Fresh Greens Mantel in Silver and White

Welcome to the 2nd annual Holiday Home link party!  I’m covering mantels this year and I’m SO happy you stopped by! Don’t forget that next week, my friends, Kate and Sarah will also be hosting Holiday link parties.   Kate’s up next Monday, sharing Holiday crafts and Sarah will be showing off her Christmas tree on Wednesday, the 14th, and you are all invited to link up as well, to show off your Holiday home!

This year, I helped my sister do a little decorating at her house.  It’s driving her crazy not to do the total explosion of Christmas that she normally does, but that will have to wait til next year.  She’s getting ready for a party this weekend at her house, so getting the mantel festive and pretty was on the list for us to tackle.

I decided I wanted to do a big white urn with paperwhites and the rest of the inspiration came from her shopping trip to Homegoods for most of the rest of the pretties that made up this mantel decorating.  She got 2 large apothocary jars with lids that I filled with pretty shiny silver and mercury glass ornaments. She picked up some silver angels and other mercury glass pieces to fill in all the rest and we were ready to get started.  Silver, white and green are our colors on the mantel.

I’d like to show you what a plain fake lighted garland looks like on a mantel without adding anything to it and then what a difference it makes to add fresh greens.  I’m a huge fan of cutting the fresh stuff:  magnolia, cedar, pine, holly berries, there are so many possibilities growing outside this time of year, so we took advantage of that.  We drove around and found plenty of fillers to add the wow factor to this garland, so come along and see how it turned out.

mantel in progress

We started with a plain fake lighted garland, which you can find anywhere. I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of these hanging around too.  We began adding the larger main pieces to balance things out.  The large urn in the middle was a stand in until I could bring over the big urn with paperwhites that have been growing.   They aren’t quite ready for their photoshoot, but we do have a couple of blooms popping out.

full mantel with 3 wreaths

Here’s the finished mantel, looking all cheery and happy with the addition of my 2 moss wreaths that I made last year, a fake wreath in the middle with silver accents, and the rest of the mantel is glass, silver and mercury glass pieces.  Sparkly and shiny, it comes alive with the light of the garland bouncing around all that silver and glass.

See what a difference all the fresh magnolia makes.  I’ll show you some closer shots too.

3 wreaths mantel

All you have to do is cut and poke these in place.  The fake garland holds everything together just fine.  Cut and poke!  Easy peasy.  Those are the two moss wreaths I made a couple of years ago.

fresh greens

You can see the 3 fresh greens I used on the mantel:  magnolia, pine sprays and the softer feathery cedar, all found nearby. These textures add so much to a mantel and fake garland. The fake is just a good base to start with.

Merry Christmas mantel

I added this vintagey glittery Merry Christmas that I picked up at a thriftstore a couple of years ago.  Wonderful greeting for guests.

fresh greens mantel

Glass, silver and mixed greens, it’s a great combo this time of year.

paperwhites with ornaments

The paperwhites should all be blooming in a few more days.  I added these sparkly tiny mercury glass ornaments to the base and love the effect. My sis found these at Homegoods too.  They are so cute!

mantel and white tree

Here’s the view from the side of the mantel looking over to the huge white and silver tree we put up also.  I’ll show you that in another post.

mantel with fresh greens paperwhites

Right side of the mantel. You can see the large glass lidded jars are full of pretty and sparkly ornaments too.  I love the simplicity of just piling in ornaments in glass or a beautiful bowl.  We also wired on some silver ornaments to the garland too for a bit more sparkle and shine.

mantel with magnolia mercury glass

Mercury glass is so pretty and appealing and I have fallen for it big time, as has my sister.

paperwhites bloom

Paperwhite blooms are just coming out.

hurricane mercury glass

I added my large hurricane to the coffee table with some additional huge mercury glass balls.

multi color tree in foyer

In the foyer coming in the door, we placed my tall prelit tree that I got from Ballards two years ago, full of the multi-colored ornaments I used last year.  I love this happy colorful tree!  That Saturday Evening post print of my sister’s really adds to the spirit of Santa.

console table silver

Her family room console table holds a bit more sparkle and shine on burlap.  Just a little more Christmas!

