Framing those Boring Mirrors

Now you don’t have to live with boring builder’s mirrors with no molding. You can DIY your own with lightweight molding and corner blocks. No mitering the corners!
framing mirrors

The mirrors are finished and ready to share so get settled in for LOTS of pics. I’ll try to answer all your questions with pics and instructions, so that all of you can try this at home. I learned again the best way to do this and I think I have it fine-tuned now. I’ll cover it all below in a bulleted list so that you can see all the instructions in one spot. Here’s all the materials being painted. I bought 2 sets of fluted molding. One was real wood and one set was that composite stuff. I’d highly recommend you go with the composite stuff, as it is flat, lightweight and easy to work with. So, keep that in mind. I had some problems because one piece of the “real” fluted molding was slightly bowed. But, I conquered it and made it work. That hideous purple color was a free can of spray paint I got & used as primer. I found the real fluted wood at one Lowes and didn’t see the other composite stuff until I went to another store. So, look around and get the already primed lightweight stuff. Lowes should have it! IMG_3948

Here you can see the white primed lightweight molding. This is what you want to look for at Lowes or Home Depot. It’s all in the decorative wood section, as well as those corner rosettes. I used black for one bathroom and my trusty Ralph Lauren Turret Stair in the other since I have already painted my vanity in the dark chocolate brown color. IMG_3950

My miter box comes in handy for cutting molding like this and I plan to put it to use in the dining room too. The composite molding cuts like butter, very easy.


OK, several of you asked about the clips on your mirror. Here’s something that you need to check first. Take out the screws which are holding the mirror in place and see if there is extra mastic or adhesive on the back of the mirror that will still hold it up if you take these clips off. I found that one of mine was stuck with some adhesive on the back and one was not. This is where the Liquid Nails will come in handy. I simply took off both clips on the one mirror, leaned the mirror towards me and shot Liquid Nails all down the back of the mirror, pushed it in place and put the clips back up so it could all dry for at least 24 hours. I checked it the next day and sure enough, it was adhered just fine. So, that’s how to get around the clips. They can definitely be taken down.


You may have a slotted little clip at the bottom of your mirror. You can see mine is pretty corroded and not very attractive. This is flat enough that you can just cover it up with the molding, no problem at all. If you have another kind of holder on your mirror, you’ll probably have to take it off. It’s really not a problem to put some adhesive behind your mirror to hold it up. You can see my backsplash of cultured marble comes up to this point. The molding will rest right on top of this.

framing mirrors

You’ll end up with 4 pieces of molding and 4 corner blocks like this. This is the black set.


And this is the brown set. You will want to paint both front and back and ends of the molding pieces.

framing mirror with wood and corner blocks

Now, here’s the bathroom I started in and started out using Liquid Nails with tape added to hold it down. That was a disaster as I said, because some of the “real” wood was bowed and didn’t want to stay down very well. I left it overnight to dry and Liquid Nails takes quite a while to completely dry, so parts of it were coming up. So, I resorted to my hot glue gun on those pieces and it worked like a charm. Should have done that to begin with, but I learned a new lesson on that. Now, just let me tell you this, once you put that hot glue on BE SURE that you get the molding exactly in place the first time. It dries in about 5 seconds and YOU WILL NOT be able to get that piece back off. I learned that the hard way too, after I put in that bottom piece and didn’t have it set exactly right. I had to practically get a crowbar to get that thing off the mirror. It was stuck SO hard on there, so that will tell you that this stuff is not going to come off with the glue gun adhesion. Trust me on that! IMG_0715

Here’s the BEFORE of the downstairs mirror. Plain ole’ mirror. Wall color in here is Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray. Took me 3 tries to get this exactly the way I wanted it. I love this color! It’s not quite as gray as it looks in these pics. It’s a soft blue with a touch of aqua.

framing mirror with wood and corner blocks

Doesn’t that look completely better? I think so. framing mirror with wood and corner blocks

Closeup of the corner piece. IMG_3963

If you end up with a small gap, all you have to do is add a little caulk in there, let it dry & touch up with paint.


This one has a few blemishes & if I had it to do over, I would NOT have used the real wood on this. So take that as a lesson. Use the lightweight white primed stuff. Much easier. This pic looks like there are little specks all over, but it’s really not. You can see a little spot of Liquid Nails that shows through on the edge in the mirror peeking out from behind, but since I’m not a perfectionist, I can live with this. If you’re careful and paint the backside of your molding the same color AND you don’t spread too much hot glue, you won’t see any of that.


Another shot of the new molding. And while we’re at it, I’ll show you more of this bathroom, which many of you have already seen, but I have a LOT of new readers now who may not have seen it all.


Here’s my yardsale shelf that I painted black to hold all the pretties in here. This bathroom is right next to the new blue guestroom. IMG_3980

Someone asked about the side view of the mirror. Here’s what that looks like. You can see blue paint on the edge of the mirror from when I painted the room, but other than that, it looks fine from the edge. I’m actually going to take a small brush and go over that mirror edge with my black paint & it will disappear.


Molding closeup. I went back to Stray Cats on Friday and they had the cutest beadboard hook board just the perfect size for my bathroom, so I picked this one up for $32. I love this little thing, so cute and vintagey. I had to add these pics in too.



I’m playing around with my accessories in here, so some of that will probably change later. IMG_4042

Don’t you love it?


So, now we move upstairs to the gold bathroom.


Here’s the before of my upstairs bathroom. I’ve showed you this before, but I did a few more pics today since I have my newer camera. The wall color in here is Sherwin Williams Camelback, one shade darker than my Whole Wheat most everywhere else upstairs. That’s my $10 light fixture I found at a yardsale (still brand new in the box). Not exactly what I would have picked out at the store, but it was sure better than the Hollywood light that was up there before. I’ll change that out again one day to something a little less tropical, but I’ve enjoyed it for a couple of years now.


Another lesson learned is to start with the bottom of the mirror to put the first pieces up. Figured that out after I started, so YOU get to do it right. That’s because you have more wiggle room at the top of the mirror than you do at the bottom. Make sense now?


Here’s the whole bathroom.

framing mirror with wood and corner blocks

Doesn’t it look SO much better all framed out? I love it. This is the Turret Stair color.


And I’ve got lots of leopard print in this bathroom.


