Painting Interior Doors Black!

A trend started about 10 years ago that I took note of then, but didn’t do and that trend was painting interior doors black (yes, both sides!).  Have you noticed that one?  It’s one of those subtle little changes that can make a huge impact and I’m loving this one.

I have never painted all my doors black, but I have some friends who have done it (like my friend, Renae here in Atlanta) and the more I see it, the more I likey.  And I’m about to do that in my new/old house.  Paint every interior door black.


(via Habitually Chic)

Let me show you a few inspiration pics to show you how great it looks.  The one above is a good example of a normal 6 paneled door painted black. Note that only the door and not the trim is painted.

black-interior-doors-4 Shelterness

(Via Shelterness)

This dramatic double black doors shows the impact they can make, especially with lighter walls.

black-interior-doors-13 Shelterness

(via Shelterness)

More black doors and wood floors.  Beautiful!


(via Decorpad)

This dramatic black kitchen French doors along with that stunning lantern makes this kitchen swoon-worthy.

black door foyer

Not sure where this photo originated from, but it’s been all over blogland and I still love this foyer.  It is perfection in my book and look, a black interior door.

houzz black door the wool acorn blogspot

(via WoolAcorn)

Black inside the front doors and painted black stair railing adds an extra wow factor in this pretty foyer.

Yellow Cape Cod

Just to show you that everyday homeowners can get away with this one too, check out Sarah’s breakfast nook.  I’ve highlighted Sarah’s house before on Feature Friday and love the impact this black door has with the wide striped curtain panels at the windows.

Joni, at Cote de Texas, covered this back in 2010, when she posted about updating your decor and stated that all of her builder’s grade interior doors were painted black.

Now this one, this one, really got my inspiration going.  Let me tell you about Emily’s (A Well Dressed Home) black doors.  I came across her post doing a Google search and got so excited when I saw what she started with.


Look at these smooth as a baby’s butt doors!  These are white and mine are stained brown, but smooth, very smooth, with no architectural details AT ALL.  Boring!  I had contemplated changing out these doors, but that will be awhile down the road.  I’ve got hardwoods and a kitchen to install first, so anything like this will just be on the back burner for now.

But once I saw how gorge Emily’s doors turned out by adding molding.  Wow, oh wow!  I can just do this and keep my doors for the long haul.  Save myself some bucks.


Molding was added.  Love how she did 3 panels of different sizes (she got inspiration from some fancy door place online).  She had a handy man come in and install them.  I can do this using liquid nails and my nail gun.  And the miter saw.

Here’s another peek at how great Emily’s doors look now.  Are you as amazed as I am?  I am SO doing this.  I’ll keep my plain ole’ smooth doors and just buy the trim for them.  I am already painting my doors black.  Now I will add the molding too which will really up their presence.  I’ll paint mine with Black satin paint instead of semi-gloss.  I think I’ll like that better.

It might be awhile before I can get to the molding, but painting them black will happen from the get-go.   When I mentioned it to my dad, he looked at me with the usual, “what in the world is she going to dream up now?” look. 🙂

So, do you like the whole paint your interior doors black trend?

Or not?!

Me, yes, yes, yes, I’m loving it and you will see black interior doors in my house!

- Rhoda


  1. Pam Clark says:

    I think you just may have convinced me to go black too! Besides the visual impact, I think they’ll show less wear and tear. So, just to be clear, both sides of the doors are black? thanks and I love reading about your house and your sweet parents! My daddy would have looked at me the same way.

  2. You know I hadn’t thought of this before but I HAVE seen this in fav magazines. It does lend an image of sophistication, doesn’t it? We’re all white doors in here but then the walls are wild colors, so…

  3. I do love the idea. I didn’t do black, but a very dark brown in my house. They look black in pictures. Great idea adding the trim.

  4. i love black interior doors! i painted the interior side of my front door black and i LOVE it. now i want to paint every door in my house black, but a) that’s a LOT of doors and b) i don’t want to regret it and paint them all back to white anytime soon. :o)

  5. I love the look…and I am planning on putting black doors in my new house. I was thinking that they would show less but some of my readers have said that they actually show more. I hope that isn’t true but oh well…they can always be painted back…Nothing ventured nothing gained..

  6. I think it matters on the decore and how dark the house is inside to begin with. If there isn’t much light then it might be too gloomy. I do like the richness it gives to foyer though.

    • Beth Bartlett says:

      This would never be the case, if the home or office was professionally decorated – (give the professional is fully trained), as the “3 -rule” in decor extends to include- 1/3 of any project is Lighting (1/3 the general home decor of style/color, texture) and the final 1/3 is landscaping, which also includes exterior lighting.

