Junkin at the Nashville Flea Market

On Saturday, Layla and I headed up to the Nashville Flea Market to check it out.  We had both heard good things about it, so I was anxious to see it for myself.  We did enjoy it a lot and by far, the best things to be found are outside the buildings.

I have very fond memories of Lakewood Antiques in Atlanta and have been there countless times over the years.  Color me sad when that placed closed down a few years ago.  I think many of us are still mourning that one.  The Nashville flea market has a bit of the same vibe as the old Lakewood market, but it’s not nearly as big.

(Kim, Layla, Rhoda)

As August usually is, it was a hot day at the market and we felt every bit of it.  We were there about 3 hours and saw plenty until we couldn’t take the heat any longer.  We also met up with our friend, Kim at Twice Remembered Cottage.  We had met her earlier this year at the Blissdom conference and she lives in the area.  Fun to see her again. So, come on along with us and we’ll show you some junk that we saw.  Plenty of good junk too!  Loved this mantle/shelf thingie that would be great on the wall.Ahhh, blue shutters that were oh so pretty.  In just that perfect shade of turquoise. Browsing with some water on hand.  You gotta have water when it’s this hot out.Loved this lantern that might have been made out of reclaimed wood.  So pretty, I think it was $50. All these colorful old bottles caught my eye too. I think these were some sort of old grain scoops, maybe.  They were really cool looking.  Would be great for hanging on the wall to sort things. Layla checking out some vintage stuff. These were candle holders that were pretty cute.

Glass floats.  I loved these, but don’t know where in the world I’d put something this big.  They were $25 each or 5 for $100, so not that bad.  But, they are huge. Cowhide chairs and rugs. Zebra is still making a big showing. Some old fans waiting to be taken home. Farmhouse table.  These sure are popular now. A painted and distressed table and chairs that were already sold, I thought this set was very pretty. These old seltzer bottles are always pretty to me, but at $200 a little much. White painted furniture is still the rage too.  One booth of nothing but crystal chandeliers. Rusty old gates. One dealer had a whole slew of vintage beadboard stuff, which was quite pretty.    These were benches. And check out the beadboard bed.  I thought this was pretty clever. Some very unique items at this shop. More beadboard shelves. Ceiling tins. This was a really cool piece and the dealer said it was already sold and that they were going to put a slab of granite on top and use it as a kitchen island. These old carts with wheels are still popular as coffee tables.  Rustic and chic. Old sign letters. Plenty of painted furniture. Loved this pair of glass cabinet doors, in a pretty shade of aqua. And saw a sweet little puppy along the way.A whole area of old hardware and vintage baubles. 

Set of chairs for the taking. Layla, trying out an old bench. 

And this was either a really HUGE dough bowl or some sort of trough.  We figured it was a horse trough or something. Painted corner piece. Huge set of wood corbels, these would be gorgeous in the right kind of house. I didn’t buy a thing.  Remember,  we are having a yardsale in 2 weeks and I need to pare down, not bring more home.  It was fun looking though.  Definitely worth it if you are in the area.

Layla found a ladder that she couldn’t live without, for $10. We couldn’t figure out how to get the seats folded down in the backseat of her car, sooooooo……..We drove home like this all the way back to Birmingham.

That didn’t stop us from talking non-stop the WHOLE way back though.  It was so much fun to spend some time with this girl and browse a flea market again.  The last time we did that was last year at the Longest Yardsale.

Always a fun time!

REMINDER:  Layla and I are having a HUGE yardsale on Saturday, September 11th,  at my house in Birmingham, so if you are in the area, I hope you’ll come on out and see us.  It’s going to be a LOT of fun and we will have a TON of stuff, between the 2 of us.

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- Rhoda


  1. HI Friends!

    Please stop by for the Thrifty Miracle Makeover! Reveal Video too!

    Thanks Rho for mentioning it last week! love you!

  2. Hi Rhoda! How much fun! You saw a lot of great stuff. I love those blue shutters and the painted furniture! Too bad you are too far away for me to hit your yard sale! I’m sure there will be lots of goodies! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  3. A fun time, Rhoda!

