Mother’s Day 2014

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day?  We sure did at our house.  With the addition of this new baby girl, it has really changed everything for our family and we took lots of family pics to remember the occasion.  The older we get, the more we know that we cannot take any of this for granted.  I’ve told you about my mother before, but really I don’t think words even adequately express how much she means to me and my family.  She is without a doubt one of the best mothers out there.  God might have broken the mold with her, although I think her own mother was such a blessing too from what I’ve heard.  I never knew her, as she died when I was very little.

Growing up, I used to think my parents were so mean.  We were the girls who didn’t get to do anything fun, the preacher’s kids.  Back then, it was a sin to go to movies or dances or anything heathen like that.  Smoking, drinking and cussing were definitely frowned upon.  Everyone else got to have fun, but not us.  We grew up with lots of rules and I used to think that everyone else had way more fun parents than we did.  Why couldn’t our parents be cool like that and let us do whatever we wanted?  It was wishful thinking back then, but now that I’m older and wiser (I hope!), I’ve certainly changed my tune on that.  They did relax things a bit when Lauren came along and got into her teen years.

Now, I know that these Godly parents of ours had rules for our own good.  They made us mind and do what they thought was the right thing, using Biblical principles as their guide and not what everyone else was doing .  It was pretty boring to me back then, but now I wouldn’t change a thing.  Now I know what a fine example of parenting they set for us and we were so blessed to have them as our parents.  Mom is a special lady, with so much love, patience, and the most gentle spirit that you would ever meet.  She’s an angel in mom’s clothing and I’m so glad that she is MY mom.  I know my sister and my niece feel the same way.

I know she felt the love yesterday, just as we all did and it was really a special moment.  I’ll be sharing a special family moment at the bottom of the post, so get the tissues ready!


My sister’s backyard has been Mother’s Day central for the past several years. She and Bruce have worked so hard on this backyard and it comes in handy for special occasions like this.  My sister set up a big table for all of us.  There were lots of folks there on Mother’s Day this year, including friends of my sister’s family and her husband, Bruce’s parents and brother’s family were there too.  We always celebrate with them as well.

hydrangeas on table

She had pretty hydrangeas on the table.

backyard landscape

It ended up being a beautiful day to eat outside.


I’ve showed you all pics of their backyard before, but here it is again.  A tropical jungle with a pond and waterfall.

backyard rock walls

Rock walls and lots of landscaping.

dad and mom

I captured this special pic of mom and dad and this one really shows off their personalities.

lauren and parker

Lauren and her baby, Parker.   We all just can’t get enough of this sweet girl.  She’s getting big so fast and has changed so much in the last month since we’ve seen her.

mothers day lunch

Lauren and Renee fixed a delicious lunch of pork chop spaghetti and salad.  It was all yummy, as usual!

mom and parker

I love this pic of mom and Parker, with Lauren looking on.  Sweet times, these are!

dad dessert

Dad doing  his favorite thing, eating dessert.

strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake with pound cake and fresh strawberries.

4 generations women

As always, we girls had to take a pic on Mother’s Day to document the day.  This time we have a sweet little bundle to join us and that made it extra special.  We even talked ahead about what color we should all wear so the pics look better and I’m happy we did that. We will treasure these photos for years to come.  Comes in handy having a blog to document all of this specialness!

4 generations

We let Dad get in the pictures too.  He has put up with all of us girls for a long, long time and has learned that it’s a hopeless cause if we all want him to do something.  He may as well go ahead and give in now.  The estrogen was running high at our house growing up.

mom and parker 2

Mom and that sweet baby girl with the most perfect lips ever.

baby parker

She’s just getting cuter and cuter and of course, we all had to take turns holding her. Mom usually gets first dibs.

rhoda and parker

But I got my share of Parker time too.  She’s a doll baby!

kissing parker

I got my share of smooches this time, kissing those sweet cheeks.  She is so fun  now, cooing and smiling.

moms picture of parker

After lunch, we gave mom her Mother’s Day gifts and this one was a big hit as you can imagine.  We wondered where she would put it as her walls are filled with mostly pics of Lauren at various stages.  We decided that a Lauren pic might have to come down to make room for this one.  Lauren doesn’t mind being bumped for this angel.

mom crying

The last gift that Lauren gave mom was a card with an enclosed note.  Lauren came in last week and has been here for a few days.  Mom was keeping Parker for awhile as Lauren had some errands to run.  She was leaving but came back into the den where mom was holding Parker and this is what Lauren saw and noted on her Facebook page last week.  I was there right after it happened too and got all teary-eyed during the moment.

