From Ugly to Beautiful: The Porch gets a new look & A Giveaway!

{Giveaway is Closed}

It has sure been a lot of fun fixing up that old covered porch at my parents’ house.Β  It’s actually a little sunroom with windows and at 8 feet wide by 16 feet long a little bit of a challenge to get furniture arranged in there. But, I think I managed to make it completely livable and comfortable to be in, as well as pretty and functional too. We had to keep the function of this porch, that was a must.

Strategic storage pieces were definitely the answer. Storage can be pretty and I found some good versatile pieces. I spent every bit of my allowed budget and we are so happy with the outcome. I’ll be spending a lot of time on this porch now, you can believe that! πŸ™‚

Let’s refresh our memories with the poor old Before pic. Tired, cluttered and not very inspiring.

The After is everything I dreamed it would be. A wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine and an occasional breeze. I got all the furniture and storage pieces at Home Depot, except for that creamy white cabinet on the left. Once I saw this vinyl wicker set with the green cushions, I knew these were it! My color scheme was born and off I went. And when I sat in that motion chair (rocker, glider, swivel chair), I had to have it. There was only room for the loveseat, motion chair, and ottoman, and it makes a complete sitting area.

My parents were real troopers and pitched in to help get this porch in shape. My dad put together every bit of this furniture and that really helped out a lot.

They are both really happy with the outcome too and I can see that we all will be enjoying this space now. It will definitely be my new computer spot. This set is by Martha Stewart at Home Depot and is Charlottetown.

My sweet friend, Sharon, in Birmingham gave me the antlers.Β  Her hubby is a hunter and had plenty to spare.Β  I love them out here.

Another of my very favorite $5 yardsale finds, this original watercolor is just perfect out here too and gives the porch a vintage feel.

At the other end of the porch, I concentrated on getting all the shoes in a huge storage bin and it will be perfect for keeping this space organized. This is an accurate look at the new wall color, Colony Green by Dutch Boy, the same color I used in my old office nook. It worked perfectly out here and I had enough left to paint this space.

There is still plenty of room to come and go with a good pathway down the middle to the back door.

My sweet Daddy fussed at first when I asked him if I could paint his oak rocking chair and said no at least twice. I kept on because I knew how good it would look and he finally relented.Β  With 4 women in our family, he doesn’t have a chance most of the time with things like this.Β  We know how to wear him down. πŸ™‚Β  And then he likes it!

After I sprayed it with Rustoleum’s Dark Brown spray paint, he totally admitted that it looked so much better now. A new color coordinated cushion finishes it off. There’s only room for one rocking chair now, so the other one will go up to NC to their mountain house.

NOTE: Someone asked if the other rocking chair was painted and yes, yes it was.Β  After I painted the first one, I was just going to leave the other one oak since it was going to the mountains.Β  Mom mentioned that Dad really liked the new paint job, so I should paint both of them the same.Β  So, I did!Β  I knew he would love it after I painted them and I was right. πŸ™‚

Also, someone asked about the walls.Β  That is paneling on the walls that was original to the house, with cinder blocks on part of the walls.Β  That’s how the house was built back in the 70’s, so we didn’t do anything out there but put on fresh paint.

Inside the big storage bin are shoes and porch essentials, now neatly hidden away behind this door. Much better than leaving everything out.

The old shelf got a new coat of paint and looks so much better with Dad’s caps hanging on it. You might remember my brass lovebirds from my old porch. I was able to bring out some of my treasures to finish off this space and that made me happy.

This is a Martha Stewart storage bench in Espresso. I loved the fabric drawers that it holds and there are a bunch of colors offered in these. Loved this aqua shade to add some accent out here.

Inside one drawer, my mom tucked away their garden gloves.

My small iron bakers rack that was on my old deck pulls duty as a plant stand, holding mom’s beautiful African violets that she grows with her green thumb. Those other 2 plants are mine.Β  I took some regular wall paint and brushed her plastic planters with a new blue color, just to unify them all.

Live plants are perfect on a porch and I love having them out here, adding life and color.

One of my thriftstore oil paintings fits in nicely out here too. I still love this little find.

You’ll notice that I added chocolate brown bamboo Roman shades on every window and that really gives this space a finished look.

These pretty paisley pillows came with the loveseat and I just loved the colors in them. The perfect jumping off spot for my accent colors. It was hard to capture the true colors out here.

Lamp was a yardsale find for $5 (without the shade) and this side table was also a yardsale find. My sweet Birmingham friend, Sharon, gave me the antlers, which I think look great hanging out here.

Here’s a little tip for you.Β  I changed out the old glass that was on this table for a large piece of tile.Β  The glass had been outside and had some scratches on it that didn’t come off, so I changed it out for a 14×14″ piece of tile from a local tile shop for less than $2.

This big clock will come in handy and it’s large enough for older eyes. It was a yardsale find too for $20 and is huge. The original sticker on the back is from Homegoods, where it sold for $60 retail. Quite the bargain.

I adore this space! The lattice rug is also from Home Depot, an 8×10. It’s actually gray and tan and I love the contrast it has with my other colors. Look up and take notice of the pretty new light fixture. This just about kicked both my dad’s and my butt, but we stuck it out and got that thing hung. I was not about to give up! That old light had to go.

This pretty creamy white storage piece is from Target and made by Sauder. it’s a great piece for holding all the extras out here.

Perfect spot for Mom to hide away all her essentials that need to be in reach.

I’m sure several of you still have the Target bunny weathervane that was all the rage a few short years ago. I waited until the last minute and almost missed out on getting one, but managed to score him for around $7 and he is still one of my fave pieces.

I managed to get in a couple of my bunnies on the porch and they fit right in.Β  If you’ll notice in the above pics, he was on the other side of the cabinet.Β  Thought he’d be safer on this side.Β  I already had to glue his ear back on from the moving mishap.Β  πŸ™‚

So, that is the porch! I hope it was worth waiting for. It is definitely going to be a much loved space in our family home.

Thanks to American Express for sponsoring this project.

I was contacted by American Express about a program that they have going on:Β  Membership Rewards.Β  They launched Membership Rewards 20 years ago as a first of its kind program that over time has continued to innovate through new partners, categories, and features.Β  The program offers more than a million rewards from over 500 brands and millions of Card members have redeemed their points for a variety of merchandise and experiences, from movie tickets to trips to the world’s finest resorts.

Not a Cardmember? The Premier Rewards Gold Card can help you redesign your social space. Apply today and receive a $100 Home Depot Gift Card when you spend $1000 within your first three months of Cardmembership to get you started.

{Disclosure:Β  I was given 150,000 points ($1500) to use to redecorate this porch for my parents.Β  I did not receive any other monetary compensation and was allowed to pick my own products from their websites.)

Here’s the great news today!!

ONE of you will win a $100 Home Depot giftcard!Β  Just leave a comment and tell me what you will do with your Home Depot card if you win.

Want to spruce up an outdoor space?

What do you have in mind?Β Β  Just leave a comment to be eligible to win.


  1. Lisa Hankins says:

    I love the finished result! I am the one with that exact same porch that is the entry INTO my home. You have given me fantastic ideas on how to actually arrange some furniture so it doesn’t block the traffic flow and still looks great! Thank you for the ideas! If I won the gift card this room would get a bead board ceiling to replace the old tiles, a rug and some cute summer furniture. What a dream it would be to walk into a lovely space like this every day!

  2. LoriBee says:

    Yeah American Express and Rhoda!! Fabulous job….
    I love the simplicity and use of fun color, here . You and your parents will adore this sunny spot so much. Enjoy!!
    What would I do with a Home Depot card? Easy……spruce up our front patio. This is our favorite place to sit and enjoy our lovely New England weather. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Deb Walker says:

    Now I’m inspired! A few years ago I had to leave my home in Indiana and return to childhood home to live with my parents. Soon after, my father became ill and because I was home I was able to assist my mother in providing care for him. Although returning home was difficult at the time, I truly feel that the good Lord led back home. He does know what we neeed, doesn’t He!

    Merging two households can be difficult, but I was lucky enough to have such gracious and loving parents that opened their door and arms without question. If I won the gift I would use it to spruce up the outdoor patio by painting the faded furniture; adding a few new pillows and finally staining the concrete patio.

    Thank you for sharing your terrific ideas!

  4. Great job!!!!
    I would use a Home Depot gift card to continue working on my garden.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us all!

  5. Beauty, comfort, simplicity, efficiency. Rhoda, you once again combined all these elements into a wonderful, livable space! Should I be the lucky winner, I would buy some new cabinet hardware for an old chest and dresser I recently painted for my daughter. I’ve so looked forward to the after photos and am inspired once more by your creativity and vision.

  6. Oh my, your porch turned out gorgeous!! I just love it! I have been cleaning and rearranging my back porch next to the pool, so with my $100 gc to Home Depot, I would get a new ceiling fan with the big palm fan blades to match my decor. In Florida we HAVE to have a ceiling fan on the porch! Again, love your porch SO much!

  7. I would have fun adding new plants to our cottage garden!
    Your porch looks great! πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! That turned out great — love it! I would love to add a storage piece to our screened-in porch. Now that I’ve seen yours, I have an idea of what to do! Enjoy your porch!

  9. The porch is gorgeous. Welcome back to Georgia!

    We’re putting our house up for sale (financial reasons) and remodeling my parents old house to move into. We’ve basically gutted it and now we’re trying to get it done. A $100 giftcard…hmmm…paint! Tile! Light fixtures! Ceiling fans! (especially since we have this ridiculous almost 100 degree weather already—crazy isn’t it? Gotta love Georgia) I can think of a million things that I could use it for. πŸ™‚

  10. Tara G. says:

    I would love to use the money to help my mom and dad perk up a tired room in their home (take your pick!)!!

  11. This porch looks fabulous! I would use the $100.00 to buy a new cieling fan for my screened porch I am currently redoing.

  12. Lucinda says:

    I would definitely buy some cushions for my iron patio set or possible a new light fixture for my living room. The porch looks great and I bet it will lead to updating more rooms!

  13. Rhoda,
    Wow! You did it again!! Gorgeous transformation!! The color is so perfect and the rug on the floor makes it feel like home.
    Your parents must be thrilled with the end result. I love that you worked with your Dad to accomplish it. Treasure that time.
    Becky K.

  14. elizabeth normandin says:

    I Thank You for all your inspiration, would love to buy some patio furniture for our lanai. You did such a beautiful job onthe porch! I just want to sit with a glass of ice tea! Beth N.

  15. Courtney says:

    I would be purchasing some things for our large front porch that sits rather empty right now. I would love to have $100 to Home Depot!

  16. I love the changes to the porch – especially the wicker furniture! With a Home Depot card I would replace the cushions on our outdoor dining set. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  17. First thing I’d do is go buy the exact furniture you did for your sweet parents’ porch! Loved it!!!!

  18. The porch turned out beautifully and so functional. What a great project!

    If I won the gift card, I would love to get some new planters to add to my front yard and some new chair cushions would be great!

  19. Sarah A says:

    My outdoor space would be flower beds!! I could use some annuals to brighten things up!

  20. Kim Andrews says:

    What a beautiful porch, Rhoda! You have such an amazing eye for things. My husband just built a 14×14 pergola over our existing concrete patio last summer, so I would use the gift card to spruce it up! I am in desperate need for some color out there, and I would love to have some of the beautiful products that Home Depot has to brighten it up out there. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you give me!

