Fashion Over 50: Tunics from Vicki

My good friend, Vicki, is back today sharing more of her thoughts on fashion, menopause and aging.  Getting older isn’t fun, but we have to find ways to age gracefully in spite of the changes it brings to our bodies.  Our spirits are still young at heart, isn’t that right!

Here’s Vicki:

vicki turquoise tunic

Happy Independence Day week!

Hopefully you are celebrating with your family, maybe taking a road trip or long weekend away. These outfits with drawstring linen pants are perfect for a road trip!


Starfish silver jewelry complements this summery outfit.
vicki fashion

I specifically chose the blue/white peasant blouse for a 2400 mile road trip I took with my husband and our son to San Antonio, Texas and back in only 6 days. It was a quick trip, but the comfy casual clothing I packed helped me enjoy the very long drive. Granted the puffy peasant blouse may not be the most flattering style, but it’s like wearing pajamas!

vicki fashion 2

Adding jewelry makes any outfit look and feel more polished.

vicki fashion 3

I found the navy/white peasant blouse and turquoise tunic at TJMaxx for under $20. The hat is from the thriftstore, as are the white pants.

vicki hat

Topping any outfit with a hat frames the face and can accentuate the positive by bringing the eyes up and away from my trouble spots, aka, bumps and bulges! These outfits work well for the beach too with the pale aqua and vibrant turquoise tunics bringing the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico to mind. I can feel the breeze now! We can be comfy and stylish at any age!

More thoughts from Vicki on menopause and getting older:

Your responses to my previous posts have been so encouraging to me. Your comments reflected some common themes we women over 50 can all relate to. Probably the most frequently lamented was menopause and the changes it wreaks on our bodies and our minds. If we live long enough, we will all experience this “change”. Due to surgery at the age of 49 1/2, I can’t tell you when I began The Change, but I can tell you I am presently immersed in it. While my weight did not fluctuate more than 5 pounds +/- for many years, my waistline has definitely grown.

For me, personally, The Change means so much more than my waist size, hot flashes, and night sweats. I want to ask God “Just what were you thinking?” Menopause, aging/dying parents, AND an empty nest? Really? As a girl, I heard my mother, grandmother and aunts talking about The Change, the mysterious metamorphosis women experience in their 50’s. I dreaded it my whole life trying to imagine myself all fluffy and frumpy with a mustache, like my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Abbott. What’s a girl to do?

Well, here I am! My body shape certainly has changed, hence the tunics! I exercise and try to eat nutritiously with my physical health in mind. But honestly, the other changes I’ve experienced have affected my well being much more dramatically. Losing my father in 2008 was difficult but he lived a wonderful and healthy life until his 80th birthday and was ready to go when his time came. Letting go of my sweet daddy was a natural part of life, but the caregiver role I assumed upon his death has taken a toll on me emotionally and physically. The empty nest has been the most difficult aspect of The Change for me. My life as a homeschool mom consumed me because I allowed it to, with our sons my primary focus. So naturally when they completed high school and began college, a very rich and blessed phase of my life ended. The summer of 2007 I sat on the back porch crying to my husband “I don’t know how to not be a mom!”

So, I took a few writing classes and we purchased a house in Florida’s panhandle, both very positive changes for sure! There are other wonderful aspects of this stage of life, like more time to spend with my husband of 33 years and more time to take care of our home and myself. My greatest joy of this stage of life is our 3 grandchildren!

Whether you’re a mother or not, if you are in your 50’s you are most likely experiencing changes too. Focus on the positive and be reminded we are going “through” The Change! There’s an end ahead and once we arrive there, we will be so much wiser and can encourage younger women who may fear their own Change. We can wear our hair, makeup and stylish clothing to accentuate our positives in our appearances, no matter our stage of life. Now I’m off to find my 10x magnification mirror and a pair of tweezers! Bless y’all as you live your lives to the fullest, no matter your age.

Don’t you just love Vicki and her outlook on life?  She’s a dear friend to me and how cute does she look in that straw hat?! 

You can find Vicki at her blog, Mother Mom’s Musings


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- Rhoda


  1. Judy Clark says:

    Vicki you look great. You are a very sweet person and look fantastic in that hat. Now the road trip to San Antonio in six days. That is something! I know that the trip to Austin is 16 hours spending the night half way and taking up the rest of the trip the next day. You had to be road weary! Good seeing you Vicki. You look amazing!


