Pretty, Practical and Pure Pleasure: all for $11.35

So, I got the yardsale mojo going at least one more weekend and discovered that one of my favorite neighborhoods, Eagle Point, was having their annual Fall sale. Oh, it’s usually a pretty good one and I was not disappointed. IMG_6806 People may think I’m just the biggest cheapskate, but really now, who can blame me for shopping like this?  When you shop like this for years and find the deals, it’s hard to go back to shopping like regular folks.  I don’t ever want to be regular again, I’m having too much fun this way.  These pretty pink slip on Bandolino shoes were $2 and just like new.  I have a few skirts that these will work with.  I will disinfect them before wearing, but really I have no pride in wearing used shoes, as long as they look this good. 🙂 IMG_6810 Another creamware piece to add to the collection, this sweet little covered dish was $1. IMG_6811 This is an old ashtray (do they even make these anymore?) and I just love the colors and it’s heavy old Italian pottery.  Pretty bird too.  For $1, I figured this would be good to sit a plant on.  And besides, you know how much I love this color. Alabama Crimson Tide One more bit of ‘Bama for hubby’s office, this metal tray is too cute. It’s pretty full now, so I have to stop bringing more home. $2 IMG_6813 This darling little wood easel was 10 cents.  I’ll probably spray it black and use it on a shelf somewhere. Perfect for showcasing a seashell or a small framed print. IMG_6814 When I spotted this old worn tiny hammer, I knew it would be perfect for storing in the sideboard for those small projects that come up.  Don’t have to drag the big hammer up from the garage.  25 cents IMG_6815 Always on the lookout to add to my workout clothes stash, this Danskin workout top was $1 and in perfect condition.  Score! IMG_6817 This sweet and summery lime green straw purse with shells and baubles was  marked $2 and I asked if she’d take less, so I got it for $1.  Not sure she was happy about it though.  Oh well, that’s part of yardsales, the bargaining.  Ditto on the lime green, love it. IMG_6820 And a pretty and finely detailed white blouse from Coldwater Creek was $2, also in perfect condition. IMG_6821 This aqua blue Nora Roberts book will be added to a bookshelf.  I got it for the color, but it just might be good, Rivers End, for $1.  So, that’s my haul for the week.  I did find one more treasure that I’m passing on to my sister (she’ll pay me back). IMG_6808 They have been working on updating their lighting too and this fixture will be perfect in one of the bedrooms or somewhere else.  It was too pretty to pass up at $20.  A real bargain and the thing weighs a TON.

Oh, and guess where I’ll be early on Monday morning??  Jury duty! Wonder if I’ll get picked?  I sort of hope so, maybe it will be exciting. 🙂  I love lawyer-ly stuff and courtroom books.  I got picked once at Atlanta Federal court (the only time I’ve ever served) and it was a drug trial with a female defendant.  We convicted her.  I’ll keep you posted.

How about YOU?  Did you get out and about this weekend and find any treasures.  You know how it works. Remember our guidelines for Mr. Linky parties:

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- Rhoda


  1. Wow, you ended the season with a bang didn’t you. So many lovely things! Love the pink shoes, wish I could wear shoes like that.
    Oh by the way is it just my computer or does your blog load very slowly, it always takes me forever to get your page up.

  2. Wow, you done good!! If I hadn’t seen some ducks on Saturday strolling down the sidewalk, I’d be really jealous! ;o)

  3. As usual you got some great treasures. NO, you are not cheap, you are “thrifty” – there is a difference. 🙂
    Like the chandelier – actually like it better than the one I found. I will miss this weekly event – Thanks so much for hosting it.

  4. Oh Rhoda, you are funny! I’ve never heard of buying a book because it was the right color,

    your bird ashtray is very cute.

  5. The links have disappeared?!? Your blog took a long time to load for me also

  6. I love the pink shoes and the white covered dish. What great deals! Thanks for hosting at least one more time. I love thrifty shopping too. Even when life gets really busy I try to find time to stop by my favorite thrift stores.

  7. Wow, Rhoda! You found some great stuff! That chandelier was a steal! I love those shoes and the bag is so cute! Happy week!…Debbie

  8. Hi Rhoda, Was just too pooped to post my loot from some estate sales. Also, have been busy getting my fall decorating post up. But I do want to say that I love you ashtray that you’ll be using for a plant saucer. Such a pretty green, as is the purse. And I could always have used a twenty five cent hammer!! Hope your sissy likes the chandy….
    See ya later this week! hugs, Sue

  9. Great finds! And good luck with jury duty. I’ve never been picked either, but would be interested to see how it all works.

  10. Great treasures. YOu really did find a ton of great things. I havn’t seen any yard sales for a while in our neighborhood, I bet they start up soon with the weather cooling down. Great find, love them all. Hugs, Marty

  11. WOW! you know how to go out with a bang! Way to go! Love that little easel and hammer and…well all of it! LOL
    Thank you so much for hosting Thrifty Treasures, it has been fun.

