Thrifty Treasures: Yardsales in Bridgemill

Jumping out of bed early in the a.m., anticipation of what treasures might be out there.  That giddy feeling ushers in the beginning of yardsale season that you die-hard fans like me can relate to.

My sister and our friend, Susan, got up bright and early on Saturday a.m. to hit the Bridgemill neighborhood sale in Canton and it was so much fun. They were looking for different things and I was along for the ride. Taking pics and seeing what was out there.

Bridgemill is a really big neighborhood with lots of communities inside, all price ranges, and a mega pool and playground area. I used to hit this sale before I moved to Birmingham.

Susan wants to fix up her back deck (she loved my transformation on the deck last year) and found a couple of things to get her started.  Cute frogs!

I spotted lots of furniture with great potential for makeovers.  I don’t remember how much they wanted for this one, but it would look great painted a bold color. 

We spotted this whole bedroom set and it was $100 for all of it!  What a steal.  A girl heard us talking about it and immediately snapped it up.  We told her what a great deal she got. 

Pretty mirror!  That’s the 3 of us, Susan in pink, me and my sister.

My sis found a neat serving tray for $2.  She figured her hubby can serve her breakfast in bed.  🙂  I told her not to hold her breath on that one.

Two bar stools, for $40 each, not a really great yardsale price.  But, they were pretty.

Those plates are Butler’s Pantry, $24 for 8 plates. I know that’s a great deal.  I think those black pieces are old Southern Living at Home.

This entire set of wicker was $200, really a good deal.  It could easily be repainted, it was in good shape.

This cute little guy was very friendly.  I love black and white cats.

I found my friend, Vicki, a cute wooden fish for 50 cents.  She will love it for her house in Port St. Joe.

As well as this pillow for $3, it will be perfect in her guestroom there.

I love this little rattan set.

This coffee table has such a great shape, I would have snapped it up if I needed one of these.  Could be painted so many colors.

Loved this ole iron bed for $35.  It’s already shabby chic, so you wouldn’t have to do a thing.

Lots of dishes.

Spotted a nice piece of white coral for $3, so my sis bought it.

This old window was $50, a little high for yardsale prices, but nice.

Bridgemill has several different communities and this one has smaller cottage homes. We just loved them all, they were so cute and quaint.

Loved this table and chairs that was from Crate & Barrel and she was asking $400 for all. I really thought it was a pretty good deal, it’s a really nice set.

Now here is a fixer-upper opportunity for someone.  I did see it got snapped up after we passed back by.  They were asking $20 for this whole set, but it had a broken leg on the table that needed fixing, as well as some rickety chairs.  But, really what a deal for all of this vintage stuff. 

Funny story at this house.  We stopped here and started looking around.  Some other people were there too and they said that they couldn’t find anyone who was minding the store.  No one would come to the door, but they had all this stuff out.  Some things were priced and most were not.  He left his money in the front door.  My sis and Susan found a few things they wanted, so we came up with a fair price and left it inside the door too.  We were laughing over that one!  First time I’ve ever had that happen.

They had some nice looking pillows too.

Susan bought this pretty coral vintage platter for 50 cents. 

I spotted some gigantic Easter eggs in one yard.

Another old vintage bedroom set, I think they were asking a couple hundred on this set.  It was definitely a fixer-upper too.

These old sets have such character.

So, did you think I wouldn’t buy anything??  Well, I sure don’t need a thing, but I did score this cute tall pair of shoes for $1.  For that price, I figured even if I wear them twice a year, I’ll get my money’s worth.  I’m not crazy about high heels anymore, but for a special occasion, maybe. 🙂And this pretty dress was $2.  I think I’ll wear it with leggings and flip flops, could be very cute for summer.  Here I go again, buying more black and white. I can’t seem to stop myself.

That’s it for this week.  I may not get out there every week and surely won’t be buying any home stuff, but when I find clothes and shoes this cheap, I can definitely afford that.  Renee and Susan will be working on projects and want to go yardsaling more, so hopefully we’ll hit a few more neighborhood sales this season.

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- Rhoda


  1. So glad to see your party back Rhoda. Looks like a great day of thrifting. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Rhoda, what a great neighborhood garage sale – so much furniture with so many possibilities! I went to a nice neighborhood garage sale this weekend and – nothing! BTW, welcome back to Atlanta!

  3. Hi Rhoda, Thanks for bringing Thrifty Treasures back! I wasn’t blogging when you had your last one, so I’m happy that I can join in on this one. The Bridgemill neighborhood yardsale had a whole bunch of stuff I would have liked- especially the coral piece!

  4. Rhoda, You DO always find the cutest clothes and shoes when you go out thrifting! So glad your par-tay is back. I always look forward to seeing all the bargains people have found. Funny story about the un-minded yard sale! LOL
    🙂 Sue

  5. Thanks a bunch for hosting!!!!

  6. Love that serving tray as well—I’m a little obsessed with serving trays! 🙂

  7. Looks like you girls had a fun day Rhoda! Thanks so much for hosting, Martina

  8. Yaaay! Thrifty Treasures is back! What a fun yard sale, Rhoda! I was shopping the photos! So happy to have you here in Atlanta!…hugs…Debbie

  9. Wow! Maybe I need to go shopping in your area 🙂

    Loving the heels, and you can never go wrong with black & white.

    I didn’t go this weekend, but I’m hoping to next weekend… off to see the deals everyone else found!


  10. Nothing for the party this week, Rhoda. Just dropping by to check the sale. I love the tray your sister found! Beautiful.

    The shoes are cute…I do not remember the last time I wore a high heel!!

  11. I loved yard saling vicariously through you this week, Rhoda! It was pouring here yesterday, so no sales for us. :s Love the shoes you found!

