Feature Friday: Remodelando la Casa

Another blogger that I’ve recently run across in blogland is Remodelando la Casa.  Cristina, who lives in Maryland with her hubby and 2 kids, is a major DIYer and you are going to be amazed at all she has accomplished by herself in her home (with a little help from her hubby).  She has a fun modern vibe and it comes across in her decorating.

But the one that made my jaw drop is her kitchen.  Yes, I’ve got kitchens on the brain these days, as you can imagine!  You won’t believe the Before and After on that one.  If you are in the mood for a kitchen remodel and you have builder’s grade oak cabinets, you’ll want to pay attention to the kitchen.


This is her fun and funky family room which adjoins the kitchen.


Through the dining area looking towards the kitchen.


Fireplace in the family room with some modern art above.


Another version of the fireplace mantel.  And now let me show you the kitchen before:

Before kitchen

How many times have you seen this kitchen?  It has to be the most popular kitchen style in the last 15 years.  Builder’s grade oak.  Raise your hand if you have them?  Cristina decided after 10 years of living in her house that she couldn’t live with them anymore, so she took her DIY skills and transformed that blah kitchen into this beauty.


Big WOW now!  You will not believe all the changes she accomplished in here herself.  Here’s her entire kitchen remodel post.  You have to go and look at it all.  I’ll wait right here!


She built her cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, added moldings, painted them all, built a range hood, built in the fridge, painted the island and added the marble backsplash.  All herself!  Now that’s impressive!  Here’s the post on her entire kitchen renovation cost breakdown.  She did it all for just over $10K and it looks like a million now.  Check out that fab lighting too.


Dining area is really pretty and elegant.


And her laundry room is so cute and perky.  Who wouldn’t want to do laundry in here?


Another neat project that Cristina accomplished was taking her old builder’s vanity and turning it into this open shelving beauty.  She explains that on her blog too.  Lovely!


She also added paneling to her tub which gives it a real custom look.

orange cactus logo

I’d say that Cristina is one smart mama to do all of these projects in her home.  Stop on over and say hello to Cristina and take a look at the entire kitchen renovation.  It’s amazing and you’ll come away as inspired as I was.  Kitchen updates make such a huge difference in a home and since I started my kitchen renovation, I’ve been extra interested in seeing beautiful kitchens and how they are put together.

- Rhoda


  1. Absolutely adore this place. So impressed by the end result of the kitchen and only 10k spent! She obviously know exactly what she’s doing, a true pro.

  2. Great!!! another blog I’m gonna be addicted to—haha! I can’t wait to have time to look at her kitchen remodel. Love the lighting above the island and the modern art above the fireplace. Am planning to re do my fireplace and get rid of the ugly green granite surround– I like hers with the neutral colored tiles!!

  3. I love Christina’s colorful sense of style! When someone has a laundry room as fabulous as hers, you know the rest of her house will be equally amazing.

  4. What a spectacular home. I just adore your blog, Rhoda! You are truly a generous blogger – no wonder everyone loves you! Thank you for taking us on tours of other wonderfully creative homes. I wish I lived closer to you. I need your decorating eye!

  5. Rhoda- Thank you so much! It is trully an honor to be one of your Feature Friday blogs!


  6. I will definitely be swinging over to Cristina’s blog to have a closer look!! Very talented for sure. I love a great kitchen makeover. Another builders grade upgrade I have come across recently is at Just Beachy. Talented DIY’rs like these ladies are a real inspiration. Not to mentioned the truly inspiring work you and your parents have been doing at your place!!

  7. Love, love, love Christina! Truly one of the most talented bloggers we’ve seen in awhile and super sweet as well, which makes her a true gem! Perfect feature Rhoda!

  8. Wow, what a great transformation! The kitchen looks fabulous! She’s very talented and has a great sense of style!

  9. I love the way she brought so much light in, and the ceilings look so much taller. I recently bought a house and started redoing my kitchen, but I am hesitating on countertops, which I know will bring the whole room into focus. I am seeing the white coutertops everywhere, and I love them, but I just wonder how long they will be cool? I know my hubby won’t want to redo them again in ten years. Any thoughts?

  10. Wow! I have those same ugly cabinets…wonderful inspiration!!

  11. WOW!! I’m impressed and yet another blog I will add to read!

  12. Rhoda, I just became aware of this blog this week, and now you’ve featured her home. I love her sense of style and the modern vibe. Her kitchen redo is amazing!

  13. I am running right over to seit ALL!!! Great feature! XO, Pinky

  14. Her kitchen renovation is absolutely amazing! And the fact that she did it herself for $10k? Major bonus! Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Ah! 99.99% sure that we have the same old fridge and stove (plus the standard oak cabinets). This house is so sexy. Love the unexpected pops of color.

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