Kudzu Antiques in Sandy Springs

For you local girls, I just visited a new  antiques store called Kudzu and they are in the old Red Baron’s site in Sandy Springs.  There’s also one in Decatur, from what I hear.  I met up with my friend Lori and we made a little outing of it and it was fun checking out this shop full of eye candy.

Kudzu furniture

In the front is some new stuff, like furniture, pillows and accessories.  And the vintage stuff is in the back in booths.


Still in the front, cute wood tree.


Lots of pretty furniture and pillows.

reclaimed wood table

Loved this reclaimed wood side table.

industrial furniture

You can find lots of styles at Kudzu and reclaimed and industrial are well represented.  This is definitely a trend right now.

cute little tree

Loved this adorable little faux tree.  Looks so real!

vintage booth

Chandeliers and lots of fun things to see.

Blue Sage booth

All the booths are different, just like most antique shops.

vintage ornaments

Of course, these pretty colorful ornaments caught my eye.

reclaimed wood

And more reclaimed wood things.

shelf with hooks

Repurposed beadboard made into shelving.


Loved this space too and I do believe I saw them at Scott Antiques in November when I was there.

dishes and little lamb

Pretty dishes and a sweet little lamb.

Acorn Hill

Acorn Hill space


Nest space, cute!

ornaments in glass

More vintage ornaments.  These are highly collectible now.

cute table

Cute little table.


Unique burlap light fixtures.

more ornaments

More Shiny Brites


Lovely green side chairs and a black and white cowhide.

As you can see, Kudzu Antiques has lots to see and enjoy, so check them out when you are in Sandy Springs.  If you know where Red Baron’s used to be, you’ll find them!


Also, just to let you all know, I’m having my annual Top Projects of 2012 party next Thursday on December 27th.  That should give you all enough time to get a post together and join me!  I know I did a ton of projects this year, so can’t wait to recap and share them.  Moving in this house was ONE BIG project, that’s for sure!

If you feel like getting inspired, you can check out the link party from 2011, there were over 400 links added from all over blogland. 

- Rhoda


  1. I have some time to kill in Hartselle, Alabama tomorrow morning and I am planning on browsing all the Antique Stores on Main Street. Love those shiny brite antique glass bulbs…takes me back to my childhood!

  2. Rhoda, thanks for sharing these Kudzu photos. I was oohing and aahing all the way through each one. I imagine it would take hours of drooling and daydreaming not even see it all.

    And by the way, it’s been fun to see the transformation of your new home. Everything looks wonderful!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Thanks so much for this post! Kudzu is less than a mile from my house, and I noticed it recently and wondered about it. Sandy Springs Antiques and Interiors used to be just up the street but closed last year. So glad a suitable replacement has been found! I’ll be checking it out this weekend!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun and great things to go through. Kerry Howard was telling me about Kudzu’s in Decatur a while back. I need a weekend to shop in Atlanta!

  5. Susan from GA says:

    Thanks for the “heads up” Rhoda! I wondered what was going on at Red Baron the last time I was there. Things were quite bare. I’ll have to make a little trip Sandy Springs way to check it out. btw…Have you had time to check out the new Queen of Hearts location in Marietta? Just wondering…that’s on my “to do” list also!

    Merry Christmas,

  6. OH MY WORD! This place looks awesome! I also spy the Santa that I broke while pulling out my Christmas decor this year! I still have him on my table, but he is missing one side of his head! I may have to call and see how much they want for him!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Melesa Garrison says:

    I would love to live in that area as it looks like too much fun! My step-son used to live in S.C. and I recall him telling me about a weed or choking vine called kudzu??? Is that the same spelling? I thought the kudzu was beautiful and he laughed at me!

  8. That store looks amazing. I would have a hard time trying to not buy everything I laid eyes on.

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos, Rhoda! Wish it was closer, we are just north of Atlanta! We were visiting my in-laws in Alabama and ventured through Eastbrook Flea Market, thought of your blog in some of the vendors set ups! xo

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