Thank you so much for stopping by the mantel party and I hope you got some inspiration this year from my sister’s mantel. We sure had fun putting it together and I think it turned out spectacular!

Feel free to link up YOUR mantel too! The more the merrier.  Isn’t it fun to hop around blogland and see all the beautiful Christmas decorating that is going on now?  That’s the fun of blogland, all the inspiration.

You can use the button to link back or a simple text link will do, but please do link back on your mantel post, so that everyone can find the party too!  

I’ll also be linking up to my friend, Beth’s mantel party on Thursday!  Stop by and get in on her party too!

Also, Julia from Hooked on Houses is having her annual Christmas tour, so I’m joining her too. 

- Rhoda


  1. I’m so excited to see all the decorating! I love your paperwhites! I planted some amaryllis bulbs, but they aren’t blooming yet.
    Thanks for hosting Rhoda!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Your mantel is looking so festive! I love your color scheme. Thanks for hosting! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. hello rhoda!

    your sister’s mantel is so pretty. i love how you added all of the ornaments in the garland & the glassware. so festive. these parties are always so fun. they are one of my favorites to go through & visit.

    thanks for hosting. have a super day.

  4. This is gorgeous Rhoda!

    I added a link from the hearth room which has a sort of rustic vignette on the mantel.

  5. Rhoda,


    All linked and linked back – even if it is really early for me! Ha!

    Love how you showed the garland in its plain state and then to see how pretty it became. Everything is really lovely – I love the color palette.

    Thanks for hosting, excited to be here for the mantel party this year.

    Take care, Laura

  6. Thanks for hosting Rhoda. What a gorgeous Mantel. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  7. Gorgeous mantle! Love your soft colors and shimmer of silver! Merry Christmas!

  8. Rhoda, you and your sis have outdone yourselves again! I love it all especially the touches of mercury glass. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Thanks for hosting the party, Rhoda. The mantle you created is absolutely gorgeous. The addition of the magnolia is fantastic! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  10. Gorgeous mantel!! I love the mercury glass accents and the real greens. So pretty! Thank you for hosting the party. Merry Christmas!

  11. I love the combination of your silver and the greens on that wonderful white base. It looks very classy and stylish. Love the look.
    Thank you for the party!
    Have a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones.

  12. Love the mantle! It’s beautiful. Thanks for hosting this link party. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. There’s nothing like a gorgeous Christmas mantle to make the holidays sparkle. Lisa~

  13. Hi Rhoda-

    I enjoy seeing all the festive decorating going on here. It is so inspiring. Silver seems to be popular and I know why – it gleams and looks so festive. I linked up my faux mantel since the real one has a flat screen TV above it and it isn’t very pretty. I used the top of my piano as my mantel decorating space. I hope this is OK to still link up.
    I love how you did your sister’s mantel. She must love when you come over 🙂 I think the little silver mercury ornaments in the paperwhites are so cute. I have a few of them and this is a great idea on how to use them. Thanks for hosting the linkup.
    I hope you have a very happy holiday season.

    My best- Diane

  14. Your paperwhites are beautiful. I love a fresh natural holiday! Your mercury glass is stunning! Happy Holidays! Thanks for hosting.

  15. Happy Holidays Rhoda!!

    Your sister’s mantel is just beautiful!!!!
    Well done ladies.

    janet xox

  16. Rhoda,
    I love the silver, white & green combination! It’s fresh & festive. The natural greenery is a wonderful idea to add to the artificial. I think I’ll go on a neighborhood hunt for some…..after the rain stops! Hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday & the Christmas House.

  17. Rhoda,

    Your mantel is so natural and I love it. I have been struggling to do something with mine. I am going to go throw the links and see what is up with everyone’s mantel.