  21. I love it! your parents will love it too! I am so glad that you are still getting to use your magic. With a Home Depot card I would spruce up my back porch, buy paint and paint the old dining set and get some cushions! Thanks for sharing such a great post!

  22. the freckled minx says:

    I was originally thinking sunny yellow but I really like the soothing shade of green that you’ve picked. The rustle of a summer breeze through the grass green. It’s such an easy on the eye relaxing practical space – well done you!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE it Rhoda… did a great job! And bless your Daddy’s heart for putting it all together, painting and LETTING you paint his chair!! MY daddy had three girls and was used to the womenfolk getting their way too.:) I am definitely going to use that Colony Green somewhere in my home. It is such a cheery fresh color! I know you all will love using this room all year long!

  24. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Rhoda!! I love every bit of it and all the little details you added! You created such a lovely space for you and your parents to go relax and enjoy. Martina

  25. SheilaG says:

    I LOVE everything you did! And I’m a sucker for cute bunnies! Hmmm, what would I do with a $100 HD giftcard? I would probably have to buy an 8′ aluminum ladder for Wellspring Treasures Kennesaw- desperately needed for all us short people who work/volunteer there!!! πŸ™‚

  26. I love the “new” porch – looks like a sweet place to kick back and relax! If I were fortunate enough to win a home depot card I would use it towards purchasing new ceiling lights for my home…. the ones currently there are from the old owners and really don’t add much to my decor πŸ˜‰

  27. DeAnn Carpenter says:

    I would LOVe to use the $100 toward new window treatments. Mine are sick and definitely need some “treatment!”

  28. My deck could sure could use a little sprucing up–nothing out there right now but an antique glass-topped wrought iron table and chairs; it’s a small space but has potential.

  29. Wow!! That is a complete redo. It will be very nice to sit and visit in your new room.

  30. Candice says:

    I would use a gift card to redo my galley kitchen! It is in DESPERATE need of a makeover πŸ™‚ LOVE THE PORCH!!!!

  31. Paula B. says:

    How nice for your parents, I am sure they are in love with the new room, storage and living space,yay! Hmm, a Home Depot gift card, with summer coming I could definitely use some new window boxes (the ones that were here when we moved in five years ago are on their last legs and it’s time to get the flowers into them). Enjoyed looking at all the porch changes and thanks for having the giveaway!

  32. Great job as usual. I know you will enjoy it. If that Card comes my way There are a lot of things that it will be used for here in Tuscaloosa.

  33. Oooo, I have paint projects galore this summer and my dining room needs new blinds… I would love love love to win this! Great job on the porch, Rhoda– I’m seeing lots of iced tea and blogging out there in your future!

  34. The porch looks beautiful! You did a great job as always! I would buy new cushions for our outdoor furniture. They are tired looking and really needs to be freshened up!

  35. Connie Carroll says:

    Wow…Another beautiful transformation Rhoda! I love everything about it, the color, the furniture and all the accent pieces that make it so cozy and comfortable. If I won the $100 Home Depot gift card I would use it to decorate my outside patio.

  36. The porch looks great! I love the colors! If I was gifted a $100 Home Depot gift card I would purchase some perennials to help with the landscaping around our new home.

  37. PERFECT for you and for your parents! Enjoy your new space!

    If I were chosen, I would use it to purchase cushions for our screened porch. I repainted some sad Adirondack chairs that need some cushions to brighten up the space.

    So happy to see you back blogging regularly!

  38. Rhoda, the porch is so pretty. I love it! You did an amazing job sprucing it up. I would love to win the gift card, and I would use it for some roses on the right side of our house. There is not enough color over there! πŸ˜€

  39. Rhoda ~ the makeover is gorgeous! I love the colors used and I want that shutter cabinet! πŸ™‚

    I could certainly use the gift card right now. We are in the midst of home renovations (new flooring and paint in nearly every room) and as I can add something…. maybe a little new home decor here and there.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  40. The porch turned out gorgeous! You did a beautiful job! I would use the gift card to continue working on my yard.

  41. Love the new porch, cozy and comfortable yet still funtionable. I would totally love that Home Depot gift card to use on a set of furniture for my porch!!

  42. First, I Love the redo, the colors are beautiful!

    If I won I would use it in my garden, hubby and I have a few plans for the backyard but don’t have enough financial resources to do it all so any amount helps! I’d like to build a potting area/bench and an outdoor reading nook in the back corner of our yard!

  43. Pam Rhodes says:

    Hi Rhoda! Love what you did with the porch!!!! You are so talented! πŸ˜€ I also KNOW how good God is,and I agree with you that He did this (porch) just for you!!! That is just like Him! He is so wonderful!
    Please enter me in the give-away,my husband and I just finished building our screened in back porch,and It is very bare and in need of some pretty things,which is what I would do with the $100.00! They will have to wait a while,though, because My husband just found out that the company he works for will be closing it’s doors in a few months….so the pretties for the porch are not a top priority now! But God is faithful,and I KNOW Glenn will have another job before his last day at this one! Have a blessed day!

  44. Looks great! I have my eye on some baskets to help organize the open shelving in my kitchen.

  45. Great project – it looks terrific. I would use the giftcard for some cushions for our new outdoor chairs. They are expensive!

  46. I have my sister-in-law, Katie, coming to live in our home. Katie has Down’s Syndrome and our family will be her new care providers. I need to makeover my office into Katie’s bedroom and I’d use the $100 to help make a space for Katie that helps her feel at home and comfortable.

    Your porch looks great and I’m sure it’s a wonderful space to enjoy and de-stress.


  47. I could use $100 to fix up my screened in patio. I need to replace the screen on the sliding patio door and some throw pillows for the chairs out there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. The porch is beautiful !! I have been waiting to see the final results! If I were to win the Home Depot card, I would use it to buy my daughter something for the home she just moved into!!

  49. Beautiful!!!
    If I won I think I would use it towards sprucing up my pool area. I need some pretty decorations for down there, this is our third summer with the pool and really haven’t had the extra money to pretty up the area. Also need extra seating, that wicker seat might be perfect.

  50. Oh Rhoda! This is amazing. I’ll bet your parents were beside themselves with the results of your hard work.

    I am remodeling my kitchen and $100 would purchase the painting supplies. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  51. Barbara Graves says:

    Just lovely, Rhoda! I know you all will enjoy that space so much now! I get hope for my house when I see these projects of yours. My deck off my bedroom was the big “plus” that we added when we had this house built. Almost 10 years later and we rarely use it, because it’s just there. If I had $100 gift card, I’d start working on that deck to make it my “retreat”. Thanks for sharing this!!

  52. Carolee says:

    I looove the new porch, Rhoda! If I won the Home Depot gift card I would do a project on our porch – using some of your great ideas! Thanks for sharing this wonderful project!

  53. Karen In NC says:

    Oh it looks so beautiful! I am so glad to see you decorating again and I know you and your parents will love the new space. I would love the Home Depot card and think I would probably spend it on paint, paint and more paint. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. I love it. It looks so relaxing. After seeing these pictures I think I would freshen up my screened in back porch. πŸ™‚

  55. The porch turned out great…love the color! I would love to win the gift card. I would use it to buy a rain barrel for my garden or a storage bin for the deck. I went to Home Depot this year for my container plants and they look great, how funny that little things can make a huge difference!

  56. Wow – your porch project turned out beautiful, it looks so comfortable and inviting. If I won a $100 gift card from Home Depot, I would use it to fix up my outdoor patio area and make it more inviting, too.

  57. I would buy retaining wall bricks with my winnings! Great porch Rhoda!

  58. Jane H. says:

    What a beautiful transformation! That porch will now be a favorite place. If I won the $100 gift card from The Home Depot I think I would apply it to a new patio table and chairs. We tiled our screened in porch and now I’m ready to make it a usable, comfortable area but I have to do it on a tight budget. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  59. The porch looks fantastic, but I knew it would. When I first saw the floor, I thought you had painted it! I love the green on the walls, the bakers rack, and how you unified the flower pots with an accent paint color. Great job.

  60. Dear Rhoda,
    As always, you have taken a small space and created a wonderful retreat for you and your parents. God is indeed good. I am sure He placed everything you needed at your finger tips. You are so lucky to still have your sweet parents and I know they will enjoy the porch too!
    I am trying to “redo” my porch too and would enjoy the gift certificate but I am sure God has plans for the one who really needs it.


  61. What a great job Rhoda! The porch/sun room looks fabulous! I have a screened in back porch ~ that I would love to do some things to, if I won the gift card. What a nice give away…XoXo

  62. Nicolle says:

    I LOVE the porch Rhoda!!! We are in the process of renovating our old New Orleans, termite damaged house so i would use the money for that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I would re-do parts of our bathroom.

  64. I am in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it would be gorgeous!!! I love love love the bamboo shades!!! Congrats Rhoda….. I know you will enjoy relaxing and just chillin’ out on this beauty!!!! Thanks to your Dad too for letting you paint that rocker…. lol .. Just beautiful …… Terri

  65. Rhoda I just LOVE what you did with the porch! I have a screened in porch down here in Florida & am in desperate need of a new outdoor rug πŸ™‚ This is going to be so neat to see how you help your parents spruce up their place.

  66. Kathryn says:

    This turned out so lovely. I would use a $100 toward a new rug for my sons room.

  67. Hi Rhoda,
    You are unbelievable!!! What an amazing job you did with the porch and Im sure your parents are in love with it as well! I hope you are doing well. I would love to win the AMEX card, I could do soooo much with it. We moved back to NJ from Florida and our stuff is still in storage in Fl until we can move it up here. I would use the card very wisely to get things that we need for the condo we are renting and make it more of a home. Its hard when all your things are in boxes in another state hahahaha. I watched your
    move and was happy it went very well. Thanks for all your lovely posts!

  68. Jamie M says:

    I live in an apt and my back yard is basically a paved lot however there’s a teeny tiny sliver of non pavement. Myself and my 1st floor neighbor have been trying to figure out what to do with the little bit of non paved lot that we have. Right now it’s mostly gravel and we would like somewhere just to sit and relax. I’m in my 30s and she’s in her 70s and we enjoy each other’s company but don’t have anywhere to really get together (she has a cat which i’m allergic to and i’m on 3rd floor which she can’t climb up to) We would love the opportunity to do something fantastic so we can relax during the summer and be able to be together and maybe have other neighbors over!! I would like to do a nice casual covered seating area with a fire pit and an indoor/outdoor rug and maybe some lanterns and potted/hanging plants. We have a limited budget so this would be a great boost to help us! πŸ™‚

  69. The porch looks fabulous! HUGE improvement!! What did you cover the cinder block walls with?? The top part looks like beadboard or something, but how did you affix it to the blocks??

    I would buy a new shower surround for my bathroom. The old is disgusting!! Thanks!

  70. Hi Rhoda, God is good. I’m so happy that you were able to create a place of respite in your family home. I’d love to win the $100 to redo my husband’s office/music space for Father’s Day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. We are building a new house- so I would use the card to help me stage my old house. The storage isn’t the greatest, so I would buy some cute storage essentials!

