projects in the “waiting” stage, paint would certainly help.

  53. I will be updating the lighting in our kitchen and foyer after the holidays. Also, paint for several projects!

    I love your plant in the square glas container!

    ~ Darlene

  54. I’ d add subway tiles to my kitchen backsplash!

  55. I love live plants and I’m also planning on adding some colorful accents to my off white room. Thanks Rhoda and Lowe’s!

  56. Love the plants! I also love the little aqua insulators you placed on the pottery plate. I will be copying that idea. I would use a Lowe’s gift card to purchase an air compressor because I started a repurposing business this year.

  57. Kathy Donohue says:

    New ceiling fans and lighting are on my wish list for the New Year.

  58. We are headed to lowes today for new 5 1/4 inch baseboards to finish the new travertine floors throughout the main floor. Lowes has better choices for those finishing touches .

  59. A bit of paint and some nice lighting are next on my list.
    Enjoy your new plants Rhoda!!

  60. I’m wishing for two pendant lights for my kitchen. I’m always cooking in the shadows!

  61. I love your plants Rhoda! I would use the $75 to buy paint.

  62. Paint for me as a kitchen freshening is in order.

  63. Hi. Rhoda. I’m new to your blog and love your new home. You are definantly an inspiration. My brighten up project is my laundry room. Adding cabinets to replace the wire shelving, creating a folding table (idea from your old laundry room) , hanging rack and of course paint. I’m tired just thinking about all the work. :). It is what I love to do. Happy new year!!!!

  64. I would add some bling with a new light fixture! It would sparkle and shine all the time!!!

    You and your blog are an inspiration!

  65. For sparkle, I would add a mirror. I just painted my guest room and a large mirror over the dresser would be just the thing.

    Love your blog and look forward to it every day!

  66. I would like to get some things to help with organizing after Christmas!

  67. I need new blinds to let the sunshine in! Natural sparkle as the sun glints off the snow!

  68. I would head for the paint or lighting section to brighten up the house this winter!

  69. Merry Chtistmas Rhoda. I would buy some paint to brighten upy house. Maybe I will!

  70. I’ll be at Lowe’s for many home projects this winter. We are beginning a basement reno that will include adding a kitchenette and two more bedrooms! SO MUCH to do!!!

  71. Susan Graben says:

    I really liked the little plant in the lightweight rocks. Carefree is my motto too!

  72. We are in the process of building a new log home so I could use a lot of things from Lowes. Thanks!

  73. I would add paint & ceramic tile! lol

  74. My sparkle would be paint in a gray shade for my bedroom and bath and maybe a new rug for the livingroom or bedroom!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in your new home!
    As far as the plants go I always go for the faux ones because I kill the live so I leave those for the ones that have a green thumb because I sure don’t:)

  75. I would love to buy a garbage disposal. My husband and I recently sold our farm, due to health reasons and moved to a senior community. It is funny how you think you check everything out before buying a home but, you miss checking out the garbage disposal. Ours makes so much noise and is almost inoperable. Makes me miss having chickens to eat all our food scraps. Anyway, that is what I would buy with a gift card. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  76. Some paint and trim would be a great start for 2013! Thanks!

  77. I would love to use the giftcard to buy some live plants and organizational items!

  78. I would add some more dimmer switches to our home.

  79. I would love some new smaller light fixtures!

  80. julie sterrett says:

    I would love to buy a new mirror for my bathroom and start buying bamboo shades!

  81. I would love some bamboo blinds. And maybe some paint!

  82. Lowe’s is such an inspiring place! We’ve already had a lot of fun at Lowe’s picking out paint chips to find the perfect colors to give sparkle and cheer to some great thrift store chairs and a kid table, so we would probably use a gift certificate to get the paint, and get started revamping those finds.

  83. I would love to win the giftcard and I would spend it on some outdoor evergreens to go in my front yard. We tore up our flowerbeds and haven’t done anything to fix them, but we want to plant some easy-to-care-for plants this spring!

  84. Shirley Casciola says:

    I would like to add new paint colors and fresh plants to my very small entry hall. My house faces south and this time of year the sun shines in and I just love it.

  85. I’m not sure if the gift card would go toward a new light fixture to replace the 20+year-old one over my kitchen table, or if it would go toward new counter tops, or if it would go toward new door knobs! We need some updates around here!

  86. Kathi Spence says:

    If I were to win: I would paint, paint, paint! I want to try new color combinations in our living room, bath room and two of our bedrooms. This gift would help tremendously. Thanks so much for the chance!

  87. I would love some new lighting from Lowe’s

  88. Adding plants to a room adds so much without the clutter of trinkets around everywhere. I love how they added to your living room. Having the house closed up for the winter also needs some extra oxygen….adding in plants from Lowes would help!

  89. I would like to add a Lowes patio set to add to my garden. I really enjoy their garden center!

  90. Sharon Avinger says:

    I would look for an area rug for our master bedroom or a fresh new color of paint for our hall. Love all you do, Rhoda! Thanks for this giveaway.

  91. I would use the gift card to help my hubby get some more things marked off of his “honey do” list! Poor guy has a list a mile long, thanks to me and all of the blogs I read, haha! 😉

  92. Great looking plants! We would like to do some organizing in the new year.

  93. I would repaint my master bedroom – it’s currently a shade of blue that reminds me of 1970’s blue eyeshadow and I hate it. It needs a serious update!

  94. Almost finished stocking my workshop. Would like to add a Kreg jig! Just got the PC compressor and nail gun kit for Christmas. Lots of wood in my future.

