Fashion over 50: Boho Top and Fall Booties

Hi, friends!  It was a fairly slow weekend last weekend, but I managed to get dressed up at least once in a Fallish outfit.  It’s been so hot here in Atlanta most of the month of October and just this week has started to cool off.  I’m loving the crisp weather and sunshine!

You’ve seen this Boho top before, but it’s a good one, so of course I wear it over and over again.  I got it a couple of years ago down at the Atlanta apparel mart.  It’s embroidered which is very popular now.

I paired it with my C Wonder jeans that I picked up on that long ago sale.  This is about as distressed as I get with jeans, I just don’t love the ripped ones, but these I can handle.

My layered bracelets work with this piece and my love of turquoise shows here too.

I think you’ve seen all this jewelry before, I have had it a long time and just keep wearing them.

These booties were a TJ Maxx find last year, so can’t link them either, but see below for a few other ideas. Since this is a top I’ve had for a couple of years, I can’t link it, but here are a few Boho inspired/embroidered tops that you might like too, as well as a few Fall booties.  I really enjoy getting out the Fall sweaters and booties this time of year.  Here’s to Fall!


- Rhoda


  1. Very pretty as always- Rhoda!

  2. You are gorgeous! Love the embroidery and the little bit of distress on your jeans.

  3. I agree with the no rip jeans. Really, at 50+ years we re over or should be over rip jeans.

  4. Love the embroidered detail. And your jewelry is perfection.

  5. Love the outfit! That top even has a southwestern kinda boho look too so the jewelry works great! I do love my Seven distressed jeans. There were in petites this year & fit so well I wore them to death. The ends were frayed too at the hem. They were patches of exposed threads where they were torn but honestly I loved those things to death. I’m still wearing them. YOu look like you are ready for fall!

  6. You always look so cute…yes, we can be cute at any age! ha! Still haven’t jumped on the distressed jeans wagon…

  7. You’re always such a cutie! It’s hard to wrap my brain around paying actual money (usually an outrageous amount!) for ripped jeans. Does that make me curmudgeonly?!?

  8. You always look so darn cute. Never look your age. Love your look. You wear your clothes well, my dear.

  9. Love the look! You were trending this before everyone started selling it too! #trending #blogstar

  10. Lorraine Watkins says:

    You can’t tell thta you have been through so many big events lately, ill parent, new marriage and moving house. You look so calm! I love the way you are wearing your hair. You favor,your father with your tall , lean shape. Love your blog still one of my favorites. You still seem down to earth.

    • Thank you, Lorraine, I was feeling frazzled for awhile, but we are settling down now in the new house and life is good. Thank you, I always want to be down to earth, don’t know another way to be.

  11. Lou E Clifton says:

    Like the outfit, Love your haircut.

  12. You look adorable. My husband says if you’re over 30, the wholly jeans are just too much. I try to be stylish and not dress like a senior(68), but just can’t do those wholly jeans. Cute cute top. You always look very nice.

  13. You look so content, happy and serene! Love your hair…Looks great!

  14. SYBIL TURNER says:

    Rhoda, you look great as usual. I think your hair is a bit shorter, it looks great. Rhoda, can you or any of your readers recommend where to get skinny calf knee boots? I have looked for a few years now and can’t find any plain black low heel, knee boots. I have looked online and in stores. I know you keep up much more than I do with the fashion world. Thank you!

    • HI, Sybil, I’m a little late on this one, but check out Ivanka Trump boots. My sis and niece have bought hers and the calf was skinnier than most. Look for 13″ or so.

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