  72. Simply restful and beautiful!

  73. I would use it toward the purchase of new porch furniture for my new house. Loved you makeover of the porch!

  74. Stephanie says:

    Oh, it’s just beautiful. If I win the Home Depot card, I would definitely use it to spruce up the area outside my back door. Flowers, pots, and maybe some sort of rug. Love it!!!

  75. What a great space! I wish I had a porch to be able to sit, relax and read! If I were lucky enough to win the gift card, I think I would get a little patio set for my back deck. It might not be a porch (that’s bug free!) but it would encourage me to spend a little extra time outside admiring the plants I haven’t managed to kill yet! On second thought, perhaps I should buy some new plants to replace the ones that have already kicked the bucket!

    Love the new room and kudos to you for helping your parents spruce up their place!

  76. Looks beautiful! You have such a great eye. Was it difficult to detach yourself from a space that you’re so accustomed to seeing a certain way? That is the biggest problem I have with decorating — the mental block!

    I would put the money toward some shades like those!

  77. Sandy A says:

    First of all, your redo of the porch is just amazing!! So fresh and bright–and I love your green paint color. For us–we really need a redo for our bath. It is looking a little aged and needs some fresh color, lighting, everything. This gift card would sure come in handy…

  78. I love the way it turned out. I am sure your parents love having you there making everything gorgeous… wanna come stay with us for a while πŸ˜‰

    If I were to win a HD gift card I would use it toward new saw for my hubby so he could build me the pergola I’ve been dreaming of. what can I say, I’m a giver πŸ™‚

  79. Looks Great! I need a new outdoor rug for my deck. My dog chewed the corner off of my old one:(

  80. OMGoodness! I’ve been waiting for this post and am NOT disappointed. Once again you’ve shared your (seemingly unlimited!) talent. Rhoda, you’ve done an incredible job. I am so glad you and your parents have such a lovely place to rest, relax and enjoy each others company. You are so deserving!

    If I were lucky enough to win the Home Depot card, I would use it to purchase paint. My hubby and I are painting the house this summer and $100 would sure be helpful!

    LOVE the porch! Thanks for the chance at the HD card!

  81. Love the room. I don’t have an enclosed porch but can’t wait to use some of your ideas on my open patio. My patio is missing the cozyness that you have in your room. The wheels are turning…..

  82. What a beautiful space for you and your parents! You really transformed it from a storage closet to an outdoor retreat! Love it πŸ™‚ I have a similar space at our house that has become the dumping ground for everything that I don’t want to get rid of but I don’t really have room for either. I’d love to turn my space into something beautiful like yours! Keeping my fingers crossed for that $100 Home Depot gift card πŸ˜‰

  83. Beautiful! If I had an opportunity to redo anything it would be our back porch. We have an old table and chair set out there that is falling apart and that about covers the decor. We love to BBQ and hang out there and would love to make it even more inviting.

  84. I would love to purchase a rug for my entry way. I’m sprucing things up in the house for the summer wedding of my middle son.

  85. Elizabeth says:

    It looks amazing! Love the green! If I won a Home Depot Gift card I would definitely put toward some furniture for my screened porch. We have a beautiful screen porch that is completely underutilized, because I lack comfortable seating! My whole screen porch really needs a makeover, maybe one day! (My 7 and 5 year olds keep me busy, especially considering we homeschool.)

    Thanks for the inspiration for a project that turned out beautiful yet also seems “real” and livable. Love that your mom can hide her stuff in that cabinet. πŸ™‚

  86. I would use the $100 gift card toward materials to finish up our back screened porch. We have enlarged in and now need new tile, paint, etc. Great job Rhoda on the porch! I know you and your parents will really enjoy it!

  87. What a great redo! I imagine your parents are SO happy with their new porch! What a great place to relax.
    I could use a gift card towards some new outdoor furniture. I’m trying to spiff up what I have now but it’s on it’s last legs!

  88. Debra Ortt says:

    I just love how you pull from what you have to make somethng new..I immediatly recognized that lovely wall color..(BTW was your ol Bham house affected by the storms…just as a side note)….It gives me inspiration to keep doing the same.I have redone my porch over and over for the past 4 years spray painted my old wicker peices over and over ..I think they may be petrified by now..BUT it is “screened in’ and the summer here in the south gets awful HOT ..right? my old church fans I have out there just dont cut it..Dear hubby can do MANY things BUT he does not feel comfy doing wiring and I want a celing fan hung so …alas…I dont have one yet..any ideas?

  89. I am just now seeing this Rhoda. I’ve had problems getting into my dashboard over at blogger, where all my follow list is. I really need to take care of that little problem. Switched over to Firefox and the dilemma seems to be solved for now. Could not comment on lots of blogger posts the past few days.
    Decided to do a little visiting this morning, while I can. We are under a tornado watch again and we were awakened during the night with an alarm, another storm going through. Trying to do a little visiting between storms.

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this! You all will enjoy this space so very much. It is absolutely wonderful and an excellent project for you!

  90. I’m hoping to re-do my porch this summer and need to purchase an outdoor ceiling fan, an outdoor rug and two outdoor wicker chairs with cushions. Will also need a little paint. I have a great space, but like yours, it’s been a little neglected up til now. This gift card could really help me get started, so I hope I win!

  91. Amy Hodgin says:

    WOW! You have such an eye for decorating and finding beauty in the smallest thing! I love that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful porch redo. My husband and I are trying to repaint and redo our house. It is very time consuming, which is hard with two little kiddos, who are very active. We would definitly use a Home Deopt gift card for more paint and accesories to help us finish up our numerous projects. have a blessed week!

  92. Oh my goodness, talk about a makeover! That doesn’t look like the same room!!! Your parents must be thrilled! That looks like such a lovely place to have a morning cup of coffee and read blogs:) I love the white cabinet from Target! If I won a Home Depot gift card I would put my husband to work making a headboard for our bed! We’ve been without one and I really think it would finish off our bedroom:)

  93. Christi P says:

    Looks so much better! I love your outdoor rugs and would use the gif card to get one of my own!

  94. Heather D. says:

    Wow! What a transformation! We are in the process of sprucing up our patio. I would buy some finishing touches and potted plants for the patio.

  95. Oh my goodness Rhoda! It is absolutely dreamy out there! You did an amazing job!

    I would use $100 to finish my bathroom re-do. We started it about six months ago and ran out of money to finish.

  96. Rhoda, I love what you have done with that porch. It looks so cozy now. We have decided to fill in our indoor pool and turn the space into a huge Florida room (we don’t use the pool anyway but we would definitely use a Florida room). If I win the Home Depot card, I will use it towards either paint, flooring, ceiling fans, or a rug. While I LOVE the furniture you selected, I will probably be thrifting for furniture as we are on a very tight budget. I have gotten some great deals that way over the years. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  97. patti g says:

    Wow! Inspiring for sure!.
    I would be a big ole copy cat and purchase some great garage
    storage pieces with that nifty gift card .
    You are a great daughter.

  98. I love the porch. You did a great job!
    I would use the $100 HD gift card for new blinds in my kitchen. I have drapes hung in the large bay window, and I close them at night. But I’d love to be able to keep them pulled open and close only the blinds at night. I’ve got my fingers crossed! πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  99. I would love to win. We are expecting a third baby in July and it would help out on getting his and my daughters room complete! Love what you did with the porch!

  100. What a wonderful space — I love it! πŸ™‚ I would totally get busy in my kitchen with Home Depot gift cards… paint, cabinet hardware, light fixture… the possibilities are endless as is my list of “to-do’s”!!!

  101. Becky in SC says:

    You never cease to amaze me!! The porch looks fab-u-lo-so!!
    I have so many little DIY projects going on, I would probably use the Home Depot gift card to buy much needed paint for our hallway coming into our kitchen. We have just had granite countertops (with much inspiration from you!!) and tile floor installed in our kitchen…and need to finish the whole project off with some new paint!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!
    β™₯ Becky in SC β™₯

  102. Rhoda, I also have an outdoor space that needs some sprucing up. After the long winter in Michigan, I’m ready to sit out and enjoy the few summer days we have. I could definitely use the gift card to fix up the space. Thanks for sharing!

  103. Wow, what a beautiful transformation, I love the paint color! If I win the Hone Depot card I would by paint, I am wanting to repaint our study this summer!
    have a great day,

  104. grat job Rhoda! and I love your little touch of your rabbits! so cute!! Makes me want to sit and enjoy a sweet tea and look at magazines!

  105. Sharon Avinger says:

    What a lovely porch! Rhoda, your parents are so lucky to have you as their personal decorator. I would love to have the Home Depot card to begin a bathroom re-do, maybe buy some new faucets.

  106. Wow! That looks amazing! What a great spot to hang out now. I know your parents must be thrilled!!! What would I do with a Home Depot gift card? Why work on OUR porch of course!!!

  107. I love your porch! It looks like a perfect place to relax.

    I would love to win the Home Depot $100 card. I am a recent flood victim, so building materials are needed. I would probably apply the card to a purchase of beadboard, or kitchen laminate.

  108. That porch looks lemonade-ready! I am painting my bedroom this summer, so I would definitely use the card to buy some Behr’s primer+ paint to get that project done, and also a ladder to get that tall ceiling! We cleared off and cleaned our deck last week and it looks so much better.

  109. What a beautiful job you did here Rhoda! If I were to win the gift card? Id use it to finish some of the projects around this old house(1860) tha we’ve not been able to finish. Living on one income(hubby is a teacher, Im a homeschooling SAHM) doesnt allow for alot of purchases unless theyre absolutely necessary. Last summer we began our master bath redo but have yet to finish it. There are more projects but thats probably what Id use the g.card for since all 4 of us use the space on a daily basis.

  110. The porch looks awesome…a great place to relax.

    I would use the HD gift card to purchase a few tools. I need a scroll saw and a few other things. Thanks!!!


  111. Lisa Botts says:

    I have already decided how I want my front porch to look. Now I just have to take the time to make it happen! Love your porch redo!

  112. Wow, fantastic porch reclaim and refurbish! Love the wall color and the pop of accent is perfection! Y’all truly enjoy times together! Storage, storage, storage, I need storage on my porch! If I were to win a gift card I would look for storage items; maybe a bench, closet, bin…umm all the possibilities!
    Have a Blessed Day!

  113. Looks great! My favorite thing are the paint colors and that lamp. LOVE that lamp. Also love the pillows on the wicker furniture. The space looks so much better now. I would like to win the gift card so I can buy some patio furniture and a rug for the deck. πŸ˜‰

  114. Rhoda, the porch looks amazing!! I bet your parents were in Aaaah!!! of what you did for them!! love the green and aqua and brown colors together! It looks like you used every inch of space to be functional and pretty, great job, sweetie,Kathysue

  115. dana self says:

    adorable! With that gift card I would stain and spruce up my deck so it looked beautiful for summer fun.

  116. Just beautiful! What a great job you and your parents have done. The accessories make the room. Tell your mother I’m going to try my hand at African Violets. They look so pretty!

  117. we just moved into a new (old) house and a home depot card would come in handy in many ways! i would probably use it to buy more bamboo shades for our 45 big windows tho! love the porch! lori l

  118. Christine says:

    Hi Rhoda! I recently discovered your blog and enjoy reading it very much. Your porch looks absolutely lovely!!

    My hubby and I just bought our first house so we would use a HD gift card for paint or towards a lawnmower.

