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On my birthday, my sister and I took a swing by Ikea after our fun day out.  It was her first visit there.  I think she is hooked now, since she found several things to bring home.  Ikea is such a fascinating place to walk through, pure enjoyment and so many cool things to see.


So, let’s go browsing at Ikea, shall we?

Ikea bedding

Lots of great linens.  When I get back in a house again, you can bet I’ll be hitting up Ikea for some inexpensive items.  Their linens feel great too and I would not hesitate to buy some of these. You can’t beat the prices!

Ikea bedroom2

Love how they set up rooms so you can see their products in a real live room setting.

Ikea bookcases

Lots of great ideas with storage and bookcases.

Ikea Billy bookcase

We all know about the famous Billy bookcase, right?  This one has been used successfully across blogland for a long time.  Using these as built-ins by trimming them out top and bottom is a great way to have a wall of bookcases without a lot of money.  My friend, Kate did this in her guest house, which was brilliant.

Ikea check rug

I’m not positive that the pricetag you see goes with this rug, but their rugs are really well priced too.  I love the simplicity of this gray/white check one.

Ikea chest

Not all of Ikea’s furniture is modern, this pretty little curved side table would fit in most any room.

Ikea colorful rugs

More colorful rugs.

Ikea craft space

A whole craft room of organizational possibilities.  By the way, my sister is creating a craft room in their basement, which I’ll be blogging about this year.

Ikea dark kitchen

A complete kitchen setup so you can see their cabinets and countertops in action.

Ikea dining table

More dining and kitchen ideas.

Ikea farmhouse sink

Did you know Ikea has farmhouse sinks?  Yeah, me neither!  I know that lots of people have used Ikea for cabinets and I wouldn’t hesitate to do that either if I need to renovate a kitchen.

Ikea framed map

Map wall art.

Ikea kitchen dining

More kitchen and dining possibilities.

Ikea kids room

Awww, a cute little person’s room.

Ikea lanterns

These pretty lanterns cannot be beat.  Small and large, great prices.

Ikea lighting

Their pendant lighting is pretty snazzy too.

Ikea industrial pendant

Loved the industrial feel of this one.

Ikea pendants

Lots of pretties hanging there to check out.

Ikea living

Another full room put together so you can see how their products work together.  Brilliant marketing!

Ikea living room

A living room with TV and wall unit.

Ikea living with bookcases

Office and storage ideas.

Ikea magazine storage

They have some great organizational items to choose from, so if you need to get organized (and who of us do not?), check out all the organizing tools, like these magazine.  These cardboard ones are perfect for my little decoupage project I did a couple years ago.

Ikea parsons chairs

More parson’s chairs than you will likely see in one spot.

Ikea pillows

Lots of pillow covers and pillow forms, great prices on these too.  My sister picked up a couple for her master bedroom chairs.

Ikea real plants

One thing I love about Ikea is their choice of real live plants.  They have different ones that you don’t see everywhere else and they are very inexpensive too.  You know how much I love real plants!

Ikea room

Daybeds and open shelves.

Ikea round white table

Modern breakfast table and chairs.

Ikea rugs

Cowhide rugs.

Ikea storage

Here are more of those organizing boxes I was talking about.  Great way to color coordinate your storage needs.

Ikea sofa

And the Ektorp sofa is still going strong, with more slipcovers to choose from every year.

Ikea sister

My sister, Renee, found a few things she couldn’t live without, including pillows, plants and a few other goodies.

Not to mention, cinnamon rolls on the way out the door.  Yum!

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda ~ I love Ikea too! We purchased the daybed that you showed for our daughter about a year ago. I love it and she does too! Thanks for the tour!!

  2. Thanks for the little tour around your Ikea! Ours here is a 1.5 hour ferry ride and a 2 hour drive away… when we go I like to have a good idea first as to what I’d want to get (thank goodness for their catalogs too). Oh and yes on the farmhouse sink – I got one in my kitchen and love, love, love it!

  3. My daughter/blog partner just bought that white day bed yesterday at an IKEA in New York. They are going to put it in their sun room.

  4. Gotta love Ikea!!

  5. Hey Rhoda! Did you see any nice nursery displays? I’ve been looking at their stuff online since I live 2 hours from an Ikea but can’t really tell about the quality of the baby furniture. Any thoughts?

    • Jamie, nurseries aren’t exactly on my radar these days, so no didn’t check any of that out in depth. It takes hours to walk through and even notice everything!

  6. Virginia from Virginia says:

    IKEA is 4 miles from my home. I find myself going there about 3 times a week just to check out what’s new in the “as is” section. Great buys, a fraction of the price, and the furniture is already assembled. Some imperfections are bigger and more noticeable than others, but mostly the “as-is” items have small imperfections or were just the floor model. As an organization freak, IKEA is truly my store!

  7. On my list to do this week! Happy New Year, Rhoda!

  8. Well darn, now you got me wondering where the closest Ikea is to me. I will have to search it. Ikea is one of those places I usually get totally overwhelmed in but seeing your post, breaking down different rooms has helped me. Thanks!

  9. Heather H. says:

    I might to have to make a trip over there today for the bedspread you showed – I love it!!

  10. I love Ikea! I always manage to find something useful!

  11. The cinnamon rolls get me every time too! I think I may need to make an Ikea trip soon!

  12. Made my first IKEA trip this past Friday. I was on a mission to get the Malm bed for my son’s room remodel, but couldn’t help getting “trapped” in their various vignettes! It’s overwhelming.

