Labor Day Weekend Sales


Happy Labor Day y’all! Hope you’re up to something fun. We aren’t doing anything exciting this weekend, but we have a beach trip coming up in a week, so that’s exciting.

Since it’s a holiday weekend, yardsales were few, but I did hit about 4 out there and managed to snag a few things.  This little wooden step stool was $2. I’ll probably paint it with some of my extra paint and we actually needed a little stool, so this is a practical find.


I ran across a lady selling some houseplant cuttings, these were $2 each and I have plans to put them in some of my white ironstone containers.


Cute white sleeveless cotton top was $1.


And I loved this little ceramic box, I think it was handmade by someone judging from the bottom which has a faint signature.  Just my colors too and only $1.

So, that’s it for me.

Here’s an announcement that you’ll all need to know.  I’m going to skip Thrifty Mondays next Monday, the 14th, because we are going to the beach! Yippee!  So, I’m taking a break for a week and then will resume when I return at least for a few more weeks, maybe into October.  We’ll see how things go between now and then.

And don’t forget that tomorrow (Labor Day) at Chick-Fil-A, they are giving away free sandwiches to everyone who comes in dressed in your favorite sports team shirts with logos.  We’re going in our Alabama crimson red! 🙂

How about YOU?  Did you get out and about this weekend and find any treasures.  You know how it works.

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  1. wow, I can’t believe I am first!
    have fun at the beach, you can wear your $1 white top and look so cute while you are there. – hubby and I are planning a trip to Branson when he recovers from his knee surgery.

  2. Hello Rhoda and thank you once again for hosting this event! I love the ceramic box–just my colors, too. I didn’t find too much this weekend, either–but I did find something to show everyone.
    Have a great week!

  3. The Beach! Now that is something that is worth skipping our weekly party for. Have lots of fun! We’ll be ready to link up two weeks worths of finds when you come back.

  4. Hi Rhoda! Happy Labor Day to you too. The beach trip sounds exciting. I love the little stool you found. Are you going to make it over?

  5. Cute little stool! That box is nice, too.

  6. Love that little bench! We’ll miss you next week!

  7. LOOOOVE the stepstool!!!

  8. Love the little bench. Thanks for hosting. Enjoy your trip to the the beach.

  9. Rhoda,
    Thanks again for being such a gracious hostess. I love the little green and white box. My favorite colors as well. The little bench is cute also.

    Please stop by and say hello.

  10. Love the little $2 Stepstool!

  11. Great finds as always, I love the little stool and beautiful top.
    Have a fantastic time at the beach!! Maybe you will stumble across some thrifty beach finds!

  12. Hi Rhoda,
    Great finds … as always! Can’t wait to see the little stool after you paint it. The plants look really healthy, and they’ll look beautiful in your ironstone pots!

    Thanks for hosting. Hope you have tons of fun at the BEACH!!!


  13. As usual you got some great finds. 🙂 Really like the blouse.
    Happy Labor Day to you also, and have a great trip to the beach.

  14. That box is precious! Have a wonderful time at the beach. I look forward to reading all about it.

  15. Hi Rhoda,

    Nope found a couple of small things but I’ll save them for when you get back. That was smart of that lady to sell house plant cuttings! I would have bought some too!


  16. Hi Rhoda…you always find the best goodies! I love the darling stool…those are always so handy to have around. What a nice summer top…and what a deal at only $1! Those are some healthy plants…and the little dish container is too cute. It will be fun to see where these all end up in your home. Happy Thrifty Treasures!
    P.S. Have a wonderful vacation!

  17. Rhoda… love the stool, and that little box is so cute!
    Have a nice trip to the beach!

  18. What great finds. I love them all. Have a great time at the beach, wish I was there. Hugs, Marty

  19. You found some cute goodies. I like that handmade ceramic box :0)
    I just have one item this week. Hope your long weekend is going well…

  20. Oh I have some nice things I want to post but I havent done the post yet, I’ll be back tomorrow to do the link tho. Ive been meaning to do a post on these great vintage dish towels… I hadnt intended on keeping them but you know the new ones dont absorb…so what it the purpose?? why do the new towels not absorb????

    I got some old linen ones that are fabulous, and some old cotton, not all are in perfect shape but you know…so what???

    Im so tired of throwing out everything that isnt ‘perfect…why do people do that anyway???

    Im enjoying this blog so much, and all the people who visit


  21. It was a sad weekend for garage sales in my neighborhood. I live in MD, but I’m from Ohio where you can find garage sales every day of the week! In MD they are only on Saturday and are finished by 11 a.m.!

    Enjoy your trip to the beach!

  22. Nice finds as usual.
    I hope you have a very nice beach trip and find lots of good “thrifting” places to shop.
    You haven’t been to BCH in forever. I do hope you will come back soon.

