Feature Friday: Shelli at Alamode Maven

I’m constantly amazed at the number of new decor bloggers that I stumble on, on a regular basis.  Many of these young and talented women are stay at home moms, taking care of their kids and decorating their homes in a creative and stylish way.

Who needs design magazines so much anymore, with the wealth of talented bloggers out there!

Meet Shelli from Alamode Maven, a new stay at home mom of a precious little girl.  She worked in the Corporate world, but now is mom and decorating maven in her home.  Shelli has created a beautiful and thoroughly modern home, with style in spades.

Wait til you see it all!

We’ll start in her girly-girl office space.  Shelli wanted a space to call her own and I’d say she scored big time with this luscious office space 

Who wouldn’t want to hang out in here?  Me me!

I love the shots of aqua and pink in this real space for chilling.  Peaceful and serene too.

A view of Shelli’s very pretty kitchen and I love her hardwood floors.  Perfect dark stain.

The breakfast nook is just adjacent and is a lovely spot also.

Shelli’s got some mad photography skills too!  Great job with the photos.

Her dining room looks like a shot out of Traditional Home.  Not too stuffy, but just right.

Check out those huge windows and the coffered ceiling.

Keep Calm and Carry on.

Cozy family room looks very inviting.

I love Shelli’s use of color and texture too.

And of course, you will all love the master bedroom.  I noticed that her wall color is Comfort Gray, on the same Sherwin Williams color strip with Sea Salt, which is all over blogland these days.  I can see why!

This is a luxuriously beautiful room.

Anyone who uses lime green and black so successfully in a baby’s room is a friend of mine. I still love this color combo which I had in my old office nook.

It looks so fresh and appealing here in her baby’s room.

And here’s the bundle of joy at Shelli’s house!  Isn’t she adorable?

What did you think of Shelli’s beautiful home??  I could definitely feel at home there.  It’s a traditional, yet modern feel and I was blown away when I saw her pics.  Lots of creative ideas to glean from Shelli’s home. I just love seeing real life homes, don’t you?

I hope you’ll go on over and say hello to Shelli. She just started blogging this year.

- Rhoda


  1. LOVE this house…her taste is impeccable and it flows…seamlessly from room to room. Good Job!

  2. Shelli’s home is absolutely amazing!!

    I am especially inspired by her incredible dining room. This is a look I might be able to do with the farmhouse table. Thanks so much for featuring Shelli’s gorgeous home.

    PS:Rhoda..have you heard the Blogger news? They are having major problems and deleted all the posts and comments from Thursday, on Blogger hosted blogs, apparently! It is set at read only but no posts. I saw some early posts but nothing since they shut things down.

  3. hi Rhoda, Wow, is this girl talented. She could easily go from corporate girl to designer. I love her style, so modern in a traditional way. This is a look I would do if I could start all over, but way to many collections later to change styles now. Glad your settled and back in the groove with the blog.
    Great post. Hope your weekend is great………


  4. Hi Rhoda-

    I stumbled upon upon Shelli’s blog a week or so ago and loved it. She evokes what I love to see – style, but real life and not too over the top trendy. I love her little scooter blog button too – cute and stylish!!!
    My best- Diane

  5. This is just the inspiration I was looking for to purge and start fresh with my home.

  6. Hi Rhoda,
    Just a beautiful house. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    On my monitor the Comfort Gray has a blue cast to it. Is that just the lighting? I am not a gray person and it looks blue to me. I want to see the Sea Salt color but have not made it to the paint store.


  7. Shelli’s home is fabulous! She has great style.


  8. Beautiful taste. I think good taste is in your DNA. It can’t be taught.

  9. Such beautiful inspiration rooms!! I’m helping my daughter to re-do her home and it is so much fun!! I’ll have to show her these pics!!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I will definitely check out Shelli’s blog.

  11. Rhoda, Shelli’s house is so pretty. The girly office is my dream!!! I love it. Thanks for posting the inspiration because I am trying to design an art studio that is pretty (it will go in my living room which is in the very front of my house).

    Ricki Jill

  12. This is just perfection…so nice of you to find and share some inspiration for the day…so many things I would love to do here

  13. I stumbled upon Shelli’s blog a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with her style! Everything looks and feels so clean yet inviting at the same time. She is one talented lady 😉

  14. Rhoda, thank you for the beautiful feature of my home and for all of the kind words- you have sweet readers too! I am honored to be part of your awesome blog for a day =) *blushing* xoxo Shelli from a’ la mode

  15. I love her style and her home! That coffered ceiling is gorgeous, makes a REAL statement! Love her dining room too! Thanks for featuring her. XO, Pinky

  16. Is the bedroom really comfort gray? It looks so sky blue here, but the paint chip is very gray/green and doesn’t seem blue at all. Just wondering before I paint 🙂

  17. Just love it all…. I really need some of her talent….


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