      Even a room with no natural light may be done in black, the walls can be black – it simply requires detail highlights and lighting to make the eye see the elements of design and effect. Black can be the most powerful Canvas producing an elegant outcome, be it modern in design style or traditional. (Lighting is what 99% of homes are missing – there’s natural light/direction of room matters; then the artifical lighting must have the necessary elements of – recessed, spot, shaded, overhead (This and desk lighting are for cleaning and sight – not for effects!) also the type and color of light – led, fluorescent, bulbs, streaming, etc) Lighting, by itself, is a profession within design, as is landscaping, however – a truly good interior decorator knows to address this as part of their decor completed project. Artists address it in their paintings – ever decor project should be seen as if it was to appear on canvas – “it is art” –

  7. Your black doors with the added molding will look stunning in your house. Right now I’m looking at my kitchen door thinking….hmmm, maybe.

  8. Oh- I DO like it. In the beginning I wasn’t so sure that I did but it has grown on me. Plus, I think it give a real rich look to old doors. I don’t think I would like it nearly as much if the mouldings were painted though.

    Can’t wait to see your own home done this way. It should be pretty dramatic. Blessings- xo Diana

  9. I love them. Great solution for your existing doors. I have black furniture/accessories throughout my house but have yet to get that creative with color on walls, doors or anything else. Cant wait to see your update!

  10. I love black doors and have. I have know I was going to paint the inside of my front door and my back porch door black. I haven’t quite committed to every door black yet, but I love them!!

  11. I am just so excited for you and this home you’re making. I can’t wait to see it all “done-up”. And the black doors, oh yes! Just beautiful.

  12. Love it, but is it necessary to do every door? Trying to figure that one out!

  13. I love the black doors. I was going to paint the inside of my front door in a brighter colour but now that I see these, I am torn! Can’t wait to see yours when you are done.

  14. I really love this! It is so dramatic!

  15. I think your doors would look great black. Do you still have to prime them first?My friend Connie just painted her doors and they look fantastic. I might paint a few of mine black too.

  16. My town house is a “shotgun” style and I think that the door going to my garage would look great painted black. I have black appliances in my kitchen as well as a black hutch. It would add some interest to my narrow hallway. Thanks for your inspiration Rhoda. And BTW, those stained interior doors drive me crazy too…I lived in several houses that featured them and they could only be improved by painting them black!!

  17. I love the the idea of black doors, like you said they make a statement. I’ve thought about painting my interior doors black but I have too many doors too close together in a narrow hallway that’s not very long at all.

    • Tonia, I actually have 4 doors clustered in a hallway and they all look great! They are definitely not too dark…

      • Stephanie says:

        I want to paint my doors black too… I saw it on HGTV I think then saw this blog.. What about closet doors? Should they be black too? We bought this hous & realized after we moved in the doors have never been painted (just the white from the store, Lowes or wherever) Do you take your’s off the hinges or just paint them hainging, in the house?
        Thanks for the input!

        • HI, Stephanie, I think the closet doors depends on what you have. I have a set of smaller bifolds in my master closet & I am going to paint those the same deep chocolate brown as my other doors. In one guestroom, I’m replacing the louvered bifolds with flat panel doors and I’m going to paint those white like the trim. Don’t want those to stand out so much.

  18. I painted my double French doors black and I love the look. I’ve thought about doing all the interior doors black, but it’s tons of time involved, and if this is a short lived trend, think about the work to get them back to white. That being said, I am going to do the interior of the front door. We will see what happens after that! Rhoda, looking forward to seeing your updates in your new home!

  19. Not loving the black trend, no. It would be more helpful to see a TRUE ‘after’ at Emily’s site of the hallway of doors. That same pic with the doors black would show me what my hallway would look like.

    I guess a door here and there, mostly exterior doors I think, would look okay, but I don’t think I would like them for bedroom doors.

    The moulding, however, is brilliant!

  20. I love the dramatic look of the black doors provided that there is enough light and that there are other black things in the room. It would add a bit more to the weekly chores though, to wipe a dust rag across the trim. Dust on black shows really quick.


  21. I love black interior doors. I painted all of the downstairs interior doors in my house about 8 years ago. I love the warmth it gives! People thought I was a little crazy at the time (well, mainly my hubby) but, he loved it when he saw it! It is one of those things that looks a lot better than it sounds! You have some GREAT pictures to make your case with. As for the dust, really no problem at all!

