Thrifty Treasures: For $27 and Change

Picture 001

It was indeed a good yardsale Saturday and I had a lot of fun scoping out a few deals.  Found this chair, which I’m not sure where I’ll put (probably one guestroom), but it called my name at $15 and I think it will look fabulous with a coat of paint and some new snazzy fabric, don’t you?Picture 002

It’s got a great shape to it, not too fancy, but not plain either.  Picture 003

Best of Earth Wind and Fire takes me back a few years, $1.

Picture 005

This mug is extra large with a wide mouth and I got it for my hubby, Peter. He loves birds too and it was only 25 cents. Picture 007

Love this black wall sconce that I scored for $5.  It was originally wired to be mounted on the wall, but she had added a plug in to it, so I can hang it on the wall and plug it in.  So cute, I couldn’t pass it up. Picture 010

This nice sized Fitz and Floyd Christmas serving piece was $5.  F&F always makes pretty dishware.  Picture 012

And last, but not least, these pretty and colorful old books were 25 cents each. I picked them mainly for their colors (great for stacking on shelves), but I love the old Picture story Bible.

So, now it’s YOUR turn for the party this week! What have YOU found lately. Add your link to the Linky list and remember our guidelines for the party:

  1. Add your permalink to the link list, which is the actual post that you did for this party, NOT your general blog url. To get the actual post, after you publish the post, just click on the title and THAT will be your party post url. Last year, I can’t tell you how many links I had to fix. This year I might get mean & delete them, so PLEASE try to get the correct url in the first time! 🙂
  2. Please add my button to your post or blog OR at least link back to this post in your post. That’s all I ask. It’s common courtesy to link back to the person having the party, so that all of your readers can find it too.
  3. Please do NOT link to an Etsy shop or something similar (even if you think it’s a fabulous deal) or I will delete the link. This party is for sharing thrifty finds from yardsales, thriftstores, or something along those lines.

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Thanks and let’s have some fun this week with Today’s Thrifty Treasures party!

Kelee at The Katillac Shack is having a cottage giveaway, so go over and sign up:

Cottage Vignette

I’m trying that new picture linky on this party and I think it is self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any problems. I think having pics will be fun!

- Rhoda


  1. Great finds Rhoda! I’m so glad thrifty treasures is back. I’ve been slow getting back into it. I like that wall sconce and the great old books. Have a great week…

  2. Hi, Rhoda. 🙂 I’ve been trying to link up with your new linky thing, but I keep getting an error message. 🙁 I’ll keep trying!

  3. How how fun, Rhoda. I love the new McLinky. That’s great. Great score on the books and the chair too.

  4. Love that mug. How entertaining to see a cardinal in green!

  5. Finally got it to work! 🙂 Thanks for hosting…I always look forward to your party. 🙂

  6. Hi Rhoda –
    Seeing the photo of the album- the Best of Earth Wind and Fire made me smile. Haven’t seen that in awhile. It was one of my favorites when I was in college. One side I think started with September. My roomate and I probably played the record so much the grooves wore on the vinyl.

  7. Rhoda, I love your new blog look (loved the old one, too!) – hope you’ll enjoy it! Thanks for hosting Thrifty Treasures each week! I think part of the reason my mind opened up to thrifting was when I started reading your blog about a year ago. Now, I love it and don’t even want to pay “regular” prices for things – ha! Thanks again and have a blessed week!

  8. Rhoda, you found some terrific bargains. Love the chair. It will look great I am sure when you get through with it. You certainly got a great buy on the old books. I am going to have to start hitting the yard sales.

  9. OHHH I’m in love with that chair and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  10. Hi Rhoda! Great finds! That wonderful frenchy chair is my favorite! I love the sconce, too! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie
    Cool new McLinky thingy!

  11. Rhoda, I love the chair that you found. It will be so pretty when you re-do it. I’m wondering how you re-do the fabric yourself. Please let us see how it is all done. I can’t wait to see it. I went yard saling on Saturday, but came home empty-handed this time, which is unusual. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  12. Great scores! I love the old books. I’m always on the lookout for those.

  13. I love that chair Rhoda. I have to stop buying them right now because I am running out of places to put them. We still have two waiting for a makeover. Great finds this weekend.

  14. Nice finds! Always love seeing what you’ve come across.

    Took me forever for your page to come up! Thought I wasn’t going to get to comment.


  15. What great finds! I love that chair. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  16. You made me laugh. I remember a post where you said you didn’t need anymore chairs, and that’s your 2nd one. LOL! That’s the kiss of death. I know b/c I’m the same way. If I say I don’t need something, whatever the item is attracts me like a magnet from then on, whether I need it or not. Then, I thought you were going to say you got the mug b/c your husband has a ‘big mouth’, but you said he liked birds. That Fitz & Floyd piece is the best along w/ the wall sconce! You had a good thrifting/sailing weekend!

  17. The chair has great lines and I love the old books!

  18. Love the new look! Now that I am done with moving and traveling for awhile I am looking forward to hitting up some yard sales next weekend! Hope to find a treasure to share!! 🙂

  19. Ohhhh Miss Rhoda…Love your new look. It’s soooo you~

  20. Fun finds! I need to find a sconce like that for my downstairs bath. It’d work perfectly since it plugs in. Right now I have a work light rigged in there. It’s pathetic. haha

  21. The chair is great, it will be wonderful all redone. Great wall sconce too. I have been looking for old books also, they are so great for decorating. You found some real treasures. Hugs, Marty

  22. Hi Rhoda,
    That chair is fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I have a chair collecting bug, myself.

