Getting Rid of Pesky Mosquitos {Giveaway}

{Giveaway is Closed}

First off, my hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday, the 18th, so we are celebrating this weekend.  I love my man and am so happy that the Lord sent him to me!  Next week, I’m going to do something a little different from my normal posts and do even more giveaways, which I think you’ll be excited about.  So, stay tuned for that next week!

There are going to be TWO really, really great giveaways going on, starting Tuesday, so you will NOT want to miss them!  PROMISE!


I’m not sure how bad it is in your neck of the woods, but mosquitos here in Alabama and in the South are positively horrible. And they love me. Must be something about my skin that they like, because I get attacked every single time I’m outside with no protection. I get so tired of the red welts, itching and slapping those little critters when I’m outside trying to enjoy myself.

With my new porch on the deck, there are no screens to protect against mosquitos, but I have found something that works and can’t wait to share it with you.

A guy in my small group at church mentioned this product to me and I had never heard of it before. Later that week, I got an email from Thermacell, the company who makes this mosquito lantern, asking me if I’d like a sample to try out at my house. Would I? You can imagine how fast I said yes to that one. I knew this might be the answer to my porch sitting and fending off those pesky ‘skeeters.

I got it in just in time to try it out on my new porch and guess what?

It totally WORKS!!

I was so happy that it does work can’t tell you how much better sitting on the porch is going to be with this lantern around. It works off butane and batteries and emits a repellent that those mosquitos don’t like and it covers a 15 x 15 foot area, plenty big enough for my needs. There are different sized lanterns too.

I am just thrilled to find something that really works and couldn’t wait to pass it on to all of you too.  That’s one of the worst things about having an open deck or porch, so with this problem taken care of, it will make sitting outside so much more enjoyable.  I hope you’ll give it a try too!

And the good news!  Thermacell is going to send ONE of you a Thermacell lantern of your own to try out too.  Just leave a comment and tell me about your mosquito problem.

Do they love you too and is it a constant battle during the summer?

Here’s more info from the company on all the facts:

ThermaCELL mosquito repellents products are 98% effective and can help protect against mosquito borne illness. The handheld and lanterns are odorless, flameless and portable making them perfect for all outdoor activities and are available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other outdoor stores.

ThermaCELL products ward off biting bugs, black flies an no-see-ums in a 15x15ft area according to test conducted by the US Department of Defense.

The only Lanterns and Handheld Devices that are 98% Effective Mosquito Repellents.  Experience bug-free outdoor enjoyment from ThermaCELLL, utilizing patented technology for warding off mosquitoes and other biting insects. Used by US troops for years, ThermaCELL products are popular throughout Europe and are gaining popularity in the Unites States, growing by double-digits last year.

How does ThermaCELL’s patented technology work?

ThermaCELL is powered by a butane cartridge which provides the cordless, portable heat to operate the device. A mat saturated with allethrin, a copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers, is heated by the butane cartridge and vaporizes the repellent allowing it to rise into the air, creating a 15 x 15 ft (225 sq ft) “Mosquito-Free-Zone.”

Choose a mosquito repellent that has been tested by the experts.

According to tests conducted by the U.S. Government, ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent hand-held devices and lanterns are both up to 98% effective in fighting mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums. ThermaCELL does not have an open flame and is EPA approved.

Suggested retail price is $29.95.

{Disclosure: I was given this product to use and keep for free, but my opinions about the product are entirely my own.  Not getting paid to say this and I wouldn’t rave about it if it didn’t work for me!}

If you’d like to try this product, here’s a link to a $5 rebate, so hope you’ll try it out!

- Rhoda


  1. Debbie` says:

    Beats the bug zapper for sure. I remember sitting on my parent’s deck listening to them getting zapped! I did love that sound and it was quite the entertainment, but they bit me before they met their demise. If I don’t win this I’m gonna buy one anyway. Definitely could use 2!

  2. Would love to sit outside and enjoy the summer evenings with my family. For now we sit inside because the mosquitoes make it unbearable. ThermaCELL sure would help make some summer memories for this family. I really think it manages to look good too-what a bonus!

  3. This looks wonderful! I have always been a mosquito magnet. I now have an 8 month old and it would be wonderful to have something like this so keep him safer while outside in the evening hours.

  4. I’m desperate to find something that works!! I have a 4-year-old who loves to play outside. I however don’t even want to go outside because I’m so allergic! It’s a constant struggle. The world would be so much better if we could find a way around the mosquitos!

  5. I would love to this! I’m already embarassed to be a bridemaid in a wedding next week because of the huge welts I have on my legs and arms! Not very attractive!

  6. We love our patio, hate the “skeeters” – this would be great!

  7. I would love this! We use to live in TN now we live in IL…those pesky bugs followed us up here.

  8. Yep, they love me. ALL bugs love me. They attack my daughters too. I would like to know why, if US troops have been using these for years, they haven’t been sold t the public before this!! We could have had much more comfortable summers all these years!!! Thanks!

