Tourists in Atlanta Weekend

Have you ever played tourist in your own city?  Sometimes it’s fun to do just that.

My niece, Lauren, and her family were home last weekend for Labor Day, which also landed on Lauren’s birthday, August 31st.  She turned 32 over the weekend and it was so fun to have them home.  We played Atlanta tourist and went downtown on Saturday to the Georgia Aquarium for a tour of it, also walked through Centennial Park and rode the big ferris wheel down there. It was quite the adventure and joining the other 800,000 people who were expected to make their way downtown for the day made it a little crazy, but we managed to get down there and back in one piece.  Let’s see, there was DragonCon, the Black Pride parade, multiple sporting events, including a big Alabama game at the Dome, a huge crowd at the Aquarium, and downtown was a busy place on Saturday.  Normally, I don’t venture downtown all that much unless there is something special going on.

I had never been to the Georgia Aquarium before, so this was my first time seeing it and it was quite impressive.  I know, I know.  Sometimes the locals don’t always do the tourist things.  I just hadn’t gotten around to it.  The dolphin show was our favorite!

Georgia aquarium

After visiting the aquarium, I probably wouldn’t go back very often at all, since we saw most of it in this visit.  I’ve been to the Chattanooga aquarium too many years ago and really enjoyed it.

fish at aquarium

Divers in the big tanks at the aquarium.  I think you can sign up for diving in the big pools.

aquarium collage

It was fun to see it all.  It’s set up in big rooms, which are all sponsored by a big name brand company.  From fresh water to sea life and big, big fish, there’s so much to take in.

aquarium collage 3

Loved seeing the really BIG fish in the Ocean Voyager area.  Sharks, huge grouper and more.

aquarium collage 4

It’s well worth the visit to take all of this sea life in for yourself.  Great place for kids to go too, they would really enjoy it.  It was a little too crowded to really enjoy it to the fullest, but we stayed about 2 hours and saw most everything.

aquarium collage dolphin show

As I mentioned, the AT&T dolphin tales show was pretty fun.  There were 5 dolphin in all and they did all sorts of tricks and cute moves.

parker carseat

Of course, little Parker came along with her parents for the weekend too and we SO enjoyed having her around.  In fact, my sister is keeping her this week for some grandmother bonding time and we will all be helping her out.  Baby Parker is so adorable and is growing so much.  She’s 6 1/2 months old now.

centennial park entrance

After the aquarium, we walked through Centennial Park, which has changed a lot since I was down there last.  The park was built for the 1996 summer Olympics which was held in Atlanta that year and I saw the park then and a couple time since then.  It’s a really neat green space and they do have events here.

centennial park 2

Lauren and Philip walking through Centennial park.

centennial park 3

The Olympic rings and bricks.  CNN is in the background, headquartered here in Atlanta and started by the Ted Turner.

bricks in centennial park

Me and my sassy leopard shoes walking on the Olympic bricks.

centennial park fountain

One of the fun features of the park is this really cool fountain, which sporadically erupts into shooting water on the bricks, which is so exciting for the kids hanging out.  Great place to cool off during these hot summer months.

ferris wheel

We knew about the ferris wheel at Centennial Park, which was added awhile ago when we parked and came in and decided we just had to ride it while we were down here.  It was a little pricey at $13.50 (plus tax) per ticket, but it was worth it for one time.  I think they would sell more tickets if they lowered the prices though.

ferris wheel 4

It’s not really scary since the cages are all enclosed and not open like the old fashioned ferris wheels from the fair that we all rode growing up.

ferris wheel 5

It’s so pretty against the blue sky of Atlanta.

view from ferris

Up top were some pretty impressive views of the city.

view from ferris wheel

Towering over the city is actually pretty fun.

centennial park

Centennial park below.

lauren and family at ferris wheel

Lauren, Philip and Parker at the ferris wheel.