  12. PINK SHOES! Ohh la la! I am loving the tiny hammer and the creamware. Thanks for hosting this fun event week after week. I’ll be back next Spring. Hugs to all!

  13. Why be foolish and pay full price when you can find lovely things so inexpensively? That’s just being smart not cheap!

    Love the light fixture! The lime green bag is so cute! You did good as always!

    Thanks so much for hosting this party! I’ve really enjoyed participating!


  14. Don’t blame you for buying the little hammer. I have several small hammers and use them all the time.

  15. Wow Rhoda you really found some great bargains I really love that white covered dish!! I’m glad your yard sales did not disappoint!

  16. Everything’s wonderful, but that chandy! Oh, I had to catch my breath! FAHBULOUS!


  17. Rhoda,
    You found great buys as usual!
    I thought jury duty was fun until the last time. It was a rape/murder trial, and the jury would be diciding on the sentencing (which could include the death penalty) The selection process was gruelling. Thank God, I was not chosen. What few facts they shared with us were horrid. I would have been a wreck!!! (They found him guilty – life in prison)
    So, if you are chosen, I hope you have less stressful stuff!

  18. Well, looks like a great thrifting weekend for you! Great the purse!
    Thanks for hosting!

  19. It poured this Sat and I missed one of my favorite sales. Sure am hoping that they’ll reschedule for next weekend. I LOVE the pink shoes…we’ll be cheap together (actually just incredibly smart. 😉

    Fun, fun!

  20. It’s over for the year, Boo Hoo – but, I totally understand…
    Thanks once again for hostessing this great party – I enjoyed it very much !
    Looks like you found some great buys this week – love those shoes !

  21. Very cool shoes, Rhoda!! You can wear them this time of year but we are ready soe jeans and boots with our weather geting colder. But I love them!! I have a thrift shop here that has an array of nice shoes and purses…

    Love everything! Have a great week!!


  22. Rhoda,
    I guess summer really is over, since this is the last Thrifty Treasures for the season! Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess.
    I love your finds especially the cute pink sandals and the pretty dish.

  23. Hi Rhoda, Great Finds! LOVE the Italian bird ashtray piece! Beautiful! ..and the chandy! 🙂

    Enjoy Jury Duty tomorrow! Sure hope it is an interesting case! ~Rhonda

  24. love your finds, especially the covered dish. and your sister is very lucky! what a beautiful light fixture.

  25. thanks for hosting, it is neat to see all the cheap treasures everyone is finding!

  26. Did you find anything on Shane’s street? Now that you showed me how to “follow the yellow line” through Eagle Point, I can enter from both entrances. Been working in mom’s house today about 9 hours….all sweaty and dirty and back at it tomorrow. We’re moving mom on Tuesday and then having estate sale in mid-Oct. Hopefully after all that, I’ll have some “free” time.


  27. I love that creamy dish! The bird on that ashtray is cute.

    I’m hosting a paint party, check it out!

  28. That light fixture is to die for!!! Great shoe find too! Love it that you (also) pick up great clothes and shoe finds!

  29. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shoes!!! And that chandy!!! WOW!

    m ^..^

  30. Rhoda, great finds! Love that little hammer. It looks like an antique. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Wow….you really SCORED!!!!! Great stuff. I got a few things this weekend too so I’m going to have to get pics and blog about them tomorrow and “join” the group.

    where is Eagle Point? Is it a subdivision near SugarLand?

  32. Hi Rhoda
    I decided I’d like to join in ont he fun today. You got lots of thrifty treasures. I lov eit when I find a community sale!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  33. Look at me, my skins all green and it’a all your fault! Why? Because I’m green…. with envy over your $20, gorgeous chandelier!! Oh, it’s o.k., let’s hug it out. 🙂

  34. How ironic!!! I just got called for jury duty for Oct-Dec too! I’m SO excited- does that make a nerd?!?

  35. Oh, I so love that chandelier! What a fabulous deal too! Everything is wonderful what great deals! I don’t think I can go back to regular shopping either. Thanks for hostessing, Cindy

  36. Super impressive finds! The chandelier is to die for!!!

  37. Great finds!
    I found a brand new Scrabble game at a thrift store last week for only $1.99!

  38. well love your finds, I think that little darling hammer could be gorgeous in a box frame


  39. oh forgot to say, thanks for hosting, I’ve enjoyed and will miss it…

  40. Hi Rhoda,
    Thanks so much for hosting this event. I met so many nice people! And as usual you did awesome with your finds. I love the green purse and ashtray. And pink shoes? Wow, those were a great find.

