Visiting Savannah: Part 2

There is so much to take in when visiting Savannah, so today I’m back with a little more of our day spent wandering the streets and squares of this beautiful historic Southern city.  It truly takes days to see everything there and I really want to go back again soon.  I don’t want to wait another 10 years to explore more of charming Savannah.  If you missed Part 1, be sure and catch up with that too.  The squares of the city are such a part of its charm and appeal and we saw just 2 or 3 of them this time around.  Old historic homes and townhomes line these squares and seeing them is an amazing sight too.

savannah statue

So, today, I’m sharing some of the sights of Savannah. Hope you enjoy the short tour, but long on pics post.

Savannah church

Savannah has many churches on the squares and this is just one of them.

savannah church door

This beautiful red door caught my eye.

savannah moss draped trees and streets

Savannah’s moss-lined trees overhanging the boulevards are a beautiful sight as well.

savannah building

Moss grows on these old live oak trees and the coastal weather is perfect for it.

savannah statue 2

One of the squares and statues that you’ll find in Savannah. So much history to see and read about.

savannah row houses

Row houses are common on the squares too.

Savannah mercer williams house

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Savannah, the Mercer Williams house, made famous in the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. When I was there in the mi-90’s the book was out and there were tours of the places mentioned in the book. I did a tour of Bonaventure Cemetery back then and that was fascinating. I also bought a signed copy of the book at the local bookstore back then and still have it.

savannah mercer williams door

What an entrance, right? They do tours of the house now.

savannah raskin antiques

On the same square as the Mercer Williams house is Alex Raskin Antiques, a huge mansion of a house that takes up a whole block, filled with antiques 4 floors high.  What a sight this was!  This old mansion is crumbling inside, but it’s still a beautiful place to behold. You can imagine how she looked in her glory days.  Maybe one day someone will restore this old beauty.

savannah antiques store

The exterior of Alex Raskin Antiques.

savannah bloggers

The four of us stayed at Whitecaps together and had a blast:  Jen, me, Lucy, and Beth.

savannah raskin antiques 1

I love looking at the architecture in Savannah, so many beautiful  photo ops.

savannah raskin antiques 2

Building details.

savannah raskin antiques 3

Red berries against a stucco house.

savannah raskin antiques 4

Top of the front porch ceiling.

savannah raskin antiques 5

A statue on the front porch.

savannah raskin antiques 8

Creeping vines on the stucco and an iron railing.  Doesn’t all of this just scream Savannah ambiance?

savannah raskin antiques 6

I think this means the house was built around 1870.  What gorgeous details.

savannah raskin antiques 7

These were just sitting outside, this pair of beautiful old chippy doors.

savannah raskin 2

Inside was a treasure trove of fine antiques. These antiques, I’m quite sure, are out of my price range.  Downton Abbey came to mind.

savannah raskin 3

Beautiful old clock.

savannah raskin 4

Furniture everywhere you looked, literally 4 floors worth.

savannah raskin 5

Beyond the furniture, I couldn’t help but notice the crumbling plaster and all the details in this grand old house.  Look at that ceiling!

savannah raskin 6

One of the stair cases.

savannah raskin 7

Mirror and lamp and lots more.

savannah raskin 8

Period furniture and anything you can imagine.

savannah raskin 9

Chock full of things that you’ve never seen before.

savannah raskin 10

My heart still goes pitter-patter on pieces like this.  Vintage patina wood, gorgeous.  Some things don’t need to be painted.

savannah raskin 11

A pair of French looking chairs, so elegant.

savannah raskin 12

Old frames hanging on the plaster walls.

savannah raskin 13

Chairs and more galore.

savannah raskin 14

Another beautiful old mirror.

savannah building (2)

On the top floor, we walked out to a balcony and saw this humongous building next door.  These are some stately homes and buildings.

savannah church steeple

More views from the street, a beautiful steeple.

savannah forsyth square

The Forsythe Park fountain is one of the most popular sights in Savannah.  Isn’t is just gorgeous?  I remember this from my earlier visits.

savannah armstrong house

The Armstrong House

savannah armstrong house fence

More iron details on the fences.  So pretty!

Rhoda Savannah

I just had to pose in front of this house and sign.  True Savannah architecture and there’s a beautiful backdrop everywhere we looked.

So, that’s my wrapup of this tour of Savannah. I sure hope you enjoyed going along with us.  I can’t wait to go back, it’s definitely one of my favorite Southern cities!

Do you want to go now?

- Rhoda


  1. I have wanted to visit for eons…it looks to be everything I imagine. Now, where are the pictures of the places and delicious food you ate?

  2. I am more than excited to read your posts.My family leaves for Savannah on Sunday and after 70 inches of snow we can hardly wait to get out of Ohio for a short visit! Your pictures are wonderful and I am hoping to visit some of the sites I have seen in your pictures!

  3. It is a beautiful city. I have never been, but would like to go.

  4. I love your pictures. Yes, I want to go now. I have wanted to go for several years and have not made it there yet!! One of these days, I will!. Thanks for the picture tour.

  5. Hi Rhoda,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. Usually check it every morning. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures of Savannah. Also enjoy the ones from Tybee Island. I’ve fallen in love with the sites…our family is considering a trip this summer. Have a blessed rest of the week.

  6. Yes, I want to go! The pictures are beautiful. So glad you ladies had a wonderful time.

  7. Yes indeedy, I do! And this year, I am going to make it…. as one of the last stops on our road trip down coastal Virginia, N and S Carolina and just sneaking over the border to fit in Savanah – well, we have to, we may never come this way again, and it’s a big deal for us, all the way from the UK!

  8. Love this picture of you!!!!!

  9. Love your Blog, and I love this pictures of YOU!!!!!

  10. sharon leach says

    Welcome to my hometown!! I’m glad the weather is great this week and I’m happy you are enjoying yourself.
    Please don’t wait another 10 years to visit. We love company. : )

  11. Gorgeous! I would love to go!!

  12. We will be there on March 4-9 for our 45th anniversary. I’m so excited! Your post have come at the perfect time….Thank you!

  13. My husband and I visited savannah about 6 years ago for our anniversary and we have been back 4 times since with our children. We love Savannah! It is by far my favorite historic city. I especially like the squares, architecture, and quaint shops.

  14. I adore Savannah! Been there twice. The first time we stayed at the Gastonian (right down the street from Forsythe Park). Second time we stayed on Tybee Island. Boy, you got some beautifully artist is shots of the architecture! I wasn’t aware of that huge antique store. That home must have been magnificent back in the day. Looks like it could be in a haunted movie. Love your outfit in the last picture! Yes, you’re making me long for another trip to Savannah. I’d love to live there.

  15. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the way you captured every ornate detail of Savannah! Some of these could be framed. Just love them, Rhoda! <3 Heidi

  16. ~Rhoda~
    Boy do these pictures bring back memories of our 5 days stay in Savannah. I need to get my photo books out!! I told my daughter time for another trip to Savannah real soon 🙂

    Thanks for sharing !!

  17. You saved the BEST picture for last! You look awesome!

    This spring break, we’ll be in Hilton Head and I want to visit Savannah again, this time venturing outside of the main downtown area, and eating at Lady and Sons.

  18. There is nothing like the Old South, is there? Savannah is a gorgeous place, I remember reading about it in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and thinking I just had to visit one day. One of these days I want to do an extended vacation of Tybee Island and Savannah, and stay long enough to see as much as possible in both places. THANK YOU so much for taking so many pics and sharing them with us. It’s really inspired me to seriously consider plans to visit!

  19. *sniff* I got married in from of that mermen fountain.

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