    • I totally agree. 🙂 I painted my laundry room doors and its shelves black, and it’s so clean and neat and absolutely beautiful and a joy each time I see it, which is dozens of times per day! 🙂

  22. I like it in some houses, but I don’t see it in mine. I have gone more for a somewhat cottage look and just don’t see the doors jiving with our colors. I also do not want my outside front door black. I have a friend who used a deep, dark, Charleston green on her exterior and interior doors and that did look great too, but again, I don’t think it is for our house.

    Love the idea of the molding/trim on the doors! That will look great.


  23. I never thought of doing that before but thry look beautiful. My front door is black but that is it. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the doors done.


  24. Love the black doors- cant wait for your new/old home tour. I painted my kitchen door that leads to garage with black chalkboard paint- great for phone numbers, messages, to do list, whatever. My trim is white love it.

  25. It is a very stunning look and helps to ground the room!

  26. Ooh, the black doors will look great, especially with the added molding- great idea, can’t wait!

  27. I love the look of black, but I also think going with a fun color looks awesome too. I’m contemplating painting the inside of the door to my garage a fun blue color.

  28. Tardevil says:

    I like black doors, but not for every room, although they do look good in your pictures. I think it depends on the paint colors you use in your house and how it will coordinate. I have more browns/taupes on the walls, and I tend to think the black doors coordinate better w/ whites and grays paint colors mainly in one’s house. I do like it for the front and back doors, regardless.

  29. Unfortunately black would not work with my home, however, you basically have a blank slate and with the grey and white tones, they would look terrific in your new home….I say, if you love it…go for it!!

  30. I absolutely love it! Your house seems bright enough to pull this off! My house is a little too dark for it… I wish it wasn’t and I would so do it! Can’t wait to see it done!

  31. Congratulations on the new house! We are also moving and renovating our new/house. We are for sure painting the doors! But we have chosen a color other than black to compliment our decor but still provide a bit more polish. Can’t wait to see how your and my doors turn out!

  32. I like the black doors but don’t know if it would look right in my home. I think I have too many browns. I do love the trim added to the doors! We have smooth doors and have also thought about replacing them but this seems like a great alternative. I can’t wait to show my husband.

  33. Yay! I love black doors (wish I could convince the hubs of this). Can’t wait to see yours! I saw Emily’s black doors in person last year when I visited her- they were just as gorgeous in person- her whole house is just amazing! I liked the color she used as well (BM-Dragon’s Breath)

  34. Another fabulous example of a black door is from Old Town Home –

  35. Love, love, LOVE these, Rhoda! Ten years ago, when I was still doing decorating for people, I did doors, trim and the stair railing all in black. It took some arm-twisting of my client’s hubby but, to this day, they love the black.

    Yay for you!!!

    • Could you tell me if I should do all my window frames in Black and all baby smooth interior doors in black. I’m very black and white with a lot of art ,etc. in black and white. I use B.M. paint but have a somewhat open 1700 sq.ft. open house plan. 3/2 with the living room, dining room, foyer, and hall all has to be painted one color. I like color a stream line clean crisp colors. Can you help me with a color on the walls, trim, and I was going to add a little black to the white ceiling paint to give it that warm look. I would love to hear what colors and semi-gloss ,satin , or eggshell. Please let me know what black on the doors as far as Semi-gloss or Satin, etc. Would you paint black the 2 window frames and opening case to the open plan in the living room, dining room? I have to go pick out paint this week. I like bold look , but not tacky! LOL.. This will be my second time to go buy paint and a second painter. The last painter was fired and painted all my doors ,windows and casings black with oil base paint! HE WAS FIRED and left a BIG MESS! Please help me with some colors, shine, and casings, doors, and anything you can help me with would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU and I will post pictures of the outcome! 🙂

  36. Yes! I did all our interior doors black about 8 years ago and have never regretted it! I have had so many compliments from people. It took 3 coats of paint to cover completely so it’s a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! It just adds that extra “something”. I have also seen a light gray color done on all the doors which is more of a subtle look but stunning! Good luck – go for it!

  37. We have painted most of our interior doors black, and for the most part, we love it! My hubby has been less enthusiastic though, since he’s walked right into a closed black door in the early hours of the morning! (He’s nice to not turn on the light while I’m still asleep. :-0 ) Now we keep our bedroom door open during the night; either that, or we need to remember to feel for the door first!

  38. Black entry doors are stunning, eye-catching, and sophisticated! Regarding interior doors, it seems, from your pictures, that the black interior doors relate to other black objects in the room. My house has very little black, so I think black doors would not be appropriate. I’m also wondering if the black doors break up the space, especially in a small house. However, the molding trick is gorgeous!

    I’m enjoying your journey to make this house your home!