  95. I would brighten up the Ne Year in my kitchen with some pendant lights!

  96. i always go to lowes at the end of the season and buy what they are discounting down and I love it but i dont really get my first picks- i would use the 75 dollars and get the plants and decorations I really want this time

  97. I would love to freshen up my laundry room with some new paint!

  98. Paint!

  99. Love your “live” additions and the life and texture they add to your already beautiful room. I’d use a gift card to update light fixtures.

  100. The walls are stark white in many parts of the house. My husband and I are thinking of putting a bit of color around.
    We are also planning on changing out the shades and also the carpeting. We are adding life to our home.

  101. I am seething to get going on a million projects here–I really want to redo our upstairs bathroom, which will entail a complete cosmetic overhaul: paint, mirror, light fixtures, shower curtain and rod…… I would LOVE to win something to help with this!!

    I love plants as well–great job on your living room:)

  102. Thanks to you and Lowe’s Rhoda for offering this Giveaway!!

    Paint for my Master Bedroom! That would cheer me up in anticipation of spring!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  103. Hardware for my kitchen counters!

  104. Plants add so much to a home. I’m planning on repainting after the 1st of the year to freshen it up so a Lowe’s gift card would be a welcome gift!

  105. I would purchase satin nickel cabinet knobs and pulls for my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Wishful thinking prompted me to throw away the old ones, and I received many raised eyebrows from guests over the holidays! Those screw holes look like a screw up! Ha!

  106. Theresa Kane says:

    I would refresh my kitchen and living room with a new bright and cheery paint color. Would love to win the gift card!

  107. your plants look great! every spring i get jonesing for some, and we got a yucca…which my kitten is ripping apart piece by piece. i’d love to replace it with something else (and cross my fingers she doesn’t pluck it!)

  108. Janis Stufflebean says:

    I need knobs and pulls for my bathroom and closet. This gift card would certainly help!! Happy New Year!!

  109. Candy Thayer says:

    Love winter here in Arizona. The days are warm…but not too warm. This is when we do outdoor projects. I’ve got a storage shed that is just itching to be painted. I can see it from my kitchen, so that would make my kitchen so much more happy.

  110. New paint for my kitchen. Just finished the living room and it makes the kitchen look dingy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. I want to add some wainscoting to brighten up my family room. The house seems naked when all the christmas decor comes down.

  112. eileen marie says:

    Would love to see our kitchen sparkle with a new paint color. Also need some new curtain rods in the bedroom -ours look like they’re right out of a Tim Burton movie!
    Thanks Rhoda and Lowe’s!

  113. My living room is in desperate need of paint, so that is on the agenda for the New Year! I really should add a plant or two, but indoor plants and I don’t get along. Outdoors I am good, indoors and it all falls apart. Maybe I will try a small plant again and see.

  114. Getting started on the nursery! Painting, decorating, new closet stuff, etc….baby due in May! Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. Paint paint paint!! That’s the easiest way to add some pizazz to a room!

  116. Paint…….time to update my bedroom 🙂

    Great giveaway
    Happy New Year

    • Rhoda,
      My paper whites always get too leggy, so this year as I was googling planting paper whites, I found a site that suggested “pickling” your paper whites. You add alcohol to the water you use to keep them watered and it stunts their growth. There is an exact formula to use but look up “pickling paper whites” and it will tell you what to do. Probably too late for your current flowers but good to keep in mind for future forcings.

  117. I am a HUGE plant lover. I have a sunroom with skylights that I call my “Winter Garden”. How I would LOVE to add some new plants out there. You should see my blooming amaryllis, paperwhites, and hyacinths!

  118. We will be replacing a kitchen floor, so any help will be appreciated!

    To keep your paperwhites from getting leggy, just add a shot of gin! Yes, the booze, lol.

    See this link:

  119. I’m determined I’m going to finish my basement coastal kitchenette this new year. A Lowes card would really help!!

  120. The main thing I do is clean, declutter & organize. I try to use what I have by rearranging things to freshen things up this time of yr.

  121. I like to be organized in January. I would look to Lowe’s closet section and get some things to organize my big closet! Love your plants. Lori Lucas

  122. I plan to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a craft room with new paint, storage options, counter tops, etc. I’m in the design phase at the moment, but boy…a Lowe’s gift card would be great! The room I’m considering gets the most light of the house, so a houseplant would do well in that room! Thanks to you and to Lowe’s for the opportunity to win!

  123. Annette Hale says:

    I love your new plants. They’ll love their new sunny home. If I won the gift card I’d paint my living room a new light color. Thanks!

  124. I love pretty plants as well and you are inspiring me with your lovely home. Also, it would be nice to have a new lamp.

  125. I’d love to buy some new ceramic pots for my current plants.

  126. Rhonda the added touches of green throughout your home are perfect for post Christmas decor. Lowes is my go to place for decorations, gardening and more. So I would have no trouble finding something to dress up my home for the new year. My favorite curtains came from Lowes. Our den could use some sprucing up and I know Lowes will have just what I need. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Hugs!

  127. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to add a new rug to our home to spruce it up for the new year!

  128. I am really tempted to do a mini-make over in our upstairs bathroom. It needs a full out reno, but I think that will have to wait. A gift card from Lowe’s would help me tackle a spruce up in there. (PAINT!!!)

  129. I’ve been wanting to try making a slipcover for an ugly recliner using dropcloths. (it may be a bit over my head, but I saw one done on another site and it made a huge difference on an ugly recliner, so why not try!?! ) I’d also like to get a few more basic long mirrors and build a chunky frame around them. Did this to one last summer and I love it!