  119. Elizabeth H says:

    Great job. I know your parents love it too. I adore the Home Depot rug you used and the furniture.

  120. Love the porch! I would use the home depot gift card for deck stain.thanks for the giveaway.

  121. Oh Rhoda… That’s fantastic!!! you did a wonderful job – awe inspiring even πŸ™‚

    If i had a $100 gift card, I’d probably go for a nice, big offset umbrella for our back porch. It faces the West and gets some mean afternoon sun! I think we’d use our space out there even more often if it got a bit of shade/

    Thanks a million and congrats again!!!

  122. The porch turned out just beautiful!! Quite the transformation!! Love all the colors!! I would love to win the home depot gift card!! If I won, I would definitely use it to buy some flowers, plants, & bushes to spruce up my outdoor space!!

  123. Brenda Liesen says:

    I am happy to see you doing your awesome work again. You really have a great eye and a special talent! With a home depot card I would work on sprucing up my patio. Thanks again for sharing.

  124. I would love to spruce up our outdoor patio and really make use of it this summer. A Home Depot card would be a big help!

  125. Rhoda!
    I love the new space. It is so warm and welocming! I am so happy for your parents – I’m sure they are so happy to have you back home!
    With my Home Depot Gift Card I will be buying Behr Paint (my favorite) and some lumber to do waincoating in my master bath.
    I Love doing home projects and I’m in Home Depot weeekly πŸ™‚
    Your admirer,

  126. Margaret says:

    I use it to buy cushions for the furniture on my screened porch.

  127. Oh I’d love to win the home depot gift card! I’m wanting to spruce up the outside with new plants, a water hose holder, and maybe even some pavers for a small patio… πŸ™‚

  128. WOW! LOVE IT! Your parents are pretty blessed to have a daughter like you, and you are blessed to have such sweet parents. I would love the home depot card to fix up our back porch/ deck area to have an outdoor space to spend time with our 4 children, and entertain.

  129. Your porch is so beautiful and inviting and that paint color is absolutely perfect out there! So glad you were able to use some of your own personal treasures out there! Thanks for sharing.

  130. Shanon M. says:

    LOVE IT! It came out great! I’m inspired by you daily! I think I need to start hitting every yardsale around and see what “new” treasures I can find to spruce up a room or two. Plus that Home Depot card would help. πŸ˜€

  131. Teresea says:

    I would use the Home Depot gift card to buy materials to build a chicken coop for my city garden.

  132. Lisa S. says:

    Great job on the porch, I know you will enjoy spending time there this summer.
    I would use the Home Depot gift card to buy some patio furniture!

  133. Amy in PA says:

    Put it towards my upcoming bathroom renovation!

  134. What a difference! So warm and inviting, invites you in for a good read while drinking a big glass of sweet ice tea! Would love to use the h.d. Card to purchase a bench for my back patio to put near a fire pit. S’mores yummy!

  135. Sarah C. says:

    Fabulous! WOW!! What a GREAT transformation! If I won, I would use it to redecorate our front porch. It is quite large and lovely, but it needs HELP:) Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  136. I would use it buy some wicker or outdoor furniture. Great transformation! Thanks!

  137. I would use the money to purchase some bamboo blinds for my dining area. Your remake of the porch looks so inviting!

  138. Rhoda,

    This was so worth the (short) wait! I love everything about the room; from your choice of colors to the flow. Your father’s rocker looks fantastic with a fresh coat of paint and new cushion. I especially like the white shutter -door storage piece and your rabbits. Now, pour yourself a mint julep or mojito; have a seat on the lovely sofa, put your feet up and start blogging about your next project! πŸ™‚

    If I won, I’d use the gift card to spruce up my patio or front porch.

    Your Friend,

  139. Great job Rhoda! Looks so much brighter and better!!!

    we had water damage in our bedroom ceiling, so we will be redoing the ceiling and painting the ceiling and walls in that room.

  140. rhoda – i agree with you. this was a sweet, sweet gift from God. He knows what we need & when we need it & He will take care of you.

    what a beautiful transformation (i even loved the before, hah! it reminded me so much of my grandma’s back porch. the only thing it was missing was tin cans full of seedlings). the colors are so cool & relaxing & i’m sure all three of you will enjoy it.

    i would love to have a gift card from home depot. our patio & deck need some major tlc & home depot has what we need to do the job!

  141. We sure could use a new outdoor rug for our screened porch.

  142. Hi Rhoda,
    You are blessed to have your parents, and I bet they will agree they are blessed to have you!! The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

    The porch is beautiful, and very inviting! I’m so glad you have a way to put that creativity you were blessed with to good use.

    If I should happen to win, I would buy paint and plants for my porch! I’m always inspired to change things up a bit after reading your blog!
    πŸ™‚ Diane

  143. BrendaS says:

    Great porch redo! It’s hard to fit furniture in such a narrow space, but you did a great job!

    Paint…that would be first on my list…for our living room. Then a few new living room accessories would be nice for a room refresher!

  144. What an incredible transformation! There is just something so relaxing about sitting out on a porch. If I had a gift card from Home Depot, I would probably buy the pillows you feature on the wicker set. Love the color combo.

  145. I love your porch makeover!!! The new look speaks to me of Southern Comfort Chic and I know all of you will enjoy tranquility and coziness in this space. I would love to win the giveaway and I thank you and Home Depot for the opportunity! If I won, I know straight what I would go get at HD! We just had a new deck built and bought deck furniture from HD! So I would add to this set with a settee in the same style plus black and ivory striped all-weather cushions to match! Thanks again for sharing and for the opportunity! You are an inspiration, Rhoda πŸ™‚

  146. The porch looks great and so relaxing. I like that you used what you had and found a new place for it. The rug is great! I love the pattern and colors. Thanks for a great giveaway! If I were to win, I would consider checking out a rug like the one you used.


  148. WOW! What a tranformation! You have certainly given it the Rhoda touch! I would use the Home Dept card to purchase some of those great rugs!

  149. Monique W says:

    The porch looks amazing! I want to go sit and read a book, I am close by!!!
    I would use it to help revamp our back porch!

  150. Well on June 1st we are finally starting on our new home construction so I could list so many things to use this card for a faucet, a light fixture, some paint, a not so pretty, but totally useful garbage disposal and the list could go on and on!!!!

  151. I LOVE your porch/screen room transformation.. it looks so inviting. We have a big screened in carport/patio not even sure what to call it. But If I won the Home Depot card I think I would do some sprucing up out there. Thanks for the chance.

  152. I love the porch! I see you took my suggestions. LOL! The wall color is so refreshing. I love that shade of green. Your poor dad, all you women ganging up on him about the rocker. It looks great in the dark brown.
    Thanks for the inspiration! I will apply some of your ideas to my back porch.

  153. I would love to rip up the shrubs that haunt and hide my cute little front porch so I can plant some happy flowers! This would be perfect for spending time on the porch with my 15 month old son! He loves the outdoors but our front yard is a mess and can’t afford to do anything about it right now! πŸ™ Two rocking chairs and a child’s one would be so adorable!

  154. Judy S. says:

    one word – paint.

  155. So nice of you to share this, love reading your blog!! I would use a home depot gift card to buy supplies to fix up my office – it’s a disaster and could use some TLC?

  156. Love your space especially the wall color! My husband and I just recently bought our first house so we have so many projects we could use that gift card for. Since summer is finally here in Montana we would probably use it for redoing our backyard and outdoor living area. Thanks so much!

  157. I think it looks wonderful and I’m glad your parents are enjoying it too. I felt sorry for your dad with the description of you ya’ll wearing him down, but I’m sure if he cared enough he’d put his foot down, so I’m guessing it is all good.

    If I won the gift card I’d be using it to buy trim and other wood materials to convert a smaller headboard from an antique swedish bed into a California King bed.

  158. I enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to your posts! This is another on of your awesome makeovers! As for the gift card, I would use it to help decorate my new screened porch. πŸ™‚

  159. I continue to be touched by your giving God the glory in the midst of the storms. And you’re right, He cares so much about even the little things in life that give us pleasure. God speed to you my fellow blog friend:) I have thought of the song Blessings by Laura Story when I have read your posts. If you happen to read this and have time, look it up on youtube. You won’t be dissapointed. It is a song of grace, mercy, and blessings in the midst of our deepest sorrows.
    Okay now for the part on what would I do with a $100 gift card from Home Depot. My husband and I have began dreaming of an outdoor kitchen area. Our home is blessed with teenagers pretty much 24/7 and I love that. No place I would rather for them to be. I would love to have an outdoor space that they could enjoy together.

  160. I’ve been waiting for this reveal since you first showed the first pictures of the porch! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Did you paint the other rocking chair for their mountain house or did your dad win the battle on one piece? Love, love it!

  161. Simply awesome! I know your parents are beside themselves with pleasure every time they walk through there! What a great gift you have given them, and you must be proud as punch to be able to make this transformation for them! Kudos to you…hope you get to spend some rest time out there yourself!

  162. Oops I forgot my home depot entry! I’d get new shades for my bedroom. We recently painted the room a lovely, soft grey but haven’t gotten around to changing the old shades that just don’t go with the new scheme.

  163. I would love a giftcard! I have so many projects! I would paint my deck near the pool with some of the new rhino paint to prevent little feet from getting splinters. I also would get some new cushions to spruce up the chaise lounges on the deck. Also, plan to paint the kitchen and add some shades.

  164. Wow! the porch is lovely & i am sure your parents love it. I would have all kinds of things to get @ HD. maybe some big urns for flowers or a new closet system to use in my babies closet.

  165. Sandy Owens says:

    The porch looks great. For a small space, it doesn’t look crowded. Love the colors and furniture. It f eels very comfy. If I were your winner, I would probably tweak my covered patio or put the money toward the hall bath that really needs updating.

  166. Patti K says:

    Oh, that porch is so inviting. What a great choice you made! I have a spare bedroom that I’m planning on turning into an office. I’d be there buying paint, a rug, you name it!!!!!!!

  167. Charlotte says:

    I hope you enjoy your beautiful new space. The last few months and have not been kind to you….. so maybe this is the place to sit and let your mind wonder to the super new life that awaits you……You know it’s gonna happen….you deserve it… God will see that you will have a better life than before….

    Great job on the porch.

  168. Love, love, love the porch!!! Great job! There is so much I could do with a Home Depot gift card, but I would buy some paint and pain over my 70’s paneling! πŸ™‚

  169. Great transformation – made me wish for a screened porch. They’re not too common in California. This is the year my back patio gets done – I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to share the pictures with you.

    I would spend my $100 Home Depot card on plants – there’s one 2 blocks from my house and I’m in there weekly buying plants – the garden center manager knows me personally.

  170. I love the porch transformation! It has inspired me to add a rug and some decor to my back porch for summer.

  171. Moleta King says:

    We have been doing a DIY redo on our kitchen the last 2 months. Next week our new countertops will be installed. This is after we removed the popcorn ceiling. We had a dropped ceiling over the main kitchen area with fluorescent lights. Then we hung a faux tin ceiling, put up crown molding. My husband even cut a top molding for the top of the cabinets, since they were just plain after we removed the dropped ceiling. I painted all walls & woodwork as well as the cabinets. Then we put in can lights & 2 kitchen chandeliers & changed out all the hardware. Then we installed a new stainless sink with brushed steel faucet. After the countertop is installed, all we have left to do is the tile back-splash. (We had put down beautiful ceramic tile on the floor several years ago. [That’s how I ruined my knees.]) I would use the Home Depot card to help pay for the back-splash tile.
    I love all your wonderful decorating ideas. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, but never commented before. Now that we are so
    close to finishing our kitchen, I could use the $100 big time. We usually take a big trip but this year the kitchen redo is “our trip”.

