Shopping at Scott Antiques Market

Last weekend was the weekend for Scott Antiques Market, so I met up with a few blog friends and we browsed around for a few hours. Always a fun spot to look, it was a gorgeous Fall day and perfect for an outing like this.

Here are a few things that caught my eye!

Scott antiques

At the South building, the outdoor vendors always have the eye candy, with lots of rustic reclaimed items, from wood, to tin, to iron.  Great place to snag some vintage things.

Shabby chic Scott Antiques

Headboards and tables made from reclaimed wood.

Distressed wood

Table top.


Vignette of all sorts of items,  you never know what you’ll see at Scott’s.

Marble lamps

Marble/alabaster lamps, have always loved these.

Door and wreath

An old gate ready for Christmas.  The vendors were definitely getting ready for the Holiday season.

Painted dresser

Plenty of painted furniture.

Driftwood mirror

Driftwood mirror.


Pretty pillows

Wax battery candles

These wax battery operated candles were really cool.

Old doors

I’ve shared this vendor before,Jeff Lee with LeGallee in Alabama. Their old doors made into bookcases are really neat.

old door with hooks

And here’s 1/2 of an old door with hooks.

Ikat fabric

I spotted my new Ikat fabric that is going in my living room.

Bird lampshade

A decoupage birdie lampshade.

natural topiary

Pretty all natural topiary, loved this.

preserved florals

More preserved greens and flowers.  This vendor always has gorgeous things.

mercury glass

Mercury glass.

Christmas vignette

A sweet corner vignette ready for sitting.  The vendors wanted to be sure we mentioned them, Velvet’s Vintage in Cleveland, GA and Elsie Maloy also in Cleveland.

beachy decor

This large booth  space had lots of old rustic sea inspired things.

naturals wreath

An old gate ready for Christmas.  Love this!

Green Majolica

Green majolica, reminds me of my Bordallo dishes.

old bottles

Pretty old vintage wine bottles.

Ball jar dispensers

This vendor was selling these cool blue Ball jars with metal dispensers for soap.  Great idea!  The smaller ones were $25, not bad, but I didn’t buy one.

vintage style stool

A vintage inspired iron stool.

pretty chair

And a pretty chair and table with a snazzy pillow.

That was our Scott shopping day.  Have you been to Scott’s? What did you think?  It’s our best antiques market around Atlanta by far.  You can find some pretty good bargains and some things are way high, but 2 of my favorite antique pieces that I own came from Scott’s.  My tall mirror fronted armoire (known as a bonnetierre) came from Scott’s as well as that pretty cupboard piece that is currently in my den (was in my old kitchen).  They were not cheap, but I adore them both and will more than likely keep them forever.

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- Rhoda


  1. Liz VanKirk says

    The garden gates were so pretty for holiday decorating! I really love the photo of the Winter flower arrangements too.

  2. I really really want the natural topiary. Do you happen to remember the vendor and price? I’d like to order it shipped to Texas. It was so pretty!

  3. November is about the best month at Scott, too. A couple of years ago when I was redecorating my house, I found absolutely everything I wanted in one day (big pieces). It was like the stars perfectly aligned and there it was with my name on it! However, I’m still searching for a chandelier and sconces for my foyer and living room and keep striking out….which I guess means I have to keep going! The last time I was there I got a bunch of prints that were hand painted crests from a Belgian book from a dealer who always has great stuff from France.

  4. That door/shelf combo is to die for!

  5. I picked up some fantabulous inspiration from Scott’s this morning. I always do when you do a post about this wonderful place!

  6. I’m planning a trip to Scott’s sometime this next winter or spring. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for the photos.

  7. those candles came home with me too cute …the dried flower vendor always has such beautiful things.. Scott’s is no Lakewood that is for sure and as you say some things are overpriced.. but it is fun to go and to see what is there.. the pillow people were busy there were more people in their space on Friday than any other space inside or outside

  8. Scott’s is so much fun to browse! It looks like there were a lot of fun things to see. Hope you house is coming together nicely for you!

  9. I’ll take one of everything. I love shopping trips to antique and flea markets. I seriously need that orange and gray Ikat pillow. I am doing my daughters room in those colors.

  10. Scott”s looks like a wonderful place to spend time in. The floral arrangements and the green dishes! Just beautiful!

  11. I always love Scott’s but only make it a few times a year. That old gate is to die for!

  12. …love scotts…but not like i loved lakewood…so happy that your beautiful home is coming together… i know that there will be many grateful hearts around your table this thanksgiving…blessings laney

  13. I love to go to Scott’s and Lakewood 400 in Cumming…..but my heart still hurts that THE Lakewood is gone! And for why…..I don’t think anything even materialized for studios, condos, or whatever the purpose was to close it down. Maybe we’ll run into each other at Scott’s one month. You won’t know me, but I bet I’ll recognize you! 🙂

  14. Kari Wadsworth says

    I love, love Scott’s! I have been going for years….It is always fun when you go with close friends that like to have a good time….Never know what you might find or who you might see (Paula Deen) that was a great surprise!

  15. Ewwww {in a good way, of course}, so many things to love. I really like the all natural dried huge centerpiece and the big booth with the nautical items. Have never been to Scott’s, but would love to go someday.

  16. I have wanted to go to Scott’s (and the old Lakewood) for years, but I’ve never made it. I don’t even know where Scott’s is! Atlanta, but where in Atlanta?

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