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It would be SO nice to have a screened porch.  Oh, how I’ve wanted one, but it’s just not going to happen anytime soon (maybe never), so I’ve resigned myself to that for the time being.  I’m going to talk more about outdoor living next week and how we can make the best of what we have during these hot summer months, but for now I’ll share what I found yardsaling this weekend to make not having a screened porch a little bit easier to live with.

I had thought about getting a nice market umbrella and figured they are expensive and  I’ve just never committed to buying one and trying it out.  So, when I stumbled on this nearly new super sturdy market umbrella in a heaaaaavy iron stand for $30, I figured this was finally my chance to get some shade on our deck without breaking the bank.  And if I happen to run across a table with a hole in the middle and decide to bring it home, I’ll be set.

This one has a crank on it to open the umbrella, so it will only be open when we are out there using it. With our wind, which can be quite fierce at times, we have to be careful about putting anything up that might get tossed around by a brisk windstorm.  I think this will do the trick and maybe now I can actually sit in these chairs and enjoy some shade and an occasional breeze.  The umbrella is huge and shades about 1/2 the porch when it is up.  So, YAY I’m very happy that I found this at such a great price.  Now, I’m going to look for some better cushions than the old ones I had in these chairs to make them even more comfortable.

Ya’ll might remember we had a big discussion last year about those really cool gazebos that are all over the place with the fabric ceilings,  but I could never figure out a really good way to make one of those work on our deck either, since the deck is just shy of 10′ wide and most of those are 10×10′ (at least the ones I like!).  I had heard such horror stories about those too getting tossed about by wind that it made me apprehensive about putting much money into one of those, so this umbrella will be a good alternative for now.

I’ve found most everything I need for the Lovelady room redo, so that will be happening in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share that makeover with you.  It’s going to be an awesome makeover on a TINY budget.

Don’t forget to check out Garage Sales Tracker when you get ready to hit the road on the weekend.  You may find some great sales in your area that you didn’t know about.

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Let’s have some fun this week with the Thrifty Treasures party

- Rhoda


  1. Hi Rhoda! Great finds for your deck! I am in the same fix, with only a patio, and have come to the same conclusion as you…crank up the umbrella and smile! I have added a big standing patio fan…helps a lot! I trembled in fear as my neighbor’s gazebo swayed in the wind…toward my house…while they weren’t home. It finally had to come down. No thanks to that! I hope hve a great week and thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  2. Great umbrella and yes for some shade! I hope you find a table also!

  3. I don’t blame you for being concerned, Rhoda! One year we had quite a storm and I had the umbrella up in my yard. When I got home from work the umbrella was laying several feet away, with bent pieces and there was glass on the ground. Apparently, it had flown up, hit our second story bathroom window and broke it! I don’t leave umbrellas open anymore unless I’m home.

  4. I totally agree with you Rhoda. A big wrap around screened in porch would just be the cat’s meow!!! I can’t believe how pricey those umbrella stands are. I just recently found one for $20 at Tuesday morning. Now, who would have ever thought to find one there. It was sheer luck. But the one you found is much more decorative.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!


  5. Hi Rhoda!

    Good about the umbrella! I found one at the doolar store for 4.99-ore like a personal size for your cahir–but very neat.

    Looking forward to the room redo!

    Thanks for hosting dear Rhoda!

    love, kelee

  6. Rhoda, Usually the umbrella base, alone, costs more than $30. So you definitely got a bargain! I do think it wise never to leave an umbrella open unless you’re outside under it! Too many horror stories of them flying around and hitting things. Glad to be here, once again.
    🙂 Sue

  7. Hello… I love your budget friendly mind cause it works like mine does… Who wouldn’t just love to have all the beautiful things available for decks and porches…. I also just have the umbrealla but I do have a nice table and chairs for it to be with… They are about 15 years old but we store them through the winter and care for them… I made new cushions for my chairs with gifted free grain sacks and haven’t had them on yet due to all the terrible rains and storms we have had… I am using anything I can muster up around here and I will be happy with it… I will post pics when I get everything up.. We were able to be outside today… Sunshine all day… We just opned the pool and have about another week for it to complete the process of clean up… It is a very old inground pool but we enjoy it and care for it and the grandkids love it…. Living in the country we have to tie everything down …. I will look forward to seeing your improvements but what you found is wonderful….

