Fall Decorating with White Pumpkins

Has it started cooling off in your state yet?  We are beginning to feel a little bit of crisp cooler weather, thank goodness.  In anticipation of Fall decorating, which so many of us love to do, I’m sharing some Autumn goodness with you today.

I’ve never gone all out in decorating for Fall, but did love to add a touch of  the season in my foyer or dining room.  Halloween is not a favorite holiday for me either, but I have used white pumpkins before, which I love.  There’s just something really classy about white pumpkins, so I found some fun inspiration pics for you, using (mostly) white pumpkins.


{via BHG}

{via CountryLiving}

(via CountryLiving}

{via CountryLiving}

{via CountryLiving}

This one is not a white pumpkin, but I loved the simplicity of the white urn.

{via CountryLiving}

A little green thrown in. Love this pic.

{source unknown}

These happy colors are so serene.

{via TheNester}

One white pumpkin on top of a black urn speaks simply.{via Pottery Barn}

{via PoeticHome.com)

Read all about this beautiful bejeweled pumpkin at Poetic Home.  This one tells a vintage story and I just think it is beautiful!

{via BHG}

stenciled white pumpkin

And that inspiration led me to make my own stenciled white pumpkin back in 2008.  The trend is still going strong so I hope you got some ideas from these white beauties.

I love the simplicity of just adding a touch of these white, blue or green pumpkins in a small vignette around your home.  One, two, or three sprinkled around will be just enough to add a bit of Fallish color to your space.

Even though I’m not in my own house at the moment, I still get inspired with these pics.  I’ll be helping my sister decorate for Christmas this year, but since they had a water pipe break at their house last month and they are getting some major work done on their floors upstairs and down, the Christmas decorating is going to be a lot less this year, but I will help in getting some cheer going around their house.

How about you?

Do you love white pumpkins like I do?  Or is the original orange version still your fave?

Don’t forget the Fall linky party that me and my gal pals are having at the end of this month.  You’re sure to get inspired for Fall decorating.

I’ve been hanging out with Layla this week on filming their pilot HGTV show here in Atlanta. It’s been fun to watch the behind the scenes happenings.  Along with some other volunteers, we’ve stripped wallpaper and done a little painting and today is flea market shopping at Queen of Hearts in Buford.  I’ll do a post on some of this next week!  I wish them the best with this huge opportunity and hope it’s a big hit so they can do more.

- Rhoda


  1. I purchased a white pumpkin (artificial) from Michael’s and haven’t decided what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas! I like decorating for fall – Halloween not so much, but the grandkids like to see the ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. I think it must be fun to help decorate someone else’s home!

  2. Good Morning Rhoda,

    I never used to care for white gourds or pumpkins…now I love them!!

    In fact, I just wrote a post about a few that I painted…come see.


    Hope you are well and enjoy the weekend. Big Hello to MOM & Dad!!

    Janet xox

  3. I haven’t seen too many faux white pumpkins. But when the real pumpkins start showing up at our local pumpkin patch, I grab a few mini ones to pop in my decorating around our home. I have just begun putting the fall touches around our home. Come visit if you’d like!

  4. Rhoda,
    I love all pumpkins, white orange, grey, green…..they are all wonderful. This was a great post. It is still warm here in Mass., but supposed to get cooler on Friday. So I will be putting out some FALL.
    Hugs, Donna

  5. jane_craske@yahoo.ca says

    I haven’t used white pumpkins before but now that we have 90% of a front porch (the other 10 to come next week) I know what I’ll be doing thanks to you 🙂

  6. Love all the white pumpkin inspiration, Rhoda. I bet y’all are having fun with the pilot! 😀 Looking forward to your posts about it.

    Ricki Jill

  7. i found a great way to add fall decor on the cheap. the dollar tree store has different sized pumpkins in various colors, easily painted white and lightly wiped off so some of the color can lightly show thru, and then put in a large glass container on the coffee table, and thinking about adding some to the top of the entertainment center for a bit more splash of fall. makes for a clean and elegant look. love your blog.

  8. Love me some white pumpkins!! I have mine out in my living room right now. My faves are the little baby-boos -Im waiting for the grocery stores to start carrying them.

  9. Dear Friend,

    While I admire the whites and creams, you just haven’t
    lived autumn fully till you see all the other varieties
    of pumpkins there are. My sister grows many types
    outside of the Lubbock area. The peanut pumpkin
    looks like peanut shells are attached to the outside –
    the multi-hued pumpkins that are orange with green shades-
    then there is the pale green pumpkin. The Cinderella
    orange as a tangerine – the shape is outstandingly darling.
    so,,,, please don’t think white only rules.
    It is like the beautiful rooms you put together – the textures,
    and complimentary colors when grouped together make you
    smile just thinking of what it looks like.
    hugs, p
    p.s. the green water melon gourd you showed is actually just that
    – an apple gourd. those dry to a golden ochre, you can leave as is –
    or dry brush with a shiny coating – or stain to look like a real apple!

  10. I love decorating for the fall. I used white pumpkins and some pale greens ones last year. Everyone loved them.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  11. I LOVE white pumpkins. I think they are a fun twist on the original orange and love to combine them with white pumpkins. Seems like there is a trend this year overall going with the white theme for Halloween!

  12. I love all the fall ideas. Just inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


  13. There is fall in the air here in So Cal, and, I love it. I start decorating for fall right after Labor Day. I’m in a much smaller house this year, but, I have still put out what looks tasteful. I put raffia with lights around my front door. Also a nice wreath, and I used to put a big bale of straw on the porch. I’m think I will put 3 small bales of straw this year, I need to go out to Michaels today. Baskets of mums, and fake pumpkins and gourds. Oh, I love it.

  14. I have white pumpkins on a pale blue platter for my dining area, and traditional orange for the living area. I even found a cream colored one. I LOVE FALL!!

  15. I have always loved the ghosty white pumpkins.. Just lovely fall decor!!
    PS loved your very “real” post the other day Rhoda. It is those types of blogger posts that really get to me. You being real with us all…Love that. We are all here for you and you are always in my prayers. You are on a journey of sorts and have picked yourself up by your bootstraps and done some even more amazing things!
    PSS we are probably about the same age as our parents look near the same age. My daddy was just put in ICU today…. send prayers our way. He has had a long, wonderful almost 90 yr life but it’s still hard to go thru this.

  16. love the white pumpkins! also, just read your “life is not a magazine cover” post from the other day… your transparency and honesty is so refreshing. thanks for posting.

  17. We are pumpkin crazy over at LoveFeast Table! Especially when it comes to our soft velvety plush pumpkins!! Our velvet white and mushroom colored velvet pumpkins would look delish scattered in with those real little white pumpkins. Mixing and matching is where it is at!! You can find the velvet pumpkins here in our LoveFeast Shop: http://shop.lovefeasttable.com/
    Happy Fall Decorating! ~Chris Ann

  18. Glenda Harder says

    I love decorating for fall. After over seventy days of 100+ temperatures in the D-FW area this summer I am ready for cooler weather. The leaves have already turned and dropped from the drought Texas is suffering. The white decorating looks cool even though it is 94 degrees today. I’m going to try spray painting my dollar store pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration.

    BTW, I love your blog.

  19. One thing about the “real” pumpkins, the small ones and gourds, you really get your moneys worth. They last a long long time.. enjoyed your pics Rhoda

  20. Jennifer Ingram says

    All a dream of white, beauty and style!

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