    Love your plants!! I’m inspired to get a few more. If only I could remember to water.. 😉

  130. I would love to use that gift card to purchase under cabinet lighting for my kitchen!

  131. I have family coming into town and I am in the process of cleaning and coming up with what type of new years decor I want to put up

  132. It is the day after Christmas and you have it all AWAY???!!! Did you stay up all night????LOL. I leave mine up for a week or more. Love the live plants and plan to get more soon. We practically LIVE at Lowes so thanks for the chance at the gift card!!!! XO, Pinky

  133. I think the addition of live plants to your space is a great idea for keeping the winter from getting too dreary. We have a vaulted ceiling in our living room, so adding a tall living plant would really perk up our space (and maybe make me not miss my Christmas tree so much when it comes down). Also,getting some great “tools” for organizing and storing all of our Christmas ornaments and decorations will be high on my list. Clear containers would beat having to open cardboard boxes to see what’s inside! : ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  134. I would add some lighting….would definitely brighten things up around here, especially during the very long winter nights!
    Happy New Year.

  135. I have this beautiful deck that goes across the back of the house and all I have there is 2 chairs. I would love to make this space more inviting.

  136. Sparkle in my home — how about a new light fixture?:o)

  137. Replacing some wood on my eaves would go a long way in getting my home ready for spring!

  138. I would get some new paint to lighten and brighten up my wall as well as some easy to care for low light plants.

  139. I would love to replace the lighting fixture in our master bath and add undercabinet lights in the kitchen. Thanks for all the inspiration, Rhoda.

  140. Lori Hibbard says:

    Would love a gift card to help jump start our family room painting project!

  141. Tracy Snedeker says:

    If I won a Lowes giftcard I would buy paint with it and add sparkle to my kids rooms with color! We have lived in this house for 4 years and we still have not gotten our kids rooms painted yet. The kids have been waiting not so patiently to get this project started, if I won the Lowes giftcard I would have no excuse to do it LOL Thank You : )

  142. Thanks so much for the “green” giveaway 😉 I think I would get something similar to your entry plant in the rocks – Remembering to water plants is a challenge – hah! Love the paperwhites too. Have always wanted to do that.

  143. What a fun giveaway-love all the plants in your house-make its look so fresh and alive. I am in desperate need of a new rug for my living room-this would definitely help!

  144. Your home looks beautiful, I wish I could keep any plant alive for more than a week. Anyways I would love to rewall paper my sons bathroom in a Tartan Plaid. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  145. Well our stove just went kapoot so I would love to use this to help buy another one!

  146. Hi Rhoda! I just saw your last post and see you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! I am on Christmas break now and I got all caught up looking over your last few posts! Now when I saw this Lowes Gift Card give-away…I thought I would jump right in. Our garbage disposal broke on Christmas Eve and now we need to get a replacement. This would go for it. Thank You Once Again for your wonderful blog! Happy New Year!
    ~~Nancy from OHIO

  147. Oh, I’m a big fan of live plants, not only do they give us beauty, but they clean our indoor air! 😉

  148. Sheila Payne says:

    I love the plant idea. I don’t have a lot of light in my home so that may be a problem. I would love to buy plants that don’t need tons of light. I would also like to paint a room or two and perk them up that way too.

  149. Rhoda, no fake plants here, either! Love all your plants you selected. I’m off to Lowe’s today to get some succulents for an upcoming project! If I would be so lucky to win the $75, I would go ahead and buy a new gas stove from Lowe’s!

  150. I have a few plants but a lot of the ones I like, like ferns, don’t live long in our house 🙂

    What would I do with an extra $75? Probably buy a nice lamp at Lowes — we have the worst lighting in our house! That would brighten up our place 🙂 Thanks, Rhoda!

  151. I would start by cleaning up my garage and organizing everything! I just got through browsing one of Lowes Sales flyers and got soooo inspired by their clear boxes and shelving units! My goal this year is to be clutter free in the garage! My Mother in law who is an incredible artist, just painted us a HUGE picture of an Italian patio and alleyway from some photos my parents took in Italy on one of their trips before my Mother passed away, I love looking at it and imagining my Mother standing there taking these pics. I would like to paint my dining room walls and update my furniture with a little dark stain and paint. A Lowes gift card could help me do ALL of this! 🙂 I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities!!!

  152. Paint! Maybe some new drawer pulls & cabinet handles.

  153. I need new knobs/pulls for the bathroom cupboards and drawers. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  154. Julianne Johnson says:

    I would buy glittery Christmas clearance because it looks like winter and you can keep it up after christmas!

  155. gatorgirl4325 says:

    Live plants would brighten up my place! I also need to settle on some curtains for my living area.

  156. I would love to buy some paint to freshen up my two bathrooms, thanks for a chance to win.

  157. I think I’ll try to have some live plants in the house again. I do love the cornplant, ivy, and anything that is easy to grow.

  158. I love your blog and I look forward to your emails! thank you for sharing your life!

  159. I am hoping to put hardwood floors throughout the rest of my house. I LOVE Lowes!

  160. A fresh coat of paint can liven up any space — our family room is on my wish list for 2013 — paint and flooring!

  161. We are currently building and have a mile long list of things we need from Lowe’s. 🙂

  162. I have lots of little projects to finish up such as reorganizing the master closet, painting woodwork and updating some tile and a mirror in the bathroom. A gift card from my favorite Lowes would really help. Happy New Year!

