Thrifty Treasures Once Again

First, the 2 giveaway winners!

Georgetown Cottage Crafts winner is #49 – Gail who said she loved the blue shellbox.

Thermacell lantern winner is #70 – Linh C – who said she sweats a lot and would love to try it. 🙂  I think Linh lives here in Birmingham.  Congrats to you both!!

Ya’ll really got excited over that Thermacell skeeter lantern and I can understand why. I was so happy that it’s working for me so I can enjoy that porch now. I will show you the refills that I just bought.
Our Academy stores have refills, so I got this box from them, at $19.99, there are 4 cartridges and 12 mats, so this should last me the rest of the summer, I hope.  One thing I do want to mention.  Each cartridge is supposed to last 12 hrs., but it didn’t last that long for me.  My cartridge probably lasted 5-6 hours at most.  So, that was my experience and I wanted to let you know that up front.  But I think this combo pack is not a bad price, once you get the lantern. Totally worth it to repel those bad boys!

The mats slide into the top of the lantern and start off blue when they are new. You change them when they turn white.  My kit came with one cartridge and 3 mats and I forgot to change the mat, so I have extras now, but it’s probably important to notice that too and change when needed. The cartridges screw up inside the lantern and release the repellent through the mat.  So, that’s how it works, just wanted to pass that along.  I hope it works for all of you too, if you do decide to try it.  I’m very pleased with it.  The skeeters disappeared within about 5-7 minutes of turning it on.  The good thing is you can turn it on and off and save the repellent for when you are outside.  Now that I know how long it lasts, I will be more careful with turning it off. I took a little break this weekend from yardsaling (I know, imagine that!), but will share last weekend’s fun.  Here’s my thrifty treasure for the week though.  Remember that pottery class that we got to participate in?   Well, we finally got them back and this is the final of my 3 pieces of pottery that I got to do in class and I love how it turned out.  WOW, what a difference the glaze and firing does to that lumpy clay.   It was fun to go back to my post and see the before shots of the clay.  Very proud of my little pieces, I am!  And this pic was taken with my NEW camera! I am loving the shots that are coming out of this camera, so stay tuned for more.  Right now, it will be a mix of new and old camera shots.

All the rest of these following photos are from my old Canon camera.

This is Wendy, one of my online decorating friends from way back. We were both on a long-time decorating board for several years, which is still together, but much smaller and less active than it used to be.  I don’t have time anymore with blogging taking over.  Wendy is a California girl (Orange County) and was in Atlanta on business last week, so she drove over to Oxford/Anniston, AL to meet up with me and we had fun browsing around a few antique shops and catching up on news.  We have met up several other times before over the years.  We started at Starbucks for coffee and then headed out.

This is an antiques store in downtown Oxford and we browsed in there first.

Lots of pretty pieces in here and some good candidates for a paint job.

You never know what you’ll see in an antiques store. Me and Wendy.

We then moved on to Apple Barrel Antiques, a small mall which was full of lots of things. Loved the old fashioned appeal of this vintage fabric.  Wouldn’t this be pretty on a porch? There was one whole area of white shabby chic furniture that you shabby chic girls would have loved. Love, love this old door!  I should have checked the price on this.  Chippy white shutters. Lots of pretty eye candy. Shabby chic galore. These old vintage chairs were cute too. Lovely green bowls. A pretty white painted bed. I adored this old bamboo table.  So cute!

Jadite for the collector. And then Wendy had to say goodbye and drive back to Atlanta to hop on a plane back to California.  It was great to see her again, always fun to catch up with old friends!  Wendy’s job is an engineer (she is a brainiac!), but she is also a fabulous decorator too.   Check out that Nisson Cube, have you ever seen one of those?  I hadn’t, they are cute. 🙂 On the way back home, I stopped at this old little school that I had seen many times on Hwy. 119 after you go through Leeds and it has always caught my eye, so I decided to stop and take some pics. Looks like Little House on the Prairie one-room schoolhouse doesn’t it?

1916 is the date it was opened.  Love this little old school.

So, now it’s YOUR turn for the party this week! What have YOU found lately. Add your link to the Linky list and remember our guidelines for the party:

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SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

Let’s have some fun this week with the Thrifty Treasures party!

- Rhoda


  1. O.k Rho, I want:

    The pink mantel, the whole jadeite collection, the homer laughlin bowls and the floral pillows for $50.!!!!!

    Great post! Thanks–as always–for the party!

  2. I wish I could visit that Apple Barrel Antiques mall! I am not super into shabby chic decor, but that pink mantel with the chandelier hanging over it is adorable. Thanks for hosting the party each week – it’s a lot of fun!


  3. Looks like ya’ll had a great time. I’m looking forward to a week off so I can hit the antique stores.

  4. Great post….such great pics…..I especially like that secretary….and yes that material is something that I would pick out, love it…

    Yes I know about the cube…..we always rent a zippy car when we travel, and when we were out in CA in April, I picked out the Cube because I’d not seen one before…it looks small from the outside, but the headroom is amazing….hubby was not too pleased with the ride though LOL does not take bumps very well. But it was a fun car, we sure did get a lot of looks 🙂

    Have a great week and Happy first day of Summer !!!

    xo Kathy 🙂

  5. See that is another reason I love the South! You don’t find treasures like that in California! Made me laugh when I found out Wendy was from CA. Boy is she skinny! You two looked liked you had a blast, wish I was there shopping I could use good ‘ole dose of antiquing.

    The Pioneer Woman would go CRAZY over the Jadit, hum, maybe I will start collecting it too, add it to my 12th set of dishes, as it goes on and on!

    Great pics and thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for hosting – looks like you had a great weekend! Nothing beats a visit from a friend!

  7. I have to find people who will pay money for “weathered” old metal chairs like you showed. I could be rich enough to continue shopping, with the chairs around here.
    I want to thank you for hosting. How have I not seen this meme before!?? Sorry to be a link hog. This week I decided to try a color a day thrift theme. I promise it will not be a weekly issue with me.
    Happy you had a grat antiquing day with a friend.

  8. I loved the Shabby Chic section. I probably could have spent hours in there. Also, great job on the pottery that you created. They are very pretty! It is amazing how different pottery looks once it has been fired. I can never believe it once I get the pottery back.

    Happy Monday! 🙂

  9. Pam from Syl says

    Hi Rhoda
    The very first cabinet, we have the exact same piece. My husband inherited from his aunt about 15 or so years ago. Several years I saw this same piece at one of the antique stores on 280 in Chelsea. They had a price of $1,200.00. As you saw it isn’t a large piece and I actually have it in my kitchen since we already had a dining room set.

    What was the price on the one you show?

    • Pam, if I can read that tag,I think it is $380! That’s a pretty good deal. I’m seeing this style painted white a lot these days.

  10. Wendy from CA says

    Rhoda, it was so wonderful to be able to meet up with you again. Browsing through antique stores was fun. We did spot some good deals and lots of furnitures that can easily be painted up. Still amazed how this shabby chic style just kept on going…..

    By the way, I wore the necklace I bought at one of the shops we visited last night. It was such a deal.


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