Feature Friday: Toni’s 1890’s Historic Home in Morgan City

Lauren’s Aunt Toni on her father’s side of the family lives in a historic 1890’s home in Morgan City, LA (edited to add they actually live in Berwick, right next to Morgan City). I visited this house back in the 80’s, way before I appreciated older historic homes and all the details they provide.

It was fun to go back again and see it with fresh eyes. I appreciate her age a lot more now that I’ve got a little age on myself. 🙂

It’s a picturesque home sitting in a quiet neighborhood.  Toni and Dale, her husband own a local florist and are well known in their community.  They have spent a lot of years lovingly restoring and filling this beauty with antiques. Isn’t it pretty?With a welcoming front porch, the home beckons guests inside for a sweet Southern visit.Geraniums flank those vintage green shutters on either side of the door.Inside,a gracious foyer welcomes you inside for a visit.They have used lots of floral wallpaper and sweet patterns throughout the house and it feels very much like it would have in the olden days.I loved this pretty bird painting hanging over the sofa.Her hubby collects crystal decanters, displayed prettily on this foyer table.Large master bedroom used to be a parlor, but was expanded for practical use. Very spacious with the tall ceilings.

The bathroom has high and airy ceilings too, with this armoire anchoring it.Another bedroom across the way.Here’s the formal family room or study, which just feels like the sort of room to sit and sip coffee or tea perched on a pretty sofa or chair.One entire wall is beautiful wood bookshelves, full of books along with the fireplace.We sat in there, visiting and having dessert and coffee.  Lauren’s Aunt Toni passed on a whole box of beautiful family heirloom glass pieces that came from both sides of their family.  Precious and priceless, what a thoughtful gift that was.  Lauren was delighted, as she loves these pretty old dishes.Toni is telling her about each and every piece.  You can see Lauren’s enraptured face taking it all in. Toni brought out this most beautiful china coffee service and we all had steaming hot coffee. Along with that delish King cake.  You know about King cake right?  That’s about all I knew about Mardi Gras was the King cake.  There are all sorts of varieties and this one was fabulous, filled with pecans and cream cheese.  Oh my heavens, was it good!Toni’s sweet kitty was happily napping on a nearby stool.The dining room was beautiful with it’s dusky blue walls and antique pieces.I’m sure there are plenty of family heirlooms in here too.A beautiful sideboard on one wall of the dining room, filled with beautiful treasures. We stood in here listening and talking.The kitchen is open, bright and airy.  Really nice space.With a huge window over the sink.An island and plenty of storage.  A dreamy kitchen for sure.Being a florist, I’m sure there are always fresh flowers around their house.Just a marvelous space to enjoy.

Outside this pretty sunlit hallway is the back door leading outside. To a beautifully bricked patio space, along with a small pool.A gorgeous backyard perfect for entertaining.Next door is a shotgun house that they rent out.  I love how that pretty old church looms over the fence in the background.

You know what a shotgun house is? That’s one more thing that I’ve picked up over the years.  A shotgun house is very narrow and it is said you could stand in the front door and shoot a shotgun right out the back door.  Thus, a shotgun house!  It sure is cute.These pretty trees were just beginning to open their delicate pink blossoms.  We call these tulip trees in Georgia, but I don’t know the proper name.  They sure are gorgeous, I’ve noticed many of them opening up their cute faces all over town now.

Small towns definitely have their appeal.

So, I hope you enjoyed the tour of Toni’s beautiful historic home in Louisiana.  They are wonderful people and I’m glad Lauren has them in her life.

- Rhoda


  1. Wow – absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these photo’s!

  2. What a sweet little tour & a beautiful home! I’ve never been to that part of the country & your pictures show what I had imagined. I’ve also enjoyed your posts about going to your niece’s bridal showers. Our neighbor has a tulip tree & it usually blooms in April, so you can tell we have a ways to go before we enjoy the beauty of Spring. I can’t wait! I don’t often comment, but do follow your blog & enjoy your posts. May good things come your way! Blessings…

  3. Love that front door, and especially those shutters!

  4. Oh My! … I swoon!

    Can a northerner swoon??

  5. My jaw just dropped, Rhoda! What a post!!!!

    By the way, I hope you have a tremendous weekend! Have fun, have peace and be happy!!! 🙂

    Drop by to laugh a little with my “Cool or Fool” Fridays, ok? I hope to see you there!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. oh Rhoda!!!! My mouth is hanging open!!!!! This house is amazing!! Just beautiful, comfy, etc. etc. those shutters by the front door are something else . thank you so much for sharing with us!!! Also, thanks to Laurens Aunt Toni !!! 🙂

  7. That house is beautifully decorated! The tulip tree’s real name is a Japanese Magnolia. I love the way they start to bloom when everything else is still brown and dead….. I have one in my yard but it’s the late blooming variety. It’s all budded up and about to show me what it’s got any day now…

  8. Rhoda,

    Thank you for the tour of this fabulous historic home! It’s very deceiving. From the exterior, I never would have guessed it had so much room. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a grand entry and staircase! So happy Lauren is getting some family pieces and their history for her home.