As well as black iron.


My mom made my black floral shower curtain topper and window treatment several years ago and they still work, so I haven’t changed them out.


Small iron bakers rack in the tub space with hubby’s reading material. 🙂


A couple of yardsale vintage prints on the wall.

And back to the sink side with the new mirror. I just love it!



Yardsale shelf with mostly yardsale items on here. I’ve got a couple of palm tree things in here, but I’m not really going for all out tropical and I’ll be changing out some of this stuff one day. I’d like to do a little spruce up in here now that the mirror’s framed.


Closeup of the molding.

framing mirror with wood and corner blocks

And here’s the vanity that I painted right after we moved in here. This was white laminate and I primed and painted it with 2 coats of Turret Stair. Look how purdy it looks now with the matching mirror. Whoohooo!

So, I’ll outline all the steps here for you to use when you try this at home:

  • Buy the lightweight white preprimed molding and corner pieces. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Check to see if your clips are holding up your mirror. If they are not, you can safely take them down. If they are, add some Liquid Nails behind your mirror to adhere it to the wall , let it dry at least 24 hours, and THEN take those clips off.
  • Measure your molding pieces before you paint. You’ll just need to measure your mirror EXACTLY from side to side & top to bottom to get the dimensions. Subtract the corner piece measurement from that total and you’ll see how long to cut the wood piece. My corner pieces were 3 1/2” wide x 2, so I subtracted 7” from the total measurement to see how long to cut my 2 top pieces and 2 side pieces. Are you with me on this? It’s simple math and I’m not a math whiz. So, cut your 2 top pieces and 2 side pieces and get them ready to paint.
  • Paint all the molding and rosettes first, including the backs, sides and ends.
  • Start at the bottom of the mirror and add the first corner piece. Just line it up exactly with the corner of the mirror so it is all flush. Get your glue gun ready, shoot the glue & get it into place FAST. It dries really fast!
  • Add the long piece next side to side, just don’t get too much in a hurry, make sure you line up your molding and have it ready to put into place immediately.
  • Add the next corner piece. You’ll have a little bit of give in your measuring if you start at the bottom, go across and then go UP.
  • Add the 2 long side pieces next.
  • Add one rosette at the top, then the next long piece, and finally finish off with the last rosette at the top. You should be able to get most of them all lined up and may not even need to caulk. If you do, that’s not a problem at all either. You may have a few spots that need touching up with paint, so do that last.

So, that’s it! Hope you can follow all these directions and using the hot glue gun is really fast and easy, you just have to be a little careful with slapping those things into place too fast. Cost on this is very reasonable. I used 2 fluted molding pieces at $10 each and 4 each rosettes at about $3 each, so that’s about $32 total plus tax. Great cost for a low-budget makeover and not having to take down those huge mirrors.

I’d love to know if you are doing this, so please come back and show me YOUR finished mirrors! Once you do one, you’ll be hooked!


- Rhoda


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    So glad ya'll are liking it too! So much better than plain mirrors, don't know why it's taken me 3 years to get this done. Now I'm moving on to the DR!

    Kathy, that stuff might be called MDF, but the MDF I've worked with before is very heavy (since it is composite wood). This molding feels almost like foam in a way, so whatever it's made of, it's much lighter than wood & stays up there so easy.

    The paint I used on the vanity is Ralph Lauren Turret Stair (found at HOme Depot), I did have that in my post!

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    Thanks again, girls! I'm so glad many of you are inspired to try this yourself. I went back by Lowes & the primed molding is called MDF, so just look for all the white molding in one section. It's much easier to work with than real wood is. I do think those corner pieces are made out of some sort of heavy foam, they are very lightweight.

    Molly, when I click on your name, I can't see your profile to find your blog!

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  97. Martha (aka Yvette) says:

    wow that looks awesome, I have four bathrooms with large mirrors like that,,,,,I love this..I need to try it 🙂

  98. Do it yourselfer says:

    This is fabu! I love it and can’t wait to copy your great idea! Your bathrooms are beautiful!

  99. They look fabulous! Great job.

  100. Andrea at Opulent Cottage says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic! I have needed to do that to our mirror…. for 23 years now! I kept thinking that we would take it down, but I can tell you that it’s not coming off of that wall unless it’s in shards… Thanks so much for showing what an easy project this can be, and now my mirror won’t be in a landfill in a jillion pieces.

  101. Sandi McBride says:

    Okay Rhoda, now you really know how to dress a bathroom! I’ve been contemplating taking out the double sink vanity and the huge mirror and replacing it with a pretty little one sink vanity I found at Lowes, getting rid of the huge mirror (can you say wall to wall? Who wants that clear a vision of oneself in the wee hours of the morning…I have considered covering it with a blanket and telling everyone I’m sitting Shiva for my former self). I’ll let you know how it turns out, because after seeing the glam bathroom you’ve turned out, it makes it imperative I get started!

  102. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    I am definitely going to try this!

  103. Great job Rhoda! I’m constantly impressed by what you do – and that little multi-colored beadboard hook is calling my name! 🙂

  104. You did such a nice job – it looks terrific!

  105. I love the blue with black accents! I’ve been looking around to try to find blue and black together…I just painted my room blue and wanted to use all of the black accents I already have. It looks great together! Thanks for the inspiration!

  106. Cote de Texas says:

    Amazing! they look so beautiful, not sure which bathroom I like more. I’ll go with the blue, that’s my favorite color. You make this look so simple, that I want to try it tonight!!!

    And Happy 2nd Birthday – you must be about 4 or 5 months older than me.

  107. Laura @ the shorehouse. says:

    Oh, YAY…I love this project!! If only the frame could also get rid of the “Broadway starlet strip o’ light bulbs” (you know those ugly light fixtures of which I speak!) above my mirror, too. 🙂 But that loo is in our rental, so I think we’re stuck with it. Alas.

    Your bathrooms are lovely…I wouldn’t mind being trapped in one they’re so nice!

  108. Hi Rhoda! I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for such a heart-warming comment. I never imagined I would meet such nice people when I entered blog land a few months ago. Your words were very much appreciated.

    Love the bathroom makeover. The mirror looks great. You have a talent.

