Revisiting Ikea

I’m so fortunate to live in a city that has an Ikea and it’s always a treat to go down there and browse.  It can take days to see everything, but now I’ve got the lay of the land figured out in my store and know how to navigate.  Their stores are set up pretty cool, in that the showroom floor shows their products displayed in room settings so that you can imagine how to use their products in your own house.  On the lower floor is the marketplace, where you can browse and pick up items that you have seen in the showroom.  They really do set up nice displays with visually pleasing merchandising.  And the great thing about Ikea is that they are so darn reasonable on their prices.

I went down to pick up my Billy bookcases for the den project, but they were out so I went back on Monday to get them, but I took my friend, Vicki with me and we made a morning of it.  If you don’t have an Ikea in your town, come along on the tour with me. There’s always something fun to see!

ikea display

Their room displays are visually appealing with lots of bright colors.  Ikea leans towards contemporary design, but you can find a few things that are more cottage/traditional too.

ikea room

It’s always fun to see the new room designs and how they put it all together.  And you can see individual pieces and how you might use them in your own home.

ikea kitchen

They always  have a nice display of kitchens, to really give ideas for the DIYers.  I have been so happy with my own Ikea kitchen that we had installed at my house.

vicki on ektorp sofa

My friend, Vicki, really wanted to check out the famous Ektorp sofas, so she finally got to sit in one. She’s very interested in one of these for her family room.

ektorp sofa

It comes in many colors of slipcovers, but the white one is probably the most popular.  At $499, the price point is hard to beat for a budget sofa.

bookcase displays

Their storage and bookcase ideas are always innovative.

small room display ikea

Small space living displayed as a tiny apartment.

sofa display ikea

Room vignettes are many for visual appeal.

ikea room display

Another room display with lots of items to see in person and how they function in a real room.

pink room display ikea

Bright colors in pink and orange.


More bookcase storage ideas.  They have lots of bins and baskets to fit in their storage pieces too.  I have the Expedit in  my office.

billy bookcases

These are the famous Billy bookcases that I’m trying to get installed at my house.

green vignette

There were lots of green displays right now, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

more green rooms

Bold green with black and white, always a fresh palette.

green room three ikea\

This happy green wall color always makes me smile. As you can see, Ikea has it all:  dishes, glassware, art work, and accessories.

ikea nautical looks

A nautical setting of blue and white.

outdoor seating and netting

Outdoor furniture and accessories, like this netting.

kitchen gadgets ikea

Love this kitchen gadget, a hanging rod for handy access.

spring greens

More garden and spring ideas.

blue bedding

Blue and white bedding.

red white blue bedding

Red, white, and blue bedding.

bedroom display

Another bedroom display.

colorful bedding ikea

More color in bedding.  Note the pink/purple hue in this set, similar to Radiant Orchid.

small space living ikea

Another small apartment display using all of Ikea’s furniture and accessories.

rugs ikea

And Ikea has rugs galore!  Lots of happy and bright colors and their prices are really good on these rugs.

rugs 2 ikea


polkadot rugs ikea


gray rugs ikea

Gray and white diamonds.

yellow rug ikea

Yellow trellis rug.

cowhide rugs ikea

And they even sell cowhide rugs too.

candlesticks idea

A candle display.

That’s a recent tour through my local Atlanta Ikea. I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas for yourself.  I use to think that it was too contemporary for me, but the more things I see, the more I like Ikea and all the versatile things they have to offer.

ikea raskog cart

I did find one little splurge to buy.  I have had my eye on this Raskog turquoise rolling cart for awhile now and finally decided to just get it.  At $50, it’s not that expensive, all painted metal and easy to put together and that turquoise color….love it!   It will come in handy for the laundryroom and I can see putting supplies in here and rolling it around the house if I need to.  It could be a garden cart and it could also come in handy on the porch during the summer months.  It’s such a cute piece and very versatile.  I heard from many of you when I put it on Intagram and my Facebook page, that several of you have it too and use it for a lot of things.

Hope you enjoyed browsing with me at Ikea!  It’s always a fun trip for me!

On another exciting note, I’m so happy to be working with Joss and Main on another curated event sale for them. This is my 4th Joss and Main sale and I have really enjoyed working with this fun and innovative online home décor shop.  They do have some great products and I have many of them in my own home.  If you aren’t a member there yet, please use my Southern Hospitality link to sign up.  I get a small commission for sign-ups.  My sale will go live tonight at 9 pm and I’ll be sharing more about it tomorrow! 

lookbook 2

- Rhoda


  1. Sorry to hear they are replacing the Expedit with one similar. I think all of blogland will miss it!

  2. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Rhoda: just like you stated, you are so fortunate to live where there are places to shop like Ikea… I love living in the ‘Ham – but our selection of big box home stores is shockingly limited. However, I guess we (I) are able to save cash in the long run!!! But I can still be frustrated. 🙂

  3. My friends and just visited the Atl store. It was my first Ikea visit. I was in awe!!!

  4. I love Ikea and wish there was one in my city. Thanks for the pictures!

  5. I enjoyed your post and the photos. Visiting an Ikea store is on my bucket list! The closest one is over 350 miles away. Maybe someday . . . . . . (Sigh).

  6. Yes, there is an Ikea in my town but I haven’t been yet!! My daughter loves to shop at Ikea and her home is beautiful and functional with all her Ikea finds.

  7. The Ikea is under construction here in suburban Kansas City right now, and it’s slated to open this fall. I had to pinch myself when I heard we are getting an Ikea!