  23. Rhoda, that bench is adorable! You always get such great bargains! Hope you have a wonderful week off. I always enjoy each of your postings – so interesting! Linda

  24. Very cute box!! I think I would use it by the sink to hold rings and things while I was doing dishes! You always find cute things! Cant wait to see the bench after you paint it! Also wanted to say I will miss the party next week but you have fun at the beach! Wish I was going!


  25. you ALWAYS seem to find great great treasures! I am glad you share your finds with all of us!

  26. Thanks for letting me join to party today. We will all have to have a special post when you return. Have a wonderful time at the beach. It should be much quieter there now.

    By the way, I love that little green and cream dish.


  27. I love the wittle box and such a cute piece for $1.

  28. Rhoda, It’s nice to find a bargain, but even better when you really need something. I like your little stool and your cute top, Have a good trip, and while walking on the beach, make sure to look for some beach glass!
    :- ) Sue

  29. I love that little step stool and white blouse. Have a great weekend at the beach. I think this is the perfect time of year to go, it’s so much quieter now. Thanks for hosting every week.

  30. Love that little bench, and once again when I saw your little top for mere pennies, it reminds me I really should take time to look through clothes. Even though garage sales will wind down around Oct., there are still thrift store bargains for us all to show! Just a thought…

  31. Thank you for the opportunity to share (aka bragging)all my wonderful finds. It’s a great feeling to find that perfect thing you didn’t even know you needed! Can’t wait for your wall paper beadboad party this month! Happy Monday!

  32. Rhoda, seeing your end-of-the-summer garage sale finds. Love the little bench.
    I incorrectly linked to the party tonight (#50 – Mamie Jane’s). I figured out what I did wrong and relinked at #59. Hope that doesn’t cause a problem.
    Thanks and have a wonderful time at the beach.

  33. Great deals Rhoda! You are such a amazing thrifter, and I love that cute little box! Cindy

  34. Wow….these house plants look wonderful. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

  35. Again, so jealous of your cute finds. I’m determined that I will hit a yardsale or too next weekend. I’ve missed out this summer with being too busy but now that projects are done and it’s a short break before putting Mr. DIY back to work on the next one, I must go! Hope to participate next time! 😉

  36. I love the little stool and that top is too cute!

  37. I forgot to say: adore that little step. I see them on so many Euro house blogs. Usually used in the window sill. I would love to have one, but I am still on the lookout. Congrats on finding yours.

  38. May not be many but they are really great finds! Have a great Labor Day weekend at the beach. Thanks for hosting and look forward to linking up in 2 weeks!

  39. Great party Rhoda! Stop by and join in on my party tomorrow!

  40. Enjoy your time at the beach. We’ll miss you, but know you need the break!!!

  41. Since it was a holiday weekend the sales were awful. I didn’t buy anything but a coke. I do have a favor for all you wonderful garage salers:
    Please check this post out and pass it on. Thanks

  42. Have a great time at the beach. Love your finds!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  43. I like the little houseplant cuttings–our place could do with a few more plants.

  44. Happy Labor Day, Rhoda! We are *so* going to Chick-Fil-A today~I blogged about it too! 🙂 Have a wonderful beach vacation~

  45. The little ceramic box is just “my colors” too! Love that~

  46. Hi, Rhoda! I love your little ceramic box. 🙂 I didn’t get to go to any sales this weekend. My sister got married yesterday, so we had a busy time with family. 🙂 I’ll look forward to joining the party when you’re back from your fun trip.

    My girls and I will be sporting Redskins stuff tonight at CFA. 🙂 The husband is working, and the girls each have a cheerleading outfit, so we’ll be experiencing some fine dining. 🙂

  47. You found some great things! I want to find a cute footstool like that one!

  48. Enjoy the beach! What a perfect way to relax!
    Just when you’re thinking of putting aside you thrifty finds party…that’s when the yardsales start out here! LOL! Thanks for hosting this party! So much fun!

  49. Enjoy the BEACH! Rest and relax! Can’t wait for your return. I bet you are starting to think about decorating your house for fall. I started this past week. Nancy from OHIO

  50. Hey Rhoda, I put my name on the list twice. The first one I linked to the wrong post ;)….Sorry. The white top is so pretty and what a cute little box!

  51. My mama would go crazy over that little bench — her collection of choice! Have fun at the beach…although I’ve never been, I hear there are lots of junkin’ stops along Highway 59.

  52. LOVE your blog, I love seeing whateveryone else has found in their thrifting adventures! I received a ZC blog award last week and since you are one of my favorite blogs, I passed it onto you!

  53. Lovely ceramic box…a jewel at thrice the price! Love the cotton top, too.

  54. Thanks for hosting Rhoda!
    LOVE your bench!

  55. Such a cute step stool. Anxious to see what you turn it into.


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