When mom read this note, she began to weep, as did all of us.


Lauren’s words to mom:

When I walked in and saw these two napping and snuggling, I assumed it was their typical cuteness…until I saw Nana’s lips moving and heard her whispering. I got closer and realized she was praying for Parker, just as she has always done for me. It will be many many years before Parker understands how special it is to have a grandmother who cloaks her in prayer every morning on her knees in front of the worn armchair in her bedroom, and I realize that Nana may not be with us when that day comes. For as long as I live though, this little girl will always know how privileged she is to have come from such a meek but mighty warrior of God.

And that, my friends, sums it all up.  Happy Mother’s Day!  This one was extra special. 

- Rhoda


  1. Fay Sanchez says:

    Tears are flowing pretty hard now! What a blessed family to have such a mighty prayer warrior in your Mom. I am sure your Dad too. I pray I can be such a MawMaw. I have a 4 month old grandson and a granddaughter due on July 1st. May The Lord continue to bless your sweet family.

  2. beautiful…just beautiful.

  3. Oh yes…tears here too. SO much sweetness in this post…sniff sniff. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
    p.s. The photos of you and Parker are precious precious precious!!! Y’all both are gorgeous!

  4. Now I know why I was drawn to you and your blog. My Dad was (is) a minister too and I grew up with all those no-no’s too. But having those prayer warriors behind me has sure helped my life. For many years until dementia came they prayed for each child, grandchild and great grandchild by name every morning. They are in a room together in a nursing home and next month will be their 73rd wedding anniversary.

  5. Patricia Mason says:

    OhMyGoodness ! My tears are flowing here too, at 7:30 in the morning ! What a priceless, heart warming, amazing photo of your dear Mother with her great grandaughter….I have never seen a picture so touching – God Bless you all….

  6. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    Bless her heart! What a precious picture. Your Mom’s as precious as Parker!

  7. Yea… I am sitting here at my desk, tears pouring down my face. This is so very special. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I accidently stumbled across your blog about 6 – 8 months ago. I cannot tell you how much joy it has brought to me. I keep sending the link to all my family and friends. I have a daughter and 2 nieces, who all got married in the past 10 months. My nieces no longer have mothers, so I am the substitute. I think your blog is very educationally, I know it is for me and I think it will be for them too. We all four love DIY Projects and to decorate.

  8. Sara aka Sally says:

    Oh Rhoda.
    I ‘lost’ my daddy on Valentine’s Day 1981 and my mama in October 2002.
    I miss their physical beings very much as they were: amusing, brave, courageous, deadly in all types of games, honest and great teachers. They gave me my love of animals, gardening, design & restoration and the written word.
    Oh, how incredibly blessed you are to have both of your much beloved and very loving parents alive and to have your family close to you, emotionally and physically.
    You are a very fortunate woman but you know that.
    With very best wishes and many thanks for letting us in on your family’s joy.
    Sara aka Sally.

  9. Maureen says:

    Beautiful, just Beautiful.

  10. Oh, Rhoda. There are no words. Except–thank you for sharing this.

  11. Sandra white says:

    What a beautiful day for all of you. Love your family, your values, and how refreshing to know,that there are families like yours still in this world. I, like you, was raised with a very strict upbringing, attending church every Sunday. Those values were instilled in me for a lifetime. I didn’t realize at that time how they would mold my life down the road. So glad to,have been raised the way I was. What an inspiration to all of us. Your family is certainly that. What a beautiful family!

  12. Now I’m crying.

  13. Well Rhoda you made me cry first thing this morning….that sweet note that Lauren wrote to her grandmother is just precious. Like you I grew up with Mean Parents and as an adult I can appreciate that they had my best interests at heart. So glad that they implanted a godly heritage in me!! Loved all the pictures. Your mom and dad are just wonderful people…I can tell from their faces!! They radiate love and joy. Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  14. What a blessing! Parker is so precious and your family is so grounded in your faith. I admire that so much. Lauren’s letter to her grandmother made me cry. Thank you for sharing it with us. I enjoy following along in your life on the blog and wish you God’s greatest blessings!a

  15. Oh my, this is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Such joy! Parker is so adorable and I can’t believe how Lauren favors you, her aunt.