  163. I need to get new rugs for the front and back doors to add some cheer when you go in and out.

  164. I’m redoing my parents home and I need new light fixtures, knobs and pulls, and new vanity tops for 2 bathrooms. I love your live plants-they add so much this time of year especially. I like to bring home a few cyclamen for pops of color too.

  165. There are so many things I could use that for!

  166. I would add some new lamps, maybe a new area rug, and a few new houseplants like yours wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve also been looking for a large wall clock!

  167. I think I would follow in your footsteps and add REAL plants to our new home for the new year!

  168. I can use paint. All my woodwork needs to be repainted after 20 years in the “new” house.

  169. Miranda chamberlain says:

    I would use it to pick out some new light fixtures! It’s always difficult adjusting to longer nights, shorter days and new lighting should definitely brighten the whole mood in the house!

  170. I am inspired to repot my plants and bring them inside now-thanks! What my house really needs to spruce it up is a kitchen redo! Painting the cabinets, new drawer pulls and knobs along with a new stove would really make things pretty in there! A gift card from Lowes would really help make that happen. 😉 Thank you for sharing.

  171. I’d love to repaint my children’s rooms and a gift card would help tremendously!

  172. I would LOVE to finally paint these old kitchen cabinets!

  173. New rug!

  174. Honestly, I would get more organizational tools for our garage so I could get rid of some of the clutter IN our house and put it out there 🙂

  175. Thanks for the give a way of the gift card. I would use it toward paint. I want to paint our kitchen walls and buy a paint kit for the cabinets. Then everything else in the room would look tired, so a new sink and hardware, and new drawer pulls. Lol, presto change-o, a new kitchen!

  176. We’re replacing the outdated light fixtures throughout our home. Lowes is our go to place since we only live 7 minutes away. 🙂

  177. Heather Spooner says:

    I would shop for paint for my bedroom. I wouldn’t be able to actually paint until spring. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  178. I love Lowes and would love to win!

  179. You are speaking my language…PLANTS! I just cannot wait until spring. You might try staking your bulbs. Paperwhites are pretty, but I cannot stand the scent, so I do not grow them. I do grow amaryllis, and I use a stake to keep them upright.

    I would use any gift card to add to what I have saved for either pulls for all the cabinets in the house or for stain and such I will need to stain my patios.

  180. What a wonderful giveaway. I just love Lowe’s! We’re doing lots of things this year but first up is switching two of our rooms around and installing new flooring, so organization help is a must! Also we’re purchasing a Kreg Jig system and that would be a perfect boost to get us there.

  181. I’m not a fan of fake plants in the house, but we have yet to add ones inside at our new house. We could totally use some new ones to “liven up” our home, especially now that Christmas decor is being taken down!

  182. I would love to have a Dremel tool set to help make several projects I have in mind easier. You can do so many different things with a Dremel set.
    I also hope to get my bath mirrors framed really soon and maybe I could find new mirrors at Lowe’s. Great giveaway!

  183. Carol Marner says:

    How about painting the front door red? And then buying a nice Lowe’s wreath to hang on it.

  184. I’m like you I got rid of all the fake ones and got all real ones and I found out that I do have a green thumb. What I would do with a gift card from Lowes paint my front door for starters, then my bathroom, and kitchen.

  185. Dawn Stribling says:

    My bedroom has been described as a dungeon! I would buy some paint to brighten things up a bit!

  186. I also love plants, but I would love to paint and maybe get some new curtains for my den. We go to Lowe’s almost every week it is just up the road from us.

  187. I love to add a red bromeliad to my foyer after Christmas. I often find them a Lowe’s so I would love to have several this year.

  188. I love the plants. Real plants really add a special touch to a home even if they do require a little more maintenance. I really need to add area rugs to a couple of rooms in my home. My hardwood floors are kind of chilly and the rugs would add that coziness factor!! Thanks Lowes for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

  189. I would love to add some live plants to my home. We also have many other home improvement projects to complete this coming year!

  190. ….I am actually headed to Lowe’s tomorrow to find a new ivy…mine, after 4 years of beauty has decided to die 🙁 I really need to add a new sink and faucet to my kitchen. Ours is a sad, sad old sink and faucet that is well past it’s day……… Happy New Year…

  191. PAINT!…for my hallway and all interior doors (black for those), and light fixtures are much needed items for my after-Christmas-spiffing up.

  192. Oh that’d be awesome to win that! I could get started putting down some floor covering in that poor master bedroom where I tore out the carpet or I could buy stuff for the master bathroom I am redoing now. Finally got all the wallpaper off the walls in there last night. Now to prime and paint it. This would help with all that. LOVE all your plants to! They say they clean your air and everything. Mine could use a good cleaning. lol The fireplace has been going and there’s dust all over now. I have a lot of live plants though. Thanx Rhoda for the chance to win this!!

  193. Your plants are so warm and welcoming, Rhoda, just like the rest of your new home.

    We want top ain’t walls, doors, and furniture! So, paint would be divine

  194. Actually I think adding some real plants like you have would be the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  195. Pam from Syla says:

    Wow so many projects I need to work on. I need to paint the master bath. I would also like to declutter and organize my basement. I would certainly put the Lowe’s gift card to good use.

    I love the live plants you have added to your already charming home. Happy new year to you.

  196. I would use it to buy sweet, smiley pansies and 2 planters to flank each side of our front porch steps. Thank you, Rhoda, and Lowes!

  197. I need a new rug at the front door.

  198. I need at least one new planter, maybe 2. And, I would like some new fixtures for my hall bath. This would be a great start!