  39. Hey Rhoda:

    I have been reading your blog for years…and love it. I have a question about this post. Will you remove the doors to put the molding on or do you think it can be done without removing them? I also want to do this (add molding) and was so happy to see this post. I don’t know about the black paint in my house but I love it in everyone else’s. My other question is what about your hinges, etc. In my house someone painted over all the hinges which I hate but I’m not sure how to fix this problem. Do you have any ideas. Thanks very much. Kim

    • HI, Kim, I probably won’t remove the doors, will probably leave them in place, at least to paint them black. It will be awhile before I get to the molding part, too much else to do, but it will be on my list. I am trying not to paint over the hinges and they are an antique brass. Don’t plan to change them, but eventually I’ll change out all my interior door knobs which are all mismatched shiny brass and antique brass. I saw that there are hinge covers now to use when painting doors. Saw them at the home store. If your hinges are already painted, I would just leave them as long as they go with your doors.

      • Marianne in Mo. says:

        I googled the hinge painted issue, and This Old House website says you can put the hinges in a crockpot with a bit of dish detergent and some water and just cook the paint off. You may have to lightly scrub a spot or two afterwards, but it basically falls off with a light rub. Then you can protect them when dry with a little beeswax or other coating. I also would suggest removing the doors to paint or add trimwork. It’s not hard, and makes the work easier. Just be sure to account for the “reveal” when adding moulding, so you don’t get too close to the edge! Hope that helps!

      • What do you think about dark plank tile, stained trim, off white walls and black painted doors?

        • HI, Carol, I think I like all of that but the stained trim with the black painted doors. I really love the contrast of white trim and dark doors the best.

  40. I love the molding!

    I’m not sure on the black doors, at least for my house. I think if you have a large, airy space it would look great. My kitchen door is painted red, which really stands out against the khaki wall paint.

  41. I can’t wait to see your doors painted. I love the look! But, I also think that the black/look is best suited for those using whites, grays, and, cool taupes. I have those old orangey wood stained doors in my house too. I hate them, but white is not the answer and I don’t think black is either considering I have a rich earthy green going down my hallway which is stunning with the wood floors. I’d love to hear some thoughts on successes with rich colored walls and door colors.

  42. I love the contrast of the black doors!! I can’t wait to see your transformation!

  43. I am liking it too! I just haven’t bit the bullet to do it. But my home doesn’t have much architecture – it not an older home. I am adding moldings and things like that but it is a new, builder home. Might have to save the black door idea for the craftsman style house I want to own one day!

    So my question is, once you start painting the doors – would every door need to be painted black?? 🙂

    • Christina, I’m planning to paint every one of my interior doors, yes. I have my upper hallway with 6 doors coming off it, and I’m still painting all of those. Because I’m doing white board and batten up there with a light wall color, I do think the black doors will be fine.

    • I have a question. I want to paint my white interior doors black, however, I have some doors with plantation shutters on them. All of my windows have white plantation shutters. My shutters need to show white to the street. Would it look ok to paint all interior doors black, except for those with shutters on them?

  44. I have been reading for awhile, but I have not commented on anything…yet…until now.

    Not sure about the black door thing on interior doors. Like others, I think it would have to depend on the overall decor and feel of the house. I prefer stained doors/trim with raised panels and trim, along with historic colors on interior doors and trimwork if it is painted. I know that ups the price of trim work because the quality of wood used for stain-grade trim is more expensive than paint-grade trim. Benjamin Moore has a line of historic paint colors that are to die for. That said, my front door is painted black, and I love the front doors on the buildings in Colonial Williamsburg as well as in Savannah, GA. I also like black/dark green/dark brown/dark red/dark grey or navy for screen doors. For some reason, I just cannot get my head around it for interior doors.

  45. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

    Okay now, I thought that i was up on all the trends, but this is a new one to me. I do like the look and looking forward to seeing yours.


  46. Are you going to use that browny-black that Emily used? I looooove that color!

    • I’ve already bought my paint & it is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. They told me it is their most popular black. I’m doing Black Satin!

  47. Love the black doors! As for the moulding, I say go for it. We used that trick on some boring, flat, stained interior doors that had been added to our 1930s home sometime in the 1970s. We created a single panel to match the original doors, painted them white and added new hinges and glass doorknobs. Our bedroom had two of these doors side by side, so we mirrored the panels – looks great and really expands the feel of the room. You’d never know these doors are not original to the house and it was much much cheaper than buying new doors!

  48. I love this, and am getting ready to do some of my doors. Who knows…I may end of doing all of them. Sarah ~ TDC mentioned Black Suede from Behr as the perfect black and I have to agree. I can’t wait to see your transformation. The moulding will add so much.