  109. Sarah Schneider says:

    I love the blue bathroom! The mirror frames are fabulous! Totally inspired me! I have been wanting something newer than the standard mirror they put in when building!
    Maybe I can get your advice. I have a creamy yellow bathroom with black, silver, white things and multi-plaid shower curtain with red rug on a wood vinyl floor. Hmm…???

  110. I have one word for your project. . . .GORGEOUS!! I love it!!

  111. Both bathrooms are just perfect! I have been wanting to do a frame around my mirror for ages, but I have an outlet right on the mirror…anyway, maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days! You know, Rhoda, I really appreciate you! You are always doing these wonderful projects, and you take the time to share your fabulous ideas with the rest of us! Thank You!

  112. Rhoda that is the exact thing I told Bill I wanted to do to our bathroom mirror….they turned out great…thanks so much for posting this and for all the step by step & tips…I am definitely doing this!

  113. Looks FABULOUS Rhoda!

  114. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says:

    Wonderful job Rhoda! Great instructions as well:) Your bathrooms look so pretty, your hard work has paid off!

  115. I showed these to my husband. He already has everything, so we’re set and ready to go! I’m excited!!! Thanks for sharing!

  116. sparkled*life says:

    Note to all builders **please put frames around those mirrors guys**! I did this same thing for my girl friend not to long back! It is amazing what a little paint and trim and do for a mirror 😉

    Blessings on you!

  117. I am so happy that you posted this! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I told dh yesterday I was going to email you to get directions on your mirror trim and now I don’t need to. I painted my vanity this weekend, barn red, and added the hardware yesterday. I am replacing the top with granite so the mirror trimming should wait until it is installed. Gotta choose the granite today or tomorrow. I removed the big mirror in our hall bath and didn’t want to do this in our master so this is perfect idea. You also helped me in another way. I wasn’t sure what color to paint the mirror trim. I was thinking to match the vanity but thought that might not look right but your black/brown looks fab. Thanks so much

  118. SHURTER'S :) says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, we are in the middle of a bathroom re-modle! great ideas, thanks! 🙂

  119. Rhoda,what a great post,this is something many will be doing for sure.Great tutorial as always,Have fun at Blissdom,Kathysue

  120. You are awesome Rhoda. You have inspired me! You can do anything. Love your blog.

    Elizabeth H

  121. Orange Peanut says:

    Can I use your bathroom? So cute! I love them. I also love your blog – I’ve been a fly on the wall for about a year. Thanks for all of your great posts!

  122. Misti of Studio M Designs says:

    Hey Rhoda~ You know I was just fixing to head over and ask where you have been, (thinking that I was following you) and that you haven’t posted in so long, and then I figured out that I am a total goofball, and am not a follower! Shame on me… you’ve already done the mirror post and I was waiting on it to jump onto my dashboard! Crazy me… Anyway, love the mirror tutorial! I want to find some moulding just a bit beefier, but I love what you have done. I like everything big and heavy! Can’t wait to try mine. So are you saying to not use the Liquid Nails at all, go glue gun all the way???

  123. You should be drawing a salary for all of the great educating you are doing … many, many thanks!

  124. I have the big mirrors, but the light fixtures are in the mirror. i.e. They are the bar lights as in a dressing room which have been mounted into the actual mirror itself. Do you think this will still look o-kay?
    I LOVE this idea.

  125. I think I might just try this in the kid’s bathroom!
    Thanks for the instructions!

  126. This looks FANTASTIC. I predict that a lot of people are going to frame out their bathrooms mirrors. I’d love to do this, but my main bathroom is in a garret and the mirror is built-in and triangular, but I am certainly going to keep this in the mind for the future and print out these wonderful instructions. Beautiful job, Rhoda! You are such an inspiration.

  127. SoBella Creations says:

    The mirror looks amazing. Love the blue color of the bathroom.

  128. So THIS is the post we were discussing Friday night in y’all’s room! I LOVE it! I have a huge mirror in my master bathroom that has needed molding around it for years and I’ve been too afraid to do anything with it because I didn’t want to mess anything up! This, I can do.

    I so enjoyed getting to know you a little this weekend. I can’t wait till next year! I’ll actually go to the conference then! : )

  129. Jennifer and Michael says:

    well, i tried this over the weekend. my glue gun didn’t keep all the pieces on the mirror — but i think i know the problem. i think i sold my big glue gun in a yard sale, so i only had my mini one. it didn’t get the pieces hot enough and they weren’t long enough either. so i’m going to try it again over the weekend. however, that being said … i defintely like the look! thanks for the directions!

  130. LOVE this idea! I meant to comment when I originally saw this post, but didn’t manage to. Just wanted to come back to say thanks – and let you know my husband framed all three of our bathroom mirrors this weekend. They look great!

  131. It’s just gorgeous. I am wishing we had larger mirrors, but we have medicine cabinets with decent mirrors on them…and since we rent…not doing much.

    Now, are you using a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss black? I took the leap week before last and painted a small bookcase with a high gloss black. It goes into the loft to hold videos and the game cube. I have to find more storage for videos upstairs and downstairs. I do have a little wicker table that belonged to my grandmother…in the midst of being painted black also…it’ll be in the loft also. Question is, do I use high, semi gloss or matte black? Older sister thinks I should use matte, I’m leaning more towards a semi or high gloss. She forgets that I still have 3 kids at home and need to be able to clean up. I figure I can always put a matte finish on it later.

    What do YOU think?

  132. I have been trying to figure out how to do this on our giant mirror…can’t afford to take it down and buy new, but I CAN do this. Thanks for such specific instructions.

  133. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I have been wanting to frame my bathroom mirrors for forever! Your post will be a huge help! Thanks for the detailed information!

    Your mirrors look GREAT!

  134. Thank you so much! The mirrors turned out great. I’ve been looking for a safari looking mirror for the baby boys’ room so maybe I could create something like this for them. I’m excited!

  135. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I am going to try this very soon! I would love more information on how you primed and painted the laminate cabinets. Any special tips on doing that?

  136. Jennifer and Michael says:

    Okay, I’m frustrated!! I’ve done this twice now, and both times after a few days, the molding fell off the mirror. The rosette pieces are still firmly in place, but the longer pieces fell off. What do you think is the solution?! I guess I may have to resort to liquid nails, but i was really loving the easy and quick aspect of the glue gun!!

