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Since I shared my Dad’s birthday yesterday, I thought I’d also share another visit with Lauren and the girls home for Father’s Day last month with some new pics. It was so fun to have them home for both big events for dad this year. We love getting together as a family every chance we get and it always involves food. We’ve started taking shortcuts lately and instead of everyone slaving in the kitchen, we pick up food. This time it was BBQ again. That’s a quick and easy meal to pick up that will feed several people.

Dad and Lauren at mom and dad’s house.

Mom fixed her vegetable beef soup for lunch and it was so good. She makes this a lot and you all always ask about it, so it’s definitely going in the cookbook.

Along with mom’s buttermilk cornbread (I’ll add that one in too!), both of the girls love her soup. Parker specifically asks mom for cornbread and little Iris loves it too.

My sister and brother-in-law have a neighborhood pool across the street from their house, so pool time is always in order when the girls come.

I spent an afternoon with them there and ice cream was consumed. It’s not summer without ice cream!

Papa Bruce tossing Iris in the air. Doesn’t that water look inviting?

Mom and dad came over to our house for late afternoon lunch and luckily the weather cooperated for Father’s Day. It did not cooperate for his birthday, so we had to stay inside and eat.

Parker loves to help people open presents so she was right there looking on.

As I mentioned yesterday, when you’re elderly and have everything you need and want, a new walking cane comes in handy.

Walking cane and probiotics were the gifts of the day. They enjoyed being over and we had a great afternoon outside on the patio and deck.

Dad is doing pretty well, but I will tell you all that his memory is suffering. He has a hard time remembering things in the past few years (big important events, places, and people), yet remembers so much about his time in the army and things that happened years and years ago. He’s on a memory medication that is supposed to help him not get any worse, but it’s a hard thing to watch and see your dad lose his insight and reasoning skills. It’s part of life at this stage of life, but it still breaks our heart. He goes regularly to a memory care doctor to make sure he is staying stable. Mom has to deal with him day to day and she sees it more than we do, so she shares things that happen with us along the way. It will be something we will have to monitor and watch if and when things get worse in that area. He’s still driving and we are taking that one day at a time. Mom says he is still driving well, but we know there will come a time that he will need to stop and it could be sooner rather than later.

Caring for our aging parents is so hard isn’t it? I know many of you have gone through these things just as we are going through them. It’s not an easy process to watch and go through and we are doing the best we can to navigate this journey with our parents. We are close by so can keep a good watch on them.

Two of Mark’s daughters came over with the younguns and they had fun playing outside with Parker and Iris in our culdesac. Our garden wagon was a fun toy, with Parker, baby Henry, and Rose riding along.

They thought that was the best with Pop Mark pulling them around. That’s a gardenia blossom that Parker is smelling off our bushes. Aren’t they cute? Ages, 5, 16 months and 20 months. Those kiddos are so fun to have around!

The 3 of us had fun riding around on our bikes too. It’s always a fun time around here when the kids are around.

So that’s a wrap up on the family lately, with Father’s Day and dad’s 92nd birthday. We look forward to all our family celebrations and always want to be sure and celebrate every single one of them. We can’t take them for granted and we always hope there will be other celebrations next year! Thanks as always for coming by to see us!

- Rhoda


  1. Happy 92 to your Dad! Love all these pictures. We are going through the same with my 88 year old dad. Some days sharp as a tack but other days not so much. We talk about 4 times a day and I don’t mind one bit. He doesn’t talk long, he is just letting me know that he is okay. Thanks again for the wonderful pictures. Oh gosh how those sweet girls are growing.

  2. so glad you share these beautiful pics and memories with us. These family times are very special and live on in your hearts! We got to spend 3 weeks with our first grandchild in June! They visited us during our cold autumn but her parents so wanted her to connect with her nan and pop!