    I love the big dough bowl/trough thing! I am looking around for one of those big bottles, at the right price, for a lamp.

  4. I’m going to Nashville next month to visit my daughter and her family. I’ll bring an empty suitcase on the plane with me if I can go there. Where in Nashville is this flea market? I gotta know!

    • Patty, if you click over to Layla’s post today, she talks about the flea market & has all the info posted on it. It’s at the Nashville fair grounds.

  5. I’m in Bham and would love to come to your yard sale. Let me know! I’m dying to browse through your reject pile! I’m sure there are still some great treasures in there!

  6. What a fun tour and thankfully I’m enjoying reading your post as the sun sets and the temperatures are perfect! Thanks for bringing us along!!!

  7. Rhoda, looks like fun and lots of neat stuff. I have not ever been to that and my son lives in Nashville. I will go next time I am there.

  8. Looks like you had a really good time in spite of the heat! I might try to make it to your yard sale ya never know!

  9. Those glass floats are such a good price. They would be double that here. I love the fans, ceiling tins, old sign letters and of course the shutters. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for hosting again.

  10. Rhoda, you Gals sure do know how to have some fun!

    Oh how I wish I was there! I’m going to try and link up tonight or tomorrow! I found a great Michael Kors handbag for 16.99 and a nice ‘windsor’ type chair for my sons campaign desk in his ‘Big Boy room!

  11. Looks like alot of fun! Not too far-a-way! But, I just read in the MS magazine about the 234 mile garage sale, so if I can talk my hubby into that one. From Iuka, MS to Demopolis, AL. Is this the one you were referring to. go check it out http://www.mississippimagazine.com on page 28.

    • HI, Karen, I couldn’t figure out how to find Page 28, but no, that must not be the same sale. The Longest Yardsale has been going on for many years (not sure how long), and goes from Gadsden, AL all the way up to Ohio, I think. Way up north.

      Maybe more of them are starting up now.

  12. So much fun! I love all the pictures and I’m so jealous! 🙂 Glad you guys had a good time.

  13. Your pictures are wonderful. Almost as good as being there. I envy your restraint, yard sale coming or not, it is tough not to buy something:)

  14. Can you believe that i’ve never been to the flea market, yet i live here?

    I thought the weather today was really nice. So much cooler than normal.

  15. Rhoda, your photos are great! You captured all the “junk” we saw beautifully and have a great eye! I’m thrilled that I got a chance to hang out with you this weekend and hope that {after your yard sale} you can come up again and take home some treasures from Nashville!

  16. So much fun!! LOVE those shutters and the old carts!

  17. I was at the Nashville Flea Market this weekend as well. I have loved going there for years! This one wasn’t as big as some of them are but was still good. I bet I totally walked past you guys and totally didn’t know.

    My aunt and cousin live near Atlanta and used to go to Lakewood all the time and were so upset when it closed as well. I remember going a couple times with them and it was a fabulous place.

  18. Boy that sure looked like a fantastic day!~ SO many neat things. I loved the painted wood. Just saw Angelo do a cupcake shop using all painted wood like that on the walls…way cool!

  19. Rhoda, I loved going to lakewood when we lived in Atlanta! I always came home with something. Looks like you and layla had fun! Hugs, Sherry

  20. love the seltzer bottles, but that price it nuts!

    I just bought one at an antique fair for $20!!

  21. That looks like so much fun! I am a new follower and can’t wait to see what you have next to share with us! 🙂

  22. oh my goodness, i wouldn’t know where to look first! so many great looking treasures.

  23. Looks like a day well spent!

  24. How fun. Love the sign letters and beadboard. The seltzer bottles for $200 though? Crazy.

  25. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish I lived near you, I would be at your yard sale. You always show so many goodies.

  26. Looks like you gals had a great time. You sure saw a lot of fabulous stuff. Wow, I really wish I could come to your yard sale. I’m a little too far away though in Michigan. 😉

  27. these finds ar truly UH-MAZE-ING!!!!
    Wish I knew you so yo could show me the ropes, lol!
    thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting!