  137. Thank you for sharing this! A friend told me a while back that I should do this instead of changing out our HUGE bathroom mirror and you gave me the courage to do so. However, I would like to share that hot glue won’t hold the fake wood. I just did my mirror last week. The good news is that gorilla glue did the trick. The hot glue worked wonders on the corner pieces I used, since they were real wood. Thanks again for sharing!

  138. Hello,

    I just read through all 138 of your comments hoping that my question was already answered (lol) but I couldn’t find anything on the topic. How would you have completed this project if you had a medicine cabinet to the left of your mirror? I’m afraid that if I add the molding to the main mirror and leave the medicine cabinet as is, it will look funny. Any suggestions?

    Great post!

  139. Hyrum and Elsie says:

    Amazing decoration! I will make sure and check out your blog often! Thanks for the ideas! I’m gonna go and do the same to my bathrooms, get rid of those ugly, huge, and boring mirrors!!

  140. Farmgirl Paints says:

    Love this post. I think every one who has builder mirrors has wanted to do this. So thank you for the great post!!!

  141. how did you paint your vanity? did you do the inside of the doors? I have a white marble counter and a big ugly mirror and am thinking about doing this same type of thing to my bathroom. I love the black cabinets. How did you do it? Please share! fnegbert (@)

  142. MamaBear91 says:

    Love, love, love this idea. I like the way that you gave the before/after pix so that we can view the difference that the molding makes. Just showed my DH and we are planning to do this project in our bathrooms! Thanks!

  143. Thank you for this great tutorial! We’ve got the same set up as you- 2 bathrooms with 2 giant ugly mirrors! Have been trying to decide what to do with them- this is perfect! Thank you, and thanks to Tip Junkie for the link!

  144. Hi, I am am new to your post, in fact new to all of the wonderful blogs that I have found! Where have I been? I think I was up all night since I discovered yours!! I was just thinking about my awful, plain bathroom mirror a day ago and could not believe that I found this idea of yours! I had an idea, but the hubby will see how it is possible and how worthwhile it will be! Thanks! May I send you a pic to help me out on color?
    I will again be up all night reading right here!

  145. michellejohnnie says:

    I will totally do this at my house. Thanks for the Tutorial. I linked to it!

  146. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    Thank you all for stopping by from Tip Junkie! Nice to meet you & I hope you'll stick around for a lot of fun projects.

    Nan, you can definitely ask me about your mirror color, I'd be glad to help! Make yourself at home & thanks for following.

  147. Anonymous says:

    I did this to my bathroom and my pieces just all fell down. What kind of glue gun do you have? Maybe mine isn’t good enough. Thanks.

  148. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    HI, Anon & others,

    I've heard from a couple of you who had trouble with the hot glue gun sticking. I'm not sure what the problem is with yours, as mine worked fine. Is your glue gun a larger one with large sticks. That's what I have & would suggest that. Mine is a HOT temp glue gun too. I had no problem at all with gluing the MDF to my mirrors, but did have a bit of a problem with the REAL wood, that's why I'd recommend using MDF only.

    If you do have a problem with the hot glue gun, I'd tell you to scrape it off & use Liquid Nails for small projects. It comes in a small tube & is very sticky. If you press it down with the glue & use blue painters tape to hold it in place til dry, it should hold just fine. Either method will work!

  149. I posted on April 19, 2009 5:01 PM, and had the problem with the boards falling off. I went to Lowe’s and got a good glue gun , the kind that takes the longer sticks and voila it’s staying up.

  150. The Neppers says:

    Incredible change. I love it! Great idea Rhoda!

  151. Rhoda,
    Thanks so much for sharing your project “Framing out the Mirrors.” That is exactly what I want to do with my big mirrow. And now, I have the exact instructions what to tell my husband and Lowe’s. Now there should be no excuse for not doing the project!!!!

  152. I did this same thing with my old house as we were staging to sell. Not knowing if they would want to use the same colors I found a great idea on HGTV! I used larges self-adhesive velcro squares to put my moulding up. It held really well with 4 or 5 2″ squares on each piece of moulding. Just an idea if you think you might want to repaint or are a little scared you might not get it exactly straight the first time!

    • Thank you mombrud for posting this tip! I just found this blog and have been wanting to do this to my mirror for a long time but I am renting an apartment and didn’t want to do anything permanent. I will be trying the velcro!!

  153. Thank you! A few years ago I bought molding to make frames for 2 of my bathroom mirrors. I tried to used metal brackets to “build” the mirrors before I put them up and then didn’t know what to do with the metal brackets on the mirror or the metal brackets that hold our mirrors up. And… I didn’t know how to hang them. So, after years of sitting in our garage I threw them out. Our house will be going up for sale this spring so you’ve just added another “to-do” to my list. Thank you!

  154. Hi Rhoda!

    I was seeking ideas of framing out our mirror when I found your blog several weeks ago. Your blog gave me the confidence I was seeking to jump right in and tackle the project, so thank you!

    Here’s a link to our blog and our play-by-play of enhancing our mirror!



  155. Catherine Wright says:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and really love the great photos and information. You have a great design sense. I love the colors you have chosen. Very lovely home! Thanks for the inspiration.

  156. Dear Rhoda, Not even sure how I arrived at your wonderful blog…..was searching for some sort of “dress-up” for my new home’s big ugly bathroom mirror. I came upon your wonderful step-by-step tutorial….and then realized it was YOU….Rhoda of GI fame! So glad I found both.
    Thank you for helping me to transform my bathroom. Looking forward to a nice cup of coffee and a long morning of reading your great blog.
    Many thanks, Rosa

  157. Hi there! Love your site and love this tutorial. I’ve been wanting to do this to my mirrors for a few years now but wondered about the little things (like clips, glue options) etc. Thanks for your amazing and complete attention to detail. I’m a new follower!

    All The Best,


  158. Karon Hughes says:

    Fantastic – I have been searching for days on how to do this. Its fabulous and so easy – will definitely be doing this. All I need now is for hubby to go away for a few days and I’ll get it done !!! Thank you so much I have added your site to my favourites 🙂

  159. Amber Purvis says:

    Love it! Could you tell me, what was the name of the black color paint you used?

  160. Hi! I just found this tutorial, and just redid my bathroom in a similar way. I wanted to let you know that I linked your post on my blog – yours gives some of the best advice and how-to that I’ve found! Thanks!