  8. I love the clean wholesome look of all of the Ikea products; however, it’s still a little too contemporary for me. I guess I’m a traditional girl at heart!! Thanks for the tour of this beautiful store!!

  9. I’ve been going to Ikea since they opened their first North American store in Montreal and haven’t stopped since. I have some really old catalogues and am amazed at how fresh the styling still looks. It’s truly timeless with both the contemporary and cottage looks. Don’t forget that they also have a fabulous selection of scandinavian fabric by the yard and wonderful draperies. It’s really too much to mention. Their sale/scratch and dent/display section is also a must-see. I think their bathrooms are really nice as well, especially for smaller spaces.

  10. I recently purchased an ikea sofa…LOVE it! I got the white ektorp and have already washed it twice. It’s so easy to clean and looks brand new. She should go for it!

  11. I love Ikea and can always manage to find several things to buy in the Marketplace. I did not, however, love that first stainless kitchen you showed on this post. The first word that can to mind was “cold.” Love your new cart. I saw it the last time I was in Ikea a couple weeks ago.

  12. I can remember shopping at an Ikea in Germany when my son was just a baby, he’s 25 years old now! I still have some blankets that I bought for his room so many years ago…and I’m still shopping there, as we just put an Ikea kitchen into our 1905 farm house! I love that store! I make monthly trips to either Atlanta or Charlotte just to browse. And don’t even get me started on those delicious cinnamon rolls!!!

  13. Rhoda, I love your blog and thanks for the Ikea tour…makes we want to go there soon! I have a question for you: You mentioned awhile ago that you like the chevron pattern and have used it in several ways in your home, but you don’t want to overdo it because eventually it will probably not be so popular. Along that line, I’m wondering what you think about slipcovered sofas? Do you think we nearing the end of that very popular trend? Thanks!

    • HI, Dianne, I do think slipcovered sofas might be around awhile longer, as people seem to like how versatile they are in changing out the fabrics. I still like solids for sofas and slipcovers are a great way to keep that and change out the neutrals too.

  14. Rhoda, you will love your Raskog cart! It’s super easy to put together. I put mine together while talking on my cell the entire time with my BFF, he was wondering what I was doing baning all the metal together. At the end of our phone call, I had a new cart for my kitchen in my favorite color! It’s an extremely versatile piece, and there’s all kinds of hacks for it on the internet.

    So happy to hear you like your Ikea kitchen. Many blogs I read say the same thing, the writers comment that they really love their kitchens. Good to know should I get lucky enough to one day own a house!

  15. We have an Ikea here in Houston, but it’s an hour from me. So, I don’t get out there much. After seeing your tour, I think I need to go on a little field trip.

    Is Atlanta as spread out and sprawling as Houston?

    • Yes, Sharon, it totally is! Everything in Atlanta is an hour away from me, most of the time. And the traffic makes us all want to stay on our side of town.

  16. Rhoda, I found your curated selection at Joss & Main before coming to read your blog today. Your selection is fabulous and I pinned several items. The linen Loveseat in beige w/ the stud detail is a favorite. Also the artwork that says “Out of difficulties, grow miracles.”

    Your visit to IKEA reminds me that I need to revisit my local store. Your purchase, I’ve had my eye on for quite awhile, but my family room needs a new sofa first. 😉

    Your blog inspires me in many ways. First, you can make it on your own after a divorce that is difficult. Second, go with your gut feeling, it makes a room beautiful. Third, stay true to yourself. Finally, when designing, choose accessories that are trendy and keep the main pieces (sofa, tables, chests, chairs, etc.) in your own style. Thank You Rhoda.

  17. We live about an hour from an IKEA and it’s always fun to go see what they have. Love the Raskog cart – needing a little organization in my garage and it would be perfect!

  18. Love Ikea…can’t wait to see what you do with your bookcases…Ikea for me is a “day trip” as the closest one to me is a 2 1/2 drive to Charlotte…but worth it!!

  19. Judy Westegaard-Jenkins says:

    Rhoda, the Raskog cart is becoming legendary in the decorative painting world. Artists all over are using it in their studios to store bottled paint, paper towels. spray bottles, paint brushes, etc. — anything a painter would use to create. It is a sturdy but fun piece! Mourning the “death” of Expedit….sure hope the replacement is as sturdy as the old design and am anxious to see if they will continue with the desk add on’s etc. No one at my local store seems to know any scuttlebutt on it yet. I am just ready to do my studio by putting in sliding barn doors and had hoped to use Expedit and Billy products to create a painting island and shelving…now my plans are on hold…..

  20. Cindy Dennard says:

    Love your web site and all the good ideas you share. Thanks to you I learned about the bead board wall paper. My husband put it on the back splash under my kitchen cabinets and it looks great. I painted it a basil green. The side walls in my kitchen are humble gold and begonia, which is a coral color. Love it. Thanks once again.
    Cindy Dennard
    Milledgeville, Ga.

  21. Paula Lusk says:

    Hi Rhoda- I’m like you, when I go to IKEA it is like Christmas! lol My nearest IKEA is 95 miles away. So when I decide to go, I go the store that is closest to my daughter’s house, so that after I; drive in, walk around the whole store, upstairs and downstairs, and then go spend the night at her house. Then drive home the next day, and yes her IKEA is more than 95 miles from my home.
    I have the turquoise rolling. I love it. I keep all of my ASCP on one level, my metallics, paint brushes, rollers on the second, and on the bottom I keep my glue gun, and all of my glues and clamps, and misc.
    I would like to get another for my sewing cart. I just slide the one I have in the guest room closet and when finished slide it back in.

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