  49. I love a black door. I’m aways painting something black and I alwys love the result.

  50. Love the black and white. I am not sure if I would be brave enough to do it but it sure looks elegant. Good luck with your house transformation.

  51. You are an amazing DIY person, this is the first blog I read each day because I know you will have some great economical ideas for decorating.
    I an anxious to see directions and pictures on molding (plan to try this).
    Also, want to see what you do about color of hinges and door handle. Thanks again for sharing all the information. From a middle GA. fan

    • Thanks, Teresa! I’m going to eventually change out my old mismatched door knobs. Right now they are shiny brass and antique brass & I think all my hinges are antique brass, which will be staying.

  52. Love it! I have my interior side of an exterior door in my kitchen painted black and I love it! I didn’t realize that it was a “trendy” thing! I just liked it!

  53. I recently did a post on this very subject. Used many of the same pics. LOL. I do love it but thinking of all the doors in my house and all the work…that project went on the back burner. Do you think black doors would still look good in a room if there is no black in the room? Also wondering if black doors will be outdated anytime soon? Does it make a small room appear smaller with black doors??

    • Hey, Darlene, I don’t think it will look outdated. To me looking at those pics, it’s a classic look. I always have plenty of black in my house, so that should tie it all in together. I don’t worry about it making rooms smaller either. The only area that it might be iffy is my hallway, with 6 doors coming off it. But, I’m having white board & batten & light walls, so I think it will be fine.

  54. What beautiful inspiration pics, Rhoda! No doubt your doors will look gorgeous painted black. All my woodwork in this house, including doors, is white. Miles and miles of white. But it works well for me with three boys and two dogs–white is so easy to clean and to touch up with paint! Black will be gorgeous in your house, though. I had black stair railings in my last house (which had been ugly oak builder grade before)–the black looked wonderful!

    I haven’t left you a comment in awhile. I’ve been so busy with the end of school, volunteer commitments, and getting my eldest off to Rome for the summer that I’ve scarcely been online. But I think of you and am so happy to see the progress on your house! I’ll bet that Haven conference attendees would love to take a field trip to your house! 🙂

  55. Rhoda I have no doubt that your black doors will be charming. In my house, not so much. Too many interior doors off a short hallway and it will look like a march to the gallows.

    But I love the idea of French doors painted black.

  56. Becky in 'Bama says:

    I do love it when OTHER people are adventurous in decorating..personally myself…not so much. I am too much of a traditionalist. Like other posters here, that much black in my chopped up spaces would be a distraction rather than attraction. Do you fear you might soon tire of it? Remember when we all swooned for pink and turquoise. Yikes! 🙂

    • Hey, Becky, black is always a part of my decor, so I don’t think I’ll get tired of it, esp. since most of my walls will be lighter.

      • Becky in 'Bama says:

        AND truly my biggest issue would likely be my hubbie. He is my painter extraordinaire…and I know he would buck at painting the interior doors – ’cause if I didn’t like them HE would be the one to have to repaint. 🙂 However, I did persuade him to let me paint our front door black last year. And he did give in to painting the kitchen chocolate brown. I cannot wait to see your final pics of the makeover.

  57. I love it! I have painted two doors in my master ensuite black. I have also recently painted my door to my back yard a tobacco brown. I love them all, and have been considering painting more doors in my home.

    Can’t wait to see how yours turn out!


  58. I love this look. I’m sitting here racking my brain as to which doors I can paint black now! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for hosting the link party.

  59. Oh MY!! I do love the black doors….and who knew, with white trim too! Love the molding that was added as well! Can’t wait to see your pics when you’re done!! I’ve been thinking of doing my front doors, inside and out….where’s my paint brush??

  60. I love the trend to paint doors black. Unfortunately, I live in a vintage home, built in 1927 and I would not dare try to paint them anything other than what they are.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with yours, I know they will be gorgeous!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  61. Rhoda, as an old believer that every room should have a touch of something black, I am LOVING the black doors…and the fact that you are painting all of them that color will add continuity to the house. Great idea!
    Good luck with Haven…wish I was going! As a newbie blogger I am sure it would have been very beneficial to me…maybe next year.

  62. I LOVE the black doors! But I’m wondering how they would look since I have two rooms that are a dark chocolate brown?? Does the old saying “don’t wear black with brown” apply in decorating too? I’m just having trouble visualizing it.

    I have definitely considered painting the inside of my front door black after seeing it on a few blogs.

  63. I’ve been thinking about painting the interior side of my front door black, but I haven’t found the nerve yet, even though it’s just paint! I do love the idea of adding moulding to the plain jane doors. I was at a conference at a fancy hotel a few years back for work that was a little dull. I entertained myself by studying the trim that had been added to the otherwise flat doors. What an easy way to add elegance to a boring door!