  161. Karen Smith says:

    Thanks so much for posting this Blog.. My husband and I just completed our mirror…. Thanks for all of your information….

    Karen Smith

  162. Love the mirror frame job’s. I have been thinking about doing just this. One thought, can you use velcro to put the frame up or would it stick out to far from the mirror?
    Second, I have an ugly builders grade white laminate vanity in 2 of my bathrooms, is it hard to paint them and do they look good when finished? Brush or spray?

    • Hi, Barb, I haven’t tried this with velcro, so don’t know if it will work correctly, but it just might! Yes, you can definitely paint laminate cabinets. I painted mine & you just have to prime well and paint with 2 coats of latex paint. They now have primers made for laminate (slick surfaces) so look for one of those & you will not have a problem. I used a small foam roller and small angled brush on my cabinets& they looked great.

      • Great! Now I just have to decide what color for the vanities! My bedroom is BM Muslin and I think I am going w/a very light blue/gray for the master bath. I have such a hard time w/choosing paint colors. There are so many I like. Thank you for the info
        I love this site!!

  163. Michelle heffernan says:

    Rhoda, love this and finally am getting ready to do it to our bathroom. For the vanity where you used turret stair, did you use semi- gloss? Thanks, Michelle

  164. Hi Rhoda awesome! Please let me where you got the paint for your cabinets. Turret Stair ? I read your post before this one. I am new to DIY so can you tell me if Turret Stair is a color.

    • Rhonda, Turret Stair is a Ralph Lauren color & I got it at Home Depot. I think they discontinued RL at the HD, but check with them & see if they still have the formulas.

  165. Nancy Williams says:

    I Loved this Idea & my hubby did it for me in a day~

    Great Idea Thanks ~~~~

  166. It’s gorgeous – you did a great job!!!

    Is the molding and corner pieces stuck directly on the mirror or to the wall??

    • Janice, the molding & corner pieces are glued directly to the mirror face.

      • Jennifer McGregor says:

        Could you frame a mirror without putting the moulding directly on the mirror? I don’t want to lose size.


        • Jennifer, I don’t see why you couldn’t, but most mirrors have walls on either side, so you might not have the room. I guess it just depends on how your mirror sits on the wall if you have the room or not. Most mirrors are so big that it doesn’t lose much mirror at all to frame them out, not to mention it sure looks better.

  167. How did you hang the mirror?? Thanks!!

    • Debbie, my mirrors were already up, but when I took down those clips, I used Liquid Nails for mirrors on the back. Easy and it sticks well!

  168. Rhoda, this post and all of your photos were so incredibly helpful. My husband and I accomplished this project on our guest bath mirror this weekend and were given so much insight from your helpful tips, photos and suggestions. Thank you so much for inspiring us to try something new!

  169. Linda from Metro Atlanta says:

    WOW! I am ready to get started with mirror frames for both of my bathrooms. My home was built in the early 1980s – so you can just imagine what the mirrors look like (big ‘ole ugly things with no personality). Your photos and step-by-step instructions are so helpful, that I might just be able to do it all by myself with a little help with my hot glue gun. Thank you Rhonda for the tips, motivation and inspiration.

    • Mine are just like that. My house was built in 1990, which doesn’t seem that long ago but the style has totally changed.

  170. Hello Rhoda, Please can you tell me where you purchased your trim and corner blocks! I have been to Lowes and to Home depot but can only find a little of the trim and none of the corner blocks. Your bathroom looks great! I have just moved into a new house and just decorated two bathrooms and framing out the mirrors would really finish them off. thank you, Lynda

    • HI, Lynda, it’s been awhile now, but I did get those blocks at either Home Depot or Lowes, can’t remember. If you can’t find them there, do a search online at They have a lot of wood items and you might find them there. Sorry you couldn’t find them at your local stores.


    • Sorry, Gisele,you’ll just have to figure that part out if it’s not in the bathroom. I would think it would work the same way if you wanted to frame a mirror on the wall on top of the mirro.

  172. Rhonda,
    I framed out my mirror this past weekend using your directions. It turned out AMAZING!!! I was so pleased with the results. Thank you. My bathroom looks soooo much better!!

  173. Rhonda,

    I should have added that I found everything I needed at Lowes. The corner pieces and trim.I used the composite like you suggested.

  174. Adrienne says:

    Hi Rhoda,

    I will be trying this on our newly remodeled bathroom. We have been trying to think what we were going to do with that ugly mirror. Question, where did you get that shower curtain?! I have been looking all over for one just like that and I can not find it ANYWHERE!! Please do share!

    • HI, Adrienne, that shower curtain is from Ballard Designs & is not bad at all in price. I think you’ll love doing this molding on your mirror!

  175. I was wondering what the name of this color in the bathroom is. The blue one.


  176. i did this last year for my bathroom mirrors! i find it so much easier to put the corner medallions up first and THEN measure between them at the top/bottom and the sides instead of measuring and subtracting. and i saved more money by cutting my molding in the store – home depot – instead of buying a miter saw and box. and i left the molding white to match my cabinets saving time not having to repaint them.

  177. Stephanie says:

    I love what you have done with the mirror remake. I have a large octagonal off white laminate mirror from the 80s. Would like to paint and update possibly by adding interior molding and with colors like black/gold, copper or silver. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Stephanie

  178. Thank you for your simple and easy to follow directions. I did this today, and I love the new look!

  179. Add extra back on to the lengths of wood since the squares hang over the edge of the mirror! I had to caulk a lot! I might have to redo some of mine :/.

  180. Thank you so much! Found you on Pinterest… have been trying to figure out the best way to do exactly this. You make it looks so easy! I sure appreciate the clear instructions and all the pics… love what you’ve done. Going to copy! 🙂

  181. OMG this is beautiful… just like the rest of your work though so I’m not surprised : )

    I so want to do this in our house, but I have a question. We have the builder basic oak (lighter orangey/blonde stuff – HATE) and I don’t want to make the boards match that, so would you think it’d be okay to make it match my wall color for a striped bathroom? It’s two different grays. If it’s best to match the wall color, which color would you go with, the lighter or darker stripe color? Thanks so much!!!!