  28. Oh that looks like so much fun. Layla had been teasing us with here pictures on facebook, but now with all your pictures it almost feels like I was there too with you guys (without the heat that is, we have fallen head first into Fall over here).
    Those shutters would have been mine for sure, oh and that ladder!
    But good on you for restraining yourself!

  29. Rhoda, do you remember how much those ceiling tins were? I’d love to snag one of those the next time I’m in Nashville. Thanks!

  30. Hey Rhoda,
    Thanks for the sweet tweet on my kitchen! And I’m gonna be heading to Clarksville in a month or so and wondered about the locale of this great market? And do you happen to know days/hours they’re open?
    Thanks so much dearie!

  31. That flea market looks awesome. Glad you had a good time. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s still fun to look and take photos! Wish I was closer so I could attend the yard sale.

    • Peg Davis says:

      Lakewood Antiques is still here it is in Cumming ga,on atlanta hwy,it is a great show,always the third weekend of the month, come check it out,we have alot of great venders with good prices

      • Hi, Peg, I have been to the Cumming location a few years ago when they first opened. But, I have to say it still is not the same as the old Lakewood Fairgrounds market was. That place was just perfect with all the buildings & I just don’t think it can be duplicated.

  32. So glad to read your review. I’m in TN, about 3 hours from the flea market. I hope to visit this fall (once it’s cooled down a bit).

    BTW, I use a few of those fish floats in our landscaping. I also have two smaller ones in our little water garden!

    Thanks for the review . . .


  33. Looks awesome! What strength you had not to buy something! I don’t think I could have resisted all those pretty treasures!

    Mary Ellen

  34. Hi Rhoda! Thanks for hosting!
    My daughter Jamie lives in n’ville. I rarely get to visit on the weekend that the flea market is in town. She lives so close to the fairgrounds, so it’s very convenient. For example, I was in n’ville the weekend BEFORE the flea market, as she was in NYC this past weekend. Whenever I’m planning a visit, I’ll say “Is the flea market this weekend?” 🙂
    She however got to go to the Brooklyn Flea while visiting NYC this past weekend! I can’t wait to see what SHE got!
    have a great week! Thanks for sharing your visit to the flea with us.

  35. Hi Rhoda.
    You girls look like you had so much fun. Your pictures are terrific. I live in Nashville and have never been to the flea market. Thanks for bringing us along.

  36. Rhoda –

    I think I need to plan a road trip down south. You, Kim and Layla are all to blame for my blogging. I mean, (ahem) you inspired me!
    Seems like there was something for everyone there. I too am paring down and simplifying. I admire your ability to just say no!

    Your Friend,

  37. I just love the Nashville flea market! I have been there many times and enjoy it each time! Your pictures made me want to go again! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Looks like a really fun time Rhoda!! Some great stuff there. I loved those turquoise shutters too.
    I just wanted to tell you that I saw your ad for disc hangers awhile back, (and the post) and ordered some! I got them over the weekend, and they are amazing! thanks!!! 🙂

  39. If only I would have stayed in Birmingham a little longer on my vacation I could have gone to your garage sale! I really enjoyed What’s on 2nd and Jim Reed Books. I wish we had something like that here in Houston.

  40. what a fun post for me to stumble on, as i live in franklin, just outside nashville and frequent the Flea every month! i was just there on Friday and scored some great Justin boots for twenty dollars! fun to recognize almost every photo you shared……how about that huge doughbowl?! boy, it sure was hot out…
    have a good day,

  41. I think you did really well to come home with nothing. So much great stuff. I must say though I wuold have had the ladder. I see them here and there for quilt storage and would love to find one myself.

  42. Sooooo fun!! I wish I could have gone with you gals, what treasures !

  43. I love this post! You girls look like you had a blast. The photo of Layla in the car with the ladder is priceless. I live in Arizona and am so bummed we have nothing like this. Although my girlfriend just move to Texas so we definitely will be heading there for some flea market finds soon. Ive heard they have some great ones. Have you heard that too? Anyone know a specific one to watch for?