    Thanks for coming and supporting and Saturday.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  18. I am so happy that you got to do a mantel this year! It is gorgeous too. Love that you showed the before & after with the greenery. My sister & I get along well but I’m not sure if we’d be on the same page with a mantel or not. Hmmm….

  19. Rhoda, the mantel turned out lovely! I love the clean green & white color scheme and all the twinkle and glitz is of the glass and silver is oh so classy. Thank you for hosting!

  20. I really like the color scheme you chose. So elegant. Also the paperwhites are a good idea. Thanks for showing the festive cheer!

  21. Hey Rhoda! LOVE your sisters mantel and how you mixed faux and real greens 🙂 Looks beautiful! I just linked up my equestrian mantel 🙂 Going to check out some of the linkups, have great day!

  22. You have her house looking beautiful! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Thanks for hosting this fun party Rhonda! Your sisters mantel looks beautiful! Never would know that there was fake garland under there!

  24. That mantle is gorgeous! I bet it is *stunning* at night with the lit garland and all that sparkly silver and glass. Thanks so much for hosting this fun party! Can’t wait to check out some other Christmasy mantles.

  25. Rhoda, the mantel is so crisp and sparkly! The fresh greenery DOES make such a difference and I love those tiny little ornaments with the paper whites. Thanks for hosting a great party.

  26. Thanks for hosting this mantel party, Rhoda! It’s always fun to see such amazing ideas! The garland above is gorgeous! The mantel is so festive! I love it!

  27. The silver and white is stunning and garland is amazing. I will definitely be using some of your tips. Thanks for hosting.

  28. Gorgeous! I especially liked that foyer tree with the Saturday Evening Post behind it.
    Thank you for hosting, Rhoda.

  29. Holy Glamorous! What a beautiful mantle/mantel! I have a big crush on mercury glass, too!
    Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful Christmas!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  30. Tammy@beatricebanks says:

    The freshness and bling of your mantel is fabulous! I’m so into silver this year. Thanks for hosting.

  31. I love your mantel!! We’re magnolia twins…or Magnolia Twins, so Southern Belle! 🙂 I love the paperwhites too, I bet they smell amazing! Thanks for hosting, and happy day after your birthday!

  32. The mantel decoration is so fresh and bright and I love the sparkle of mercury glass! Thanks for hosting a fab mantel party! Happy Holidays!

  33. Rhoda your sister’s mantel looks stunning!! I LOVE how you filled the garland out and love the 3 wreaths hanging on the wall! All her Christmas touches look beautiful! Thanks for hosting this fun party, Martina

  34. gorgeous, as usual, sweet lady. thanks so much for hosting! I need to pick your oh so wise brain soon. 😉 expect a random email from me in a week or two…I know you’ll be waiting with baited breath! 😉

  35. Hi Rhoda, Your sister’s mantle is beautiful! You both did a great job decorating. Thanks for hosting.
    Best Wishes,

  36. Hi Rhoda! Oh, your sister is blessed to have you and what a beautiful job on getting her home ready for her party! The mantel is so elegant! Love your little colorful tree too! 🙂
    Thank you so much for hosting this fun party and I’m all linked up and now I’ll be in my chair all morning looking at mantels! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  37. It is so beautiful! I love that little tree – I wish I had a spot for one of those in my house, but I can’t think where it could live! Coincidentally, I just posted my mantel last night, so I linked it here! Such pretty things! Oh, and I’m obsessed with anything mercury right now – love those balls!

  38. WOW..I am amazed at what a difference the magnolia leaves made. I don’t live in that climate but I think they are so pretty! My daughter introduced me to you last week and I am so happy she did.
    Your story made me cry as it mimics mine but back to the mantle party. This is our first party and it really has helped the kids and I for me to focus on decor when I don’t really feel like it at all. The rest of the house is still a mess…lol! But my daughter urged us to decorate for it and I am ever so grateful for it. Grateful for you hosting it and encouraging us to get busy making our homes and heart..ready for our King yes? Love your soul and your can..with loads of grace and trust..carve out a new story and you are living proof
    much love and a beautiful mantle

  39. Soooo pretty! How nice that you and your sister are able to decorate together. Thank you for hosting!
    Cheers, Andrea

  40. Rhoda, Thanks for hosting this great party. I absolutely love your mantel with the silver and white pieces…and of course the fresh greenery is a “must”. The silver and white is so fresh. I may have to “borrow” your look for next year… I’m not doing over my mantel again this year. 🙂

  41. Rhoda,
    Love the mantel – especially the mercury glass and fresh greenery! Your sister must be thrilled. My poor paperwhites are still not in bloom – glad you got a few to flower!