  9. When I saw your patio the first thing came to my mind, how is she going to deal with the mosquitos. Living in Georgia I know how bad they are, one reason we don’t use our patio. I’m always hoping for a screen in porch as I hate to always use the smelling bug spray. I would love to win it and try it out myself so I can enjoy the outdoors.

  10. I will be truly amazed if this DOES work. I am the one who ALWAYS gets bitten-no matter what I use. I would love one!

  11. What? You mean I might be able to use my deck more than only in April and October? I’d LOVE to try this out…then get one for every person in my family since we live in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama!!!

  12. Heather says:

    Oh wow, I remember ThermaCELL from their butane curling iron days, curling my bangs after swim class at school. I LOVE the idea of this led lantern and bug light. I a the first to get bitten, they just love me. We use a lot of the flame citronella candles but with 2 young kids, I’m always worried. Wish I had one of these for our upcoming camping trip!!!

  13. Janet G. says:

    I would dearly love to have a solution to the mosquito problem at our house. Mosquitoes drive us indoors more often than even the heat here in Middle GA. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. My property borders a creek in the South so ’nuff said about how bad our mosquito problem is! I have scars on my legs and arms from the itchy sores. Hope I win this give-away! Thanks.

  15. I would love to win this for my daughter and her husband. They live in SW Idaho and have a huge, summer skeeter problem. I know that they would like to have something that REALLY works to keep them bite free.

  16. Our backyard has several small underground springs so the ground is never totaly dry. And there is a small slow-moving stream behind our property, so our mosquitos are ridiculous. We joke that they come with knives and forks! I would love to try this product. Maybe we could enjoy being outside without the itchy consequences.

  17. Sarah G says:

    We, too, have a creek at the back of our property. And I am constantly trying different things to get rid of them! I especially hate the way they buzz in my ears! This would be great to have out on the deck. Thanks for the great giveaway! Love your new deck by the way.

  18. Happy Anniversary Rhoda and Peter. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! Seems like yesterday.

    I have not had a problem with mosquito’s biting me. I have heard they prefer fair skinned people. I am more olive complexioned, not dark, but I still have the olive cast…anyhoo…that is probably an old wive’s tale!LOL My oldest daughter had a problem with mosquito’s when she was a little girl. We even had to resort to antibiotics. The mosquito bites would turn into huge welts. Even when using repellents she would still have a bit of a problem. I’ll check into this product. Even though we don’t have the huge mosquito’s of the deep south, we do have lots of them, living near the Mississippi River.

  19. If this works, I want it! If I don’t ”win” it, I’m buying one. It isn’t even officially summer yet and already I’ve battled a bad case of poison ivy coupled with enough bug bites to further aggravate the problem. Mosquitoes are really bad in Alabama this year!

  20. I’m in Alabama too and have the say the mosquitoes are awful! I definitely need to get one of those. You would think as hot as it is the darn things wouldn’t have the energy to fly around so much.

  21. This would help us so much! I need to try one. We can hardly enjoy our back deck because of the mosquitos in our back yard. We have tried EVERYTHING!

  22. Stephanie says:

    I will be a new woman if this works, I would love to sit out on my patio and not me eaten up by mosquitoes!

  23. I love this! I also have a porch that isn’t screened. Our home has a lake behind it so you know the mosquitos love it here! I also love that this works on no-see-ums. I could take it with us to the beach and use it there. Those little buggers are monsters. I also do not like putting bug spray on all of us. I much prefer this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Rhoda, I’m a magnet for mosquitos also, I have an open deck and porch and will certainly give this product a try. If it works for me I will be one happy camper! Mary

  25. Those blood suckers have loved me since I was just a little girl. I have places on me now where they left their mark as I was picking beans!!! Would love to have one of these even if I have to tie a rope to it and hang it around my neck!!! HA! HA! Thanks for a super neat give-a-way!

  26. How ironic. I asked at Lowe’s just the other day about a Thermacell. They had no clue what I was talking about. I’d really love to win one and I’m definitely going to go buy a couple now that I know where I can get them.


  27. Anita K. says:

    I live in Houston – need I say more? We have mosquitoes like crazy. I would love to be able to sit outside – this lantern could be a lifesaver!

  28. It works and it looks nice, too? What a combination! I am going to have to get one for my deck.

  29. Kimberly S. says:

    What a timely giveaway! Just last night I came to the conclusion that either my husband has to start watering the flowers outside, or they’re going to die. Why? Because every time I step foot outside, I’m attacked by the local mosquitoes. Even if I spray repellent on my skin, they’ll find the one spot that was missed and chow down there. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I may have to find one of these for our yard! Thank you for the review!

  30. I suffer so in the summer time with those pesky little boogers. I will be buying one if I don’t win.

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Oh my goodness. I always get mosquito bites, even when no one around me does, so to find something that would actually works.

  32. I’d love one for back in the woods near the playset. We have tons of mosquitos.

  33. I live in Houston which, I think, is the mosquito capital of the world!! We have a pool that I can’t enjoy because of all the mosquitos. They don’t bother my husband but they sure attack me…would love to have one of these.