  16. Amen.

  17. Thank you for sharing your precious family time, this brought a lump to my throat. I too have had the privilege of parents who prayed for their children. Your parents are beautiful jewels in His crown.

  18. Very sweet words. What a true blessing your mother is to your family!

  19. Mary Ann says:

    Yes, Miss Kitty raised precious children and your mother is prove of that! I always have tears when I see your parents because of their sweetness, but also because they remind me of days gone by. I also grew up with ‘mean parents’ and thank God that I did! There were alot of them at Pleasant Grove, and there were alot of us that turned out o.k. Thank you Rhoda for making me cry, I needed that.

  20. this is so precious. I cried over her note as I’m sure everyone else did even though we don’t know her. How lucky you are to have such special people in your life.

  21. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    You were so very, very blessed when God chose your mother. Your family is an inspiration to us all.

  22. How truly blessed you all are.

  23. OK, Rhoda, so I ignored your request to get tissues and now I’m wiping my eyes with a dirty paper towel (the only thing I had handy). Sheesh! So precious and what a blessing!

  24. That sweet note and picture have me all teared-up now. So precious!

  25. Okay, Susan who posted above me…I didn’t have a paper towel…so I’m using my sleeve. These are the best tears, the tears that come from being touched so deeply by love, caring and sharing. Thank you for all three. <3

  26. Lost my mother on March 8th. About the only ‘regrets’ I have is she will not get to know her great-grandchildren (there are none, yet) or see my younger daughter get married in the future. The photos are just phenomenal and will mean so much more as time goes on, thank you for sharing!

  27. Judy Clark says:


    Your Mother and Dad are so precious. Lauren is blessed to have such a wonderful Nana.
    I aspire to be like your Mother. I pray for my Grandchildren every day. They know it! They don’t always want to hear it, but I let them know.

    Wonderful pictures of the family. Little Park is so beautiful.

  28. Thank-you for sharing just cherished moments of you and your family’s life. Truly lovely.

  29. Rhoda, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. I know Parker will always be blessed because of her praying grandmother. Enjoy every minute of making those memories together. Such a precious gift having God-loving parents/grandparents to guide your life. Love the wonderful pictures of everyone!

  30. Yes, I am crying. You have such a beautiful and blessed family. Thank you for sharing your joy.

  31. Susan A says:

    Tears of joy…
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and sweet, touching stories. I love all of the pictures, espeically of your parents and the love that radiates from them. Your family is blessed in so many ways. Parker is a precious little girl who is surrounded by love and faith. God Bless!

  32. Yes the tears did flow……. Praying Grandmothers …. I can remember mine… a minister’s wife… they lived on a farm is south Ga. she would stand at the kitchen sink; but the dishes were still… she was gazing out the window above her sink… and I knew, she’s praying…. loved God with alllll her heart… and it showed up always in her life…… These are precious moments… A godly heritage!!! Thank you for sharing Rhoda!!!!! ( My first two grandchildren… boys , who are now in their teens… were reminded Sunday by their Mom… “It is a privilege and an honor to have Praying Grandmothers” ) …. It’s an honor to pray and ask God for His leading in their lives as well !!!!!!! ) 🙂

  33. Thanks for that…I just cried, like sobbed. Such special words for such a special mom, grandmother and great grandmother. You all so blessed

  34. Thank you so much for sharing. Lauren wrote it so well.

  35. This touched my heart and the tears are stilling running down my face.

  36. Thank you so much for sharing your family. My own Mother was a woman much like yours and she has been gone home to her Lord since 2008. She also was a meek, but mighty warrior for God. Through her prayers and faithfulness we learned many many things. I now have my own Grandchildren that I pray for–actually two of them are direct result of prayer as we thought my daughter might not be able to conceive–God was in control of that. I know you all will find ways for your Mom to always be in your lives–right now on Thanksgiving we have Nannie’s Sweet Potato Pie that my daughter has worked to perfect (it’s delicious) and this year I am planting lots of flowers(new thing for me) to honor her green thumb. Aren’t the ones of us who had those “mean” parents just the most blessed folks on earth! Thank you again for sharing!