  199. We’re building a new home.Just pick a spot. Every little bit helps. Thanks to you and Lowes. Happy New Year to you….

  200. I am planning to put in a new hearth of tumbled stone.

  201. I love Lowes! We need to paint desperately. Would love to buy their Lowes, Valspar paint/primer. Tanks for the chance.

  202. Kelley Dameron says:

    I just moved in to a new house and I am pretty sure we have contributed to the bottom line at Lowes. I am in the midst of preparing for a furniture painting project, complete with stripping off the old paint. I wold love to have my newly stripped and painted tuscan red rocking chairs on my front porch by spring.

    I love what you have done to your home. So inspiring!

  203. I would love to use the gift card to paint our deck fresh. Spring just sparkles when you spent time as a family on the deck overlooking our simple above ground garden squares.
    Loved seeing your choices Rhoda!

  204. Renee Blair says:

    I love Lowes and thier Ceiling fans are one of my favorite items. Of course, I think the plants might come before ceiling fans….Thanks for the giveaway.

  205. Hi Rhoda. There’s 3 major projects I’d like to work on first. I’m getting ready to paint the bdrm & want to replace the flooring. I’d like to buy wood to build shelves & countertop in my laundry room. I also want to paint my front porch and eves.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I’m wishing you all the best for a bright and cheery new year!


  206. Rhoda, where do I begin? I have so many things I want to do.
    I want to repaint the master bedroom and the bath and would love to redo the back patio. I want to add pavers, build planters and a couple of benches. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Your house looks wonderful. You are so talented!

  207. I could always use some paint from Lowes, but after looking at your post, plants just might do it. I would love to someday make a terrarium. Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. I would love to restain our front doors and get new hardware for them!

  209. Lovely plants, Rhoda. I would love to win and get either some plants for our sunroom or paint for the back of the bookcase. Either would liven up the house during the winter months. Thanks for the opportunity.

  210. Lowes gift card would be so nice! Wallpaper in the hall needs to come down so the hall will need to be painted. Thank you for the giveaway!

  211. Rhoda,
    I think I finally have the courage to paint the wood paneling in my den! So I would buy paint from Lowe’s. Happy New Year!


  212. I’d add sparkle by installing new hardware for the front door!

  213. Merry Christmas Rhoda…I also love green plants and used a couple of gorgeous “real” white orchids on my mantel this year. They have bloomed so much that they are almost toppling over from the weight so I will have to move them shortly. I did dither around trying to decide at the time between “fake” and “real” because the fake ones although expensive were a bit cheaper than the two real ones I bought. In the end I thought, “nope, I am getting the “real” thing” and so pleased I did.

    Apparently plants also filter out toxins in the air, well I read this recently so healthy to have them in your home.


  214. I have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that I want to paint and make pretty before summer gets here… By the way, I also love real plants; can’t wait till Spring gets here to put most of them outside and watch them grow and come to life…

  215. I, too, love plants….especially the topiaries and ferns and ivies and ficus trees and….
    I really would like to put up new drapery hardware in my living room.

  216. I love your new plants. I feel the same way about them. If only I had a green thumb. I’ve found that Lowe’s plants always look healthy and that’s a good place to go to buy them.

  217. Love Lowes!

  218. Donna Harris says:

    I would LOVE to update 2 light fixtures in a bathroom I just finishe painting! A Lowes gift card would really help!

  219. I love Lowes and would use the money to buy paint to freshen up the spare bathroom and bedroom – both which are on my to-do list this year. Thanks Rhoda!

  220. I would love to replace the hardware on my kitchen cabinets!

  221. I am a lowes lover, for sure. I’d love to replace the last dingy ceiling fan in my office with a shiny new one. Or maybe add some bright under cabinet lighting in my dim kitchen.
    Or possibly get some Christmas storage to neaten up my off season storage in my new laundry room. So many possibilities!

  222. We just finished up replacing some flooring (via Lowes!) and painting the entire inside. I would use it for some updated decor for the walls.

  223. Last year I put together a guest room (in my daughter’s old bedroom) using greens, rusts, golds, etc. I desperately need to paint the walls which are still done in a blue faux finish. Sounds lovely, right?

  224. I love Lowes! I would buy some paint so I can start
    my guest bedroom makeover!

  225. I love Lowes – I am getting ready to buy a new dishwasher there and would definitely use a gift card to add to it!

  226. Rhoda,
    Just love all your ideas! They so much inspire me that I can’t read them at bedtime or I can’t sleep! LOL
    A Lowes gift card just might inspire my sweet hubby to get rid of our Master FLESH COLORED sink! That would so brighten my world!

  227. Trim paint to freshen up my kitchen and or maybe some type of window treatment for the kitchen…..I spend a lot of time in that kitchen so something new and fresh would be great.

  228. Would love to replace some flooring.

  229. I absolutely love your house and blog. I read faithfully…. what you have done with that house is You only live about 6 hours from me. If you need blog material, my cookie cutter house could use some help. 🙂 Just let me know…

  230. Love Lowes too. Would love to replace some flooring.

  231. I’d love to redo our bathroom with some paint and stenciling supplies from Lowe’s.

  232. I would love to update our bedrooms. The rest of the house has nice laminate flooring, but the bedrooms still have carpet. Would love to get rid of the carpet and match these floors with the rest! Love the plants and must say greenery inside the home does make things more cheery in our house. We have a tree and multiple green plants including an orchid and aloe plants!