  64. I haven’t reviewed everyone’s comment yet, so sorry if I repeat.

    I like the black door and I think they would look great in your master bedroom as the entryway to your bath area, especially if there were frosted glass in the door.

    You showed a master bath with the bath/WC/sink on the left and then another sink in the center and then the closet on the right. Why don’t you enclose it all in and then make a larger dressing/closet area?

    I had a condo with the bath/WC in one area and the sink in the adjoining but visible area and I always wished I enclosed the entire area for a more elegant look.

    Having an open area might be efficient, but it sure isn’t elegant.


  65. I love all these shots!! I painted the inside of my double front doors black, and love it! Over time, I think the solid black is a little stark, and I’d like to repaint them a softer dark charcoal. And I’ve been to Emily’s house….the doors are AMAZING and just make the rooms!

  66. Victoria says:

    I have loved the look of the black doors for some time. And it would look amazing in my house! Hmmmm….will just have to haul off and do it without “bothering” hubby about it. Just like I did when I painted the front door turquoise. Thanks for the great idea, Rhoda! Can’t wait to see how your doors turn out.

    Hugs from Victoria in Texas

  67. When I was looking for a cheap fix for an all white kitchen when we moved a few years ago, I painted all the kitchen cabinets black. It instantly upped the style quotient in the kitchen for very little money. Can’t wait to see your doors…I hope you love them as much as I have my kitchen cabinets!

  68. Delores LeBoeuf says:

    YES, the look is elegant as the color black is always. Love the idea of the molding, what a quick fix and a big difference it makes and gives it that custom look. It was a difficult and close toss up when I painted my doors and decided on ‘Spanish Tile Red’ by Valspar instead. Cant wait to see the impact it makes on your house…Good Luck, I know you can do it. Love and Blessings, Lady Delores.

  69. Stephanie says:

    I love black accents! Saw black doors on a Christmas home tour 2 years ago and have wanted to do the same. Only problem – I changed all of our locksets to oil rubbed bronze which I love. Not sure how they
    would look with black doors.

  70. Hey Rhoda! Lovely inspiration photos, and can’t wait to see how you work this out in your new house. Congrats, by the way! Also, I’m a big fan of painted interior doors, whether black, red, gray or any other color that suits your design choices. We just painted the doors to our peacock blue bedroom a deep, blood orange, as well as the door to my black and white striped bathroom. The graphic pop of the orange, peacock and black and white stripes just makes me soooo happy! Not for everyone, but we love it. Good luck on your project 🙂

  71. I have some of those same photos saved on my computer and have been thinking about painting the interior of my front door black for ages. I think that is going to be one of my next projects. Thanks for the nudge. Your white trim looks awesome and really transforms the house. I love the idea of the trim and black doors everywhere. It is really going to spruce up those doors. Btw I just love how your parents are working so hard on this house with you. It is evident just how much they love you. You are very fortunate.

  72. I’ve actually been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now. I certainly love the way they look! I would do it at our log cabin, not our full time home because that’s on the market and I don’t want to spend the time to fix something that’s pretty decent to begin with.

    When you come into the cabin, you can see the refrigerator ahead of you which is black. To the left is a hallway about 15′ long with a door leading to the back. I think this door would look good painted black as it would complement the appliances.

  73. I am seeing that many readers would be hesitant to paint their interior doors as they feel it wouldn’t look right unless they have grey walls. I have to say, I couldn’t disagree more… My friend, and crazy talented designer, Maria, has beige walls and her black doors are absolutely stunning! Check them out here:

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  74. Paula B. says:

    It’s a very trendy idea and looks so stylish in the pics you have here, but not a fan for real life homes that do not have the drama that these exhibit. Might be great as a statement for say one room. I think the black and white color scheme might get wearing after awhile. Someone mentioned brown – that might be an option. White doors are just so classic and traditional….

  75. I am over the moon for black doors! I’m working on a project now in my home and have been toying with the idea of incorporating black doors. I think you may have just inspired me to give it a try.

  76. I have been obsessed with black doors forever, but I’m just so afraid that in my tiny bungalow they’ll chop things up too much. Still…this post has inspired me. I might have to give it a try once and for all. And that molding addition is brilliant! About half the doors in my house are original from the 1940s, and half are smooth hollow-core from teh 70s (who knows why!). I’ve never been able to afford to switch them out, but this might be my solution! Thanks, Rhoda!

