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Another giveaway, another winner!  Elz from Elzabelz is the winner of the Southern Living magazine giveaway.  Congrats to you, Elz, you lucky girl you.  I wish I had copies for every one of you.

Even when I’m out of town, I look for yardsales and when I was in Atlanta over Mother’s Day, there was a big one in a nearby shopping center. They must have it every year at this time, because this is the 3rd time I’ve hit it.
Found this pretty footed bowl at the sale in Marietta for $5.  More white pottery, it seems to find me.

CUTE burlap lampshade was $1.

Wooden plant holder with metal handle was $2.

I’m still looking for good stuff for the Lovelady room redo and I have found some super things. On my way to Atlanta on Saturday, I could hardly get out of town for all the yardsale signs that kept pulling me in.  Yep, I do brake for yardsales! 🙂 I found this cute folding bookcase for $5.  It’s already been primed and painted my pretty shade of blue/green for the Lovelady room. I was SO excited to find this, it will be a perfect addition for those girls.This adorable corkboard was also $5.  And the urn and bird were around $3 for both. I might keep that little bird, he’s pretty cute. And at the Marietta sale, I found a perfect set of tab-top drapery panels for $5 for the pair.  These will be a great addition to the room too.  It’s all coming together SO nicely.  It will probably be June before we put it all together and get the room painted, but I’ll be sure and share all the details!

Debbie and I hit the Mt. Laurel neighborhood sale this weekend, as well as MY neighborhood sale,  but all of that will have to wait til another time.  We did score some great stuff though!

So, now it’s YOUR turn for the party this week! What have YOU found lately. Add your link to the Linky list and remember our guidelines for the party:

  1. Add your permalink to the link list, which is the actual post that you did for this party, NOT your general blog url. To get the actual post, after you publish the post, just click on the title and THAT will be your party post url. Last year, I can’t tell you how many links I had to fix. This year I might get mean & delete them, so PLEASE try to get the correct url in the first time! 🙂
  2. Please add my button to your post or blog OR at least link back to this post in your post. That’s all I ask. It’s common courtesy to link back to the person having the party, so that all of your readers can find it too.
  3. Please do NOT link to an Etsy shop or something similar (even if you think it’s a fabulous deal) or I will delete the link. This party is for sharing thrifty finds from yardsales, thriftstores, or something along those lines.

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Let’s have some fun this week with the Thrifty Treasures party!

- Rhoda


  1. Ahh you were in my old neck of the wood this weekend eh? I love everything you found. Great bookcase too!

  2. Rhoda –
    Great finds. I can’t wait to see the photos of the Lovelady finished room.
    ♥ Toni

  3. Great finds this week! Love the pottery & the urn.

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Hi Rhoda! Great finds! Love that footed bowl! I’ll have to find out about that yard sale for next time! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  5. Rhoda, those are some good finds! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on for the Lovelady project. That sounds neat.

    You always find the best things at garage sales. I need to shop with you!


    Sheila 🙂

  6. Love the shelves–good thing your car is so well trained!

  7. Great finds! I love the bookcase and the burlap lampshade!

  8. Oh what great finds. I love them all. The white ironstone is stunning and the drapes are fabulous. I would love those. The planter box and bookcase are also just perfect. Great job. I have struck out at yard sales so far. Not much here. Hugs, Marty

  9. Great finds, Rhoda! Love that burlap shade. Good luck with your Lovelady room redo, can’t wait to see it! Thanks for hosting us every week.

  10. Great finds! I love the wooden planter with the twisted handle.
    It takes me forever to get to my destinations too. It would be a crime not to turn the car around for a good yard sale or flea market!

  11. Amazing finds, really! You must confess…do you have one of the bumper stickers that warns other drivers that you brake for yard sales?!!!

  12. I live near Marietta and would love to know which shopping center that was in. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. There were lots of garage sale signs this weekend but I wasn’t able to stop for any of them. Hopefully next weekend!

  13. You DO find some of the best things, Rhoda! Have to say my favorite thing for this haul is the footed bowl. I love white anything! LOL My yard sale finds were minimal this past week, but there is always next week! I cracked up at your saying you brake for the sale signs- I did the same thing for the first time on Thursday. The poor guy in back of me was probably cursing me out. What fun it is to be hooked!!
    :- ) Sue

  14. I love, love, love that footed bowl!!!!! More white stuff…..I am always on the look out too!!!

    Today I put up my tablescape that has my yard sale votives (well, I use them for candles, but I think they were originally sherbet bowls–they were only 50 cents a piece) and my supe ron sale candleabras from Michaels and a repeat of my tureen found at the thrift store that I also showed a few weeks ago.