    • Hey Judy,
      Well, our trip to SA was originally planned by our son as a trip to Austin, “live music capital of the world” where he to do some open mics at various venues. We tagged along at the last minute. On our way, he became sick with allergies affecting his voice, and lost a guitar string. He was discouraged but then we realized how close we were to SA and had always wanted to go to The Alamo, so…we did. We stayed in a hotel on the river. When I read about their river front, I thought of Savannah and Chattanooga, but NO, it’s nothing like that! It is a garden setting along a small canal type water way lined with shops, bars, and restaurants, great for walking and enjoying the beauty. We all really enjoyed it! We were there just 2 nights. Our son did most of the driving and we did some back roads like along the coast of Louisiana where cows were practically on the beach and crawfish farms were everywhere. I enjoyed the culture of the different areas. I traveled across Texas in 1968 with my parents and brother in a car with black vinyl interior and no AC! Riding in our Excursion made the drive much easier. I sat in back with a good book on our way home! I cherish the memory with our son. I haven’t seen you in a long while, maybe at Rhoda’s open house? Great to hear from you! You & Paul should go to SA! It’s worth the trip. Blessings, friend. V

  2. Well, I think you summed that up very nicely Vicki! It’s no wonder that women have such close friendships…it’s because we all know what the other is going through and we’re in this together!!
    I look forward to being a “Grandy” God willing, but my boys have wonderful partners, and they’re healthy, I have a sweet little grand doggy and life is pretty good…but thank you for reminding me!
    Sending Canada Day Wishes from across the Border, and wishing you a Happy Fourth of July!


    • Hello Wendy,
      Canada! O’ Canada! I learned the song back in my homeschool days! Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, we are all in this together. I’m so glad you took time to say hello. Well wishes for you across our northern border.
      Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Love the light blue linen tunic! Hope it is available now.
    You look great! Like Shirley McClain says, “Saging while aging.”

    • Hi Peggy,
      You know every time I wear the pale aqua tunic, I get compliments and I’ve had it about 3 years now. It is a thrift store find along with the necklace and bracelet I’m wearing with it. I should’ve have noted that in the article. Rhoda introduced me to thrift store shopping and now that I have more time for myself, I’m hooked. I love to browse thrift stores to unwind and relax.
      Thank you for your encouraging comments! Enjoy your 4th!

  4. So very encouraging.. Gorgeous “Look”… and might I add…. love love T.J. Maxx!!! This aging thing is certainly an adventure that is very different !! To say the least!!!! BUT still every single day is such a blessing!!!!! You look amazing!!!!!!

    • Hi Terri,
      You’re encouraging me! Thank you for your kind comments. Yep, aging is an adventure. Once I must get geared up for. Hmmmm. I feel an article coming on. I so appreciate your thought! Blessings to you, Terri.

  5. Beautiful lady inside and out….you look like Cheryl Tiegs in that hat!

    • Hello Mary,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments! I enjoy wearing hats especially in the humid south where my hair bushes out! A fashionable way to manage a bad hair day! Thanks for posting!
      Enjoy your 4th!

  6. I guess I look at it this way….I am happy to be here! I have lost several dear friends and cousins who were in their 50s so I want to embrace each day that God gives to me!! And to be honest, I rather like being older. I have outgrown a lot of the drama of the younger years, I like who I am as a person and I relish the time I can spend with my family and especially my grands. I was never a beauty even when I was younger so looks have never been really important to me. I want to look my best but I do not worry over each wrinkle as I see them as well earned battle scars!!

    • Arlene, I totally agree. I’m blessed to be here, as healthy and active as I am, able to care for my mother and enjoy my grands. Approaching 60 has placed an urgency in me to live life to the absolute fullest! I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on our stage of life.
      Blessings to you as you live life to your fullest.

  7. You look great Vicki! You have a gorgeous face and love the hat on you! I love having time for my friendships that I didn’t have as much of when I had to be at baseball games, dance recitals, school plays, etc. Not that I wouldn’t love to raise my children all over again but it is kinda nice to be able to say to my friends, sure I can meet you for lunch! We usually have some sort of home project going on all the time it seems too and my Mom keeps me busy visiting with her 2 hours away , making sure she is fine and driving her around town. I am adjusting to new multi focal contacts now and have kinda got use to the ever changing things that seem to go on – LOL! Hang in there, we will muddle thru. 🙂

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks for your kind comments. Your mom is blessed to have you. You’re so right…”ever” changing best describes our current state! Now I know why the Bible says pray without ceasing!
      Blessings friend,

  8. You look lovely Vicki and are quite the encouragement to me. And San Antonio and back in 6 days….wow. My brother and family live in Spring Branch outside of SA and I would love to drive there but from ohio it’s even a bit more further.