    Having trouble with your button (no code for Christmas one – and one on side doesn’t seem to be working correctly) but will keep trying!

  42. I love the mantel- especially the natural greens mixed with the artificial- genius! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  43. Wow! So beautiful! How fun that you and your sis got to create this together…you know we’re all about the sister love! 😉 I love all of the pretty details and the magnolia leaves are so Southern…definitely Southern Living worthy!! Thank you so much for hosting the party, I have Vanessa and I all linked up! Merry Christmas to you Rhoda!

    Heather and Vanessa

  44. So pretty! I love the little bits of shimmer and shine! Merry Christmas!

  45. Rhoda, beautiful job on your mantel! I love the paperwhites as the centerpiece… and the little glass ornaments are gorgeous! Thank you for hosting us 🙂

  46. It’s gorgeous! I love the fresh greens and paperwhites.
    Thanks for hosting… enjoy the season! ::Jill

  47. Your sister’s mantel is stunning. Love the silver & white. So fresh.

    Yeah, I’ve used artificial garland for years but always add whatever fresh foliage I can find. (same for trees! magnolia in fake trees is incredible). The faux garland is such a great anchor for all the other decorations!

    Thanks for hosting 🙂

  48. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

    It all looks so PRETTY…love the fresh greens and the mercury glass ornaments.


  49. I love that mantel! Those are the same I colors that I like to use too.

    Thanks for hosting!

    Sophia’s – Live Beautifully

  50. Beautiful….I love all the details! Magnolia leaves are wonderful for holiday decorating and I LOVE Mercury glass too! That foyer dream is so whimsical in color and even design. So well done…hope your sister has a wonderful party this weekend.

    Lucky 7 Design

  51. Thanks Rhoda! I hope your have a very merry Christmas.

  52. Your sisters mantel is gorgeous-one of my favorites that I’ve seen! Now I need to find some more magnolia leaves for mine. I do suppliment the faux with feathers, pinecones, and greenery, but I think I need more magnolia after seeing yours =) Thanks for hosting the party!

  53. Magical, Rhoda! I love your layering and as always, it’s a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing what you do so well!

    Thank-you for hosting! I’m #170 and highlighted how I made the snow on my own mantel. 🙂


  54. Beautiful mantel….great job…. your sister’s home is.beautiful…..could you run down to MS and do a little decorating for me?????…hahaha….. .

  55. Your sister’s mantel looks just beautiful, Rhoda! What a stunning display–very elegant and festive.

    I know you must particularly miss having your own home to decorate at this time of year, but I am so inspired by the way you’ve applied yourself to your sister’s and your mother’s homes. I’m sure they are so grateful to have you near them this Christmas season. Home really is where the heart is–so I know you’re at home right where you are! God bless you.

  56. Rhoda~Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party! It is so magical to see so many lovely mantels! You did a fabulous job on your sister’s mantel! And Happy Birthday … I hope you had a terrific day! I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog for a long time…at least 3-4 years and I have always loved your work! I want to let you know that you are a incredible woman and so brave…I thought you faced your challenges this year with such grace! You are an inspiration! Wishing you all the best for Christmas and 2012! Love your reader and devoted fan, Angie xo

  57. Incredible ideas, creativity, inspiration and style. Thank you to everyone for linking up and sharing your beautiful mantles.

  58. Great party and terrific inspiration! Thanks for hosting!

  59. love those mercury glass trees! thanks so much for hosting, too.

