Feature Friday: Peeking Thru the Sunflowers

Today’s Feature Friday is a really fun one.  This gal, Deserae, who blogs at Peeking Thru the Sunflowers, and I go way back to early 2000, when we were both involved in an online decorating board which grew to about 1000+ members during its lifespan and the décor board, Great Impressions, was one of the earliest forms of sharing pics online.  We all had photo albums and would load pics of our homes, so those years were the early ones for me of browsing all those homes for inspiration.  And we all shared and had so much fun peeking into the homes of all these other women who loved nesting as much as we did.

And that’s really what kick started blogging for me.  It was the next natural progression and here I am now.

So, welcome Des, the fabulous decorator of a wonderful old schoolhouse in Kansas that dates back to 1870 and is on the Kansas Historic Register.  She and her hubby of 22 years have painstakingly restored this old schoolhouse, which was originally a building hosting school and community events, then later turned into a private residence for a family with 10 children.  In 1985, it was converted into a bed and breakfast and then back to a private residence and Des and her hubby bought it and really gave it some love.

You’re gonna love it!  Des’s style has really transformed in the last 10 years that I’ve known her online and she has a wonderful French cottage chic style that she has honed and made her own.  This schoolhouse never looked so good!

Des front door

The exterior front door is charming and all decked out for Christmas.


Speaking of Christmas, you may remember seeing Des’s house in last years Better Homes and Gardens Christmas edition.  I was so excited when I flipped open the magazine and saw my friend’s beautiful home all splashed across the pages.  So happy for her!  The above pic is from the magazine.  Isn’t that just lovely?

Des living room

Back to Des’s living room, it’s a picture of netural grays and whites with minimal accessories, but beautiful.

living room 9

She is an antiquing girl and has spent years collecting her treasures and this house is great for showing them off.

living room 16

She has dogs in her home, but didn’t hesitate to use white slipcovers and wow, is it all gorgeous.

living room8

A picture perfect way of putting things together, Des is very talented.


The den is cozy and casual.

dining room

And the dining room looks like a French masterpiece with the slipcovered chairs and pretty sideboard.

dining room2

Beautiful from all angles.

kitchen 2

Des and her hubby completely remodeled the kitchen when they moved in and it is charming in white.


A beautiful space to cook.


Well thought out and dreamy space.

guest bedroom3

The guest room is fit for royalty with her beautiful antiques and treasured accessories.

guest bedroom4

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this room?

guest bedroom5

Gorgeous and elegant.

master bedroom

The master bedroom is equally stunning and lush.

master bedroom2

I love her bedding and how plush it all looks.  With her darker furniture and light walls, that really draws me in, I love that combo.

master bathroom

The master bath doesn’t disappoint either, with that vintage tile and white beadboard, not to mention the beauty of a chandelier.

master bathroom2

I just adore every bit of this space, especially this unique sink and that gorgeous mirror.

powder room2

The powder room has equal charm.

Powder room

And this house is about as charming as it gets.  Des has been working on her home for years (do they ever get finished?) and I really love what she has accomplished.  It’s truly magazine worthy and I can see why they wanted to feature her home for Christmas.

Hope you got some inspiration and please stop over to Peeking Thru the Sunflowers and look around, Des would love to meet you!

Today, I’m sharing a post all about moving in my new house at Wayfair’s blog, My Way Home, so would love for you to take a peek. 

And, sweet blogger Jennifer Carroll, featured me at her blog too, so wanted to give her a big shout-out and say thank you.  It’s a very nice article about me and my blog.

- Rhoda


  1. Wow, such beautiful rooms, everything looks so cozy and soothing! Have a great day.

  2. What beautiful rooms, and I would love to sleep in that bed. I have to say though, that I would “almost kill” to have an old chest like the one in the den!

  3. All I can say is W.O.W., what a fabulous house. I think I finally found my dream style of decorating! Love it.

  4. Love Des’ style in fact her favorite room is being featured at my blog today, too.

  5. OMG!!! Would you please let her know I’ll be over in a bit with all my belongings! How GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing!! ~Tammy

  6. Wow! I love her house. She is having a good day because I just read about here on another blog. I think her blog will become one of my regular reads. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marie Claire says:

    Rhoda, the Wayfair link isn’t working: “Page Not Found”. I tried it four times.