  37. Absolutely lovely! What a beautiful tribute to your amazing Mother! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  38. This was so sweet and beautiful. I’m a new follower!

  39. Tara G. says:


  40. Well said!!! Rhoda, this is a gorgeous tribute to your whole family….

  41. Our God is an awesome and caring Savior.
    What awesome pictures Rhonda. So full of love and cuteness. Thanks for sharing.

  42. How lovely and so so sweet! Nothing is better than spending time with family!!!! Oh I loved your mother’s expressions… got a little teary eyed!

  43. Precious memories!!

  44. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  45. Emily'smom says:

    There is something truly special about a praying mother! Sunday I tearfully thanked my mom for being a praying mother. She has prayed over all of us, including the grandchildren and great grandchildren for more than 50 years. And I have to agree with you regarding having strict parents. We didn’t complain as it wouldn’t have done any good! But I am grateful for the upbringing I had when I see how parents are today. Thanks for sharing your amazing day. Blessings to you and your family!

  46. The bishop of our church once told me, “There are no prayers as powerful as that of a righteous and loving mother.” I believe that. And that goes for grandmas, and great grandmas too.

    Just curious, is Lauren the only grandchild in the family?

    • Yes, Susan, she is the only grandchild. I don’t have children. So you can see why she is so special, as well as her new baby. She bonded with my parents at an early age, since her mom was a single mother.

      • What a wonderful blessing it is for you all to have her, and now her baby girl! (ps >> Our family loves pork chop spaghetti) 🙂

  47. SoCalLynn says:

    Oh, the happy tears! So sweet. Your mom is a Proverbs 31 woman! I got great news on Mother’s Day…I am going to be a first-time grandma in December!!!! I would like to leave this kind of legacy to my daughters and their children, too.

  48. Jane H. says:

    Oh my gosh…….that leaves me teary and speechless.

  49. Charlotte says:

    What a wonderful day you all had. I wish I could have another Mother’s Day with my Mom. She has been in a nursing home since 2007, as she is an Alzheimer patient. I come from a large family and we always had many people at Mom’s for Mother’s Day. Now, my Dad and baby Brother have passed away and it seems our family has fallen apart. Enjoy your parents each and every day …..You are so blessed.

  50. Michelle Wright says:

    Love ~ Love ~ Love~~~That’s special for sure.

  51. Hello Rhoda,

    I have not been to your blog in a while. However, this morning, your dad ran “fresh in my mind.” I stopped to pray for him. That prompted me to read your blog today.

    What a special day full of many wonderful memories! So glad your family had this special time together.

    I have enjoyed your blog since 2008. It is always a breath of fresh air. Thanks for being yourself.

  52. What a special day, special note and special photos to document it all. God bless you all.

  53. Tears coming down here….this September I will become a grandmother for the first time. Your mother is a wonderful example. I want to pray for my grandchild daily as she has. That’s not the grandmothers that I had, but my mother raised me with rules and love just like yours did. I know the power of prayer, and little Parker is so blessed.

  54. henrietta carter says:

    Rhonda ,I loved seeing the photos of the mum,s and your special dad offcourse ,Parker is adorable ,like others I also have tears running down my face ,
    what joy your mum is having with baby Parker to cuddle .

  55. All right I am sitting here at work crying and trying to look away so no one will see me!! What gorgeous pictures I love that you all wore pink it is so pretty and that beautiful baby!! But the one thing what really got to me was your mom holding that beautiful baby and praying!! What a awesome family you have. I am so glad that you have these memories of your sweet parents cherish every minute you have with them!!

  56. My daughter and I were both crying at Lauren’s note. But what a legacy for your family to have such a godly mother and father! And a great grandmother who prays for her newborn granddaughter. What a blessing!
    Thank you so much Rhoda, for showing the world that “…because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”. 1 John 4:4

  57. diane c says:

    Such a joy to read your blog and enjoy the beautiful pictures. From beginning to end…..I thoroughly enjoyed your Mother’s Day! Beautifully done.