  77. Carol DePonte says:

    Would you paint your doors black if you have rooms painted colors other than neutrals? These pics show pretty much all beige and gray colors…

    • Carol, I don’t think black doors would look all that great if you have a lot of dark or chopped up colors in your house. I am going very neutral in most of my spaces, so that is why I think it will work for me.

  78. Elizabeth Owen says:

    Rhoda–I have followed your blog for a long time but never commented–but today I feel led!!!! Painting your doors black, what a simple concept that is going to CHANGE my life!!!! I have 3 boys and a dog so this would REALLY help me with scuffs and chips etc. One question, I notice most of the pics. you posted had wood floors or dark floors….I have light beige tile, so…what do you think?? Go for it ??

  79. paulette says:

    Love it. I am going to paint my French doors in my dining are. So excited.

  80. I love the look, and the inspiration photos too, Rhoda. I painted the interior of our entry door black a few years ago and still love it. Lots of guys and a dog and I have only one chip that needs touched up this summer. Your doors will look great, and yes the trim will come in time. Painting them first while the door is without trim will probably be a lot easier too.

  81. Yes…YES…yes…I love the painted doors. I want to do mine but I am just too lazy….:)

  82. Rhoda:

    LOVE this post. I’ve painted my exterior doors black on the inside and I love it. However, I have a short / stubby “hall” at the top of the stairs and there are 4 doors clustered there. So, it’s more of a landing than a hallway. It reminds me of The Price Is Right…you know..pick door no, 1, 2, 3 or 4 and enter! LOL. I wonder if painting the doors black would look funny since there is very little wall space between them. I noticed in one of the photos you shared, Emily’s doors are sort of clustered too. However, in the photo you posted they are still white and don’t have the molding. Do you think you could get her to post a photo of the doors with the molding added and painted black? Thanks. Beth
    P.S. A bee-you-tee-ful black to use indoors is BM’s “soot,” 2129-20. It’s defintely black but it has blue in it and the blue gives it such depth. It’s truly gorgeous. I have and all white tile bathroom, with a wainscot and white plumbing fixtures. I painted above the wainscot with “soot” and it’s beautiful….

  83. As a fellow split level home owner, I’m so excited to follow your renovations on your new home. I’m dying to try black doors, but since I just added moulding and painted all the interior trim/doors white in the past 2 years, hubby is a little less than thrilled with the idea. Just wanted to say that you won’t need any nails to adhere the moulding to the door, just some wood trim glue and lots o’lots of blue painters tape to hold it snug until the glues sets. Can’t wait to see your next installment…and even more psyched to see you work your magic on those doors!

  84. Black is really a good choice of color specially if you home have a light color,just like this it appear really elegant,in Finland country most of the interior door are very fit for your home,not only for on paint but also the concept of design.

  85. I could not commit to plain black so I went with a dark charcoal gray. It added so much drama to my home. There isn’t a door in my house that was not painted. I can not tell you how many compliments I have received.

  86. Do you paint both sides or just the side facing out?

  87. How about a list of good choices for black doors. Not just any black will do. It must be a certain look.

  88. I am LOVING your black doors! So much so, that I’ve decided I’m going to start painting mine all black as soon as I get the paint! What brand and shade did you use? Satin? or Semi-gloss? Thanks so much! Sharell

  89. PaulaMarie says:

    Hello! I love the Black colored doors, however I have brown trim and brown hardwood floors. Living room is two shades of green with brown trim seperating the two. I face the lake so I have three large bay windows(3 to make a set, and three sets) all brown and trim brown. I have catherdral ceilings that are white. All my doors now are currently brown. I seen a few pictures that have the black doors with brown flooring. Is the gray a better choice if you do have brown? Or is the never mix black and brown out the window and is perfectly ok! I have been contemplating this for a while now! Any advice would be great!!! My house isnt really “dark” colors as they are light colors but no white, gray, etc. wall. Kitchen tannish/yellow. Entry way light blue-I am reading this going, my colors are crazy but a professional did come in and I have three opinions! 🙂 Thank you for any input!!!

    • HI, Paula, it’s hard to tell you my opinion without seeing pics, but I don’t think I’d paint dark doors without having the trim white. I’ve seen really high end homes with darker doors and trim (painted other than white) and it’s a very European look and gorgeous. But, the average home wouldn’t turn out like that with the same treatment. I do love gray doors too, very classic.

  90. Any ideas what hardware (door knob) color looks best with the black door? And will spray painting the existing hardware be an ok DIY work-around, or should I purchase new hardware?

    Lastly, is Valspar – Fired Earth a deep brown or an actual black color? I’m not sure which direction to go… Help?

    • HI, Erin, there are several ways you can go. Really oil rubbed bronze would look very classic on black doors, as well as nickel finish. I chose an antique brass for my doors and love that too.