  34. We’ve had more than the average amount of rain so far this year.
    The mosquitos are thriving and enjoying the moisture. Less mosquitos
    would be awesome.

  35. Living in beautiful yet muggy Charleston, SC we are bombarded by mosquitos every summer. Just last weekend we tried to have a bbq in ouor backyard, but ultimately moved the party inside after coating ourselves in bug spray failed to keep the bug away. As a matter of fact one of the guests mentioned this product then! He said it’s pretty awesome too! I’d love to have one so we can spend more time outside in the evenings.

  36. Would just love to have one of these….my little grandbabies just get eaten alive every time they come to my house and we sit outside or try and let them play in the yard. They want to play outside so bad and I coat them down with organic bug repellant, but they stil get bitten. I will try anything to protect them so they can enjoy being outside in the summer!

  37. I have heard about Thermacell but never tried it. It sounds like this may be the thing to make our family’s summer in the South more pleasant!

  38. Actually, I was just complaining last night about those things and having been bit on the elbow! Mosquitoes are annoying insects and quite frankly, I haven’t figured out their purpose in the cycle of life!! So, I would love to try out this on our deck because even though it is screened in, they have a way of getting in and finding the smallest place to attack (like the elbow)…..

  39. Here in Texas they are big as horses and twice as nasty!LOL

  40. What a wonderful product! I would love one of these. I love to be outside but the mosquitoes are not my friends. I am happy to hear of something that works!! Wonderful giveaway!

  41. Leslie Wagner says:

    Yes they love me! But they love my daughter Gwen more. She is also allergic to them. When she gets bit her welks swell up even bigger then normal and itch like crazy. Last summer she got bit and it swelled to the point we had to take her to the ER, it measured 12 inches across (she is 8 now). It is not easy to always get her covered in spray before going out, especially during the nice weather of the summer when she is in and out a million times a day!

  42. I could totally use this. It’s functional and it appears to be very stylish too. How great is that? I am a bug magnet. They just love me even though I hate them. I hope I win so I can try this out.

  43. I hope that this is the answer to our mosquito problem! We live in metro Atlanta and have stopped sitting outside on our beautiful veranda because of the mosquito problem! I’d love to give this product a test run!!

  44. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. I usually don’t get bitten, but this year seems to be worse for some strange reason and I have quite a few bites.

  45. oh rhoda, being an alabama girl myself, i can sure relate! my poor husband is usually the worst victim–covered head to toe in bites! it’s awful. i’ll try anything!

  46. Oh my gosh. I totally need one of these. Sitting on my front porch last night, there were about 30 skeeters buzzing around me like flies. I need to show them who’s boss!

  47. Please add my name to the pot! Skeeters love me which means I don’t get to enjoy my new patio as much as I would like to.
    And – happy anniversary!

  48. Elizabeth Hunt says:

    There could be one mosquito and 100 people and the darn thing would come to me. I know how you feel. This product is certainly for me. So glad it works.

  49. My outside area is beautiful but I cannot enjoy it. I would love to try the product to see if it will keep my crazy Memphis, TN mosquitoes away.

  50. My 2 year old and her extrememties would LOVE this for our backyard!! Those 1 inch mosquitos are horrible!!

  51. Those pesky creatures make an enjoyable trip to the cabin sometimes not worth it!!!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    This product sounds amazing. We have a wonderful deck, but don’t get to enjoy it very much because of the awful mosquitos. Would love to have a product that actually works!!

  53. I’d love to give it a try! Here in FL we also have yellow flies. It’s been so hard to garden because during the day it’s the yellow flies and any other time it’s the mosquitoes! The mosquitoes are actually out all the time here. Just at their worse at dusk. And I’m like a magnet.

  54. Oh, this sounds too good to be true! We have 2 little girls who love to dine on the patio and I love it when they have popsicles out there. But, the mosquitos eat us alive. And I don’t like spraying them with chemicals. I would love to try something like this!

  55. In Texas, the mosquitos are awful…big trucks go through and spray…
    but we still see mosquito “traps” … they carry an awful virus down here.
    Would love to be able to enjoy our patio without worrying!

  56. We have tried everything, and nothing has helped us so far. I would love to give this a try!

  57. Jennifer G says:

    My 9 month old son loves to be outside but the mosquitos are terrible. I would love to be able to play out in the yard with him worry free!

  58. Jessica Y says:

    A Carolina Girl here who could definitely use one of these.

  59. I LOVE this product! We need to get us some more. I think my son took mine to a tailgate and it never returned….

  60. I am with you Sister when you talk about the mosquitos liking you. If I am in a room with 300 people and there is one mosquito, he will FIND ME! I am not kidding! Thank you for introducing this product to us. I would love to win it!!

  61. Shannon says:

    With all the rain we’ve had in Cincinnati, the mosquitos have been awful this year. We’d love to find something that lets us enjoy our deck again!

  62. The mosquitoes love me too … my mother used to say it was because I was so sweet 🙂 They don’t bother my husband, but zero in on me. I am covered with red itchy welts all summer long.