    Your Friend,

  9. I truly love the china. I would love to have a set like that!

  10. Very pretty. I could hear the stairs creaking in one picture and the church bells ringing in another picture. Very pretty house, and those dishes what a treasured gift for your neice.

  11. b of brisvegas says:

    How wonderful that their love and respect for that house turned it into the most beautiful home! It’s so lovely when you see people who are true to a house and don’t try and take it in a different direction and make it something that it’s not. Lovely photos Rhoda – thanks for sharing……B:)

  12. I agree that the church looming next door is absolutely lovely. Such a wonderful home in a beautiful setting!

  13. What an amazing home!!!! What a lovely time you must’ve had!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a gorgeous old home. I love the porches, kitchen, and garden. They just don’t build ’em like they used to!

  15. Glenda Harder says:

    What a gorgeous home! Lauren is a lucky girl to start married life with beautiful family heirloom dishes.

  16. Rhoda, thanks for the delightful tour of the historic home. Oh MY, so many beautiful rooms. Wow, your niece is one lucky girl, getting beautiful heirloom china for her wedding gift. Enjoyed the tour……….

  17. Oh my goodness I have fallen in love………….with this house!!!!! I love it all, especially the kitchen and the yard! Oh!!!! Thanks SO much for sharing it. Love, love it! XO, Pinky

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! My two favorite things though would have to be the shutters by the front door and the view of the church over the fence.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful.

    • I agree with Kat… seeing the church over the fence is soooo neat. Do they have church bells? My sister use to live right next door to a church…looked very much like this one… any ways at 12:00 we new what times it was! When I would visit… and not be usued to it… I would jump out of my skin! Have a great week! Nancy from OHIO

  19. Thanks for sharing your trip to see your niece. I loved all the photos and hope you will share the wedding photos,too!

  20. Shirley says:

    Rhoda, I enjoy your blog. Like all the home tours, such as this one. Happy Wedding Day To All!

  21. Sally Bennett says:

    Dear Rhoda,

    Again, thank you for sharing so much of your family’s photos. You and your family truly exemplify classy southern ladies. This home is breathtakingly beautiful but I have trouble reconciling the outside appearance of the house with the interior. The contrast is jaw-dropping. The backyard is also gorgeous; a little bit of heaven on earth. Blessings to you, Rhoda and best wishes for your future.

  22. I love to step back in time! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home inside & OUT!

  23. Kathy :) says:

    I came by to wish you a happy week-end Rhoda……

    What a fantastic post….lovely old home….!!! I first heard about shotgun houses when we went down to Key West. I just love hearing/learning about new things…..

    I loved your post on the cemetary also, I happen to love going through them, I took my daughter into Boston for a week-end her Jr. year in college, we went through the cemetary where John Hancock was buried…..and Paul Revere to name a couple……so interesting she loved it too.

    Thanks for taking us along…. loving these posts….

    xo Kathy 🙂

  24. Kathy :) says:

    ps I was over at Debra’s I saw that her Mum passed away FYI

  25. Hi Rhoda,
    What a gorgeous historical home, the entry way is such a surprise. From the outside I did not expect to walk in and see that magnificent staircase! Every detail is wonderful eye candy.
    Thanks for the tour.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. What a lovely, gracious home. I enjoyed the tour! Thanks so much for sharing with the beautiful pictures!

  27. Maria Teresa says:

    Dear Rhoda,
    What a treat! I was totally transported to the past and left dreaming of kinder times more than a hundred years ago! Thank you so much for inviting us to this family tea, I felt like a guest next to “y’all”
    Have a beautifull weekend!
    Maria Teresa
    (a southern girl from South America, freezing in Wisconsin!)

  28. How much fun was this? WOW! Like everybody else…. my jaw dropped at the first picture, and stayed there!delightful and lovely in every way! What treasures of memories and heirlooms Lauren will have.So glad you were able to be there, and to share these beautiful pictures.
    BTW, as a teen in Lafayette, I walked to work ( organist at the 1st Presbyterian church) which was just 2 blocks from my home, and I looked forward so eagerly to the beautiful blooms covering a huge old Japanese magnolia- which for me marked the coming of Easter…. and my favorite season of the year.

  29. Nancy Gallagher says:

    That was absolutely breath taking! Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing….plus…how are you going to pass up those delicious desserts your Mom makes…and her good ole home cooking?? Nancy from OHIO

  30. Gorgeous home! I love the island in the kitchen.

  31. This is an amazing house! I didn’t expect it to be so formal inside — nor for it to have such high ceilings. Almost feels like an old Brownstone in NYC to me. And that decanter collection…and the amazing candelabras with them…LOVE.

  32. Linda in Tulsa says:

    Rhoda, Loved this post – I look forward to all your posts. Hope everything is going smoothly with your upcoming move.
    Take care.

    Linda in Tulsa

  33. Wow! What an amazing home.

    I loved seeing these photos Rhoda. Gorgeous!

  34. Very familiar with these 2 towns, as I have alot of relatives that lived in Morgan City/Berwick, and also my Father is buried in Berwick,LA.
    Have always loved the older homes, so beautiful and welcoming.
    This home is just absolutely beautiful, they have such a wonderful home!

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