  233. I would paint my dining room and my kitchen cabinets!

  234. I too am a live plant person. Every January after the tree is out and decor put away I feel the need for fresh greens. Houseplants fill that need nicely. Sadly I am running out of space, but one can always fit something else in.
    So houseplants or it is time to redo the living room mantle.

  235. I would purchase a few plants maybe even a flowering one. I love Spring and this Winter has been so cold and harsh I miss the greenery. Hope I win this one thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  236. I could really use a new front door from Lowe’s.

  237. So many comments! I love Lowe’s selection of bamboo shades. I hung them in my kitchen. They are lined and everything so I’d like to hang them in my living room too. I think it would really warm up the space.

  238. Kim Brotzman says:

    My husband and I have date night at Lowes! The employees all know us and I don’t think their sat night would be the same without seeing us dream and designing. Our next purchase will be replacement doors for the exterior of our home. That way we feel great before we even open the door! Ty for the chance to win!

  239. We’ve spent so much money at Lowe’s this year so it would be fun to shop for plants, new pots, or just anything that I could accessorize with…just tired of buying all the necessities.
    Rhoda, just love your blog, so happy for you in your “new” beautiful home and always a joy seeing your family. Best to you in 2013.

  240. Colleen Martin says:

    I would buy a light fixture. I have a new Lowe’s about a mile from my house and am there all the time.

  241. I believe some new lighting would add sparkle and cheer to my home!

  242. I need a new kitchen faucet! Not very exciting – but, I would be such a happy camper if I didn’t have to turn off the hot water because the drip is too much: yes m’am… it’s really that bad! I would pick a pretty one, too~ & maybe a new sink to go with it!!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance – & Happy New Year!

  243. I love live plants indoors this time of year also.

  244. jennie deloach says:

    ~ a ceiling fan from lowe’s would add cheer and sparkle to my bedroom 🙂 ~ enjoyed this post, your house is beautiful…….

  245. I would also pick up some plants. I miss my outdoor flowers so much this time of year. I would love to add some plants indoors, especially ones I know won’t hurt my cats if they decide to take a nibble!

  246. I plan on putting a new storm door in this Spring from Lowes as well as adding several new houseplants!

  247. Love Lowes! Have a long list of projects–paint, lighting and love the plants.

  248. Rhoda,
    I love Lowe’s. I might look for some new curtains to spruce up my bedroom!

  249. Cindy Hancock says:

    Hey Rhoda!
    Love your plants…..they Do bring a breath of fresh air inside, don’t they! If I were to win the Lowe’s gift card, I would buy paint for my laundry room cabinets and door hardware…(and tell my hubby that Santa DID come to see me after all! 🙂
    Happy New Year,
    Cindy 🙂

  250. I need a ceiling fan, new microwave, toilet……would like some new light fixtures, new kitchen sink.

  251. I am going to start up dating my home…I would use this wonderful give away gift for some paint or new hardware for the doors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. I love Lowes~I buy everything there except groceries 😉 I would love some new house plants!

  253. Lowes is one of our favorite haunts lately, because we bought a new home in 2012. It feels like we should get a paycheck, we are there so much! We have become quite familiar with many of the people who work at our local Lowes. Thank goodness it is only 5 minutes away. 🙂

    What would we do at our house this January? I want to put crown moulding on my kitchen cabinets, among other things.

  254. Your home is lovely. I also like decorating with live plants. I have a few ferns that are thriving.

  255. I recently added on a sunroom and the last thing I need to add to my decor would be houseplants. I think they really add to a room. And after the Christmas tree goes out, it will be boring in here. I’ve enjoyed watching as you and your family and have worked so hard in the house. It has turned out beautiful.

  256. I love Lowe’s! The new year means a project at my house…next month we are going to Lowe’s for a bathroom update. New and higher toilet, new flooring, paint and new mirror. People complain about winter, that is when I do projects!!! Happy New Year!

  257. After all the Christmas finery comes down, I like to add color & life to our home with lush green plants, lanterns with candles, & bright pillows. Lowes has been our go-to place for all of our home renovation needs for the past 6 months! Hubby & I have been bringing new life to a tired 1960’s home. It’s been a great adventure! Love your blog – it’s been an inspiration to me during our renovation process. Thanks!

  258. Linda Coleman says:

    I would love to get a sparkling new chandelier for my laundry room. 🙂

  259. I would buy a new light for over my kitchen sink and some plants, too! Loved this post btw, Rhoda!

  260. Susan Hedgecock says:

    I would love to buy urns and plants for my front porch.

  261. I would love to put up wainscoating in our master bathroom. I have so many little projects I want to accomplish this next year. Thank you for the inspiration that you give on a regular basis. Blessings to you!

  262. We need to finish the open shelving in the basement bathroom and then the basement will be completely done. Phew! It was a big job! But well worth it!

  263. Hmmm, I saw another reader say that she just moved into a new home. We moved in 6 months ago and it’s no joke when I say we are always at Lowe’s getting something! Off the top of my head I can list: curtain rods, plants for indoors and out, more lighting for several spots, etc. The list never ends!

  264. I think it’s time to replace the throw pillows on my sofa! The pillows have been on the sofa for 15 years and are flat and stained. So, pillows would add sparkle when I walk into the family room.

  265. Paint,paint,paint! A fresh new new year and a fresh new look in my bedroom! Happy New Year 2013!

  266. April was in CT now CA says:

    I have plenty of plants and what I really need are some new pots! This would definitely pay for that. Everything looks great Rhoda, the plants really give the room that finishing touch.