  63. This product sounds too good to be true! We a pestered by mosquitoes all summer if we try to sit on our deck. This could be the perfect solution.

  64. We have a sprayer that hangs above our door that instantly kills misquitos and other bugs. It really works too! But, I love the lantern because it’s actually decorative.

    We moved into a house and have 3 doors. We bought 1 more and some ‘refills’ too which cost us $80!

    I really would like to try this lantern and we can put it at by our new back room. We live in Mississippi so we have them just as bad as you do!

  65. It would be amazing to find something that actually does work against those pesky Mosquitos! I have a neighbor that fails to open her pool, sometimes until July….sometimes not at all. Green water sitting on top and you KNOW what that’s breeding! I do however enjoy the sounds of the frogs in the evening….just could live without the mosquito incubater…:/

  66. Jill Davenport says:

    I would love this! Mosquitos, gnats, just about anything eat me up!!! I love being outside, but it can be so annoying when you’re constantly swatting at bugs! Thanks for hosting this Rhoda!
    -Jill D.

  67. Sarah M says:

    here in KY, teh mosquitos are bad! We would love to win this for our back porch 🙂

  68. Sharon Avinger says:

    Oh! I would LOVE to have this product! Like you, Rhoda, if there’s a mosquito within a five-mile radius, he will find me! I get so many bites while watering the flowers or just sitting on the deck. I’m keeping all fingers crossed that the winner will be me! Thanks!

  69. I could really use one of these! Our backyard backs up to a wooded lot surrounding a lake. Here in Georgia those little rascals are relentless.

  70. They say that mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, and boy do I sweat, so guess what, they LOVE me! I’d love to try Thermacell!

  71. cara martin says:

    Ohh! I would love to win this! I hate having to spray my kids with bug spray just to play in the back yard! Great giveaway!

  72. I live in North Alabama, so I of course know all about those pesky mosquitoes. I always get bitten every time I’m outside; however, if I won this, I’d definitely give it to my mother-in-law. When she gets bitten, she doesn’t just get a small bug bite, she gets a huge 3-5 inch whelp on her leg. I think she could certainly use this!

  73. Hello, we live in the great northwoods~(northern Mn), and the mosquitos and black flies can make it pretty miserable sometimes. We just finished our deck and we now have 500 square feet of outdoor space! Cant wait to try this product to see if it works! Take care, thanks for the info.

  74. Claudia says:

    I have a tiny patio but even in the 15 minutes it takes me to water my plants I have to be clothed from head to toe or literally be eaten alive. Being swarthed in body covering clothing in 98deg weather is tab bit wilting so this device would bring back normacy!!!

  75. kourtnee holland says:

    My husband and I can sit on our porch swing any time of the day and I will get several bites and he will have none! I think it’s something about the feramones (sp) we all release.

  76. I would love try this lantern out on our patio. Our son is like a magnet for mosquitoes and it be great for him to play on our patio without being attacked by them.

  77. Wow, It is nice to know of a product that really works. Anytime we have lots of rain,we get mosquitoes. It really keeps us from enjoying our patio. We have seriously thought of screening it in, but we love the view with it open.

  78. Loretta says:

    I would love this!
    We have a wrap-around porch and would love to be able to sit out there at night without being bothered by mosquitos!

  79. Would love to win this…will buy it if I don’t!

  80. Thanks for this opportunity to win! I would love to give this a try!
    Joanne B.

  81. I have the same problem as you, I get bit up every time I step outdoors! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  82. Rhoda~ congrats to y’all on your aniversary!
    I just posted last week on the pesky mosquitos. I am having a time adjusting to the Alabama heat! Imiss the cool breezes in Italy!!!

  83. I live in Tn. Yes, mosquitoes are bad, and i think they are worse this year due to the flooding. I’ swear on Avon’s skin so soft (the original, not the pink). Not only does it keep bugs away…but it’s chemical free, and it ,leaves your skin very soft 🙂

  84. Those pests think my boys and I taste like SUGAR! We live in KY and I feel like such a bad mom telling my boys, “We can’t go outside the bugs will eat you.” When the boys do go outside they look like they have some terrible disease because their poor legs are just dotted, scabbed and bloody from all of the bites. Oh Mosquito I DISLIKE YOU a GREAT deal!

  85. This sounds wonderful!! Mosquitoes seem to love me too!! Thank you for your wonderful blog and this neat givaway!!

  86. OH MY GAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, So my hubs and I JUST FINISHED building a new deck (check out the blog) and this would be A-MAZING!!! My skin might be similar to yours, but the second I step outside, misquotes just flock to me, suck my blood, and leave me there to itch endlessly for the rest of the night. Its a horrible sight. I think I have about 15 bites right now. Anyway, what a perfect giveaway FOR ME, especially since its just the beginning of this hot and humid Georgia summer!! PICK ME!!

  87. Hello, I live in south Florida, so that gives you an idea of what we are up against. It is a constant battle trying to avoid being bitten to pieces every year. What a great find this is and thanks for showing it to me, Maureen

  88. Love your blog and your bathroom redo inspired me to tackle mine. It turned out great. Thanks for the chance to win this product. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  89. Mosquitoes are terrible at my South Mississippi home. I would love to try this product! Rhoda, please consider my name in your drawing.