    Thanks for the lovely post today.

  8. Magnificent! And I just love the history of it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. One of the most beautiful examples of decorating right with white! Absolutely Gorgeous!!

  10. She has a lovely home. Love her style of decorating!

  11. Oh my – I remember Des from ‘Great Impressions’! It all came back as I looked at all those beautiful pics of her home! I can still remember her living room before she went all white and light – it was equally beautiful with the reds in there. Thanks for the trip down memory Lane Rhoda! I have bookmarked her blog and will enjoy following along:)

  12. A really Beautiful Home. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

  13. Now, I get to add to my Home Improvement, 2013 ed. list. My kids will love you…they already think I can come up with more work than 100 people can get done in one lifetime! I happen to subscribe to the theory that busy teenagers make happy parents!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. OMGoodness, what a gorgeous home!!!!!!!!!!! I will definietly RUN over to see her blog! Thanks for sharing her with us, Rhoda. I love her style. It is amazing to me that she can keep all thw white so beautiful with dogs!!! I want to know her secret:) XO, Pinky

  15. This is fantastic. I love seeing Des’s home. I am so inspired.
    Happy New Year!
    xo Nancy

  16. Des has a beautiful home!So wonderful to see it featured here!

  17. Wowza, this is just gorgeous! I could move right in and not change a thing. Thank you for sharing, have a great weekend.

  18. I’ve loved Des’ home since way back when and enjoyed all the wonderful work she and her husband have done over the years. Beautiful!

  19. ADORE Des’ house!!! Perfect feature !

  20. Des’s home is one of my favorites! I love her style and consider her a dear friend as well. She is so talented with home decorating and styling. I love everything she does! Thanks for sharing her charming home.

  21. Such a charming space – thanks for sharing! I’m hopping over to her blog now!

  22. Des’ home is magazine worthy and she is one of the nicest bloggers I have ever met! Thanks for the feature, Rhoda!


  23. Here home is so lovely and I recognized that photo from the magazine instantly! I was so in love with it last year! Wonderful feature!

  24. Des’s home is totally gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more of it on her site. I’m trying to move towards more white in my home but it’s a slow transition, especially with an almost two-year old. Something to aspire to, though. Thank you so much for the shout-out too! So kind!!! Hugs, Jennifer

  25. Des’ home is filled with beauty and wonderful history…such a combination of perfection….I so loved the tour!!

  26. I was on Great Impressions! Lots of inspiration there. Sometimes unnecessary drama. 🙂 But I always enjoyed checking in. I miss seeing some of my favorite homes, esp at Christmas time. I remember Des. Beautiful home.

  27. What a beautiful house… love all of the crisp white, especially that kitchen!!

  28. I love Des’s style and beautiful home!!

  29. The blue table by the gallery wall in Jennifer’s post; was that previously a dark Bombay?

  30. thank you thank you thank you!! I also remember Des’ house back then on GI and missed being able to study her style all these years. Glad to know she has a blog, which I have now bookmarked. Me too, I remember her red dining room (but didn’t we all have a red dining room back then? ; ) )

  31. Hi Rhoda…Just recommended your blog to a friend. First let me say ” Happy New Year ” and thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your home and ideas with us. I so liked that unique sink that you commented on here. First time to ever see one like this. Just wonder where there might be others? Have a good day!

  32. One of my favorite decorators ever! I have followed and enjoyed Des’ style for many years, and was thrilled when she sent me a copy of another magazine her beautiful home was featured in. No matter the season, or evolution of style, her home is always beautiful! And her adorable pups are the perfect accessories- so cute! Great post!

  33. Thanks for sharing her beautiful home! The dining room chairs look like little ballerinas!

  34. Wow! Such a beautiful, serene home. I love everything about it. Des is truly talented. I’m looking forward to checking out her blog and seeing more loveliness!

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