  8. Hey girl, the umbrella was a great deal, I sure wish I could find one like that! My husband and I had one of those gazebos on our patio last year and we even bolted it down with screws, and the top still flew off during a wind storm! We live in Oklahoma, so I’m sure how the wind is here compared to where you live, but it’s really bad here and I wouldn’t even think of getting a new one. I would also love a screened in porch, but it’s just not feasible at this time, so I think we might build a wooden pergola and cover it in honeysuckle or ivy, or something similar to get the shade effect. I recently did a post on my blog about adding a front porch and extending the roof over the front porch, but again, it’s not economically feasible to do that to the back porch too at this time! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Rhoda, don’t you love it when you go garage saling with nothing in mind, and then you find just the thing you need! That’s a great umbrella and it will make your deck soooooo much more useful! Linda

  10. That’s a great find. Um yeah, the base alone is worth the money you paid.
    Thanks for hosting my favourite party! I love seeing everyone’s treasures and what they do with them.

  11. Rhoda, you will love your big market umbrella and that was a good buy for the umbrella and the stand. Do be careful and keep it down when you are not at home. We had ours picked up during a windstorm and the table and umbrella were both shattered. It was a mess. Love & blessings from NC!

  12. The umbrella’s a good choice. We get a lot of wind to. We had a gazebo and it blew off our deck, into our neighbor’s yard and was bent and broken. We just have an umbrella now and put it up and down.

  13. Hi Rhoda~I think that umbrella not only was an excellent find with the base but it sounds like it will do just the trick for your deck! I love the design on the base. : )
    I know exactly what you are saying about the wind. Our winds(today for example were up to 50mph)can sometime be very strong. Our umbrella has been lifted out of the wrought iron base and sent, like a spear, flying into our sun room window. Of course, both the window and the screen were destroyed. 🙁 Hopefully this will not happen to you.
    The Tattered Tassel

  14. Hey Rhoda, Great find with the umbrella and $30.00 was a bargain! Thank you so much for hosting Thrifty Treasures each week…it’s so much fun to see all the goodies everyone got.

  15. Hi, Rhoda!

    We have a large patio and pool and use umbrellas as well. We keep them rolled up and put away, however, unless we plan to be out there all day long. It’s so easy to lose them in not much wind.

    My sister left hers out and it fell over and broke the glass in her outdoor table. Great story – she replaced the glass with plywood and did a really colorful broken ceramic mosaic instead. It’s so heavy now, the table takes about 3 people to move, but it’s gorgeous!


  16. Hi Rhoda, You reallllly got a great deal. I have always had the natural canvas market umbrellas and every time I need to replace them it is getting harder and harder to find the natural cream canvas. The stand alone was worth what you paid for all of it. I have two 9ft umbrellas on my back patio. There is just something charming about a market umbrella, I think. Now you just need some black wicker chairs with some spiffy cushions and some of Rhoda’s touches!! I think I see a new project coming up, Happy Monday,Kathysue

  17. I’m so excited that I finally have something to post on your Thrifty Treasures-I have the worst luck at garage/estate/thrift sales and stores. Maybe I lack patience or vision? I’m always amazed at what you find.

  18. $30.00? Great find Rhoda! Looks good too.


  19. Thanks so much for hosting!

  20. Wow, that was a really great deal on the umbrella and stand. It’s amazing what a big difference one of those makes! Mary :O)

  21. Really great find.
    Love umbrellas. Keeps the tree limbs off our head. =)

    blessings and thanks for hosting.

    barbara jean

  22. Great find on the umbrella. It is awesome to get a great outdoor space. We are working on that also. It will take awhile.:)

  23. Great umbrella. It’s so fun to see what everyone does with their treasures! It’s my first time joining your party and I’m glad to be here.