  41. Why oh why does the garage sale season have to end???

  42. Rhoda, way to go! You found some good stuff this weekend. I know what you mean sometimes you have the mojo and other times it just doesn’t happen. I saw some great shoes at GW recently and they were really cute and a bright green suede, they fit me and were really classy, and I wanted to buy them cause they reminded me of you, only problem was I couldn’t walk in them. I am foot challenged I guess! 🙂 You always find the cutest shoes. Thanks for hosting this party, I look forward to doing it again next year. Marla

  43. I’d love to join the party October 1st. I’m having a giveaway next week for a cute bag. Stop by if you’d like a chance to win.

  44. Hi There-
    New to your blog- so I just jumped in and joined the all the other gals. Thanks for sharing and hosting SH.

  45. Awesome finds! What a nice way to wrap this meme up! Thank you for having us all!

  46. You always find such great deals!! Thank you for hosting such a fun party!

    I would love for you to come over to my post and see if you might have a suggestion for my light switch that needs some help- Have no idea how to fix the patch job!


  47. Hi Rhoda-
    You found some great treasures. LOVE the chandy and what a great deal you got on it! Love the creamware and that purse is just my style 🙂 Thank You for hosting such a fun weekly event. I have had so much fun participating and seeing everyone’s weekly treasures!

  48. Hi. I’ve been lurking around for a while and I thought it was time to leave a comment. I love your blog and all your thrifty finds and decorating ideas – never thought laundry rooms could be so pretty. Thanks for your post about blogging for beginners. It was really useful information and I think that Windows Live Writer will save my sanity.

  49. I love great workout gear- but HATE spending money on it! Danskin for a buck, can’t beat that! And the pink shoes are so cute. Happy Monday.

  50. Hi Rohoda,

    Wow, great finds. I’m going to miss this on Mondays. Let’s do it again next season.


  51. Rhonda, If you sister decides that she doesn’t want the chandlier; please let me know. This chandlier is exactly what I am looking for. Great post today.

  52. My-my-my such treasures! I am wanting one of those creamware bowlies with a lid, they are hard to come by here.

  53. Hi Rhoda! I got a cute pair of shoes this week too and I love that sweet little covered dish. Now, about that Crimson Tide…we’re Utah Ute fans in this house (my husband got his Masters there) and if you remember the Sugar Bowl in January….sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

  54. Fabulous! I really like that bird plate!

  55. I’ve only participated in a couple of the thrifty finds post, but I’ve been reading them and enjoying seeing what everyone else finds. I’m going to miss them.

  56. I finally remembered abt Monday over here Rhoda! I always forget but glad I got to join in today!

  57. How do you manage to find all these cute clothes – i can never find anything like that!

  58. I had a decent thrifty weekend, too — everything I could stuff in a bag for $3! Woo hoo! 🙂 I’m a little late to your game, but you know how much I love to see your finds. I scored an easel this weekend, too — I was thinking I’d pop a postcard on it, but I love your idea of a seashell…so very shorehouse chic!

  59. Rhoda! I love jury duty too! I sometimes feel like I’m the only one that wants to get picked!

    You’ve inspired me with your green and black…I’m redoing my daughter’s room and she’s agreed to the colors! I’ll be painting it Behr’s Grass Cloth…I hope you consider this a compliment! I just love your office and laundry room!

    You got some great things for $11.35

  60. Hi Rhoda! I thought I’d join in, since the season is wrapping up–especially up here in the Northeast! THanks for hosting, as usual! Love all your finds!

  61. i CANNOT BELIEVE your deals Rhoda!!!!!! so amazing. I want that hammer. so perfectly worn. great finds!!! (i’m SO ok with used shoes/ clotehs too! haha)


  62. I buy 90 % of my clothing second hand. Most of the time the items are new or barely used. I am with you Rhoda, I may be cheap but it’s hard to go back to the retail sector when there are such great finds to be had at a fraction of the price!

  63. Hi Rhoda, what good buys! Wow, I would love to go shopping with you!
    I enjoy your blog so much and I gave you a little blog award, you can check it out on my blog at

  64. You go girlfriend! You did good.


  65. I love your blog!!! This is my first time to participate or comment, but I have been a fan for several months. You inspired me with your office post!!! It is gorgeous!!!

  66. Oh my….you REALLY know how to shop. What wonderful finds….I love the pink shoes too….If only I could walk in little heels…. 🙂


  67. great chandelier find rhoda!!!! i can’t wait to see you use it!

  68. You’ve got marvelous decorating style! Thanks for your thrifty ideas and savvy finds.

  69. Great finds! I’m curious…how do you disinfect your shoes?

  70. Oh my, you are someone I would love to spend time with out hunting for treasures. A great assortment. I love the Chandelier, (do you want to sell it?) Danskin top, well pretty much all of it!


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