group pic downtown

My brother-in-law, Bruce, me, Lauren, Philip after our ferris wheel ride.  My sis was taking the pic, she doesn’t like being in pics.

baby parker

Sunday, the 31st was Lauren’s birthday, so we all gathered at my sister and brother-in-law’s house for a family meal together.  Of course, this baby was the center of attention.  She is so incredibly cute.

parker bloomers

In her monogrammed bloomers, especially.

parker 2

How can you get any cuter than a sweet baby.

lauren and parker

Lauren is such a great mom and I’ve loved seeing her be mama to this baby doll.   This mouse dress was Lauren’s when she was a baby and mom made it for her way back then.

lauren parker

Sweet baby girl.

parker 3

I had to take more pics of her to document the weekend.  She’s pretty photogenic if I do say so myself!

mom feeding parker

Mom gave her a bottle and she was a sleepy baby.

mom and dad

Mom and Dad enjoying the day with family.

birthday dinner

As always, we had some delicious food.  Pork chops on the grill, black eyed peas, cream corn, fried eggplant and okra, roasted potatoes, and tomato and avocado salad, which I brought.

It’s very easy, just cut up fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, fresh avocado, a little sweet sliced onion.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and add a mix of olive oil and white vinegar, about 2/3 olive oil and 1/3 vinegar.  I don’t measure, just add.  Mix it all up for a yummy summer salad.

lauren and philip

Lauren and Philip.

philip and parker

There’s that cute baby again. She is so happy most of the time and has the sweetest smile.

lauren birthday

Helping mom open birthday presents.

parker and her dad

With her daddy.

sweet parker

And one more of those sweet and perfect lips on that baby girl.  She’s so adorable!

Thank you all for being interested in our family, I just love that you do.  I tell my mom and dad all about y’all and they think it’s pretty neat that folks from all over the country are interested in our family and what we do.  I happen to think we have an amazing family and I’m so grateful for them all.  It was a fun birthday weekend with Lauren home and we are always sad when she has to go back to New Orleans.  We are happy she visits often, especially with a baby in the family now!

- Rhoda


  1. Rhoda,
    I enjoy your blog so much. I have been a follower and fan for about 3 years now. Your family is lovely. It’s so nice to see how close ya’ll are. I get homesick whenever you blog about New Orleans, as I am a transplanted New Orleans girl! I haven’t lived there in about 27 years but I miss it so much. I truly enjoy everything you blog about. You are a great decorator and I love your style. God has blessed you with much. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Patty Lucas says:

    Parker is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Your Mom has such a serene look on her face when she is holding Parker. Also, I LOVE your shoes.

  3. Diane C in Wis says:

    just love your blog sooooo much. I always feel like it’s a bonus when you feature your family. it’s such a joy watching parker get bigger and bigger…what beautiful eyes she has Loving seeing your entire family including your mom and dad, who look so happy when you’re all together . the food always looks great too!!! keep up the great blog!

  4. Great pics! What a fun weekend. How nice that Lauren gets to visit fairly often.

  5. That ferris wheel used to be in Pensacola, and I was so sad Atlanta came and snuck it out of there! Well, something like that. I have to admit, it looks pretty cool in the city.

    I absolutely love that Parker is wearing her Mama’s dress, made by her Grandmother! What a treasure!

  6. Susan from GA says:

    Parker is beyond precious!

  7. Belated birthday wishes to Lauren! Looks like a fun time was had by all. Baby Parker is absolutely THE most beautiful baby, and Auntie Rhoda, you do a fabulous job photographing your precious family. Those pictures will be treasured for years to come. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us. Parker is just too darn cute. Those big blue eyes and that sweet mouth, oh my. Love the picture of your Mom and Dad.

  9. Such a wonderful way to share the love of your family. Beautifully done.

  10. What a wondèrful weekend you had. Family togetherness is a blessing. I am so thankful for mine too. Please keep posting pics of that precious baby girl.