  44. Another good reason to go to Nashville!
    I am sitting here water bottle in hand taking the tour with you. I don’t have air conditioning but know it is not as hot as you were in the sun. Will you share any photos from inside the buildings?
    I am proud of you for not buying anything if it did not tug at your heartstrings.

  45. Hey, Rhoda…this looks like so so much fun. Wish I could find a car load of money and head for a thrifting time like this!! :))

    I have a question and you are so good to help us OLDEN bloggers…:)
    I am having trouble coping and pasting a previous post to a new post, without taking along the old comments. I have done it for a year and now, all at once, it’s not working. 🙁
    I change old editor to NEW editor, copy old post in HTML, then change NEW editor back to OLD editor and go to NEW post and paste. It’s not working…am I leaving out a step that I’ve forgotten?
    I thank you dearly for your help…
    xo bj

  46. Hi Rhodie!!!

    Woohoo! Three of my favorite girls together for a fun shopping adventure! AWESOME PHOTOS girlfriend! You are working that camera! I loved going with y’all even if it was virtually. So fun!


  47. Hi, Looks like a fantastic place to shop and to have fun. I especially like the furniture made from old bead board. I’d have a hard time resisting it all. Thanks for hosting Today’s Thrifty Treasures. I’ll have fun looking around.

  48. Hi Rhoda,
    What a great day! shopping is always fun with a friend. I fade pretty fast in heat, you girls did really well..
    I love the turquoise shutters, I would have snatched those little pretties up in a hot min….
    I enjoyed your post very much.
    Have a sweet day, big hugs~Elizabeth

  49. Hi Rhoda:
    I’m an old Lakewood junkie, too. Nashville just didn’t look like it compared to Lakewood. I’m debating going to the Junkmarket show in Mpls in a couple of weeks. Have you ever been? I don’t think I will be able to buy cheap enough to resell (I have a few booths), but thought I might steal some good repurposing ideas from those yankees! Anyway, will you be posting directions on how to get to your sale? I’m in Tuscaloosa and will bring a few girlfriends with me. Thanks for sharing, Sue

  50. You didn’t buy anything? Wow.. that is amazing… with all that great stuff. I want the blue shutters…. Do you want to go back and pick them up for me…lol

  51. Rhoda, I wish I lived closer to you! I would love to come to your yard sale. You and Layla looked like you had a great time! Don’t you just love all of the unique stuff you can find at flea markets? I hope you are having a great week!

  52. Rhoda!!! Wish I had found this earlier. My daughter lives in Clarksville, TN just north of Nashville and I had no idea that there was going to be a Nashville Flea Market. Do you know if this will be a once a year event or will there be other dates scheduled. Would love to get dates if possible or any link to dates. Thanks so much for sharing your day!

  53. meredith c says:

    OMG! I live in Birmingham! Would love to come to your sale..where are you located? Thanks!

  54. You definitely go to the most interesting places with the most fascinating items. I love to look at your pictures of those kind of trips.

  55. Hi Rhoda,

    I live in B’ham and would love to come by your yard sale next weekend. What’s the address?

    Also, my hubby and I were going to go to the B’ham Fairgrounds today for the flea mkt. but it was canceled this month. Any other ideas of close places that we could check out that would have some cool items?


  56. Rhoda, It looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! If you get a chance, swing by Screaming Meme’s and look at a dining room I recently designed…Have an awesome weekend! Meme

  57. Savannah Blackburn says:

    Hi there! I love your blog. I live in San Antonio, TX and I was wondering if you know of any places I can visit that will carry vintage treasures? … similar to the ones you found in the above posting.


    • Hi, Savannah, so sorry but I don’t know a thing about San Antonio. I would get online or look in the yellow pages for any flea markets or antique malls in your area.

  58. Hi,
    I was at the Nashville Flea Market at the same time you were! We bought a matching antique buffet and china cabinet there. As newlyweds, we needed somewhere to place our wedding china! You can see the buffet in my Fall Home Tour on my blog 🙂

  59. I love the market tons and tons of awesome things you could probly find anything that you could want at a pretty good price somethings are alittle over priced but if you just look around you could probably find it at a better price. There’s almost always two of everything


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