  267. Gosh, how can Lowes add some sparkle to my home? Always can find paint to perk something up or revitalize some thrifted “junk”…Love the garden center when the spring plants start rolling in on those Metrolina carts-do the Lowes in Atlanta get their plants from Metrolina? Here in NC, that is just down the road in Huntersville-went there a couple of times-HUGE, impressive operation….anyhoo-I believe I could really sparkle up my home with a lovely new light fixture! That would be my first choice…..hoping I get to make that decision….Thank you for the opportunity!

  268. I love using live plants throughout my home…your plants look wonderful!!!…Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family in your new home!!!

  269. Santa brought me some new curtains for our master bedroom–but the room needs painting to go with those new curtains so this would be PERFECT to round out this Christmas!

  270. Lesa Pollock says:

    I need some shelving in my laundry room to get organized and cheer me up!

  271. Love your plants…and your beautiful turquoise accents. I’d spend that gift card on a new oil rubbed bronze keyless front door entry lock…so I wouldn’t have to get my keys out lugging in my loot…from Lowe’s, of course! 🙂

  272. maureen mcgraw says:

    I love Lowe’s. I would like you add some greenery to help sustrain me through the cold winter months in Michigan. I would also buy some paint to spruce up my house to show off my new plants. Another great giveaway. Thank you Maureen

  273. I would love to buy some new paint for my bedroom. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  274. Repaint three rooms and finish re-painting all the wood trim throughout the house.

  275. I need to stop by Lowe’s and pick up a squeegee and wash my windows! I miss seeing my shiny windows. Maybe after it stops raining….

  276. I would love to buy a couple of live plants from Lowe’s for the house. I also would buy some black spray paint to paint a couple of pieces of used furniture. Thanks for inspiring me to do this from one of your blog posts. I appreciate all the inspiration you give me. Have a wonderful new year!

  277. martha norris says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hard to choose because i need so much but i love live plants they just bring smiles to every one who enters your home , so for me they are very cheerful,would love to win,Thanks

  278. I look forward to your blog and have enjoyed watching you make your new house a home…I am working on a mini master bedroom makeover so I think I’d look for a new rug!

    Happy New Year!

  279. I’ve loved all your Lowe’s projects and they have provided so many ideas for my own home. Outside, I’ve been wanting to put up a fence in my backyard. I also have some painting to do inside and outside the house. Thanks for the chance to win a Lowe’s giftcard! Looking forward to 2013 and lots of projects around the house!

  280. I’d get a new cache pot to place the sheaf of rice we use for holiday decoration.

  281. Kim Johnson says:

    I would love to add some fresh paint to my living room!

    Kim J

  282. I would buy a chandelier!

  283. plants! i love plants too! except i don’t have a green thumb, so i have to replace them a lot 🙂

  284. I definitely would buy some paint and freshen up my spare bedroom. I have enjoyed watching your house remodel.

  285. I would buy some new hardware for my kitchen cabinets! We are planning on doing some painting this year and updating the kitchen!

  286. I’m thinking it’s time for a bathroom re-do…paint, shower curtain, maybe a woven shade for the window and a couple of live plants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. Lowe’s is one of my loves – I can always find what I need there! I am in the process of replacing our builder grade lights in our house so I would definitely use it for that! Love your blog – always excited to see what you have been up to!

  288. Marilyn Snow says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure what I would do at this moment. I think I need to go look at Lowe’s before I decide. Maybe some new plants and pots, maybe a new paint color on an accent wall, maybe some new shelves . . . . .
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. I would love to get some new curtain rods from Lowes’ Roth and Allen series. I love them!

  290. Real plants rule……would love to add a cactus or two to my plant collection…or maybe save it for a couple of ourdoor shrubs……yeah spring

  291. Harriet McMillan says:

    I am planning a kitchen redo. Painting cabinets, new hardware and also looking at new countertop and adding backsplash. Time for a big update in 2013.

  292. Carol Adams says:

    Love Lowes… We go there once a week.
    Not sure what I would use it for, but it would def go to good use!
    Paint? Who knows!!
    Thanks Rhoda!!

  293. I think I would buy paint to refresh a room with wall paint.

  294. I want to replace some lighting in our basement so I might use it for that, but these plants look tempting as well! Love them.

  295. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would love to buy light fixtures for our living room. It’s so dark in there!

  296. Glenda Niederhofer says:

    I prefer Lowe’s to any of the other stores for hardware, plants, you-name-it. Recently purchased our new washer & dryer there. Would love to take that gift card and just go up and down every aisle. I would probably go over the $75 limit, too! 🙂

  297. I would love to repaint my son’s bedroom.

  298. I would use the gift card for window treatments – I really like what you’ve done with your living room windows.

  299. teri champion says:

    I want to put new flooring in my master bedroom and bathroom and paint both the rooms as well! The carpet in those rooms really needs to go!!!!

  300. Lowe’s is nearby…in fact, we got our Christmas tree from there. I would probably follow your inspiration and get some plants…but also some new tiles for our bathroom.

  301. Thomas Murphy says:

    Id love to repaint our living room.

  302. We’re planning to install new lighting in our kitchen.

  303. I LOVE indoor plants and was just mentioning to my sister how I would like to add some large plants next to my fireplace. Thanks to you and Lowes for the giveaway!!

  304. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    LIGHTING – I would purchase the most efficient light bulbs for all of our lights/lamps and knowing that this would be financially wise but also begin going ‘green’ in our home….thank you, Love & Blessings

  305. julia mcintosh says:

    I will repaint kitchen to brighten up.