  182. WOW!! Just finished mine and it’s beautiful! Thanks for your easy-to-follow instructions!

  183. Hi, your bathroom inspired me to start my own right away. I have a wall to wall mirror like yours and I was considering to bring it down like I did in the Master Bathroom (before I read this!!), I thought of framing the mirrors but always thougth it was going to be hard and neither my husband or myself are handy at all. I would also like to paint my white formica cabinets as well, should I use the same method you used for the laminate? Please let me know. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Ileana, if you are painting your laminate cabinets, be sure to prime with an oil (or shellac) based primer, then you can paint latex over that. Needs to have sticking power & the oil based will do that.

  184. I really love the border around the mirror. I have been trying to come up with something. I saw this idea before but didn’t know how it would look since my mirror is right up againistthe wall. But the way you have done it, it looks great!

  185. Thank you Rhoda for this very detailed post! I’ve been looking for ideas on how to frame out my boring builder mirror. I’ve not wanted to commit to one of the package kits. I love how your mirrors turned out! This will be my next project! I may even paint my cabinets after seeing how great yours turned out! Thanks!

  186. Oh my gosh,…I wish I would have seen this before last week. I used the preprimed/stained pieces of molding/trim, which my bf and I used the mider saw on, it took forever to make the angle cuts. The last piece was too long,..but one hour later, we thought we fixed all the other angles. Too top that,..liquid nails would not hold the trim pieces to the mirror,..they kept on falling off. I cleaned off the mirror, went to Home depot,..bought “goop”,.per the expert. Tried that,..and it didn’t work. ( my lightweight pieces were also warped a bit,..) So ,..maybe after a few months,..or next year, I thought I would try it with the real wood pieces.( and no mider !!!) Ugh!! Yours looks great though.

  187. great tutorial. have had this on the agenda for awhile, so am going for it now. have painted the counter top in master bath and it looks good. now to the main bathroom and the mirror in there, then the vanity. thanks for the inspirations… deb

  188. Hi what paint color is the cabinet and mirror frame?

  189. Just thought I’d let you know that rubbing alcohol is GREAT at removing hot glue. I ran across a video on instructables a while back showing it and I now keep a bottle with my craft stuff.

  190. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I’ve been wanting to do this for along time but was hesitant, mainly it was the clip issue, but you have answered all those questions. Now its time for me to get to work on those ugly mirrors 😉

  191. WOW –what a great idea! It’s inexpensive, but yet adds such a face lift to the space! Nice work… I’m definitely going to be doing this to my mirror!

  192. Thank you so much for sharing! Both bathrooms look really nice and the one where you painted the vanity has such a nice, finished look! I, too, have wondered how to overcome the clip issue and it was holding me back from doing anything. You solved that plus adding other tips on getting everything to come together right. Questioned the composite molding compared to wood… I know which one to get! Thanks again!

  193. First of all, thank you. I had already planned to do this to 2 bathrooms in my house–but I was just going to miter the corners. The corner blocks look so much better than the miter cuts would. I am excited now. Thanks again :D.

  194. Well, I have saved every website that had a ‘how to frame your bathroom mirror’ tutorial on it and yours was the first that makes me feel I could run right out and do it. There are no angles to figure out and it looks tasteful too! This will be the framing that I will be doing. Thanks!

  195. That is absolutely gorgeous! I am so inspired to frame my bath mirrors…I have hated them since I moved into this builder’s spec home. This is something I can do myself!!! Love, love it!

  196. If you use liquid nail to adhere the mirror to your wall, will it come down if you ever decide you want to remove the mirror?

    • HI, April, it might damage the drywall a bit, but it should come down even with Liquid Nails with some tugging. Most of the time, these mirrors don’t come down, so I didn’t worry about that.

      • Thanks, Rhoda, for such a prompt resonse. Yeah, I don’t really foresee my mirror coming down either. Although I have thought about replacing it with a large framed mirror I already have. I live in a mobile home so the walls aren’t quite as strong. Therefore, this would probably be better. It does look fantastic how you did it, great job!

  197. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions. Everything worked out perfect except the composit molding didn’t hold with the hot glue. Decided to head to Walmart and pick up some liquid nails. While in the same aisle I found Locktite tape, which holds up to 100lbs. So we shall see how well it works!!! Thanks so much!!!

  198. alicia eshenbrenner says:

    Thanks for your knowledge! We did this yesterday and it looks amazing! Only had to buy the wood and only spent $32. Huge improvement! Again, many thanks!

  199. Thank you for this! I just wanted to say I really like your site here, and you are one very creative woman! 🙂 Thank you <3

  200. Thank you so much for this idea! The hot glue only held for a couple of weeks, so I will be trying some liquid nails next. But overall, this project was a HUGE improvement to my bathrooms!

  201. Any idea’s for renters to do something like this. We are a military family and always moving see haven’t bought yet, but I would LOVE to do something like this spruce up our rental.

    • HI,Ashley, if you wanted to try this, you could get doublesided tape (the thick foamy stuff) and see if the lightweight wood pieces would stick up with that. Then you should be able to take it down later.

  202. Beautiful! Now all you have to do is paint the door black! Thanks for all the photos.

  203. did you have to sand down your cabinets before painting over them, or do any other prepping?

  204. Julie Robinson says:

    I framed my mirror today. It looks wonderful. I might try to paint my cabinet next weekend. Thanks for the great idea!

  205. Janet Dozier says:

    I have done this to several mirrors. I used the light weight stuff from Lowes. If you have to leave the mirror anchors on, just notch out the back of the molding, it’s kind of like foam so it’s easy to do. I also used E-6000 glue to put the borders up. As you said, paint a little on the inside because it will reflect in the mirror and put the adhesive on the outer edge of the molding so it won’t show.

  206. I have an unframed, just clipped,antique round mirror (40″ diameter) hanging in my dining room. I seasonally decorate it with a swag garland on the top but want something permanently to cover top arch as the silvering is worn off. Any ideas?

    • HI, Lynn, a round mirror would be a challenge and I can’t think of any way to frame a round mirror.

      • Mary Lewis says:

        You could make a frame out of that plastic board stuff that is kind of like cardboard and make a mosaic or tile or marbles or something like that that would match your room.