  90. Yes! I am loved by mosquitoes as well. And I don’t like the spray repellents, for me or the kids. I remember seeing this product advertised in Southern Living last year, but the price tag keeps me away (though I think it might be worth it).
    This is a great giveaway!

  91. Normally mosquitos do not bother me so much..only my husband but this year they are loving me as well! It has to be from all of the rain we have had this past year and the humidity being so high!! I would love to find something that truly works..every single time!!

  92. Elisabeth says:

    I definitely need to try that! The hubby and I have been working on some outdoor projects but the mosquitos come and run us off by late afternoon… taking away prescious time with a bit cooler weather in which to work!

  93. Let me just say that mosquitoes and I have a horrible relationship…. They LOVE me, I HATE them…. at the hands (mouths) of these things, in my lifetime I have suffered from Malaria (as a child) and I survived West Nile and THOUSANDS of those itchy red spots…. I do not go outside at all now because I have a baby and I don’t want to spray myself with bug spray for fear that he will be harmed by it. To top it off, our house backs up to a CREEK!!! This is something worth checking out! Thanks for sharing!!

  94. Leslie M says:

    We have so many mosquitoes!! I think it’s because they are many lakes in my area. I have two young children and my 1-year-old son cannot step outside without getting bitten. I’ve heard of ThermaCELL and would LOVE to win! Thank you!

  95. Oh I’d love to try it! Skeeters are bad here in Texas!!

  96. Happy Anniversary! Dear Hubby & I celebrated our 38th on the 17th. (I am not old enough to be married that long!) Where did the years go?
    I have a real bad response to mosquitoes. When I get a bite, a huge red area swells up. We have a nice patio that I can’t enjoy these days when the mosquitoes are so bad. I would love to have the ThermaCell.

  97. MoniqueInAlaska says:

    Oooh, happy day! I also am just hearing about this.. Here in Alaska our mosquitos are ridiculously big (and vicious!)- people call them our state bird! This little gizmo would be very busy on our back deck.

  98. Please, please…I need this. North Carolina mosquitos are just plain mean.

  99. Oh here in Central Kentucky they sure have gotten bad… with all the rain we’ve had, they just eat you alive! My Mother will sit near me when I see her… she says they’ll eat me and NOT HER! ha!

  100. Sounds wonderful! My son gets eaten every time he is outside.

  101. Brittany says:

    i live in Mississippi and they are terrible! this would be great on our uncovered patio!

  102. Would love to win the lantern! I live in Texas and sitting out on our uncovered patio I’m always fighting those pesky mosquitos.

  103. Oh I hate mosquitos so much! Can’t even enjoy our deck without getting eaten alive. Thanks!

  104. I live in Florida and we can’t cover our pool are because we have a palm tree that must be 40 years old growing right outside the back door. So no way to keep those pests from bothering us at the table out there. I’d love to win this lantern and be able to sit outside at the table at dusk.

  105. We live in Florida. ‘Nuff said!! lol The mosquitos get quite bad here in July and August! This sounds wonderful!

  106. How I’d love to start enjoying my Missouri backyard again – this sounds like it would really do the trick! Thanks!

  107. Would love the mosquito eliminator.

  108. Sounds like such an interesting product. We live in KY and between the mosquitoes and the chiggers it makes enjoying outdoors difficult. Not to mention try working in the yard!

  109. If I walk out into my backyard in the evening I’m typically bitten by at least three mosquitos in under a minute. There’s no fighting them off, it’s a lost battle. I have even bruised myself trying to kill one before. It’s absurd!

    I refuse to bath in deet just to go outside. I have a 1/4 acre and I want to be able to enjoy a small portion of it!

  110. I live in Arkansas and we have lots and lots of little pesky critters too. I also have an open back porch with two very lonely rocking chairs sitting on it. Too bad I can’t enjoy them. Would love to try out this product.

  111. We live on the Largo, FL. located on the SW coast of Florida. It’s HOT, muggy and has tons of mosquito’s!! My poor husband and little daughter are magnets for these creatures. We have an enclosed pool area but they still manage to find their way in. Any help would be great 🙂


  112. Joyce Ostermiller says:

    The flooding in Nashville have created lots of places for mosquitos to breed this year, so we are having even more than normal. This device would be great. I hate smelling like bug repellent just to go outside. Thank you for this opportunity.

  113. I’m in SC and just came indoors because I couldn’t sit out on my unenclosed patio any longer. I opened your blog and my hubby and I said what timing is this!!
    I need one of those “terminators” badly. I, like you draw those “suckers” straight to me. lol
    What a great giveaway for this time of year!! Thanks!

  114. We live in St. Louis. Between the pool, terrace and side porch…we are “dinner” for those pesky things. Would love a product that looks good and works!!! Not into those “fogger” things.