  11. Barbara Hunnicutt Moore says:

    Precious, precious baby. Your photos of Lauren and Parker really capture Lauren’s joy. Many sweet memories made that weekend!

  12. Sue In Fla says:

    It is so wonderful to see your family, and especially Parker. Love the little dress made by your Mom for your sister and passed down. I am 65 and I did a shadow box of three dresses and a bonnet that I wore as a baby. It is on the wall in my sewing room and I love to look at it.

  13. These pictures just make me smile… much love in everyone’s faces…and even when I look at the plate of yummy food made by your mom, it’s just a plate of love! I appreciate that you are so willing to share…

  14. What a family of treasures you have! Truly beautiful faces in southern places. Sounds like a fun weekend. It is surprising what all you can find to do in your hometown.

    • Not just people from the U.S. are interested in your doings, please tell your parents you have readers in Europe as well!

      Love the photos, especially the ones of Parker – she is adorable!

      Bente, Hertfordshire, U.K.

  15. Oh Honey, that Parker looks so much like your Daddy. When I look at her in the pictures, and then I see your Daddy, Oh My. Thanks for sharing….

  16. Baby Parker is just adorable! What a cutie pie! The picture of your Mom and Dad is lovely – needs to be framed for sure!

    You have such a delightful family. The truest treasure for sure.

  17. Patsy Haley says:

    Rhoda, your leopard shoes are fantastic! Would you share where you got them? I promise We won’t wear them to the same places .

    • Hi, Patsy, those are by Sam Edelman and I ordered them online. You should be able to find them at a couple online places. They were $99 when I bought them. A splurge for me, but I love them. I just saw someone post a pic on Instagram with shoes that look just like this and they were from Target, so go figure. You might try that version too, I’m sure a lot cheaper.

  18. Love the monograming on the tushy… what a true southern lady! 🙂 She is so sweet and adorable.

  19. Thank you for sharing your family time, it is wonderful to still find the time to just be together in this busy world!!
    The picture with Lauren opening her gift and baby Parker is like oooooh let me see , that is to darn cute 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend

  20. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty sweet little darlin y’all have there! What absolutely gorgeous eyes she has, and those sweet lips, she going to look like you and Lauren for certain. Coincidentally we went to Atlanta this weekend, stayed with my youngest and hub’s youngest came from NC with our fave granddaughter to visit with Papaw & Nona. We also went to the Aquarium and live a Dolphin Tale best! What a great show!! Beats Gulf World’s here in PCB and I believe I liked it better than the big show @ SeaWorld. It’s more intimate, the lighting was awesome and even though the singing surprised us a bit we loved it. Nice story! We went about lunch time so saw the 3:30 show, by the time we left the Aqu. it was 5:45, always one more thing ‘the 3-1/2 yr old boss’ wanted to see. Great day! Btw, Piedmont Hospital has a fabulous ER if anyone you know in the area ever needs one, thank goodness it’s only abt 2 miles from my daughter’s home! The menu & meals in the regular hospital are pretty darn good! They get 5 stars for knowing how to grill a piece of chicken!! Great breakfast as well…..
    I can tell y’all really enjoyed Lauren and her family’s visit, so glad y’all had a great weekend! Photos were awesome as usual, thanks for once again sharing your family with us.

  21. VintageBeachgirl says:

    Sorry, meant to say she’s going to look like her grandmother, Lauren and you! Phone call, derailed train….. of thought I mean, years catching up with my brain….. She’s beautiful and so are the three if you, so much love in all of those family faces!

  22. I just love seeing your pictures and reading about your family’s gatherings. Parker is an absolute doll. And that picture of your smiling folks is priceless! Love them! Thank you for sharing your family. I can feel the love you all share through your writings and pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. How adorable is Parker in the dress your Mom made for Lauren, I’m so glad your sister kept that, what a treasure. And Parker certainly takes after her Mom’s family, she is one precious baby. What a great picture of your Mom and Dad with their happy smiles too!! Enjoy your family posts so much.

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