    I’m hosting a meme, in honor of my first blogiversary, entitled “Where do you keep it all?” I’ll bet you get asked that question too. Hope you’ll join us. If you’d like, you can hop on over and get my button. Hope to see you then.

    – The Tablescaper

  24. Great umbrella! That was a steal! Thanks for hosting!

  25. I too have an opn deck – we are currently renting and I must say I miss our covered porch at our old house! I love to sit outside – perferrably with shade 🙂 We have an umbrella on our porch as well, and since it is a “way up high deck” as my son calls it we have watched the umbrella lift off (base and all) and be carried away like Mary Poppins… So we ziptied the base to the porch – haha! Good luc with yours and congrats on the great find! Meg McGhee – Life Together blog

  26. I can’t wait to see your finished room on a little budget. A friend just thrifted a book called Design on a Dime but she said that means $1000 a room. I love designing a room for next to nothing based on everything I find at yard sales. Fabulous find with the umbrella and stand.

  27. I love that market umbrella! I want a screened in porch, too. I’m hoping that since we’re moving across the state when I get this house sold that I find the perfect house where I can have a screened-in porch, etc.

    Thanks for hosting this party. Love all the fabulousness!

  28. What a steal! I know a great table will be soon headed your way!

  29. Oh, Rhoda!
    You lucky ducky! $30!?!? I would have fought ya for it 🙂
    I cannot wait till you show us how to make a cool gazebo!!
    My deck and patio are also weird sizes and yes! my neighbors tent/gazebo thingy has ended up in our yard many times (it finally broke, and we no longer get it as a visitor).
    Thank you so much for hosting these partays!
    I just love ’em!!
    Blessings to you, sweet lady!

  30. See, this is why I linked to you and called you the Queen of bargains on my post giving a tour of the Little French Garden House!! Great find, I know you will be enjoying that a lot. xoxo Lidy

  31. Kathy :) says:

    Rhoda check out what Chris over at Just Beachy has done on her deck you might like to try that !!! FYI

    We have two decks and on one we have a gazebo which we really love, at night the netting comes in handy for the bugs…..during the day I just push it to the side….

    I just ordered a new umbrella in yellow……can’t wait for it to get here 🙂

    Have a great week,
    Kathy 🙂

  32. Nice finds. especially the umbrell.
    Dont you love it when what you are looking for all sudden appears magically at a yardsale, and even better at a price which makes you shout and scream!

  33. Rhoda – I am so jealous that you found that umbrella for so cheap! That is a perfect solution for your back porch. I have been working weekends and not able to enjoy the sales this spring. My BFF and I are taking off this Friday and hope to find some good estate sales to browse. Have a blessed week!

  34. Your umbrella is very pretty, and will work great if you don’t have any wind. I bought one just like it, but the winds here in Missouri would take it on a wild ride. I bought another one similar to it, only much heavier and more stable. Well, that didn’t work either!

    Four years ago I bought a 10×10 wrought iron with a canvas top. We bolted the four corners to our deck and every November my husband and son take the cover off and store in the basement for the winter. It only takes a few minutes to install or take down. I got mine at Walmart. Regular price was $299, but I got it at the end of summer for $99.

    This has worked beautifully, and if you shop a little you can find one that is size 8’x8′.

  35. I love your new umbrella! Super deal!

    I want to encourage you though to think about the gazebo type. I understand about the size issue but I know you could find a small one. We got one for our deck last summer and it bolts to the deck…it’s not going anywhere. 🙂 We LOVE IT! It provides shad and the netting for the bugs to stay out is great. I promise…they are awesome!!

  36. Rhoda, a word of warning about that lovely umbrella with stand. We had both umbrella/stand and the table that came with it and unless we kept the umbrella down on even slightly windy days, the wind would pick it up (stand and all). We went through three tables, because when the stand left the ground, it banged into the table and broke the glass. The umbrella would get yanked from the stand and go flying across the yard. We finally gave up and went with one of the gazebos you mention. They come with coil stakes (for ground use) or holes for securing with screws into decks or concrete. So far, we’ve had rough weather but the gazebo has remained firm. We love it. Good luck with yours.