  115. Lynn Baker says:

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the mosquitoes are terrible. I love to work in the yard and be out there with my grandsons, but hate to think about them getting some mosquitoe bites. I would love to try the lantern and see how well it works. Thanks, Lynn

  116. This looks like a great, affordable product. I live in Tennessee & for all my life I have been one of the lucky ones that mosquitos LOVE! I can’t even go to the stinkin’ mailbox without getting bitten! I’d love to get to try one, but even if you don’t draw my name, I’m going to get one on my own!! Thanks for the info on this product. Ann

  117. Living in East Texas means lots of pesky mosquitos! I would love, love, love to have this!

  118. deborah says:

    The mosquitoes are prolific this year! I bleed every time one bites me, so I can only stay out for a few minutes before I have to come in and wash my legs. This would be wonderful!

  119. My daughter is allergic and gets HUGE welts when she gets bit. Unfortunately the queeters love her. I’d love to get one of the lanterns.

  120. Oh – I am with you. They love me. Seriously – if I am outside with others I am their mosquito repellent. They munch on me and leave everyone else alone! It is a very itchy problem! I would love to have one of those for my lil patio!

  121. We just started having problems with mosquitos in the last several days. It is the worst I have seen in quite a while! I would love to win a lantern and see if it works….I don’t like to spray myself with repellent!

  122. My inlaw’s yard is full of mosquitos. I think they have tried everything on the planet. I don’t let my 9 year old daughter outside at their house because they always seem to bite her. Once she was even hospitalized for periorbital cellulitous due to a mosquito bite. I would love to give my mother and father in law one of these lanterns!

  123. Would love to have one of these for my porch and deck here in GA! Thanks for the opportunity, Rhoda.

  124. Yep, here in the Northwest we grow mosquito’s big and hardy. And they seem to love my lily white skin! Count me in!

  125. I love that this is portable and could be taken on a picnic or camping! I’d love to win one 🙂

  126. I live in AL. and just a couple of days ago I was telling my husband that I don’t ever remember the mosquitos being this bad. Anytime of the day they will bite, not just in the evenings like I once thought. I have been looking for somthing like this, because I hate the smell of the mosquito sprays.
    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  127. Melissa M says:

    We live in Texas and our yard is full of live oak trees and flowers. We love the shade and folage but so do the bugs! The mosquitos love me and every spray I’ve tried still leaves me with itchy welts after five minutes. I’m 8 months pregnant and it is so miserable to go outside and enjoy our beautiful yard because of the little blood suckers. Please help!

  128. The mosquitoes are horrible in Tennessee! I can’t be outside 2 minutes without being attacked by the little buggers. We’ve tried everything from spray repellent to dryer sheets, but nothing works. I would love to give the Thermacell lantern a try. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  129. Hey Rhoda,

    Now us Alabama gals have to stick together so you know I could use me one of those to keep those pesky skeeters away.

  130. Courtney says:

    I HATE mosquitos!! And they LOVE me! We just covered our patio, so I’d love to win this lantern!

  131. Janet C says:

    We’ve got tons of mosquitoes this year. My kids had been getting bitten on average 3 or 4 times a day. We’d love to try out one of these lanterns!

  132. Our pool seems to add to the pesky problem!

  133. Destiny says:

    Mosquitos are the state flower of Georgia! As a result, I avoid my deck like the plague this time of year, which is unfortunate because it is a wonderful time to be outside; especially in the evening when every thing is quiet and calm. What a neat product this is, and the really nice thing is that at such a reasonable price point, we can all actually afford to purchase one. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I had no idea that there was an easy and effective answer to our mosquito problems. Too cool! (That’s hysterical considering that the heat index is making our 94 degrees in West Georgia feel like the triple digits!)

  134. I am in Indiana, and I have a love/hate relationship with ‘skeeters’! They love me and I hate them!

  135. Oh lordy, we’ve got skeeters…We live right by a river in Washington state, which provides us with plenty of the little jerks in a normal season, but add on top of that the weirdest wet-then-warm-then-wet-again weather, we’ve got crazy damn mosquitoes! This sounds awesome!

  136. Becky in SC says:

    Oh Lawd!…Don’t even get me started on how much I despise those aggravating, no-good, useless, pesty, little creatures!! They are horrible here in SC…especially while I’m trying to water my ferns and plants late in the evening after the sun goes down. I think I would attach the lantern to my body somehow! Nahhh, I’m only kidding,….but’s it’s an idea!
    Thanks for the giveaway Rhoda!!

    Oooops…almost forgot…got so carried away ranting about the insects.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary!! Here’s hoping you share many, many more together!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  137. Oh, it would be so wonderful to use the patio and not have to fight the mosquitoes.

  138. Cindy Stephens says:

    We built a on 8 acres a year ago and would love to sit out on the porch in the evenings and enjoy the scenary. The mosquitos eat us alive and we go scrambling back in the house for cover after only a few minutes. I’d love to try this new product!

  139. It would be nice to actually have something that works! They go for my hubby like he’s an open buffet! He has resorted to spray, the bracelet thingy and they all smell so bad.