    • I just saw something for a rope mirror you color the rope and then glue it along the outside looks nice

  207. hey Rhoda!
    i have been wanting to do this forever, but i didnt even think of the pretty corners…you are so smart! thank you for sharing!

  208. I love the corners and makes this project so much simpler than anything I have seen so far. I have been searching for ideas on what to do with my plain mirrors. I will be adding this to my to do list for 2013 but will bump it up to the top of my list. Thank you so much for sharing. My cabinet is natural color. Although I absolutely love the black, I’m thinking painting the trim white would be the most versatile color?

  209. kirsten M says:

    I just discovered your blog via Pinterest. You have such wonderful and beautiful ideas. Framing my bathroom mirrors is one of this week’s projects and your directions are fantastic. Thank you!

  210. Thank you so much for sharing your project idea. It looks great and is something I should be able to do without much trouble. I am going to be putting my home up for sale soon. My master bath has upgraded tiles with marble listello inlays and a frameless shower door, but my bare mirrors (like the ones you had) look out of place. Now you have giving me a very affordable answer to my problem.

  211. Rhoda, you did great on your parent’s bathroom remodel. I’m confused or misread your article. I could have sworn that you said the vanity had an aqua countertop but I could see no evidence of it; did you paint it? Another question is why would you use throw rugs in a bathroom for Sr. Citizens? I live in a Sr. Citizens community of over 8500 residents and I hear about so many falls on throw rugs and see a lot of arm casts from falls.
    When you painted the molding on the mirror frame, did you use a semi-gloss or gloss paint? Love the shiny finish. I have saved this post because I want my handyman to frame my builder’s mirror if he can when I replace the existing 1970’s vanity which I think might be fiberboard.

    • HI, Betty, you are on a completely different post from the one I did at my parent’s house with the aqua countertop. That’s another bathroom.

      My mom puts down rugs in her own bathroom and they do not slide on the tile, they have never had a problem with that. Their tile is not shiny.

      I used a satin paint, if I remember right on the mirror frames, but you can use whatever you like the best.

  212. I have some square mirrors I would love to re-use, but the edges are beveled and I’m not sure how this would work. What do you think?

  213. I love your mirrors! You have inspired me. When you said you used a glue gun…are you talking about a craft type hot glue gun or is there a more “industrial” type glue gun? I had heard to use Liquid Nail, but it sounds like the glue gun may be a better choice. Thank you for your help!

    • HI, Kathleen, yep a craft glue gun is what I used. You could also try liquid Nails for Mirrors, that should work too. But, the glue gun grabbed well for me. Just try it out and see which one works best for you.

  214. I am a little concerned about the liquid nails sticking the mirror to the wall. What if you have to take it down some day? Wouldn’t that tear up the wall and/or break the mirror? Just wondering if this can ever be removed with out damaging the wall.

  215. I have a large mirror I would like to frame. My mirror has star holders, 4″ from from top and side of mirror, in each corner. How do you cover these? Any suggestions you have would be great.

    • Hi, Kim, can you see if those stars are actually holding up the mirror? If you take them down, you could then add Liquid Nails for Mirrors on the back of the mirror to hold it to the wall instead of the star holders. Other than that, I don’t know of a way to cover them since they probably stick up and would get in the way of the wood.

  216. Thanks for sharing this idea! I have been searching for the rosettes like you used. I found 2 at my neighborhood Lowes and they said the company that makes them is out of business and the 2 I bought where the last ones in the country. Lucky me, I need 4! I have a wide mirror in my master bath that I plan on using the 3 1/2 inch trim, but in my hall bath, the mirror is narrow. It is 42 inches tall and only 33 inches wide. So Im thinking the 2 1/2 inch trim might look better? Thoughts on that?

    • Hi, Melissa, I think you could go either way on the trim. I personally like chunky trim, so the wider would be fine with me.

  217. What a wonderful tutorial. I can’t believe I can do this with a hot glue gun – amazing! I have two questions for you. Does the lightweight molding look like wood or plastic? Are the corner pieces made out of the same lightweight material? Thank you so much for the great idea!

    • Hi, Carol, those corner pieces are the lightweight stuff and all of that looks like wood when it is painted.

      • Rhoda,
        Thanks for your quick reply! I am going this evening to buy my supplies! I’m so excited! I have one more question, though. When you hot glued the long bottom and top pieces, did you apply the glue all at once or did you have to do it in sections? I was wondering if the glue would cool before I got the whole strip completed and put onto the mirror. Thanks again, Rhoda! 🙂

        • Hey, Carol, you will need to hurry and glue one strip at a time, because you won’t be able to move it once it sticks to the mirror. At least that is what it did for me. So yes, one long strip at a time, try to get the glue all along the strip. Be sure and put it down below where any of the glue will be seen in the mirror reflection too. Don’t put it too high.

  218. Thanks Rhoda, as I googled for trimming out mirrrors your tutorial inspired me to tackle my two bathroom mirrors. Perfect summer weekend project. I’m so excited. Your tutorial was so descriptive and helpful for every step of the project. Can’t wait to install the pieces! So glad to have found your site. Blessings!

  219. Hi Rhoda,

    I have a huge antique mirror that I would like to frame. We have stucco walls and the mirror is not hung yet. Will liquid nails work on this very heavy mirror on very textured walls or should we stick with mounts? Thank you

    • Hi, Lindsay, I am not sure what to tell you, I would ask some professionals on that, maybe ask at Home Depot or Lowes. I would hate to tell you something wrong.

  220. Hi, i was wondering what color you used on the walls in the gold bathroom? Thanks 🙂

  221. I have a recessed medicine cabinet that I would like to frame. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work, do you?

  222. Just created a frame for our boring giant mirror following your instructions — Awesome change! We were going to mount a large new framed mirror, but it became a hassle trying to anchor it into studs which were not in the optimal place, so we went to Plan B (which was my husband’s Plan A, he now reminds me) after finding your site with easy instructions and fantastic photo array. Now we have a beautiful, large, framed mirror and it only cost $39 all-in (the new framed mirror cost $160 — returned it)! And we have some molding, corners, and paint left over for a matching hand towel holder — inspired by your more colourful one. THANKS for sharing!

  223. Mary Lou Adams says:

    I have a question, you said when cutting your pieces of wood you subtract the size of the square pieces but I thought it looked like the four pieces intersect. In that pic where you show that you might have to caulk between the square piece and the frame. Are the squares not glued to the framing pieces. Thank you for your help. This looks great and I can’t wait.