    The most amazing part (besides their great prices): For $59 they delivered the bed same day! I had to rush home to make sure I was here before the delivery guys arrived!

  13. I love IKEA… it’s my kind of Disneyland! I could spend all day there…wait.. I have!

  14. Oh, I love IKEA, too! But, it’s a good thing that it’s an hour away from my house because my boys and I went last week and let’s just say I spent way more than I had planned because there were just too many awesome things that my 14yoa son ‘needed’ to re- decorate his room! And, actually we almost didn’t make it home with all of it because it nearly didn’t fit in the car- AHHH!LOL!

  15. Well I may have to check IKEA online. I have been looking for bedding without success!

  16. Hello…So glad to meet you in our virtual world! I’m a new follower and blogger too.

    Blessings to You and Yours,

  17. Thanks Rhoda for sharing the IKEA experience. I never go there and should! I also clicked into your ModPodge post of the cardboard magazine holders. What a great idea. So cute. I have a bunch of brown wicker ones that I hate. Do you think I could spray paint them and if yes, any particular kind of spray paint I should use?
    Thanks, Renee

  18. Oooh, Rhoda girl, I have been CRAVING a trip to Ikea lately. You are definitely making me want to seriously consider a trip sometime soon. I love everything they have!! Happy 2012 : )

  19. What a fun day! I was in IKEA last week with a friend and our kids, and it’s cool to see that the showrooms in our IKEA are a lot different than yours. So you can find some different inspiration, no matter where you go! I fell head over heels with their new gray pieces!

  20. Paula Lusk says:

    So happy you and your sister had a good time. Like someone else said, ‘it’s like going to Disneyland’ only much cheaper. We live 1 1/2 hour away from an IKEA, so I only get to go once in a while. Miss it. Praying you get your own home again, and soon. Paula

  21. Thanks for the tour! I am planning a trip to IKEA soon!

  22. I haven’t been to IKEA in a while since the closest one is about an hour away but I am pleasantly surprised at all the beautiful things they have these days. I really have to get back there soon! Thanks for sharing your shopping trip!

  23. Oh my girlfriend, how fun! I would so LOVE to browse and IKEA with you… we’d go crazy with ideas! Miss you and thank for the linky love.

  24. oh, you are making me want to go TOMORROW! 🙂 Love me some IKEA!

    Love that craft room set up like that – will have to check out that out. and I always love their live plants too – sure that one will find it’s way home with me.

    My main reason for going is the little red lanterns that Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick used for her Christmas mantel – HAVE to have them for my winter mantel – LOL! 🙂

  25. First, I can’t believe that was your sister’s first trip. Second, I’m glad that you showed the blue living room because I really want to move in to that display. And something else that might be a little bit of helpful info is that the Ektrop is the exact same size as the Pottery Barn Basic. So you can pay Ikea prices and not Pottery Barn prices for slip covers!

  26. Rhoda, I’ve been to Ikea once and am so eager to go back for a longer visit! Your post has made me hungry to take my time and explore all those nooks & crannies. (First time around, my husband and I stopped by briefly on the way to the airport.) LOVE their linens and pillow covers!

    I’m a fine art photographer and many of my artist friends say that Ikea gives them the “color fix” they need to inspire their next project. Thanks for this post – your photos are wonderful!
    Happy New Year! ~Bonnie

  27. I love love love Ikea! I can definitely get in trouble there if I’m not careful. I want soooo many things! AND, did you know they sell dark chocolate bars? The best!!!!

    BTW…just like my blog post tonight expresses – YOU are important to me. Thanks for your friendship.


  28. Oh this makes me want to make the 3 hour trip to the closest one to me, which is in Charlotte. Love that place!

  29. Isn’t IKEA great? I love that store, we are getting one in a year or so, they keep pushing back the opening date. But we recently heard that it will be the second largest one in Canada, YAY!!! I can’t wait. I already have a long list of the things that I want to buy.
    Happy New Year! Hugs, Cindy

  30. I went to Ikea today in Perth, Australia a little way away from your Ikea! It was absolutely crazy town in there as theres a sale on but I came home with a boot full of decorations, vases, art, bins, doona so it was worth it. Its great for those little finishing touches I think 🙂

  31. Robin Reid says:

    Thanks for the IKEA fix without having to travel!

  32. Just went to Ikea yesterday! Looking for bathroom sinks and cabinetry. Not too sure about the cabinets (most are particleboard with laminate, which we don’t want) but loved some of their sinks.

    Really interesting to me how the room displays you’ve shown seem different from the ones in the Portland store. Yours seem bigger, more posh. Guess that’s cause we’re in Portlandia 🙂

  33. I LOVE Ikea! There was a one day special last week for GORM shelving that is usually $30/each for only $10! (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30058508/)!!!

    Alex and I got 4 to make a beautiful pantry with 🙂

  34. Thanks for taking me along on your adventures through Ikea!! Had my own Ikea adventures recently… so I am totally relating! Used your post on my blog to support my Ikea love 🙂

  35. I love Ikea! I bought one of there leather couches over 10 years ago, and it is still going strong and looks great. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  36. Judy Westegaard says:

    Rhoda! Clicked on a link looking for ikea hacks and ideas for my new home….ticked pink to get taken to your blog, nothing like finding another GI-er…haven’t been around for awhile…moved to the Toronto Canada area about 45 minutes from Niagara Falls. Hope you are well and love seeing how successful your blog has become!


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