  140. Mosquitos in Texas are big enough to saddle and ride. Hope I get to try your new gadget out.


  141. Oh, I hope I am lucky and win this! I hate having to put bug spray on my kiddos and this sounds great for on the porch to keep the mosquitoes away.

  142. Jan Nelson says:

    I live in Minnesota. It’s gorgeous here, with lots of lakes, but we do battle the mosquitos!

  143. Oh yah baby! I had blood dripping down my calf already this afternoon.
    they drive us crazy! We’d love a lantern.

  144. I live in beautiful Central Florida and our mosquito problem is really bad this year. We have daily thunderstorms of 2 plus inches of rain and that just provides mosquitoes a tropical paradise to breed in. Would love the Thermacell to be able to sit outside – at any time – these guys are out morning, noon and night!

  145. I would love to try one of these on the deck at the beach.

  146. Mosquitos also love me – they are one of the things that annoy me to no end about warmer weather (I’ve heard it’s because I’m always Hot!) *shrugs*

    Anyway – my nephew was headed to camp this summer and said he’d have to get some bug stuff – because when he’s with me – the mosquitos feast on me but leave him alone. Sad but true. I’m very interested in this product and would LOVE to have one. It would make our porch live-able=)

    Thanks for the great review – love your site!

  147. Count me back out of the giveaway.

    I went out and bought a lantern and it did not work for me. Followed the directions to a T. Even could smell what they say you can’t smell so I knew it was doing something.

    HOWEVER before I dash everyone’s hopes there ARE different kinds of mosquito and what doesn’t work on one kind may work on others. There are lots of positive reviews about this product online which was why I had high enough hopes to go out and just buy it.

    If you are looking for an alternative to try, I did also pick up a Yankee Candle called “Conceal” from Home Depot that did have more effect on my mosquitos. After trying the Thermacell lantern I didn’t have high hopes. No citronella scent and only bitten twice with the candle and though bitten countless times with the lantern.

  148. In too live in Alabama, just moved here from Southern Calif. where there are NO mosquitos!!! I have at least 20 fresh bites on my legs and arms and scratch til I bleed. It’s totally miserable. I need help bad!!!

  149. My family would LOVE this! We live in the upper midwest and the mosquito is our stare bird! 🙂 We have a creek that runs through our rural property and it seems to breed those pests. With three small children it is hard to enjoy the outdoors in the evening. This would look so cute sitting on our patio, protecting the kids while they play in the sandbox or roast marshmallows.

  150. Sandi Mayfield says:

    Rhoda, I live in Mobile, AL! Maybe it’s the oil spill that’s feeding these little monsters this year! Something is for sure. Now that they have plenty of my own blood, I’ve got to find some way to eradicate them. (Don’t you wonder why Noah brought 2 of them to the ark??) This seems like a really cool gadget. I’m going to look for one tomorrow at Home Depot! Thanks and HOPE I WIN!

    And I LoVe your blog! It’s the highlight of my afternoon. I wish I lived in B’ham to get to do all the shopping you do. You find some great bargins.,..not so much down here.

    Thanks again for LA (lower Alabama)!!!

  151. Kathy :) says:

    I HATE them but they ADORE MOI !!!! Here in the NE they are terrible Rhoda……it is supposed to be your breathe they go after…and these gums are always flapping LOL….

    Glad to know it really works…..thanks for the chance

    Happy Anniversary to you and Peter……my anniv was the 16th….I’m a June bride too 🙂

    All the best,
    xo Kathy 🙂

  152. i would LOVE to try this lantern. we live across the street from a small neighborhood park so NOT going outside is not an option. the two kids and myself get eaten alive!!


  153. Mosquitos love me! Luckily we don’t have as big of a problem with them here in San Diego as I have had everywhere else I lived..but those suckers are still there and find me!! Thanks for the chance!

  154. We live in TX and we get crazy mosquito bites all the time and I’m highly allergic to them and get these huge purple welts. I’ve tried many things, bug spray, the bug fans and candles. Nothing seems to work and I hate getting bit by mosquitoes and having purple welts for months afterward! I would love to try the lantern and maybe get to sit outside our patio without worrying about pesky mosquitoes biting me or the baby!

  155. Missy Smith says:

    Pick Me! Those pesky skeeters love my daughter! they eat her up as soon as she walks out the door!(I know she is sweet but….. LOL!) Big Welps come up on her bad! So, it would really help her! Thanks for the chance to win!

  156. What a great giveaway! We have several ponds closeby and I read that this works on those pesky black flies too! Fabulous…thanks for sharing this with us!

  157. Vickie H. says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so glad to learn about this product and will love one. Our home is in a subdivision with a creek running through it (only about 3 houses down!) so we battle mosquitos from early Spring until very late Fall. They can make sitting outside so very uncomfortable.
    Please count me in for the giveaway on this one. It would be perfect for our needs and it has a very nice look to it as well.

  158. Carol N. says:

    Thanks for the review on this lantern! Mosquitos are swarming out here and they like me but the LOVE my husband. This would be wonderful to win and could make quick work of the bullies that swarm in our wooded yard.