    Changes are hard to adjust to…my first husband died 9 years ago at age 56 of a brain tumor. I remarried 5 years ago, and yes, we are still adjusting . But change keeps on occurring and by God’s Grace, I am adapting and changing as well. And I can say, God is good, all the time.
    Thanks so much for posting; you are an encouragement to many!

    • Hi Karen,
      I’m so sorry for your loss. I so agree. If we remain on this earth, we will experience change, good and bad change, perpetual change as that is “life”. My parents sheltered me from negative experiences growing up and I came into adulthood unprepared for reality. But I’ve had plenty of time to adjust, don’t cha think? A dear friend of mine in her 80’s lost her son and brother within 30 days. She told me she learned about God’s “sustaining” grace. Yes, it is God’s grace that sustains me through my changes in this stage and will for the next. Thank you for reminding me that He is good all the time.

  9. I so appreciate all your thoughts–just a comfort sometimes to know that ” I am not the only one”–because we all know that is just how it feels sometimes. I love your fashion. I try my best to not dress “frumpy” because I do think that it ages us so–it’s a fine line between not looking like it’s too young too–hahaha just one more problem added to the other we ladies have. Keep the great posts coming–

    • Hey Brenda,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Nope, you’re not alone. We women were created to connect with each other. I’m so grateful to Rhoda for the opportunity she’s given me to share my heart on her blog. Blessings to you, friend.

  10. Vicki,
    You should look into Wiley Protocol!! Go to their website, this bio identical hormone literally saved my menopausal life. No more night sweats, hot flashes, emotional roller coaster, dry skin, etc. I have been using this prescribed cream for 5 years and I’m telling you it’s a miracle! I know there is a doctor near you that tests and prescribes for it!

    • Thank you for this information, Cindy. I will definitely look into it. I’m hesitant to try any hormones at all due to other health concerns but I am open to learning more for sure. We girls have to stick together and I appreciate your input.
      Thanks for posting!

  11. Paula R. says:

    I love your outfits! And you look amazing! I too have recently experienced “The Change” and I can honestly say this is something my momma never really talked much about. I’m the only person in my family that went through it without any medical onset and at the age of 58 I’m thinking…wow, what has just happened to me! And they tell you these are golden years….I’ve yet to figure that one out! LOL Thanks again for the posts…love your fashion and LOVE knowing we all don’t have to look like we’re 21 again! We can age, yet not look and act old….like our grandmothers always did.

    • Hey Paula,
      Yes, our sweet grandmothers aged differently, didn’t they? There’s a photo of my maternal grandmother holding me when I’m less than a year old. She was only 51 but looks like she’s in her 70’s with her hair, dress and eye glasses. Bless her heart. That was their style back then I guess. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My mother-in-law experienced her Change uneventfully as did her daughters. My mother had serious emotional problems, an accumulation of her life’s emotional issues erupted with The Change. I’m just happy to be here! LOL
      Happy 4th to you!

  12. Sandy from Ca says:

    Your outfits look so cool and comfortable wonderful way to travel! I started the change way before 50 I was just 30 and no one talked about what I would go thru.

  13. Thanks Vicki for sharing this honest post, it is comforting to know we are not alone and someone understands all of this. You are an inspiration to us. Thanks for your positive post, we can have a pity party or look for all the good in our lives and get moving! I admit there are days I have pity party, but we can not stay there, have to find positive things to do. Although I live in a small rural town, there are many things to do. I enjoy spending time with family, friends, flower gardening, sewing, various crafts, monogramming, working in Church projects, teaching Young Adults Class, volunteering and many other things. We can get involved in a Church, where we reach out to help others, there are always people needing help. I find helping others in community to be very rewarding. Love the blue v neck top, looks great on you. Hope you will continue to share with us. You and Rhoda are blessed to have each other for friends. I enjoy Southern Hospitality, my first go to blog each day.

    • Hello Theresa,
      Wow! You’re a busy lady but it’s so healthy to stay engaged and involved! By helping others, we keep the focus off of ourselves (in a positive way) and it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out. Yes, Rhoda and I have been friends since high school and have been through a lot together. I’m very grateful to her for the opportunity to share my heart. Keep on doing what you are doing! Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out! Thanks for commenting.