  172. Shirlee says:

    I did a double take when I saw the before to after picture. I can’t believe it’s the same space. You did a wonderful job at putting it altogether and finding good options for storage (not always an easy task). Great job, although I knew it would turn out beautifully.

    I’ve been wanting to re-do our small front porch for the past couple of years. I’m hopeful this will be the year and I will definitely come back to your post for inspiration. Not sure if the contest is open to residents of Canada, but if it is, a gift card would be a good start to my porch overhaul. I’m thinking floor paint and window coverings.

    Have a great day!

  173. Shawnda says:

    Beautiful job! So what do Mom and Dad think now that it’s finished? Do they spend time there now rather than just using it as a stop-off point?

    Hm…$100 would buy enough lumber to start building the outdoor table/benches from Ana White’s site. πŸ™‚

  174. Leigh Haynie says:

    Desperately need rugs for the porches! Hubby and child are constantly tracking in gobs of grass and dirt into my house and I would love some pretty rugs to place on the front and back porches!

  175. What a beautiful transformation! I’m so happy you and your parents are enjoying the new porch, it looks lovely. Great tip about using a tile for the table top too. I’ve never thought of that but it’s a great idea for the metal plant holders I come across at yard sales from time to time.

    Thanks for the great giveaway too! We’ve been doing a lot of work landscaping both our front and backyard and have just added a gazebo to it ( A Home Depot gift card would be a huge help to finish decorating it and complete our landscaping work.

  176. I would fix the crumbling tile floor in my bathroom!

  177. What a transformation! It’s so pretty, Rhoda! I love that wicker furniture, and I thought the rocker was brand new!

    As far as what I’d do with $100 from Home Depot, TILE! We desperately need to do some tile work in our kitchen and bathroom, and that would put a good dent in the cost. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  178. Heather Spooner says:

    I would give the gift card to my local humane society. Recently, their funding was cut and $100 could go toward building materials for the shelter. Thank you for the giveaway!

  179. Heather Tillotson says:

    The porch looks AMAZING!! I love the way you used the antlers….I’m always banning my husbands’ antlers from our space. Maybe I’ll give them a second chance.

    If I won the gift card I would LOVE to use it sprucing up my entry way. The paint is red and I’d love to paint it grey and add some fresh plants at the front door.
    Again, GORGEOUS porch!!

  180. Jaybird says:

    Your porch is lovely and very restful!
    I would love a Home Depot card for a new rug in my living room!
    Many thanks for hosting the drawing.

  181. CJ Vierow says:

    Rhoda–the porch is fantastic!!! Love the colors and all the furniture pieces you’ve chosen. What a great spot for relaxing with a good book and/or your laptop. I’d work on the remodel we have planned for our front yard patio area–it’s where the afternoon shade hangs out so we decided to put a little area in front to enjoy the mountains and the breezes after work. I’ll have to check out the furniture you used to see how weather resistant it would be–it would be so comfy for a little “kitty” nap! lol

  182. Jessica M. says:

    I need to stain my new deck. And I also need new cushions for the outdoor furniture. I better stop thinking now of everything I need to do πŸ™‚

  183. I could always use more flowers! Thanks!

  184. Rhoda, I love the porch! You have an amazing gift! I would love to win the gift card so that I could start my kitchen transformation, beginning with painting my kitchen cabinets. Thanks so much for sharing.

  185. ohmygoodness!! what would i do with a home depot gift card?? gee… buy paint! and a drill since every time i need to drill something i have to borrow my dad’s. not cool. i have a lot of urgent drilling needs. or maybe a chair for my little tiny balcony/porch that is totally empty. that is such a hard decision!

  186. Kathy (from Long Island) says:

    I need to replace the decking on the deck outside the sliding glass doors from my bedroom. They have taken quite a beating from the sun and rain and, even though they are cedar, some of them are disintegrating. Thanks so much Rhoda!

  187. What a beautiful transformation! Lovely porch!

    I recently purchased my first house and there are so many projects to be done! First thing first though…must purchase a lawn mower!

  188. Monique says:

    Timely post. I have a sunroom that’s a little smaller than yours. Great to see what you were able to do. Such a cozy space!

  189. P pam M says:

    Very beautiful inspiring porch! Enjoy it – you deserve it!
    I’d buy paint if lucky enough to win.

  190. Rhoda,

    Love the porch! I’ve been re-doing my back porch this spring—spray painting wicker furniture, etc. I would definitely use the Home Depot card to buy new outdoor cushions and pillows for my furniture. Thanks!

  191. J. O'Hara says:

    There is only one thing missing, a tall glass of southern sweet tea. What a great job and I suspect your parents are truly loving it. Great post!

  192. Thank you for this opportunity. I would buy an obelisk and clematis to put in one of our beds.

  193. That turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I’m sure y’all will spend many hours out there enjoying the coming summer months!

    Oh, and I’d love to use that HD giftcard towards some new deck furniture!

  194. Rhoda, this porch makeover is fantastic! I’m so inspired by your palate of soft green, browns and blues.

  195. Mary H. says:

    Wow! It looks amazing! Great Job Rhoda!
    I would use the Home Depot gift card for a new fan in our guest room.

  196. Amy Church says:

    I getting ready to take wallpaper down in my hall bathroom and then paint it and update the fixtures. The $100 would help!!!

  197. Well, it would be hard to decide because I have SO many projects in mind. But, I am getting ready to do some carpet removal and drywall repair and painting upstairs, so, I’m SURE that $100 would come in VERY handy! Thanks for the chance!


  198. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous transformation. I could not imagine what you would do with the porch but I knew it would be amazing and look totally different from the before. What fun you must have had with this space and I’m so happy to see you’re still doing renovations even in your parents’ home. Enjoy the new space!!!

    If I won the Home Depot gift card I would likely spend it either on window shades like yours for some of our windows or storage shelving or cabinets in our basement.

  199. I love everything about it! You have beautiful taste.

  200. Nice job! And I know that being able to do this for your folks means something really special to you. It’s a definite win-win for you all.

    P.S. If I had $100 to spend at HoDe you KNOW where I would end up spending it . . . on lovelies for the garden . . . or at least on something to add to the garden spaces. Old habits die hard. πŸ˜‰

  201. My husband has worked very hard around our yard this year, adding rock wall gardens and other landscaping projects. I would purchase a chaise lounge so he could sit, RELAX and enjoy all of his hard work.

  202. Ohh I would use it work on my back deck- it needs a bit of TLC!

  203. Great job on the porch. Love the colors. I would use the money to buy flooring for my back porch.

  204. Maureen says:

    Hi Rhoda….what a fabulous job you did! You had a vision of what it could be and made it happen. That porch looks inviting and comfortable and quite functional. If I won the $100 HD gift card, I would use it to spruce up our patio – flowers, some outside storage, an umbrella for our table, etc.. You have inspired me!!

  205. We just put in a picket fence and definitely need to add some landscaping charm!

  206. Karen McCullough says:

    Love your make-over !! Great job!!

    Oh if I won that $100 – my patio would get a much much needed make-over to prepare for this hot, hot Texas summer !!

  207. I love the new porch!!! So inviting to just come in and relax for a spell.
    As a single woman who is also trying to spruce up my home on a pretty much non-existent budget, i would love to spend the gift card on porch accesories. My front porch needs some attention.

  208. Lori Schuster says:

    I’ve been following your blog for some time and love everything you do! This porch redo was no exception! I finally purchased good patio furniture from Home Depot after 23 years of plastic! I would love to add an outdoor ceiling fan and drop cloth drapes to finish it off!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent!

    Lori Schuster
    Pottsville, PA

  209. Barbara says:

    Wow Rhoda, what a wonderful job you did on the porch! You’re amazing, you can make anything look good.

    If I won, I would add a backsplash in my kitchen.

  210. Louise in NE OK says:

    Great job on the porch…..I would use the Home Depot gift card for patio pretties!

  211. Looks amazing and so inviting! I would spruce up our back porch!

  212. Jane Graft says:

    I love the porch makeover! I would add some great planters to my backporch.

  213. With a $100 Home Depot gift card, I would buy herbs and a big pot to make an herb garden right outside my kitchen for the summer! Got the urge from a recipe for homemade Basil Mayonnaise to make for homemade tomato sandwiches!

  214. Melinda says:

    Love the porch – you did such a nice job. I would love to win the gift card – I would spend it on furniture for my deck.

  215. If I win, I will spend the gift card towards a new push mower for my husband.
    His cord-pulling shoulder could use one that starts a(and runs) easier!!!

    Love the porch. Hurry and start on your bathroom!!!

  216. Christine "LM" says:

    I would use the gift card to finish some unfinished projects….like the laundry room or garage organization.

  217. What an amazing job you and your parents did… I love it!!! If I won the gift card I would use it to fix up my back yard with flower and outside storage bins…

  218. Sarah K says:

    I would love to win the Home Depot card and do a makeover in my laundry/mud room!

  219. Shirley says:

    Well, where would I begin. I could use it for decorative stones to cover the “sipppy hole” outside the back door. The dogs would love that I’m sure. Also, a new front porch light might be nice, since the old one has been taken down and is waiting a coat of spray paint. I could definitely find a project-in-waiting for the giveaway. Thanks!

  220. Have been following your blog for awhile and love the porch!!. Anyone who uses rabbits to decorate with year round is tops on my list.
    I would use a gift card to spruce up my patio with a new umbrella or some plants or a chair or I could go on forever.

    You are an inspiration and so upbeat for all that has happened. Good Luck on the next project.

  221. Sarah663 says:

    I would have to use the Home Depot gift card for a weed wacker to get our edges in shape!

  222. Becky in 'Bama says:

    LOVE the porch redo. I recognized many items from your previous home. If I was given a $100 gift card to Home Depot I would HAVE to pass it on to my pastor/brother who has been working diligently in the tornado ravaged town of Pleasant Grove, AL. $100 may not be much in some people’s eyes, but I’m sure one of his devastated church members could put it to good use. Continue to remember in your prayers families affected by these numerous tornadoes.

  223. Angie Lee says:

    This is the first time I have viewed your blog. I LOVE IT so!!!. You have inspired me to redo my den area. My husband needs office space in our home and I want to redo our den to make him his own space. It would be perfect for Father’s Day. The gift card would get me started.

  224. Hi Rhoda,
    Your porch looks wonderful, such a great makeover. I would love to win the Home Depot gift card. I would buy what I need to makeover my screened in porch. It needs attention badly~
    Hugs, Cindy

  225. I just did a blog post about Home Depot and replacing my garbage disposal. If I won the gift card I would purchase the necessary items to spruce up my backyard patio for the summer!!! Thanks for the opportunity. I believe you will LOVE your porch!!!