  159. Rhoda I would love to win this lantern. Mosquitoes are really bad at my house. I love what you did with the deck. It looks great and it all started with your umbrella find at the yardsale. You showed me the umbrella that day at the yardsale so I know what a great buy you got.

  160. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! We share the same date – only we just celebrated our 28th! We live in NJ on the water and the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE! We have a large, beautiful deck that we hardly ever use because the mosquitoes drive us indoors. I would LOVE one of these lanterns. Thanks!

  161. I really need this product. Just had a baby 10 weeks ago but still have to chase the 3 year old who loves to be outside. My poor newborn is getting eaten up just rocking on the front porch while I watch the older one run in the yard. I just discovered the world of blogging and this is my first giveaway entry!

  162. What a handy giveaway this time of year! Being in Louisiana, I know just what you mean about the mosquitos being so bad. I can’t even go outside for 5 minutes without getting bitten.

  163. Oh wow Rhoda, skeeters LOVE me..I get itchy just thinking about them nippy critters..I actually think I would give this to my son, he and his wife like to sit outside and their patio faces a vernal pool which is teeming with who knows what and he is like me, they eat him alive..they also love to camp and could take this with them..But I would have to try it first! Hope I win!


  164. Kristine says:

    I currently live in a place that has very few mosquitos but in July we will move in to our new house…in southern Virginia…with a big deck…that backs up to a marsh…’nuff said: )

  165. Deborah Fielder says:

    I am like you mosquitos love me. I can’t even walk outside to my car without being bit. I’m stuck in between an abandon house with 10 foot grass and weeds, a next door neighbor that loves her garden/flower beds, and Gallagher creek. So as you can see it’s a haven for mosquitos. I would love to win but one but I am going to go ahead and buy a lantern. Love the design also. Ask them if they have anything for snakes. I’m bothered by those also. I have killed a total of 6 already (which takes nerds because I definitely afraid of them) and 1 got a way.

  166. CCSimmons says:

    OK, I’m on board with this product. I live down at the beach near Destin and the Yellow Flies have been absolutely miserable this year. I know what you mean about the welts! HELP!! We need a good solution for the Yellow Flies also. They leave huge welts and itch forever!

  167. Ok…come to momma! We would love to be able to use our patio in the summer but it’s pure torture and I will not spray the property and kill beneficial insects. This sounds fabulous. With our recent flooding last week in Oklahoma City, the mosquitos will be coming out in major full force!!!!!!!!

  168. They are so bad here. I’ve heard they are attracted to certain blood types and colors. My husband says they are all on him when he wears yellow. I would love to try this. They are so bad in the evenings.

  169. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary on the 18th….

    My husband and I were married 50 years yesterday the 19th…

    Always enjoy dropping by to visit…
    Betty @ Country Charm

  170. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    Rhoda, I was so thrilled to see your post about the Thermacell lantern & races to read it to my husband. He has become terribly allergic to mosquitoes since undergoing chemotherapy a few years ago. And boy so those skeeters love him! Each bite produces a large softball sized lump which means doses of Benadryl for 2-3 days. He’s tried every repellent out there, & this is the first one that gives us any vestige of hope. Would love to have this lantern!

  171. This sounds like a great product! We avoid the porch because of mosquitoes and this lantern sounds like a lifesaver! Here in Mid Missouri, it feels like the tropics, so this would help out tremendously.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating our 47th. Time sure flies!

  172. Oh boy , here in Florida this would come in real handy.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  173. Rhoda;
    Happy Happy Anniversary! Hope it is a wonderful weekend for you both!
    Wow- this looks like the answer …. would love to win this one as a prize… but , if as effective as you say… that’s a price I would pay for evenings out on our patio worry free…. yep, they love my skin too…. and the West Nile virus is reportedly around here…. thanks for sharing… as always, love your posts, and will look forward to more awesome phots with your new camera!

  174. I would like to enter this giveaway for the mosquito lantern! Thanks! We have built a rock and cedar porch at our lake home, but have to come in at night due to the biters. We have tried citronella candles with no luck. Terry in Texas 🙂

  175. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the great information on Thermacell. I have lived in Tennessee, Louisiana, and now Michigan. Mosquitoes are ubiquitous! My daughter and I seem to be especially delicious to them. I’ll have to suggest one other thing that has worked for us (when we can’t stay seated around a lantern): Don’t Bite Me patches. They supposedly make our skin unpalatable with vitamin B flavoring.

  176. We have never had so many mosquitos!! We moved into our new home a month ago and are miserable. Today I had to leave church and take my 3 year old home just to apply Benedryl ointment on all the bites she got in the night. My family thinks I’m a crazy lady…walking around smacking my hands together…they say I’m just trying to get attention. 🙂 Needless to say, I’d big pink fuzzy heart a Thermacell Lantern.

  177. Kelley M. says:

    Oh my goodness, my daughter and I are devoured by the mosquitoes here, in Houston. They are so, so bad right now that we rarely go out anymore. 🙁 Will have to give one of these a try!

+Rhoda Southern Hospitality