  14. Where is the starfish jewelry from? Would love to purchase that set!

    • Hi Mary,
      I purchased the earrings and bracelet at TJMaxx last 2014 or 2013. But…I checked their jewelry last week and they have a lot of pretty pieces with star fish, sea shells and other nautical themes. Good luck! Thanks for posting. V

  15. Your post regarding the changes we experience as women is truly one of the sweetest and encouraging things I have read about the topic. I am in my very early 40’s, so menopause is hopefully awhile off for me, but I am truly scared of it. My hormones fluctuated so much when my children were born which affected me mentally to the point that I am really frightened of what will happen when my time comes. My oldest is off to his first year of college, but my baby is still home until she graduates in three more years. Right now, I cannot fathom them not being here, but my years as a single mom and having to “share” them has helped in that I have (begrudgingly, lol) learned to take the time they are not here to do things for me, work on house projects, get active in church and the like. We had to bury my sweet daddy 8.5 years ago, and I am now helping my mom who does not get around well anymore. I have had the privilege of watching my parents take care of my grandmother and great aunt as well as my mom caring for daddy while he was sick, so I really don’t know how else to do it. Family takes care of family, so I feel like I am pretty prepared for it…sort of…well, maybe. But, the physical aspect of aging it terrifies me to death. Thank you for your encouragement to us younger girls who are tempted to do whatever it takes to keep our time from coming!!

    • Hi Lori,
      As a single mom, I imagine you’ve had a full plate. Now you’re caring for others as well. I, too, grew up in a family that cared for each other. Thankfully, my mom is in an assisted living facility but I oversee all of her care. You say you’re afraid of the physical aspects of aging. I understand. May I suggest you find a woman in your community that you admire and respect who has aged well. Connect with her and ask what she does to stay youthful and vibrant. A mentor enriches our lives in many areas. I believe you’ll do fine because you are already aware and will not enter your 50’s passively. Thanks for sharing your story, Lori. God bless you!

  16. Wow! I love the peasant blouse I think it looks great on you. I have had a Horrible time with hot flashes since about 45 y/o to 60. Seriously. God gave us eyebrows to to catch the sweat and prevent your mascara from running. I would just be sitting in church, my husband would turn and look at me kinda scared and move away from the heat. A Rx compounded topical preparation worked for many years. Then my naturopath recommended this – OstaDerm-V, Moisture Treatment Cream, 2 oz (56 g) from Bezwecken (Amazon) it has worked very well. I use it now about 3 times a week, down from twice a day.

    • Thanks for the info on a product. I’ll certainly consider it. I appreciate you sharing your story.
      Blessings to you.

  17. Anise Butler says:

    I love your writing style, Vickie. I felt I was talking with a friend. I hope you’ll write more. Your issues are mine.

    • Oh thank you, Anise. I’d love for you to check out my blog: Now, be advised, my blog is still developing and I don’t have many pictures yet. I’m still learning the mechanics of blogging and need to ask someone to help me with the technical part. Anyway, I’ve posted several articles on various subjects dear to my heart. I appreciate your encouraging comments. Thanks for commenting! Happy 4th to you and yours.

  18. I started using bioidentical hormone 4 months ago due to night sweats and all the other wonderful things that we get with menopause. IT HAS BEEN THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. Find a good doctor and go talk to them.

    • Thanks for the tip, Wanda. Your comment is one of several with similar suggestions. Glad you’re doing so much better. Bless you. Vicki

  19. Nancy from RI says:

    Because my mother had breast cancer my doctor said hormones would be dangerous for me to take. Instead he suggested this herbal pill called Remifemin that you can get at the drug store or big box store. I took it for almost 3 years and it did lessen the hot flashes. You can’t just take it for a couple of months and think you’re cured because menopause itself can be years. Regardless it did work for me.–g&sig2=mGuhfJ9cFPNQYA7qObUZ-w&bvm=bv.96952980,d.aWw

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for this information. I will investigate this product. I appreciate you taking time to share it with me.

  20. Christie says:

    You look fantastic Vicki. You seem to be expressing my story. I lost my father and mother in law in 2008. I am now in the throws of understanding my mom who is 87 years old. I am an emptynester, menopausal, watching my weight, enjoying my granddaughter and loving my life with my hubby. I need to step up my game with dressing me. Thanks a bunch for sharing your story.

    • Thank you, Christie. Yes, our stories are very similar as we experience the many changes of our stage of life. I appreciate your comments. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings!

  21. ReNey Murdock says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful articles, especially your recent one about Vicki! Such a positive, uplifting blog!