  58. Joanne B. says:

    Wow. Rhoda, you truly have a gift for sharing- yes-sharing your home and home making hints and recipes galore- but thank you for sharing your family with us as well- for those of us who don’t have our parents, I am sure I speak for those who enjoy seeing you treasure your parents as you do. Thank you so much for wanting to share them with us- and thanks to your Mom and Dad for being so ‘friendly’ and wiling to expose themselves to us. I am sure the whole internet thing and computers are were an adjustment for them. I have written to you before- how I LOVE seeing your photos of your parents- especially closeups of their hands. Seeing pics of your Dad’s carpenter thumbnails reminds me of my Dad’s, whom I lost when I was 6. I can still remember those bruised fingernails! And I never realized how much Lauren resembles your Dad! And that baby? Beautiful! And that note? Took my breath away and left me only with tears. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and more than blessed to know it…

  59. Cynthia says:

    A beautiful post! And, BTW, I think that Parker looks like her Great-Granddaddy.

  60. Maria Trunzo says:

    Thank you for sharing your special Mother’s Day. May God continue to bless each of you.

  61. oh, this post is so sweet! and yes, I needed my tissues! All the pictures of your family are truly ones to treasure – they all look so pretty!! Your mom and dad are just such special people – so sweet. And that last note that Lauren wrote – oh my, how absolutely precious that that cute little babe has her great-grandmother praying for her. Love the little smile on Parker in your picture with her – that one is a definite keeper – so adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing your family and family stories with us, Rhoda!

  62. Courtney says:

    Thank you for sharing this! My grandmother is the same way, except I don’t know if she will live to see me when I have children. That is rather something to live up to being a meek, yet mighty warrior of God. Lauren was very eloquent in her note. God bless your family!!

  63. I was so touched by your post…and maybe a little envious, that you still have your mom:). Sounds like you and I had very similar parenting! How precious that must have been for Lauren to hear her grandmother praying for her baby. When my grandmother died, and then years later, my mother and father, the thought that struck me was that those who prayed daily for me and my children were gone…such an incredible loss. Yet, God planned their homecoming so I trust Him to fill the gap. Thanks again for the heart felt post.

  64. I am sobbing my heart out right now, partly because I miss my mum so much and the other being reading that note and seeing the photograph of your mother and Parker, so very very touching both image and words. Both my boys are grown up but I still pray for them each morning and always will. Your parents sound wonderful people and I believe those hard teenage years were for the best. I wish I had been a bit stricter with my two boys, nevertheless they are both lovely, caring boys with a respect for people and animals.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful mothers day, you all looked so gorgeous in pink. I wonder if that was all meant to be or you just turned up all wearing the same colour?


  65. Thank you for sharing your Mother’s Day and the legacy you have in your family. It was lovely to “get to know you” through this post.

  66. I cannot adequately express how this post makes me feel. Just wonderful. You’re good therapy, Rhoda.

  67. Barbara Hagan says:

    Rhoda….What a blessing to read about your very Special Mother’s Day celebration with your sweet family!! Tears were flowing at the tenderness shown by all these beautiful pictures! Your Mom and Dad are angels on this earth as you can see in the pure love they exude in every photograph. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless all of you!! 🙂

  68. Paula B. says:

    Crying, of course. Hugs to your Mama and baby Parker, oh my… Lauren’s words were amazing. Looks like it was an extra special Mother’s Day!

  69. Susan from GA says:

    You “called” that one Rhoda. Big ole’ alligator tears here! What a gift to grow uo with such a woman of faith!

  70. Beautiful day, beautiful pictures, beautiful family. You were so right about needing tissues, and very lucky to have the family you have. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Beautiful, just beautiful! What blessing to have your parents still with you to enjoy this moment! And for Parker to have such a Godly great grandmother who is a prayer warrior!

  72. Paula Lusk says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. Like many others, we feel like you are extended family. Love the generations photo, too precious. When I came to the picture of your mom crying, I too, cried. Parker is beautiful. She is so lucky to have you all as family. Blessings

  73. What a beautiful, awesome heritage your granddaughter has.

  74. ~Rhoda~
    Thank you for sharing your close knit family with me/us. I wonder if you know how many of us feel like we are apart of your special moments. And for so many of us who”s parents have passed away, and that have lost the glue to the family unit. I know you already know how blessed you are still having both parents, you truly are!
    God Bless you and your family

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