  37. Hey girls! I’m still going to keep a gazebo in mind for later (maybe), if I find a good deal on one. I’m not paying full price, you know that! But, if I could find a good deal on an 8×8, I might still consider adding one to the deck. I’m still nervous about doing that with our wind though, we do get some pretty good gusts here. If I could get a deal, I just might do it!

    I’m also going to be on the lookout for some vinyl wicker. I have a whole garage full of REAL wicker, but it does me no good if it’s not covered by a roof, so vinyl might be what I should look for. At least I could get a comfy loveseat on the deck and not have to worry about the weather.

  38. Enjoy your new umbrella! It does make a huge difference. We have one and love sitting under it. I used to want one of those fabric covered gazebos too, but noticed that within one season they are shot. It’s been really sad to see the ones around our neighborhood take such a beating from the weather. It’s windy here too, and we have some very nasty storms in the spring and fall. They don’t seem to be made to take the weather.
    Good luck finding your wicker- sounds like a great idea.

  39. Great deal on the umbrella. You are right about the wind grabbing your umbrella. We had one once, a green one. One afternoon we went out to sit at our table, and the umbrella was missing. We looked everywhere for it; even asked the neighbors if they borrowed it. (Sometimes they did when they had a large gathering.) A week later we spotted it. It was lodged up high in the neighbor’s tree, not easily noticeable green on green. Hope you have better luck with yours. 🙂

  40. Screened porches are nice…especially in the South. We are like you with a narrow deck that will not accommodate a gazebo. We had an arbor built over the main area with a ceiling fan to keep the bugs off. It does help us through the summer. Congrats on your great find.

  41. That was a good buy on the umbrella and stand. I made the mistake of leaving ours up while I walked down the street to the beach for a bit. I came back to find my new glass table in a million pieces! A gust of wind just lifted the whole thing!
    I have a has latticed wood on the sides. I have replaced the top twice, but it was worth it. I don’t like the newer ones with the metal sides. I got it at Sams Club a few yrs ago…12×12.
    I wish you were near. I love wicker, the real stuff. It is a pain to paint every 2 years, but it looks so much nicer than the fake.
    So if you lived near I would buy that wicker from you!

  42. I just love your garage sale umbrella! What a great price! I have the table with the hole, but no umbrella! lol I do remember your post about the gazebo, I had one two days and it blew away! Loved seeing your porch, we enclosed a 16×16 screened porch, and hope to add another on the back of our Craftsman’s Bungalow. I sure miss it so much! I have a tiny porch on the back now, just enough room for two chairs! Can’t wait to see your makeover on your porch with the chairs and umbrella! Have fun sitting in the shade!

  43. Hey, Rhoda! Congratulations on finding the umbrella! You know, when we lived in B’ham we didn’t have a screened-in porch, either. We did have a great table and umbrella, though, and I think you’ll love having that umbrella. It’s amazing how much cooler it is if you’re just protected from the sun!

    You’re smart to keep the umbrella down except when you’re using it. I remember one particularly fierce storm when I thought our umbrella was going to blow away despite the fact that it was in a cast-iron stand. Alabama gets some fierce storms at times!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week. 🙂

  44. Thanks so much for hosting! I am new to your party and your newest follower!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  45. Rhoda,
    I love the umbrella! There is nothing better than some good shade in the summer time. 🙂

  46. Yes- great find indeed!!

  47. Great find – I need to get my hands on a big umbrella like that myself now that we have a pool and can actually get use out of our back deck.

  48. Hi Rhoda,
    It was good to see you Saturday at the Chelsea Park yard sales. You got a great buy on the umbrella. Yep you have to watch those umbrellas when the storms come with lots of wind. My friend and I did find a few good deals on Saturday. Have a great summer.


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