  60. Wonderful party my friend, and wow, LOVE the silver, green and white, beautiful! Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  61. What a great party… so much inspiration here. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.


  62. Hi Rhoda,

    I’ve been looking at your blog now for several weeks and I love it! What a wonderful idea to have a holiday mantel party. I’ll take some pictures of mine (hopefully they will look okay). I’m tired of my corner mantel and the red accent wall. This spring I’m thinking about painting the accent wall a light color and then painting my maple fireplace.

    Wonderful inspirational ideas from everyone! Next week we should have a holiday kitchen/breakfast room party. In Michigan we call our kitchens with dining areas an eat-in kitchen.

  63. I love the silver and mercury glass! Thanks for hosting the party, Rhoda! 🙂

  64. Love the mix of sparkle and natural elements!

    Thanks for hosting, Rhoda!

  65. It’s stunning, Rhoda! Love the theme of nature and the layering. Very elegant indeed.

  66. Of course I have to say I love the magnolias! You southern gals have it made to have them at your beck and call. 🙂 The mantel does look lovely. Lots of layers and pretties!

  67. It looks beautiful! I love the combination of silver with the fresh greens.

  68. Your mantel is beautiful! I love the colors and the fresh greens!

  69. The magnolia leaves are perfect! The mantel looks so beautiful! Thanks for the party!

  70. Rhoda- thanks for hosting the mantle party! Love seeing everyones pretty Christmas mantle (: xo Michaela

  71. Rhoda,
    Your sister’s mantle is just stunning! I love the elegance and all of the elements you have incorporated within it. While I love decorating with my children in mind, I do look forward to the day when I can decorate for the grown-ups as well! 😉 Thanks for hosting the mantle party today. It’ll take me a few day to check out everyone’s wonderful decorations.


  72. Rhoda,
    Your sister’s mantel came out beautiful..all her guest will be calling you next year to decorate for them, if not this next few weeks after seeing hers. Those apothecary jars are the same one that I got from Home Goods last week for $18.99. Mine already had a big silk flower tied with a beautiful organdy ribbon and bow with glitter all on the flower. I will be setting it on my buffet in dining room. It stands about 22 in. tall with the lid on it. If weather permits, I’m headed back there to see if I can get another one. I can see many uses for them, all year round. Wished we had a fireplace mantel to decorate. Talk about a beautiful fireplace mantel.. Becca from Adventures in Decorating. Hers is fabulous too.

  73. I LOVE your mantle. I love decorating with silver, mercury glass, and garland for Christmas. But your addition of the magnolia garland makes it! I’m definitely going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda!

  74. Love it Rhoda! So pretty.


  75. Joining in on your merry mantel party Rhoda! Yours is fabulous with all the mercury glass~I love the balls in the base of the paperwhites urn.

  76. Thanks for hosting, Rhoda! I barely finished my mantel is time to link up with Beth so I’m screeching in on two wheels to join your party, too. I love the silver and white – elegant. Merry Christmas!

  77. Just linked up my mantle!

  78. How very pretty! LOVE the magnolia and what a difference with all the filler greenery!!! Thanks for the fun link party!! Isn’t Christmas such fun!!? And look at all the variety! 🙂

  79. Oh, wow, that mantel looks so fresh, lush, and pretty! I do love that magnolia. The multicolored tree is really festive, too! 🙂

  80. So many pretty mantels! Thanks for hosting Rhoda!

  81. Rhoda, your mantel looks amazing!! Thanks so much for hosting this great party!! I’m glad to link up!!

  82. Almost got here too late for the party but am glad I was able to join all the other great mantels in blogland!!

  83. Linking up late as just found you, so thanks for party. Your sister’s actual wooden mantle looks very much like mine and I would dearly LOVE to have that gorgeous lamp !!

  84. Hi Rhoda
    I love the idea of putting the fresh greens in amongst the fake. We have lots of magnolia leaves so I am definitely going to try that. Great mantle party.
    hugs, Rhondi


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