Shiny Brites in the Den!

I sure am enjoying my days leading up to Christmas and have really relaxed and taken some time off. Today I’m sharing one more spot in my house that I decorated for Christmas and it’s my small tabletop tree loaded with Shiny Brites.  I’ve shared these many times with you before and at least 1/2 of these vintage ornaments are from my own childhood tree that my mom passed on to me.  I will keep them in the family and one day pass them on to Lauren.  I love these old vintage Shiny Brites and they give me such a nostalgic feeling when I look at them.


I’m joining one more blog hop this week hosted by my friend, Stacy, and if you’re coming over from Balancing Home, welcome!  I hope you enjoy the tour and stay awhile and look around.


I’m sharing just one spot in my house today that’s decorated for Christmas, my downstairs den area.  This is where we watch TV and I have this cozy seating area beside the built-in bookcases that is perfect for showcasing my tabletop tree in an urn.


My Shiny Brite collection goes so great in this space with the colorful drapery fabric I have in here.  I’ve always loved all the bright colors from our childhood tree growing up and this takes me back there.


I can distinctly remember seeing these ornaments hanging on our tree and how mesmerized I was watching them glow under those big fat colored bulbs we baby boomers grew up with.  We didn’t have white lights back then, but colored bulbs was what we all used.  I loved those colors and still do!


Those faceted bulbs and the striped ones are from my childhood collection and they are so thin and fragile now.  I hope to preserve them for years to come.


Under the tree, I placed it in a brass tray and filled it with more vintage ornaments.  I picked up this little JOY sign along the way, probably at Target.


On a side table in here, I added a white bottlebrush tree I picked up a few years ago along with a clam shell filled with aqua ornaments.  These add a fun and festive touch to the room!


I love this Silent Night hand painted sign from Scripted Simplicity, but I’m not sure she still has these.  It’s so cute and perfect for the season!


And here’s a pretty shot of the tree at night.  With my windows in this space now, it’s fun to see this cute tree shining in the windows when I drive home at night.  I hope my neighbors enjoy it too.

The next stop on the tour is Vanessa with DIY 180, so stop on over and see her Christmas home tour.  Thank you for stopping by today!

- Rhoda


  1. …I too love shiny brights…but…I absolutely adore that pink chair…blessings…laney

  2. I love the vignette you created! So colorful with your special memories. I’m 64 and remember those big HOT bulbs. My mom used to tell the story of when I was 3 and sitting quietly in front of the tree…the entire tree fell over on top of me, hot lights, ornaments, and all. Scared her to pieces!

  3. I love this little corner in your house. I have been following your blog so long I remember when you and your dad installed the bookshelf built-ins! And when you had the windows installed! The rug adds so much pizzazz to the area and the Shiny Brites can’t be topped!! So special…thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your homey den Rhoda. I could curl up in that pretty coral chair and read all afternoon.

  5. Your den looks beautiful & I spotted one Shiny Brite ornament that I especially love. It’s over on the right side with green at the bottom & pink at the top. I can tell it’s faceted but that side of it doesn’t show. I have several of those but I don’t really know if our’s are Shiny Brites or not. We probably bought them new about 30 years ago so they might not be but I love that kind.

  6. We had those ornaments on our tree growing up too! Some were my mom’s from when she grew up and some she collected later. SO pretty!!!

  7. Rhoda, I love Shiny Brites and have a collection. They look so perfect on your tabletop tree in that gorgeous space! Wishing you a joy-filled day!

  8. Love your shiny brite Christmas tree. We love our bubble lights as well as antiques ornaments
    on our tree. Although small, you may have some money in that tree as a lot of shiny brites are
    worth between 25- 50 dollars each! Merry Christmas!

  9. Beautiful Rhoda. I see you have many of the same ones we have. They are so special.

  10. I don’t have any from my childhood, but I think my sister has them, so I’m good with that. I think they are all so pretty! I wonder what would be the best way to store these and preserve them? I have a few I’ve bought in antique stores and love them! I want them to last forever but they’re so fragile.

  11. That tree is decorated perfectly for that room, especially with the pretty chair. I also remember the big tree lights and how hot they were! It seems like all of our neighbors had them, too, until the silver trees with the rotating colored lights that sat on the floor in front of them came out. Remember those? We stayed with the traditional. Fun memories!

  12. You have a beautiful home Rhoda. I love the gorgeous decor on your tree.

  13. Love your Shiney Brites Rhoda! It all looks amazing. I have enjoyed watching your style evolve from house to house.


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