Feature Friday: Primitive and Proper

Today’s Feature Friday is sweet blogger, Cassie, from Primitive and Proper.  Cassie and her family live in Maryland.  I have met Cassie at the Haven Conference and even though we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I know I would enjoy being around her.  She loves repurposing old things, vintage finds, and her home definitely has that collected over time look.  She’s not afraid of mid-century modern, mixed with industrial and more and her home oozes charm and fun.


It’s traditional on the outside, with lots of vintage goodies on the inside.


A welcoming porch.


Spring time table outdoors.

living room

Living room with black painted brick fireplace.  There’s an idea if you don’t like your brick fireplace.


Black backed bookshelves.

living room industrial shelves

Industrial shelving by the fireplace.  Love this!

living room desk

A mid-century modern desk makeover.


Check out that beautiful aqua backsplash! So pretty!

kitchen island

And the industrial island.

kitchen 2

Cute kitchen!


The dining room with those blue and white curtains, so inviting.  And the family dog snoozing is pretty inviting too.

dining gallery wall

Pretty gallery wall.

dining sideboard

Another mid-century modern piece that’s been painted.

master bedroom

The eclectic master bedroom

master bedding

You can see that the space above the turquoise dresser gets changed out a lot.

master bedroom2

guest room

Cozy guest room.

daughters room 2

The daughter’s room is so colorful and cute!

daughters room

And that’s Cassie’s house from Primitive and Proper, I hope you enjoyed the tour today. I thought you’d be inspired by this pretty eclectic home.



- Rhoda


  1. I love the look of this funky décor! She has pulled it together beautifully and it is different in a refreshing way from the status quo. It takes a real talent to pull off eclectic! Thank you for sharing and I hope you all have a Fantastic Day!

  2. Cassie is a wonderful person, just like her home….her home is so beautiful and love her many incredible antiques….often wondered how I could talk her into letting that amazing “antiques” sign come my way!…Such a great feature today and a great home and great person!! Have a great weekend Rhoda…Happy Spring!

    • well shirley, this was about the nicest comment! i don’t think i will be getting rid of my sign, but if i ever do this comment moved you up in the line of people to get it. 😉

  3. Love Cassie’s style, she is so sweet and creative! Thanks for the tour!

  4. Love Cassie and her unique style. She does black and aqua so well!

    • Speaking of proper….”I have met Cassie at the Haven Conference and even though we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I know I would enjoy being around her.”

      Am I the ONLY one who is regularly amazed at Rhoda’s lack of proper grammar and poor writing? Casual, folksy is one thing – poor grammar is another. Would love to see you put more thought into your writing Rhoda. Surely you can find another adjective besides “cute” – you totally overwork the word to describe EVERYTHING!

      One of your blogs said, “ME, my family, etc, went or did….” Am I the ONLY one troubled by the poor quality of your writing? Or has the entire DIY blog world been dumbed down?

    • Not Troubled says

      Since you question “has the entire DIY blog world been dumbed down?”, maybe you’re expectations are simply unrealistic. I enjoy Rhoda’s blog for everything that it is: travel, fashion, home decor. I don’t hold her (or anyone who isn’t teaching grammar and/or writing) to “proper” skills. There is a point where we can enjoy someone’s effort and be grateful, or simply move on to something, or someone, else. There is no need to be unkind. No one is perfect. Quite frankly, if you’re “troubled by the poor quality”, you should save yourself from such troubled times by not visiting.

    • Not Troubled says

      I’ll correct myself, Kate, and save you the trouble – “your” not “you’re”
      Yours truly, Another Imperfect Human Being

    • Sigh…..really, Kate? My poor grammar and sometimes lack of inspirational writing is all it takes to “trouble” you? In that case, I feel for you as it must be hard being the grammar and English police. I’m sure I have made many mistakes in my writing and grammar during all these 8 years of blogging and I do try to correct myself when I see something wrong. But, I hope that most of my readers understand that yes, I am human after all and don’t hold it against me. I do tend to write as I speak and it may not all come out as “proper” every time. That’s me. And I’m pretty sure I have overworked many more adjectives than cute during all these years of talking about decorating, including pretty, gorgeous, stunning, and adorable.

      Thank you, Not Troubled, for chiming in, I appreciated your words.

    • Hmmm, shame on you Kate. You are not nice. Go away, we don’t want to play with you. Rhoda is lovely, whether her grammar is precise or not. Go rain on somebody else’s parade.