  226. Love the porch! You did a great job. Hope you and your parents get much enjoyment out of the space this summer!

    With a Home Depot gift card, I would redo our sunroom. Specifically change the flooring and get new wicker seating and cushions. Our sunroom has become more of hangout for our three cats. So I’d like to reclaim it for the human-folk of the house πŸ™‚

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  227. This is wonderful, Rhoda! I’m so happy for you. This looks like such a cheery space to relax in. If I won the gift card I’d put it toward some much-needed furniture and rugs in my sunroom. Thanks for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

  228. Rhoda-I hope you enjoy your new space. It looks lovely and serene. As for the Home Depot card, I would use it to help replace some of the trees and plants that were destroyed during the April 27 tornado that hit our neighborhood.

  229. I would get a sand box and sand to occupy my toddlers for the summer

  230. Love the porch!! It turned out beautifully!
    I’d use a HD card to revamp my bathroom… it’s seriously dated and ugly.

  231. probably would do some more sprucing up outside.. pots/plants

  232. Kelly Adams says:

    That is a beautiful porch! I know your parents are proud of it too!

  233. I would buy a new light fixture for our front porch. Actually, I would probably blow it all in the garden section!

  234. A Home Depot gift card would help me buy an outdoor rug for my patio.

  235. Tracy D. says:

    I would buy lamps, or outdoor landscaping or maybe a rug…. the list goes on.

  236. Hi Rhoda, your parent’s sunroom looks so nice, what a difference!! I love using my thrifty finds to decorate my indoor and outdoor spaces. If I were to win the $100 gift card, I would use it to buy pavers, big flower pots, green paint for the fence and garage trim, a bag or two of river rock and anything else I could squeeze out of the $100!!! I have been clearing weeds but have not finished yet due to our crazy weather – windy, rainy, cloudy, windy- not good for the allergies. Even though I live in ” sunny California” it has not been so sunny, lol!! I’m so happy you have continued to blog and share your fantastic talents with us who follow you. I am inspired by your spirit and creativity. The Lord is watching over you and I’m sure he likes what he sees. Take care, God Bless, Alma/Amy

  237. AMAZING! Wow…what a great job you did, my dear friend – you are so talented! You know I have a to do list for that $100 home depot card ! Congrats on yet another impressive makeover!

  238. Kathy :) says:

    Rhoda, what a nice job YOU ALL did….. πŸ™‚

    Oh I just love Home Depot………it like a grown up Toys r Us LOL huh???? Hubby has been talking about getting some trees for the backyard, so I would surprise him with the card !!!

    Enjoy your space Rhoda, you and your family so deserve it…..and YES I agree that God has a plan πŸ™‚

    All the best,
    Kathy πŸ™‚

  239. Carol Ann says:

    Fantastic job! The garage sale watercolor is my favorite (if I had to pick just one!) Plus it was such a bargain!
    If I’m the lucky winner, I’d have to splurge on some items for my long-neglected patio. It’s time to spruce that
    thing up! Great job Rhoda!

  240. Melanie Kincaid says:

    I love what you did with the space! If I had $100 to spend from Home Depot, it would definitely be for the landscaping around our home! I would love to fill our yard with flowers!

  241. Since my wicker furniture is rotting away, I would put the money towards a new wicker set – and the glider chair you purchased makes me want to check it out! Great job, Rhoda, on a great transformation!

  242. Donnie Mills says:

    Your porch looks like a great place for the family to relax and enjoy.
    I would buy a new outdoor rug for our screened in porch.

  243. Sharon Bruns says:

    What a lovely space you have created.
    I will repaint my Adirondack chairs and wrought iron patio table set. I will also buy pillows.

  244. Debbie S says:

    You did such a great job.

    If I am lucky enough to win I will buy sod for my backyard. I’m in the middle of a major backyard project removing an old circular driveway and sodding the yard.

  245. Rhoda, I love it! You’re so inspiring.
    I agree. God did that specially for you! πŸ™‚
    Well, U$100… I would put that $ towards a new grill for my husband.
    I’m sure he’d love it and our outdoors would be more like eye candy. πŸ™‚

  246. Wanda Collier says:

    You and your parents did a great job on the porch. You really pulled the room together. I love the selections you chose to use in the room. Rhonda, you have the knack to pull used and new together to create a room that turns a house into a home. So proud of you! Lovely room!

    If I had the opportunity to win, I would used my card to purchase items to create an outdoor room on my open back porch.

  247. I would gleefully head straight to Home Depot in search of the perfect area rug for my family room!

  248. I would get supplies to board & batten our master bedroom. =)

  249. Theresa says:

    Loooove the new space! Great job! I would love to spruce up my outdoor deck. Maybe an outdoor rug or two and some new planters!

  250. Dawn S. says:

    We have SO many projects to complete this summer! I would buy paint for our dinning room, crown for our sewing room and a new track light. Or, my daughter wants to create a “rustic” space to grill off of our kitchen door. Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. That porch is simply darling! Sadly, I am washer and dryer shopping as our old faithful Maytag couple finally bit the dust. Having a Home Depot gift card would surely help to relieve some of that burden.

  252. Mary Anne says:

    Fantastic transformation. You are truly talented and I am sure your parents are very grateful for all your hard work. Enjoy your new space.

    Home Depot has so many things to choose from but a new light fixture would be my first choice.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  253. I have so much on my wishlist that I could get at Home Depot. New hose, mulch, plant food, weed barrier, etc. Have I reached my limit yet?

  254. Rhoda, I am just blown away!!! You did a remarkable job. The porch looks like the perfect spot to relax with a mocha and a magazine. πŸ™‚ Love the storage options too!!

    If I won the gift card, I’d either go with a new camera bag or maybe some new lighting for my Kitchen. πŸ™‚

  255. cindy Daily says:

    I want that wicker furniture…love it!

  256. Luke's GiGi says:

    I love Homegoods! I am re-doing my family room and have had my eye on a couple of items that I would love to prchase.

  257. Hi Rhoda,
    The porch is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next. I am sure that your Mom and Dad will really enjoy spending time their with you.

  258. Melanie says:

    We are renovating our sunroom and I would buy building materials for the new ceiling we are installing there.

  259. VickyL99 says:

    Love your blog and bless your sweet parents for being with you thru these hard times…you are very lucky. If I one this giveaway I would go and get 2 rocking chairs for my front porch! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  260. Rhoda…I love what you have done with the porch makeover!! Love the colors you chose. If I were to win, I would buy paint and paint my fireplace. It is old brick and definately needs some attention.

  261. April in CT says:

    We’re moving across country from CT to CA (military transfer) in about a week with no idea what our new home will be like. I would definitely use the gift card to help spruce up the home we end up renting for the 4 years we’re in CA.

    Rhoda, the porch looks beautiful! Great job. πŸ™‚

  262. Dorothy Davis says:

    Love the porch makeover.I would use the gift card for pavers and planters for my front yard.

  263. love the redo of your family’s porch. we are working on our carport to make it more livable and less storageable. need to find space to put the Harley tho.thank you for your sharing!

  264. I have started sanding and painting my old outdoor furniture – I would love the card to purchase some accessories to go with my new look . . . a rug maybe . . . or just new cushions would be fantastic!

  265. What a great inspiration for use of a small space. Great job. I would use the HD gift card to finish up our workshop area so we can find the tools when needed!

  266. I would get a different light for my kitchen, and maybe some lights for under my cabinets (it is so dark in my kitchen!)
    Or maybe I’d just buy paint and paint my cabinets….
    Love the porch-it’s so pretty and calm!

  267. I new outdoor rug for my back porch!

  268. I would follow suit – i have a rather ‘ho-hum’ porch myself that if was spruced up like your parents I could really see myself using. Thanks for the great ideas!

  269. Barbara Humphreys says:

    We just moved to a wonderful new condo with a great patio but we have no outdoor furniture. Would make good use of that gift card!

  270. I love your porch makeover. You and your parents will have some relaxing evenings I’m sure! There are so many projects I’d like to do around my own house. I’ve been so busy the past few years going back to school to get my teaching degree, but will finally be finished at the end of the summer. My house has suffered in the meantime. My flower gardens and front porch could definately use some sprusing up. I have a wonderful porch swing but the rest of the porch is very bare. I’d also like a new paint job in my laundry room and some fabric curtains to hide the clutter.

  271. Marilyn says:

    My porch could use a little fixing with a new rug and some pillows. You inspire me.

  272. Karen R in CT says:

    I would love to be able to get a new dining set for our deck. The one we have now is falling apart. I always like the little bistro sets they have at Home Depot and the gift card would be perfect for a set!

  273. You really outdid yourself…it’s lovely! I would have never thought of adding the bamboo shades, but you’re right, they really finish the room nicely. It’s very pulled together, without being too fussy, and it looks totally comfortable. My husband built an awesome deck and pergola last year and we have plans of screening part of it in this year. I’d probably use the gift card for building supplies…or patio furniture πŸ™‚

  274. Amazing! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the transformation. Your parents must be so pleased!

  275. Carol Adams says:

    Paint… Need to paint!! πŸ™‚
    LOVE the porch… You are amazing!!!

  276. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the transformation! You really have an eye for things and can completely change a room for the better. I’ve been referring to your blog for decorating tips for awhile now and didn’t realize I should be “following” you! I realize how important that is now that I have a blog myself…lol. Keep the ideas coming!!!!

  277. Lorene Halfmann says:

    You and your parents did a WONDERFUL job on the porch! And I think you used your points so wisely to get just the right things to make it all come together. I would definitely have a use for the Home Depot card…my bathroom is stuck in the 1980s! I enjoy reading your blog so much–keep up the good work!

  278. Jessica F says:

    We just moved and bought a house so I would buy things like paint, storage cabinet for the bathroom, some deck furniture, or rugs.

  279. Unique Untiques says:

    I know you will have many relaxing, happy hours in your parent’s new sun room. I have a three-season screened porch here in Mississippi that helps me keep my sanity. I had a big crack appear after the dry winter we had last year and had to have it repaired, which cost major bucks, but the porch is back to normal and being used every day. I eat breakfast out there most mornings. I would use the gift card to add lighting and pillows.

    As an aside, I’ve been following your blog for awhile. Isn’t it good to be involved in a project to take your mind off your problems? I’ve been very blessed that God has provided outlets all along the way to keep me busy and involved, while giving me the strength to carry on.

  280. Hi Rhoda, Your parents porch looks great! What a blessing you must be to them, and the memories you are making. What a treasure. I would use the $ for plants out front, we just finished a front porch and desperately needs plants.

  281. I have been working on transforming our deck so I would use the $100 to put a few finishing touches on it. Need to install a new stone paver landing so probably that! πŸ™‚

    The porch looks great, Rhoda! Love all the secondhand finds – I am looking for some tables/plant stands at yardsales right now too.

  282. Rhoda, your porch redo is just amazing. I know its hard to blend your taste and things with your parents but you have done a fabulous job. I used to have a bunny just like yours. His ear broke off, too. I left him behind in one of my moves because he was so heavy. Thanks for this opportunity. If I won, I’d spruce up my front porch. I plan to paint some of the furniture and if there was any money left, I’d buy some plants.

  283. Your porch looks pretty and is a nice place to relax but yet it is also very organized and “usable” for folks who enjoy being outdoors. I’d love to do some Home Depot shopping for some porch floor paint and a porch rug.

  284. Rhoda, I love the porch redo, every detail is just perfect. Great choices, and I love the Martha furniture and all your accessories.
    I would love to enter your contest, I would buy a rug for my porch redo. I wish I had your decorating talent!