    Instead of a real tablescape, it was more of a “look what I go super cheap” table o’ white!!!!! \

    I hope that you have a super blessed week,

  15. Looks like some more great finds! I can’t wait to see what you do with their room for the ladies! Thanks so much for hosting!

  16. Rhoda, I love your thrifty treasures. You inspire me to be a more thrifty shopper although this is my first time to post some thrifty treasures. I do enjoy consignment sales and Ebay shopping to get some good deals for my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your thrifty treasures.

  17. Love that bookcase! And that lampshade is too cute! Thanks for hosting!

  18. Please tell me where in Marietta this sale was Rhoda! I have to know! I was in Marietta for Mother’s day too and stumbled upon a yard sale off of Canton Road! I posted my link above with my finds. Looks like you got some great finds, too! 🙂

  19. Hi Rhoda,
    Wow you did some great finds. If you keep this up that room will be a steal…
    Love the “I break for yardsales”, do they make bumber stickers like that? They should, so you could sell them in your shop.

  20. No thrifty treasures for me this week, I’m afraid. I love everything you found, Rhoda! It does look like you are finding some great things for the Lovelady’s room and I love the white pieces you got.

  21. great finds! i really love that planter and the footed white dish. beautiful!

  22. Oooh, I love that footed dish! Awesome finds! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Beth

  23. Great finds~! I have that same folding bookcase – found it on the side of the road one day along with a fireplace mantle.

  24. Hey, girls! I’m glad you all had a fun weekend of treasure hunting too.

    That sale I hit in Marietta was at the Market Square shopping center (corner of Piedmont and Canton Hwy.), so YES, Kelley & I hit the same sale. I went over to see what she found & she got some great stuff. Looks like I was there earlier than she was, wouldn’t that have been fun to run into each other. I think they must have that sale every Mother’s Day weekend, cause I have hit it for the past 3 years while visiting home.

    Jo, I don’t have a bumper sticker, but I might need one! I try not to be a hazard when I’m driving to anyone behind me though. 🙂

    It has been so much fun to see how much I can find at the yardsales for this room redo at the Lovelady Center & truly, God has blessed the money & stretched it so much. So far, I’ve only bought 2 twin comforters new at Bed, Bath & Beyond & those were on deep clearance. I can’t wait to show ya’ll everything, it is looking SO good!

  25. Hi Rhoda,

    I am turning myself in for not playing by the rules.

    In my defense my entry is a heartfelt treasure that took 23 years of searching. It is my greatest wish that anyone who needs hope and encouragement will see it.

    Thank you for hosting a great party.

  26. I pick up practically any burlap lamp shade that I find. I completely adore them. I love that bulletin board. Fabulous finds.

  27. Hi Rhoda, Thanks again for allowing me to join this really fun blog party. Your treasures are truly lovely! The Lovelady room is going to be so gorgeous, you have found some great things. I am so happy for the ladies who will be enjoying the room one day.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  28. thanks for the chance to share our finds… i drifted over here from ApronThriftGirl’s blog 🙂

  29. Hi Rhoda! I brake for yard sales too. I can’t help it. My kids hate it…noooo, Mom! I love your burlap lampshade and I can’t wait to see how the bookcase turns out~

  30. Love the wooden plant holder! I always brake for yard sales – I sort of hate the feeling when you are hitting your last one for the day…knowing you need to get home but wondering “what else might be out there?”

  31. Rhoda, those great white dishes, just seem to jump right out for you don’t they? I love your latest and all the other cool finds. Can’t wait to see the room at the Lovelady. Thanks for another great party. Marla

  32. Great finds this week! I love seeing what you discover on your yardsaling adventures.

  33. Rhoda, You did find some great things! I saw the same corkboard in a upscale boutique in Destin. I loved it but could not justify the $68.00 price!

  34. Hi Rhoda-

    I am so happy that I finally got to join your party. I haven’t had any junkin hauls to write about until now. It is fun going thru your link ups and seeing all the fun finds. The saying is so true – That one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


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