    • HI, Mary Lou, yes the corner square pieces are glued in just like the rest. You just need to make sure you measure the wood to fit inside each corner piece.

  224. In the past when I have had a “hot-glue” boo-boo, just take a hair dryer and heat up the area where you want the glue to release, and wa-la, it comes un-glued. Hope that helps, love your ideas.

  225. Mary Lou Strock says:

    Thanks for your wonderful idea. I just did two mirrors for my brother and sister-in-law for their Florida condo in one evening! Looks fantastic and it was so easy…my DIY vacation project…thanks for your step by step tutorial!

  226. I used liquid nails and my frame in both bathrooms have fallen down. Thinking it is because of the humity from the shower. Anyone experienced this? I may try hot glue at this point but wondering if it will hold up!

    • HI, Eva, a couple of my pieces fell down with hot glue and I ended up using Liquid Nails for mirrors. I know something will hold it up, so don’t give up!

  227. Thanks for the great how to! I did two very large mirrors last year after reading your post and learned a few lessons myself. 1. Hot glue didn’t hold my fairly light composite wood pieces up, and that was in a powder room with no humidity. I ended up using Scotch Indoor/Outdoor Mounting Tape. I just cut 2 inch pieces and placed them about a foot apart. The molding won’t come off unless you REALLY want to pry it off. 2. I didn’t realize there was a liquid nails specifically for mirrors, and got what I thought was the correct one. It wasn’t, and the mirror is being desilverized. So be sure to get the proper liquid nails!

    • Carrie, thank you for posting this. My hot glue failed me too! Went to bed with everything looking great only to find it all hanging by strings of glue in the morning. Is the scotch mounting tape still holding up for you? I think I may need to try it out. Thanks!

      • Sorry you girls had problems with the hot glue. I wonder if it is a difference in glue, maybe hi-temp vs. low-temp or something like that. My hot glue stuck so well on most of it that I couldn’t even pry it off. I’m sure you’ll get it to stick!

  228. Vanessa Maddox says:

    Love it. You have inspired me into action….doing it this weekend. Thank you!

  229. I loved your choice of rosettes, but cannot find them anywhere. Neither Lowes or Home Depot carry them. Have you seen them anywhere else or know where I can find them? Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Mary, I bought those so long ago, so I’m not sure. I bet you could find some online if you do a search. Rockler is a good online site to check out for things like that.

  230. Hi Rhonda,
    This is a GREAT tutorial! I am working with a local contracting company to build a blog and online presence for them. I am writing a post on updating a bathroom EASILY with paint and a little molding. Instead of recreating the step-by-step instructions I will link to this post for how to frame the mirror. Thank you for the great information!

  231. Fantastic instructions on this project.
    We’ll be finishing our second mirror later this week.
    Thank you so much, R!


  232. Jalene Buysman says:

    I found your blog on pinterest and decided to do the mirror in our guest bathroom. Like you said I got the white lightweight molding and painted it black and it turned out beautiful. Later I went ahead and painted the cabinets black also. It looks terriffic! Thanks so much for this wonderful idea.

  233. Hello, love this idea. I have a master bathroom with two mirrors that angle into each other. Any ideas on what to do where two mirror meet? How would the rosettes work? Thank you for any reply Heidi

  234. Barb Meyer says:

    where did you get your corner casings or corner blocks? Love your idea!!
    thanks, Barb in Colorado Springs

    • Barb, I got them at either Home Depot or Lowes, it’s been awhile and I don’t remember. You can find those corner blocks online too, so check around.

  235. I an in the process of redoing my guest bathroom. It looks like I’ve painted mine the same color as yours. I had bought 4 molding strips, real wood, and 4 corner pieces just like yours. I primed and painted the pieces a dark gray. I wasn’t sure of the right begin putting the pieces up on the mirror so I Googled and found your article. I am go glad I did!! Wish I had known about the composite molding but I’ll try to use what I’ve got. Thanks for all the tips! Love your bathrooms especially the “towel rack”.
    Pam Taylor
    Pink Hill, NC

  236. Fantastic tutorial! Love the detail in the steps! I’m waiting for mine to dry. I can’t wait to put them up!!!! I need a tutorial detailed to distress a frame and armoire. I want to do 3 colors. Blue Green and yellow. Do you do that?

    • HI, Donnice, thanks for stopping by. I don’t think I have a tutorial for what you’re looking for, but I’m sure you could find something out there.

  237. Denise Buff says:

    I’m pretty sure I understand but just to clarify you glued the molding to the mirror?

  238. Susan Payan says:

    I just seen your pics on southern hospitality and that is exactly what want to do with my bathroom mirror. My concern is that in one bathroom one side the mirror is all the way to the wall and in my other bathroom both sides are at the wall. how do I install the frame on that side.

    • Hi, Susan, not sure how to answer you, but my frames sat right on top of the mirror so I would think it would work whether or not your mirror went over to the wall.

  239. Brenda Hustedt says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful job. Have a question, On River Cliff Cottage, you mentioned using 80% Loctite Go2 glue and 20% Hot Glue. Did you apply the Loctite first and the the Hot Glue on the entire width of frame to glue frame to mirror?or Did you just use the Loctite to glue mirror to wall? I know you said you used hot glue for temporary stay and Loctite for long term stay. I hope this isn’t too confusing.

    • Brenda, trying tho think back to when I did this project. It’s been so long ago now. I started with the liquid nails stuff first and it didn’t hold well since it had to dry. So I think I used hot glue to hold it in place along with the liquid stuff and the hot glue held it permenant after all.

  240. Tawny Smeltzer says:

    Thank you so much for your post! We used Liquid Nails and are having trouble with the pieces bowing at the ends, so frustrating! So we’ll let them dry with the painters tape and secure the bowed areas with super glue! Thank you so much for your help!!

  241. It’s been 8 yrs. since you posted this article. I truly love this idea. My bathroom is about the same size as your downstairs bathroom. I am going to do this and send you a picture of it when I’m done. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

  242. Rhoda

    Thank you so much! I was scared at first to attempt this but now I am so excited! Thanks for taking the time to share your journey and trial and error stories with us also! Great job


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