  306. I’m planning on freshening up the laundry room and my office with paint.

  307. I love green plants in my home also.

  308. i would definitely get some new lighting fixtures for my bathroom

  309. Hi and Merry Christmas,
    To add sparkle. Definitely plants. I’ve moved so often in the past four years that most of them have died so I’m slowly starting to replace them or try out new ones. Up here in SW Ontario (London) they are a reminder that spring is coming and it will be green again.
    Take care,

  310. Leslee in TN says:

    Gosh Rhonda… after seeing your beautiful new renovated home… I’d like to redo mine completely *grin* Not likely that will happen :o(
    I love the idea of the live plants as well. I have a few smaller ones, a couple of Christmas Cactus’ and some violets. My house faces the wrong directions though, and my window lighting is not good enough for plants… they’re all struggling. Our previous home was wonderful for violets and mine thrived there at all times. This is disappointing! Happy New Year…

  311. I would like to add some beautiful crown molding to my rooms this year. That would put a “crown of sparkle” ala downton abbey, ha, to my bedrooms. A Lowes giftcard would surely help with the purchase of compressor to use with the nailers I purchased at Lowes as a Christmas present for my husband.

  312. Gosh, I would use it for a new overhead light in my dark kitchen–a nice giveaway, thank you

  313. I would paint my bedroom walls

  314. I would paint my guest bathroom.

  315. Marcie Olsen says:

    As you mentioned, Lowes has some GREAT deals in the clearance spot for plants.
    I’m never sure what will do well, in certain places outside, so this is a good way to experiment and not spend a lot of $!
    Just love your new house!
    I’m excited to see more.

  316. I would repaint the living room and entry way in my home.

  317. I would love to buy the materials to make this next holiday season

  318. We need to redo our bathroom…a gift card would be terrific towards that. Thanks & Happy New Year!

  319. I’d love to get some new plants for the house!

  320. Felicia Woodward says:

    I would like to lighten up my kitchen, probably start with painting the cabinets and switching out a cabinet door or two with glass. It’s a galley kitchen so small and dark and I want it to light and bright!

  321. Paint, Paint, Paint! Thanks for the opportunity….

  322. I just bought a new condo so I’d use it to help decorate it

  323. Paint, paint paint, paint, paint!

  324. could definitely use some new paint

  325. My eyes would sparkle at the idea of a new heater, does that count? It’d definitely add cheer(as opposed to mittens.)

  326. German Lopez says:

    My dining room needs some painting.

  327. I’d add a new light fixture in my entryway

  328. Oh I would have to say I’d like to get some outdoor cushions as mine blew away in the weather we’ve had and since we have some mild days here I miss the cushions when I’m outside.

  329. I’m painting my front door cherry red.

  330. Love the plants! We just bought our first house and we’d love to repaint a few rooms (including our bedroom).

  331. I’d love to update knobs and fixtures to give my house a quick update

  332. Paint, I have several rooms that need refreshing. Thanks!

  333. Happy 2013! I love Lowes…would buy some shelving to organize the garage.

  334. I would change out the light in my dining room, oh it needs to go!

  335. We’re just about to remodel the original bathroom in our circa 1935 house. We bought a beautiful granite counter top with double sinks from a yard sale, a wonderful light fixture from The Restore and an awesome claw foot tub with shower surround from someone remodeling their house. We still need tile, paint, faucets and a new low-flow toilet. This gift card would certainly help! Fingers crossed. Happy New Year!!

  336. I love the plants! We have many, but I want to add some sparkle to outside of the house. We really need some lights along the sidewalk to the door. Talked about going to Lowe’s to look for them today!

  337. Dee Ann Allen says:

    I would paint a bathroom off of the playroom.

  338. I love plants! I would get some new houseplants and also a new kitchen light

  339. I would add some new paint to the home to spruce the place up.

  340. This really is an inspiring post for me. I’ve never had any indoor plants and I think it is something that is really missing in my house. I’ve always figured I’d kill the plant and it would be a waste of money, but maybe some larger plants like the news you featured would be moe forgiving. I just might have to add one this January and see how it goes 🙂

  341. Definitely need some paint for these white walls!

  342. I would add puck lighting under my kitchen cabinets.

  343. We’re in the process of converting a room to my youngest sons bedroom in anticipation of new baby in the spring. I’d love to be able to make it special for him

  344. I just finished an armoire makeover. Next up is a curio cabinet and an end table. I will need supplies to complete these two projects. The timing is perfect!

  345. Joanie Cottrell says:

    I would begin making changes to my original 1960’s kitchen!

  346. I would get some lamps for my house from Lowes!

  347. Live plants make a room look so much better. I’ve gotten rid of all my fake plants and, if I can’t keep live pants growing, I’ll have none. Hoping to keep the live ones alive, though!

  348. Live plants make such a difference to a room and someone else to talk to when the husband is doing my head in ;). Great pics!

  349. Nan Martin says:

    I love Lowe’s! I would like to spruce up the laundry room so that’s how I would use a gift card.

  350. Redoing the living room. I currently have 7 paint samples painted on the wall. Lowe’s gift certificate would be great to buy paint or at least more samples. Just kidding. I am getting closer.

  351. Hi. My mother is 86 years old, and has stayed in her house way too long. Among MANY things that are needed, her kitchen is a disaster. I do what I can, but it doesn’t help. It needs some necessary updating, but I would say that what she needs most would be a stove that is not from 1962, which happens to be electric as well. Truthfully, anything, in any capacity, big or small, would help. It is so overwhelming, that I truly do not know where to begin. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and a very, very healthy and happy New Year for Lowes!

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