  22. This month I will be having a total hysterectomy. I’m on medication now that, whew lawdy. Talk about hot flashes and the emotional roller coaster ride I’ve been on. I’m 45, soon to be 46. No kids of my own. Tried but that didn’t work out as planned. I am a step-mom of 8, so in some ways, I’m experiencing the role of a “mom”. I know the pros far outweigh the cons in my deciding to have a hysterectomy.

    I have always said that life for me wouldn’t truly start until I turned 50. I’m looking at life from a whole different perspective now as I’m going through these changes. I can either embrace whats happening or let it hinder me in more ways than one. I’ve taken on a more simplistic lifestyle as well and plan on enjoying whatever time He allows me to have here on Earth.

    Love the clothing and jewelry that you’re wearing. Love your outlook on life as well.

    • Hello Sylvia,
      Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I had mine when I was 49 and wish I’d had it 5 years sooner. Nobody “wants” surgery, but sometimes to be healthy it is necessary. I’ve never regretted it and my problems stopped. I love your outlook as well. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Enjoyed the ideas and thoughts of your guest blogger, Rhoda. I visited her blog but don’t see a box to enter my email address to subscribe to her blog. What am I missing?

    • Mary, she probably doesn’t have that set up yet. You can bookmark her blog to check in for now.

      • Mary in Idaho says:

        Thanks, Rhoda. I have several blogs bookmarked already. The “trick” is to remember to check them! I really prefer them coming in my email so I don’t miss anything and it gives them more “views”. I’m not a blogger, just a reader; but your blogs sure make for an enjoyable “morning newspaper”!

    • Hi Mary and thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Sorry it’s not very developed yet as I’m a low tech gal. Please check back and say hello. I really appreciate your kind remarks. Bless you.

  24. You are a pretty person inside and outside. This posting was such a boost to me. I am 76 and my daughters are going through their changes. Lots more things available today to help. But attitude is paramount. You have a very positive attitude and a pretty way of expressing your feelings. Blessings

    • Why thank you, Nancy! Best wishes to your girls as they find their way. You sound like a dear mother who will be of great encouragement to them. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  25. Vicki….I absolutely love you in a hat! So pretty. I would love to hear more about your Fl house….we visit Cape San Blas annually and I am still trying to convince my husband to purchase one….to rent out until we are ready to retire. HELP>>>>>. do you rent yours or own???? if you rent it I would love to hear more!!!!

    PS>…blue is a beautiful color on you!!!!

    • Oh wow! Our house is in the town of Port St. Joe where Cape San Blas is! How coincidental is that? We visited that area in 1992 but the paper mill was there and our boys were little then. We wanted easy access to go karts and hamburgers, lol! So we vacationed in Destin at the same condos for 25 years. It is the fishing that brought us to PSJ. My husband has enjoyed the bay and off shore fishing in the area. We like the slower pace and small town feel. Definitely the “Forgotten Coast” as compared to Destin and Panama City Beach. We don’t rent our house out and have not been there much lately. But I’m so glad to hear you have been enjoying one of the prettiest places in FL over the years. Thanks for your sweet comments. I’m so appreciative of Rhoda giving me a forum to share my heart. Blessings to you!

  26. Vicki…I so enjoy your posts. You are so genuine and have a great positive outlook. I love your fresh style—we dress much the same as far as choosing what’s right for our shape. My weight has gone up and down during the past 15 years. As for The Change…I started in my early 40’s as did my mom and sisters. Sadly, I’m still going through it at 55. I am not only having day and night hot flashes, but all day “hotness”. I took estrogen for about a year a few years ago and it did wonders. I was just worried about the side effects so I stopped. I’m ready to try it again. I am in constant misery. I thank you for really opening up the conversation. We women really suffer!!!

    Jane x

    • Hello Jane,
      I feel like we’re friends! Don’t blame you for stopping estrogen. I’ve not taken it. So sorry you’re suffering. There are a lot of behavioral changes we can make to help manage the misery but I imagine you’ve tried those. Browse over the comments from this post and see what others have used to help with their symptoms. A dear friend told me she had hot flashes in her late 70’s. Oh my! Thank you for the encouraging comments. I’m very grateful to Rhoda for the opportunity to share my heart. God bless you, Jane. May you find what works for you as you work through The Change.

  27. Such a nice article! You look so good and your positive outlook was a real boon to me today:)

    • Oh thank you Suzanne! I’m so glad you were inspired. Rhoda is very gracious to allow me to share my heart with her readers. The encouraging comments mean a lot to me. Happy 4th to you and yours!

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