  285. Beautiful space, Rhoda!

    I’d use the Home Depot $100 GC to get a rug for the kitchen.

  286. Francie says:

    I would love to add some garden features and plants.

  287. After measuring my deck (9.5 x 15.5) just this morning, I was convinced it was too small to do anything with. Rhoda, you have proven me wrong and given me inspiration in the process! I love what you have done, love the colors, and love that you haven’t lost your creative touch! I’d enjoy getting some of the new envirotiles at HD to cover my sadly deteriorating deck surface and make it safer for my dogs and three boys. Those splinters are a nightmare! Thanks for the chance!

  288. Love how the porch turned out ; it’s just gorgeous….I have a craft room upstairs and have been trying to do some interesting things , and a Home Depot card would help me immensely…I like to paint furniture as well as walls.

  289. Mary c manson says:

    Your porch re-do came out wonderful!, I would look for an outdoor area rug for my patio with the Home Depot card!,

  290. Vickie H. says:

    Nice job on the porch! If I won the HD gift card I would use it to purchase new bamboo shades for our new porch. Nice giveaway…thank you for hosting and sharing your work on your folks’ porch.

  291. Cinda Milner says:

    I have just recently started reviewing blog spots and I am enjoying yours so much. I love your taste in decorating and the uniqueness of your style. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more and more on your blog….Cinda, Hattiesburg, MS

  292. Oooh you did so well! Love it! I would use the money towards purchasing a new outdoor table/chair set for our deck on our brand new house! We’ve never had a yard before OR a deck so we’re ecstatic about decorating it!

  293. Rhoda, the porch looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great job you did! I know your Dad enjoyed helping out too and am so glad he likes his rocker painted! It does look so much better! I hope all 3 of you enjoy this space all summer. If I won the gift card I would probably get something to add to my outdoor space, maybe a new fountain! XO, Pinky

  294. Great job! I love the colors, I have always been drawn to reds and golds, but lately with all the beautiful blues and greens I’ve seen on different sites I think a paint job is in store! I really like the rug the design works great with all the furniture and pillows. Would love to have one, bet that gift certificate would come in handy!

  295. The porch looks great! I would buy a new outdoor rug for my patio with the gift card from Home Depot.

  296. I forgot in my post above I was going to ask what you did with the dryer vent but I went back and looked at the pictures closer and I could just make it… out hiding behind that corn plant! Very clever!

  297. First of all, let me thank you for sharing such a lovely story about the porch makeover with your parents. The outcome looks so relaxing and the perfect mix of furniture, storage and decor for the porch. I really love the wicker furniture. I am sure fan of wicker items. If I won the gift certificate, I would continue decorating my porch. I have chairs, ottomans, planted flowers and a glass top table but the space do not look relaxing with color and accessories that emphasis sit down and stay awhile. I would really love to share before and after pictures with you. Hoping for a makeover of my own, Helen

  298. I would love to buy some new outdoor chairs and a firepit for my back porch.

  299. Your porch is so pretty!! I’d would love to use it towards new flooring in our living room πŸ™‚

  300. Renee S. says:

    Well, it turned out perfect. I know everyone is going to enjoy it, especially that stubborn man! Getting him to admit it will be the hard part. You did a fabulous job. I know they will be showing it off to everybody. I would give the gift card to my sweet husband. Home Depot is his favorite store and he always has his eye on something and uses lots of it for making my life happier and more functional!

  301. Vicki Patton says:

    Beautiful job!!!! I will buy paint. Interior desperately needs painting.

  302. Oh Rhoda, this turned out just lovely. You must have really enjoyed transforming this space and I bet your folks love it. I have followed your blog for a year and I’m so sorry the last few months have been so bumpy. I hope this is exactly the haven you are hoping it will be. Peace and love to you.

  303. LOVE your new porch. I especially loved your $5.00 art piece from the yardsale. Who would ever know right? You do such a great job.

  304. Rhoda you have truly transformed that space! You have real gift from God and it is so true that He provides those special things for us right when we need them the most. May this be a place of healing and rest for you. Home Depot- too many things. Love the wicker furniture, garden plants, new light fixtures. Thanks for the opportunity!

  305. was soo happy to see you brought the brass birds with you, and they have found a home on the newly fabulous porch! Another great job Rhoda!

  306. Oh Rhoda, it turned out beautifully…you have just made it perfect and I could just picture relaxing with some iced tea and a good book on a nice summer day..ahhhhh…

    Would love to win the gift card, we could sure use it towards the garden shed we need to purchase..


  307. Cathryn says:

    Love the porch! You inspire me! Now I want to get a pretty rug for my back porch too!

  308. The porch is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! If I won, I would put it towards a new washer!

  309. I would love to add a bench and some flowers to my front porch. The colors you used here were great!

  310. WOW! I love the transformation. The colors are so perfect and I love how you were able to get so much into one space without it looking cramped. I bet your parents are so proud. I love the rocker painted brown.

    Please enter me in your Home Depot giftcard. I would like to update my yard.

  311. I’m spucing up my back deck. I hung a ladder in the tree and hung some old jars with candles in them (inspiration fr another blogger)… looks great as an outdoor “chandalier”. I spray painted all my ugly plastic green chairs a pretty warm yellow …. now I would LOVE to buy an outdoor rug from Home Depot and a couple more plants to fill my metal tubs ( that was last Spring’s project… I have 10, they are my favorite!!)

  312. glenda b says:

    I could use it for stuff to spruce up my porch. I’m getting a late start this year and I am just now cleaning away winter grime.:-)

  313. Ellie W says:

    Love the porch!! If I won I’d buy some plants and shrubs for my front yard. I swear my yard is the ugliest in the neighborhood.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  314. First, I love this porch! It’s real. It has stuff that we have on our porch, but it looks lovely – welcoming, relaxing. Dang. Guess I need to do something with ours now πŸ˜€

    Home Depot? I need tools! Mine are all in storage. I need a drill and sander ASAP!

  315. Wow – I love what you’ve done with this porch!! Amazing! If I won the Home Depot card, I would buy the rest of the tile I need for my kitchen backsplash so I can finish up that project.

  316. We just moved into a home that is riddled with brass fixtures. $100 would get me well on my way to banishing brass from my dining room with a new light fixture! Thanks for offering, Rhoda. Love what you’ve done with the porch! That green is heavenly. And oh, if I had your mom’s green thumb! Sigh…

  317. I could certainly use a $100 gift card to Home Depot- I’m working on setting up a classroom space in the basement for my ADHD son.

  318. Janet C says:

    What a cute space! It looks so relaxing and the perfect spot for a cold lemonade or sweet tea. πŸ™‚

    I would replace my dead drill. My battery has been charged so many times it no longer holds a charge. I feel lost without it! So many project waiting for a new drill/driver.

  319. I really like the change! I would use a $100 gift card to Home Depot to buy paint. My bedroom never got painted when I moved in and I don’t like the previous owners’ color choice. I also need to get a few plants for my porch.

  320. Love the porch! Great work – but you always do great work!

  321. JenniferB says:

    I am going to spruce up my flower beds with some new mulch and flowers! Great work on the porch! Looks very nice!

  322. What an amazing job! We just tore into our master bathroom (think 1978) and we will be looking to purchase new things, beginning this weekend! Thanks for sharing! ~C

  323. Katrina says:

    I could use a $100 gift card to Home Depot! I would buy some outdoor plants for my garden!

  324. Rhoda you are so awesome!! I can use the gift card for some new patio lights.

  325. This looks really great! I could definitely use a trip to HD for some new tools to use in the garden! πŸ™‚

  326. love the porch! i would use the HD card to buy paint and accessories for our guest bath update.

  327. I would plant some colorful plants in front of my house where it desperately needs a punch of summer color. That porch looks amazing, & I know your parents will enjoy it so much. You are a sweet daughter to do it for them!

  328. What a transformation! I am sure you will have many enjoyable moments out there this summer. I would enjoy a trip to HD to purchase a new umbrella for our patio table. A wind storm damaged ours last year and so far this spring we are umbrellaless.

  329. Mary Bristol says:

    It’s time for me to clean up my screen porch for the summer season. I plan on putting some of your ideas to use when I do. Love the color combination you picked!

    OOPS! Forgot to say which things I’d be incorporating. My pillows and cushions are in need of being replaced by some clean matching ones to replace the old mismatched stained faded ones. πŸ™‚

  330. Just beautiful! Can’t wait to see what else you do with the house!!

  331. gatorgirl says:

    My daughter’s room needs to be painted Summer Harvest ASAP, and I <3 Home Depot!

  332. Great giveway. Your porch looks great! I would use the gift cert to buy paint to use for the many rooms and furniture re-do’s I have in mind.

  333. Bethany Kingma says:

    AWESOME porch makeover! If I won this giveaway I would buy paint and some wood pieces for a few projects I’ve had in mind forever but just could never justify spending the money on! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  334. It has been fun watching the progress of your porch makeover. I love how it looks now and your post was inspiring. If I had a gift card I would buy paint, etc. to update my livingroom. I have fabric for curtains but must paint the walls and a couple of pieces of furniture to complete the project.

  335. What an outstanding job you did on this room makeover…I’m sure your parents are having fun with you there with them. Love the piece from Target…looks like it holds a ton of stuff and that rug looks great! If I won…I would buy a new light fixture for my master bedroom…I’m in need of one.


  336. Amber Petz says:

    Buy my shower attachment for the 200 lb claw tub, that we/it decided to stay in the house because of it’s gerth!!

  337. Oh, Rhoda, how beautiful! I see so many wonderful little inspirations here. If I won the gift card, you can bet I’d work on finishing out my stark-looking lanai!

  338. I wou;d buy new cushions for my porch swing.

  339. Veronica says:

    I would use the HD card to buy some plants for my front yard. We have been working on the outside of our fixer-upper for almost 2 years, and I am FINALLY allowed to plant!! (without the worry of ladders and workers smashing my plants!)

  340. Joanne B. says:

    Hi Rhoda! Great job on your parents porch! I bet they are thrilled to have this space and thrilled to have you back home! Somethings are just meant to be and this seems like a win/win for them and you! I wish you sweet home sweet home dreams there! Thanks for the HD gift card opportunity! We want to put down that new vinyl wood-plank looking floors in our spare/computer room an dthen our college age daughter’s room. 100 bucks would help a bit and would be so greatly appreciated!
    Joanne B

  341. anne harris says:

    beautiful porch!! i love it!! i’d use the gc to do something to the front porch! maybe some new furniture?

  342. karen mckay asbell says:

    I would buy some new planters to put in front of the garage!

  343. Joy Calloway says:

    I would use the gift card to buy a light fixture and plants for my porch.

  344. My goodness, what an awesome transformation. Bet your entire family loves it! Glad your dad relented on the rocker!!

    Hmm, I would use the HD gift card on paint for my kitchen cabinets. I want to go creamy white in there!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  345. Wow – it has come a long way from the before. It’s pretty, welcoming and organized! You really got a lot of bang for your buck!

  346. new flooring for my kitchen!!

  347. Rhoda, you did a fabulous job with the porch. I love the happy green on the walls.
    We are still working on our house. This time, we are renovating an upstairs bedroom. Took the walls down to the studs, added more insulation. Hubby updated the electrical. Today, he framed out a powder room that we are going to add. So you can see how a Home Depot card would come in handy!