  12. I wanted to go to the Bridgemill Yard Sale but no one would go with me. Several of my friends who have been before said it is hectic trying to get in and out of there…best to just park your car and walk if possible. Did you have any problem getting around? Noticed River Green was having their neighborhood yard sale also, but I’ve heard it’s not as good as Bridgemill. Glad you found a few goodies!

    • Hi, Jill, it was definitely crowded as the morning went on, but nothing we couldn’t deal with. The rules were for everyone to park on the even # side of the street, so that did help too. We barely made a dent in stopping at all the houses & had to leave around 12, but we still shopped plenty! Sorry you didn’t make it.

  13. Mary from Highland Lakes says:

    Rhoda – Great post about the Yard Sale. And, the shoes and dress are adorable – no way you could n0t take them home. Both will look great on you!!

  14. Thanks for taking us along on your garage sale shopping trip. Looks like you found some treasures. My husband and I love checking out all the sales, but they haven’t started here yet – too much rain. Can’t wait!

  15. What a great day and some wonderful finds! I am your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love yard-saleing, and I love all of these great finds! That white bed is almost exactly like the one I had growing up!

    Thanks for sharing

  17. I think my entire blog is about this kind of stuff, thrifting and garage sales! I mean it’s CRAZY that you can buy an entire NICE cherry wood bedroom set for 100 bucks!!!! Why would you ever buy brand new?? (well, OK, I have bought a few things new…..I did work at a high end furntiure store and sadly a lot of my paycheck went to their stuff, luckily I did get it at cost + 10. Thanks for putting the link back up!! Bless you!

  18. Oh my, how I wish that wicker patio set was where I lived! That is exactly what I want and have been looking for a few months. That was definitely some good eye candy for yard sales. Maybe I should move there. I think I would have bought that crate and barrel table too even though I have no place for it. 🙂

  19. Awoke to snow on the ground here in W. Michigan this morning….however, this post of your yard sale trip
    was ever so inspiring!! I love to read and view of the super
    great deals you Southern Women can grasp at down there!!!
    So very u[-lifting!!!
    Thanks!!! 🙂

  20. I just warned my husband, if I ever find a dining set with the harp back chairs I’m bringing it home! No matter the condition! What a great sale! Thanks for the great pictures!

  21. Hi Rhoda! Great shopping day! I love the old dining room set and the chairs with the harp back!!! My Mom and my brother and his family all live in Canton. What a nice area! Thanks for the great photos.

  22. Wow, you girls found some good things! We don’t have good garage sales around here. It’s really mostly junk. It looks like you were having a great time.

  23. Hi Rhoda!

    Looks like you, your sister and Susan know where to shop! Some great bargains were to be had. I would have grabbed the coral too —
    $3.00? Pottery Barn charges over $50 for faux coral! Your dress and shoes were wonderful finds and I have no doubt you will look stunning in them!

    Your Friend,

  24. I enjoy seeing what you find on your yard sale adventures. I have nothing to share this week, but will enjoy seeing what others found.

  25. That dining room table on picture 21 (I think I counted right) is just like the one I have in my home I have always been curious about its history. Does anyone know? yes the chairs are a big rickety and always say a prayer before the big guys sit on them. My table is birdseye maple with a double pedastle. If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.

  26. SO GLAD TT is back. Rhoda, your finds are AMAZING. I’ve never seen such great outdoor furniture sets and dressers at yard sales before! Wish I lived closer, that neighborhood is a treasure hunting paradise.

  27. Awesome finds!!!!!! I’ve missed Thrifty Treasures and look forward to participating!!! Yes, of course I’ve found some thrifty things here in Italy–always bargain shopping, that’s me!
    I pray that you are wonderful!!!


  28. Oh yippy! Back are the thrifty linky parties! I am really excited about you sharing places that you go to in GA. Living here and I want to go explore some of these places up north. How often does this place you shared have a yardsale. I need to find one with prices like that since I don’t see them around here.

  29. Hey Rhoda, I teach school in that area and most of my students live in Bridgemill.

  30. Nice yardsale! Surprised a bit too, that’s right next to my boyfriend’s house. Too bad I missed it! =(

    How did you find out about the yard sale?

    LoL, We should start a Georgia Thrifting / Yardsales Group.

  31. First time linking up, Rhoda! Thanks for hosting us!!

  32. I found you from a blog I follow; I linked up #43; hope it’s okay! 🙂

    Wow there is some really great finds at the neighborhood sale! Most of the time around here, everyone has their really bad stuff out! That bedroom set; I am drooling….I have the matching buffet and hutch!


  33. Rhonda, you did great! So glad you could spend some fun time with your sister and friend. I like the items you found for your friend’s cottage; now you have hostess gifts in hand for your next visit! The shoes and dress are made for YOU!

  34. Wow, such great deals! The yard sales in NC are not like that at all, at least I haven’t found any. You’re lucky!

  35. I used to live in Woodstock, so I’m familiar with Bridgemill. Looks like it was a great yard sale day!

  36. Hey Rhoda, I teach school right down the road from Bridgemill and most of my students live in that neighborhood. We must get together sometime.

  37. Jerry Bishop says:

    Please if anyone knows the date of the( fall ) or next community yard sale at Bridge Mill. Would you please let me know. Thanks very much.


  38. Jerry Bishop says:

    Could anyone Please tell me when the fall community yard sale is at bridgemill subdivision? Thank You very much. You can send e-mail or call 678-988-2016. Again Thanks…


    • i have been trying to find out when the fall community yard sale is also. if you have found out the date, would you please email me and let me know. thanks for your help. vicki


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