  3. Mary Sturgeon says

    Love these family pictures! Thank you for sharing especially regarding your dad’s memory issues. Dealing with the same, with my mom. I’m trying to just enjoy my time with her as much as possible. Along with this, comes issues with her depression/anxiety. But, like you, my parents have been there for me so it’s my turn, along with my family’s turn, to pay back. I pray for patience and guidance

  4. O my your sweet little girls are growing way too fast. We blink and they are grown up. My grandchildren are 15 and 17 . Where does the time go ? You are so blessed to have such a loving family. Your Mom and Dad seem just wonderful Your Dad at his age still driving and your Mom able to fix that yummy looking soup. Enjoy them !

  5. Susan Webster says

    Good Morning!
    Your Dad is such a sweet soul! I can still remember (years ago) helping you fix up your home after you
    had hit hard times. He was so strong and sweet!

    I’ve been following you for a very long time. 😘

    Enjoy these days, my friend!


  6. Can’t wait for the cookbook. Thanks for sharing pictures & stories of your beautiful family.

  7. We are dealing with the same issues with our Mother…she will be 89 in August. And you are right, it is hard. I am thankful for my two sisters who live close by and help out so much. One of the reasons we built our little house on the farm was to be there more often. Loved seeing the great grand girls with your mom and dad. I know that brings them much joy.

  8. We dealt with my Mom’s Alzheimer for 10 years. So difficult to see a loved one aging that way. Now dealing with my older sister who was diagnosed with early onset(age 71) Alzheimer and she’s had it for 4 years now. Not easy

  9. Happy for you and fun family times. Also very happy you are talking about the cookbook! I will definitely order.

  10. Marilyn Parker says

    Rhoda, love seeing pictures of all your family times!! All these pictures and your stories will be a wonderful keepsake for your darling nieces. I especially like the picture of the girls with Parker in her bunny ears. That one is priceless!!

  11. Happy happy birthday to
    Your dad ! What a gift from god he is.

  12. Rachel Svoboda says

    Happy birthday sweet daddy!
    He is truly a beautiful soul.
    Love that you share your parents.

  13. Beth Mayberry says


  14. So fun!

    And I can empathize with how hard it is to watch your strong, smart, capable Dad lose his reasoning skills. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that heartbreak.

    • Thank you, Sharon, it really is sad. I think back to 7 years ago when we were renovating my previous house. He would not be up for any of that at this time, even apart from his physical stamina.

  15. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Rhoda, thanks so much for sharing pictures of your precious family. Parker and Iris are growing up so quickly! They are such sweet girls! That was such a cute picture of your dear Mom and Dad. We will definitely keep your Dad in our thoughts and prayers — and also you, Rhoda, as you are there caring for your dear folks. Live can be so hard at times. Keep looking up to Him for He knows what you are going through.

    Such a cute picture of Mark pulling the grandchildren!

  16. Seeing your mom and dad always warms my heart. I know they are older but they still look the same to me. Just glad you all had a sweet time on Father’s Day and your Dad is still able to come over with your Mom. Getting old is not fun and it takes courage. Getting old is not for sissies.

    The babies are sure growing! So happy that you can all get together and have fun.

  17. Rebecca M says

    Thankfully my mom told us she was done with driving! She was 84 and felt like it was time to stop driving. Very quickly, and with her blessing, we got rid of her car.
    She didn’t want to be tempted. She lived to be 89 and passed away July 16 of last year 2018. I miss her every day.
    I love seeing all of your lovely family! I enjoy your blog very much.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, I know so many of you can relate to aging parents. So good that your mom gave it up, that’s so rare!

  18. I had noticed that your father seemed to be declining and like you said, it is a part of life. I am so glad your mother is still able to take of him and that you and your sister are nearby to help. My mother had memory problems and, unfortunatley, we were unable to take care of her at home. It was a very difficult time for me and I still feel great guilt over her later years.

    Rhoda, your family updates are my favorite! It’s so nice that you take the time to share your personal life with us. I think that is one of the many differences between having a blog and just sharing with an instagram account. It is so much more personal. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

    • THank you, Dena, if you all didn’t respond so well to my parents and family, I would not share them as much, but y’all are always supportive of updates, so thanks for that.

  19. Caring for aging parents is one of the hardest things to face. We must cherish each day because it a gift from God. It’s so hard to watch once very strong and independent parents need so much help, it grieves our hearts.

    Those girls are growing so much!

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