    Thank you for hosting and have a beautiful week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  23. Thanks for the linky! I’m perplexed about what to do with a vase I found along with a few other fun “treasures”. Hope your readers can help!

  24. Thank-you Rhoda for the mention and link!

    I love that chair you found!

    love, kelee

  25. WOW…what a score on that beautiful chair! You really did hit it just right this week. I would LOVE to go yard saling with you sometime…how incredibly fun would that be??? Bonus…I would get to meet one of my favorite bloggers!


  26. You did great Rhoda! Love the birdy mug and the sconce was a great find! My mom would go NUTS over the F&F santa! 🙂

  27. Also, I linked the linky party back to this post, but for the life of me couldnt’ figure out how to link your “thrifty treasures” button, LOL. I’m a little blonde ya know 🙂

  28. I LOVE your chair and the mug and sconce and….THAT EARTH WIND & FIRE CRACKED ME UP@!!! Ahhh….memories!

    My post today includes dishes I found at Old Time Pottery FOR LESS THAN I GET AT YARD SALES AND MY THRIFT STORE!@ It was the deal of a century (of course, I didn’t get a complete set of anything, only the one plate, as it was so cheap because it was clearanced and only one left, but I loved it SO MUCH)

    I’m almost done with the chandy and will try to post it next week, unless my computer continues to give me problems!
    I pray that you have a blessed week,

  29. Love it. You have such a eye and find the best things.

  30. Still no yardsales here, but maybe next week!
    I did have good luck at my fav thrift store – a marble rolling pin! And several layering tanks for summer at 75 cents each!

  31. Love the new look and the new linky is fabulous. Great finds, awesome score on the chair, can’t wait to see it after it’s make over!

  32. I HAVE that EW&F album!!!
    Too funny!
    And oh! how I love the old books you found!
    I wouldn’t have passed up the sconce, either!

    What fun it is to come to your blog on Mondays!
    I enjoy seeing what all the other ladies find across the world!

    Blessings, Rhoda!

  33. Great finds! I need to hit your area for yard sales!

  34. Cool chair. Great finds! Love the old books

  35. LOVE, love, love the chair! Awesome finds!

  36. Hi Rhoda — great finds! I especially like the chair — I’m a sucker for furniture. Can’t wait to see its glamour makeover.

  37. Hi Rhoda! I love the new picture linky! I got a chair I want to make over too and I love to buy books just for their outside color as well 🙂
    I’m finding there are not as many yard sales here and it’s making me kind of nervous…

  38. Hey girl – great finds as usual! I especially love the old books – and what a steal for just a quarter each. Folks around here are more proud of their books.

    I like the picture linky. Thanks for hosting each week.

  39. Hi Rhoda,
    Great finds. You always get the good stuff! That chair has good lines, it will look terrific made over. I love the lamp, too! And who can resist old books? Not me! You found some really nice stuff.
    Have a great week,
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  40. Wow, Rhoda, that chair is just wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do to make it fabulous.

    Love the books and the sconce. Looks like a great garage sale day. Sales are popping up around here too. Hope to get out there and find some bargains soon.

  41. Love EWF!!

  42. Just came back to tell you that I saw your response, and I have an entire room full of stuff (like your chair). My excuse is that I’m buying it for my NEXT house, which I don’t anticipate us moving into for several years, but I’ll have the stuff when I NEED it! Keep sailin’ and thrifting, you find the best stuff. Liked those books you picked up too. I’ve been looking for some green ones, but have had no luck. Can’t wait to see what you find next week.

  43. Great finds! Love the wall sconce.

    Can’t wait for garage sales around here!

    -Found you on House of Hepworths, so glad I did!

  44. Rhoda, I can’t wait to see what you do to that chair. I know it will be fab! Also, LOVE the books. I passed up some today that I may go back and buy (not nearly as inexpensive as yours! – $2 each) :omda

  45. Great finds Rhoda! Each one is sweet! I love the chair and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    Thanks for hosting such a great party! I’m so happy to participate – it’s been a while! 🙂

    Take care. Have a great week!

  46. Wow! Rhoda, there are some awesome finds here! I have enjoyed perusing a few of them. Thanks for the fun! Hugs, Cindy S

  47. sweet chair! can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  48. I love the arms on the chair. Thanks for hosting again. I’m excited for a great thrifting season.

  49. Congrats and high 5 on the Fitz and Floyd…. that stuff ain’t cheap but it soooo beautiful!

  50. I like the new photo linky. I am so glad garage/yard sale time is here again. My renter wants your chair for her house.

  51. I’m in love with those vintage books; especially, the Bible! I collect old Bibles and Hymnals so it really speaks to me! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do with the chair!!!!

  52. I’m loving your blog!

  53. I want to go yard-saling with you!

  54. Love those books! I have a weakness for books among other vintage things!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  55. I found your blog while searching for some help with electric wall sconces (like the one you have above that you scored for $5.00). I need some help & I’m searching high and low.

    My problem: I bought 2 wall sconces (each of them have 3 candle light sockets (wired individually), a back plate (with 1 wire attached) and a PLUG in style wire and a zillion crystal pieces. My stupid mistake was buying them from a re-seller on ebay. They were suppose to come assembled and they did not. Yeah, I know…I fought with the seller over and over, because I was assured by ordering them with a plug in style wire specifically, all I would have to do – plug them in. NOT!!!! and they didn’t send me ANYTHING as far as instructions for assembly. Is there any tips you can give about your own sconce wiring as to how to begin to put these together? thank you, Margaret at


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