      Fired Earth is a deep dark brown, which I love even better than black in my house. I think you’d like something not quite as stark as black. I’ve seen deep gray done too and both are equally stunning.

  91. Does black paint have to be high gloss or more flat.

    • HI, Gloria, I used Satin on my doors, but if you wanted them to be more wipeable, then semi-gloss would be fine too.

    • Puttycats says:

      I originally had oil paint on my doors. The painters used a primer with black tint and I purchased the color Black Satin from Benjamin Moore in a Satin Finish. We are also finishing the doors with a clear polyurethane water based satin finish for easy clean up; absolutely love the results.

  92. Hi I was just doing some browsing on here and i too wanted to paint my doors black. I have your typical light colored brown neutral carpet, I painted all the walls a bone white x2 color which makes the white pop more. All the doors i currently have are a cherry close to brown color. There is white trim around all the doors. Is painting my doors black going to the right choice and if i decide to do that, what color should i make my base board to match the whole scheme? white or black? Thank you so much !

  93. Hi, Dustin, if there’s white trim around the doors already, aren’t your baseboards white too? I’d do white baseboards and just paint the doors dark brown/black. My color is a deep dark chocolate color. Your walls are light, so that should work out well.

  94. love black doors..mine are 6 panel stained brown..wondering about prep work prior to painting ..want super smooth I need to sand, strip, caulk joints, spray , roll????

    • HI, Arleen, I think if your doors are already smooth, you could get away with priming and painting. I do use a small foam roller for my doors.

  95. Can anyone tell me about doors with plantation shutters? My front door and patio door both have plantation shutters as my windows do. Would you paint the shutter black as well.

  96. Puttycats says:

    Absolute Must!! I have just hired a painter and am having all of my interior doors painted in black with white trims. I can’t wait till it is finished. We have 30+ interior doors so it was in my best interest to hire a professional to do it. I must admit that my husband thought I lost my mind when I said I wanted black doors. He is now loving how it is turning out and has even asked the painters to do all the trimmings, crown moldings and ceilings. : )

  97. Any suggestions in Sherwin Williams on a black paint for my interior doors? Thank you.. Also, did you do matte finish or glossy?

    • Please help me select a black Sherwin Williams paint for my interior doors.. Did you do matte or glossy finish. Other email I realized was incorrect.. (:

    • Hi, Tara, I went with a black/brown on my doors. I ended up with Valspar Fired Earth, a rich deep dark chocolate color. It’s a little more warm than just black, so think about that. I’ve heard great things about Urbane Bronze SW7048, it would work on doors too. I did a Satin finish on my doors.

  98. Hello Rhonda,

    Oh how I adore your beautiful home, I really want to paint my down stairs black, i have a black railing and and off white blasters. is it all right to paint my hallway doors and my interior door black i hate the brown color of my doors and the white interior door i want to pull it all together. My hallway is a wide but not too wide I think the black doors with the stairs will look beautiful tel mel what do you think I don’t want to go with dark brown doors I think it will clash with the stairs.

    • Karen, I think black doors in your house would look great since you already have a black railing. Very classic look. You didn’t way what color the walls are, but if you have light walls, black doors would look especially good.

  99. Patty Tatum says:

    Can you please tell me what color black you are using… ie branch, color, finish etc?

    • Hi, Patty, I used Valspar Fired Earth on my doors and stairs in my house. You can get Valspar at Lowes and I did a Satin finish.

  100. Renee Snow says:

    Love the black doors, it makes your home look sophisticated! Just saw some interior black doors on the website Houzz. I can’t wait to start on mine!

  101. Renee Snow says:

    P.S. I just found your blog the other night and absolutely love it. I’m a christian woman and love all of your inspirational quotes/verses!

    • Thank you, Renee, so happy you found me and stopped by!

      • Renee Snow says:

        My OCD has kicked in, I have been back and forth to Sherwin Williams three times today. I’m trying to find the perfect khaki/gray, we are painting our living room with vaulted ceilings and a two story foyer. I have a decent eye when it comes to color but this one is driving me crazy! Vaulted ceilings can be very challenging, when we built our home I regret not going with a 12 foot ceiling in the living room but no turning back now. I have nine foot ceilings everywhere else and those rooms have been the easiest for me to decorate. Hence why I am still awake….still looking at colors!!!! Patience is a virtue….right!!!

  102. OMG…..I LOVE IT! My husband looked at me funny but he doesn’t understand what it truly means to step out of the box.

  103. Lise Mondoux from morrisburg says:

    Yes the black doors look great I might do that for the front door.


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