    • It’s my understanding, as a published writer, that Rhoda’s blog is a place for “casual” writing, which she does exceptionally well and has achieved a high level of success. When writing creatively one should not feel hindered by a standard of grammatical perfection, rather let the words flow freely. Every newspaper, magazine and book I read has occasional grammatical errors or misspelled words. Personally The Holy Bible is the only work of literature I’ve read that is free of typographical errors. Yes, you are the only one troubled by Rhoda’s poor writing and improper grammar!

    • thank you so much, julia!:) i appreciate your comment!

  5. Cassie has such a unique, welcoming home just oozing with personality! I especially appreciate how she has done so much work herself to make her house into a comfortable home for her family. Thank you for sharing this tour today, Rhoda!

  6. thank you so much for sharing my home with your readers today, rhoda! and thank you for your kind words as well! i’m so honored and excited to be here. have a happy weekend!

  7. I’m a longtime reader of Cassie’s blog and love how very different her home is than most you see out there. I’m so inspired by her!

  8. Melesa Garrison says

    Thank you for sharing Cassie’ s adorable home! I really like her style and appreciate her creativity.
    I can’t imagine what you bloggers have to put up with. I’m thinking that blogging would not be the easiest job, but there are some perks, right? I am so sorry that you were ridiculed by Kate the English teacher…UGH!!! Some people are so RUDE! Just keep on doing what you do best and forget the FUN HATERS! Life is too short.
    God Bless and have a wonderful weekend, Melesa

  9. Hey Rhoda…this is a different Kate here…(I emailed you about painting my doors black and sent you pictures). As I’ve said before, I love your blog and your style. What I haven’t said is that I have a degree in English (so clearly I’m an expert ’bout grammar an’ all) and frankly I can’t think of a better quote for the comments today than the one from the movie, Bambi, spoken by Thumper:

    “If ya can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Kate (nice Kate! 😉 )

    • amen, kate! i was an english major, and i often have typos…. it happens! i don’t have an editor and although i do a quick skim proofread, i don’t always catch everything. but either way, agree with you. what is the point in speaking so negatively and publicly- it only makes the speaker (in this case commenter) look bad.

  10. Segreto secrets says

    What a fun home tour! I love the eclectic, rustic style and the tug in the master is fabulous!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  11. judy Harris says

    Yes Kate you are the only one troubled by Rhoads grammar !!!! But many of us are troubled by your rudeness….maybe you should start your own blog…I’m sure it would be perfect just like you !!!

  12. I agree that Kate was quite rude in how she expressed her opinion, but she did hit upon a pet peeve of mine. Unlike print media, social media does not have copy editors. At least once a day, I see careless typographical and grammatical errors from all sorts of writers – professional journalists to casual bloggers. Please, please read and re-read your prose before hitting the post button. Thank you.

  13. I was so excited to leave Cassie a message about her beautiful space and the lovely vibe that I felt looking at it…..then dang if my bubble wasn’t burst by a beyond ugly comment…..sigh ..anyway, I love the eclectic feel of that space – love it!

  14. I just love Cassie AND her house!!

  15. Love Cassie! So fun to see her charming home featured! She has such a great eye and perfectly captures eclectic!

  16. Janice Vincent says

    Dear Beautiful Rhoda – we’ve “known” each other since before you started blogging (through the many decorating sites)……. Please don’t change a thing about yourself and/or your style of writing…… You continue to offer the gift of honesty – about yourself, your wonderful family, your beautiful home and your many, many friends…….

    I’ve learned and continue to learn about life, love and true happiness from your sharings……. And, of course, I’m one of a gazillion who have a huge affection for your mom & dad…..

    Thank you for sharing Cassie’s charming home…… I live just 50 minutes or so from her (just outside of Baltimore)…… I’m at the beach this weekend so will miss the events but have already sent out emails to friends to head up Cassie’s way in April……. Been looking for an excuse to drive to Frederick for one of those most delicious Creamsicle Milkshakes at the adorable lil place just off 70 on the way into downtown Frederick proper……

    Huge HUGS Rhoda !!!!! xoxo – Janice.

    • Thank you, sweet Janice! Yes, we do go way, way back and I so appreciate your words of encouragement.

    • wow, janice! that is awesome!!!! you must tell me about the place that has the milkshakes though! 🙂 hope to meet you sometime in at sweet clover!

  17. I love Cassie and her style! Her dining room is one of my favorite moody coastal spaces (that’s what I named it away 🙂 ) And aside from her cool projects I just love Cassie’s fun and welcoming personality!

  18. Would like to follow your blog

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