  348. Wanda P. says:

    OMG! That porch looks GREAT!! Hope I am not late for the give away. I am a big Home Depot fan. I need to paint my living room and kitchen. That would come in handy.

  349. Elizabeth T says:

    Plants…I need to do some replanting and sprucing along the front walk to our house. I’d also love to pick up a few outdoor pillows for the cute bench on my porch.

  350. I love the porch!! You did a great job! I’d buy another pot and a nice plant for my back patio and one for my front porch!

  351. Jacquie Bollinger says:

    WOW! You did it again, lady! Great makeover!

    My next project is painting basement walls (that are now orange!) and painting a rod iron coffee table and end table that are white. I want to darken them quite a bit. Then, find an ornate furniture piece for storage, hopefully at a garage sale, even if I have to refinish it.


  352. Rhoda, I don’t know how I am just now seeing this. You did such an awesome job! What a beautiful transformation. Your parents must be thrilled. I will sit out there all day:)

  353. Beautiful transformation, Rhoda! I love it all! You’ve given me some great inspiration for our backyard patio. I would use the Home Depot gift card to help purchase patio furniture. Thanks for sharing the beautiful room with us!

  354. Sandra K says:

    I would use it to makeover my mudroom. Thank you so much!

  355. Janet G. says:

    Great job, Rhoda. I love how you transformed this porch into a welcoming, relaxing spot. You and your folks are sure to enjoy this so much this summer. I need an indoor/outdoor rug to finish a project I am working on. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  356. Oh, Rhoda, It’s beautiful. It’s so amazing to see the Lord work. He is always ready to catch us in His abounding grace! This room is so full of grace and style (: I just love how you transformed it!

  357. sharon driggers says:

    Beautiful makeover! My husband and I are on our way to Home Depot after work to pick up paint for our laundry room makeover. I would love to use the $100.00 to purchase some storage containers for my laundry room!

  358. What a lovely transformation. Well done. If I were lucky winner of $100 HD gift card, I would buy some flowering plants and a few colorful outdoor accessories to perk up our ho-hum front porch. ThanX for the chance to win!

  359. I’d buy some paint!

  360. What a beautiful transformation! I chuckled when you talked about winning your dad over on painting his rocker! Can relate to that. I’m sure this will be a restful spot for both you and your parents… And how fun to use your talents and a gift form Home Depot to create this lovely room. If I won your Home Depot gift I would buy pots and plants for my patio! Hope your parents will want you to keep going on the house redos…

  361. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hi Rhoda, I would probably buy paint for my outdoor furniture. I have a couple of yard sale sets that could use some sprucing up. OR I just realized I would love to have a pond or fountain outside. That would be fun. Anyway . . . Thanks for the giveaway.


  362. So cute Rhoda! We use our Membership Rewards all the time (my husband uses AMEX when he travels). I would use it buy some fruit trees and HD or Lowe’s.

  363. What a terrific makeover! Hubby wants a smoker for Father’s Day, so I’d put a HD gift card towards that.

  364. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Your parents must be thrilled with their new porch. What a lovely, relaxing space you have turned the porch into. You are the Queen of porch decorators in my book and oil wager in theirs as well. It really looks terrific!!! I especially like your choice of colors. Take care, VBg

  365. I have been anxious to see the re-do and now it’s done. You are fast! Rhoda, you did a fantastic job. This room looks sooo inviting, warm and cozy. Your parents are probably convinced now at your skills and ready for you to take on the house. ha ha Just kidding. Change is sometimes hard for people so they probably don’t think they want anything else done. πŸ™‚

    Well I am very impressed and inspired. I have realized more and more that paint can make a BIG difference. Little areas we ignore can be beautified. Great job, Rhoda.

    Oh… to have a chance at winning a gift card, I need to tell you what I would do with it. Well right now I am in the middle of fixing up my back porch. I would buy a couple of black wrought iron chairs.

  366. I LOVE how this turned out!! And you are such a sweet daughter to do this for your parents…I love your heart, its a beautiful reflection of God and that is why He blessed you with this my friend!

    If I won the gift card I would do some sprucing up on our deck! It looks very sad right now. πŸ™‚ My yardsale wicker furniture could use some spray paint, we need some new cushions and a few plants would bring some color to our deck.

  367. I would use it to buy some new porch furniture and some decorations. I’m redoing our screened porch by painting it white and adding a nautical theme!

  368. Can I come over and have coffee with you out there?? : ) It is lovely! Although I gather you are going through some changes, I pray this time with your parents will somehow be the silver lining. Blessings to you and them.

    My husband recently retired. We were not able to sell our house, but we did lease it out. We intended to make structural changes to a photography studio my family owns and make it a home with the proceeds from the sale of our house. We are still making the changes, but it is going slowly. Luckily, we are both enjoying the time with my mom, as we are living with her. At first I thought I would use a Home Depot card for tile or faucets but on second thought I would love to use it to buy Mom some rose bushes, plants, and little solar lights for her flower beds…she LOVES those! Thank you for the chance to win!

  369. Paula Weaver says:

    My project this summer is my back porch that spans the width of my house. I’ve assembled and painted wooden furniture and a porch swing to begin with. Why do I need a HD gift card? For drop cloths to make curtains for the porch!!!! Also, I need paint to finish the floors and I also want to “paint” a rug where the furniture will be. I still have cushions & pillows to make, flower pots to fill and a waterscape to make. So much to do but looking forward to each step.

  370. Hi Rhoda – Glad to see you are keeping busy, which helps to keep the mind busy! Your makeover turned out so nice, you truly have a gift to decorate…if I won the giveway(hope it’s not too late)..I’d like to get an area rug to put outside on our covered deck…Love Homegoods stores! Have a great Memorial weekend!

  371. WOW, Rhoda, this is an amazing transformation! It is so well done, it doesn’t even look like it’s the same room in the same house! Very impressive. I love how the pieces from your prior collections mix so well with the new pieces, and I love how some of the items were thrift-store and tag sale pieces scored for such great prices. You have an excellent eye, that is for sure. Your parents must be so very pleased with this room now!

    If I won the Home Depot card (fingers, legs, arms, eyes all crossed!), I would use it for supplies (paint, wood, etc.) to transform a vintage armoire I scored for a great price into a linen closet/storage piece as I have nowhere to store linens and towels, etc., in my apartment! It’s a beautiful armoire, and is the old kind that was used as a closet, so it’s got room for hanging clothes and storing shoes, but really is a just a big box shape when the doors are opened. I want to paint the inside (it’s a little musty inside, and I think sanding it and painting the inside a pretty color will kill the musty odor) and add shelving and cubbies so I can store linens and other household items in it, but I want the shelving structure to be removable in hopes that someday I will have a home of my own and can convert the armoire into a home office center, or an entertainment unit.

    Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!



    P.S. I am your newest follower, and have added you to My Favorite Blogs on my sidebar!

  372. Looks great! If I got lucky and won the HD card, I’d buy a new umbrella and outdoor pillows for my deck.

  373. baltimoremom says:

    Wow! Beautiful job – the porch looks so different and amazing. I love looking at makeovers like this. Would also love to win a Home Depot gift card πŸ™‚ Your porch is inspiring and I would probably put the gift card towards a purchase of outdoor furniture like yours.

  374. I’m out of primer! Call the National Guard! (love the porch!)

  375. Stephanie W says:

    Rhoda – I love the redesign, the porch looks absolutely stunning! I would put this towards paint, as we haven’t most of the rooms since we moved in 5 years ago, and it needs it badly with 2 little ones. Thanks so much for a truly wonderful giveaway!

  376. The giftcard would be great. I’d use it to beautify my soap studio.

  377. I would use a Home Depot card to rent a power-washer and breathe new life into my concret patio.

  378. I need a new bathroom!

    Also, are you still selling the beadboard wallpaper?

  379. Patti E says:

    Oh Rhoda—that is one nice porch! I am so impressed with what you could do with just a little bit of money and paint! You really have an eye for color too.

    Well, with my $100 I would go and get some accessories and flowers for my porch/patio. Amazing what some color will do as I saw with yours.

  380. Jessica Y says:

    I would work on my porch and patio as well. In spring , I get so itchy to beautify it. Thanks. Your’s and your parents new porch looks great!

  381. We just recently added on to our patio. This giveaway would come in handy for purchaseing finishing details!

  382. Heather Blair says:

    You did such an amazing job! I love Amex points. We use them to do some of our Christmas shopping every year. I would love to win a Home Depot gift card. I’ve really been wanting to cozy up our breakfast nook. It’s so dark and drab and none of us like eating in there and I think it’s important to eat at the table as a family.

  383. Hi! Very nice of you to spruce up your parent’s porch. It looks wonderful! New to your blog and have already found so many interesting things here. I am actually cleaning out and reorganizing about every room in my house….Spring cleaning? Anyhows, I know I would find a room to use the HD gift card….like my craft room. Thanks for sharing! Linda

  384. I love how this porch is beautiful, but still livable and functional for your parents. What a sweet gift to give them!

  385. I could use the gift card to spruce up my kitchen that is lost in the 70’s!

  386. Allison says:

    I would love to buy a lattice rug like the one on your parents’ porch!

  387. Wowza!! What a transformation! You are incredibly talented, and your folks are blessed to be able to enjoy your talents.
    I’d love to win the Gift Card. I think paint would be a priority for me.

  388. Just want to say how blessed you and your family are, to cope with these transitions in your lives — using your talents, and demonstrating true love for one another and all that you meet, via the Internet or otherwise.
    Rhoda, you have inspired so many people – and I pray you will continue to acknowledge God’s working in your life. As we Irish like to say, “God love ya!”

  389. How lovely! I am sure your parents feel blessed by having you around – as you are blessed to be with them. Still praying for you as you continue your journey. 8 years since my “journey” began (at 51 years old) and God continues to bless me daily. There are many things at Home Depot that I could use a gift card on. Rhoda, continue to blog and continue to bless others! I do so love your blog.

  390. Wonderful job! Everything came together so beautifully. It’s cozy and still incredibly functional.

    Thanks for sharing

  391. Mindy Hodge says:

    Definitely buy a new fixture for my breakfast nook!

  392. Victoria says:

    Rhoda, the room is wonderful! I know you are so thankful to God for blessing you with such a wonderful gift right now. And I’m sure you and your parents will enjoy many wonderful, peaceful and joyful times in this beautifully redecorated room. Wish I could get in that glider and rock away with ya!

    Many blessings to you and your sweet parents! Enjoy!

    Victoria in Texas

  393. Venessa Martin says:

    These pics are refreshing, just makes me want to sit and stay awhile. The bunnies are adorable! I am also a bunny fan and would love to spend the card on bunnies for my backyard and patio. Would also update my planters and put in fall bulbs and look for anything else that would be interesting and fun.

  394. Love the space. You did a Great job. I’m aware the contest has closed. Just wanted to say I love the space.

  395. love the redo what store did you find the porch blinds thanks

  396. Love the re-do on the porch. I’m sure your folks will enjoy the new area. I would love to get some new window coverings for my kitchen…..that is what i would buy if i were to win the gift card from Home Depot.

  397. What fun and your work paid off beautifully! I would use the gift card to add some whimsy to my front porch.

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