Watching Downton Abbey

Where in the world have I been?  The music begins in grand orchestra fashion, the master and his yellow lab meandering down the stone gravel pathway…….opening credits showing a petal dropping onto the table from the roses in the flower arrangement, a maid dusting the opulent chandelier, and a beautiful table setting in the grand dining room. What, you don’t live like that either? I’ve heard all the talk, the hoopla and energy surrounding this wonderful PBS, set in the UK show, but have only finished watching Season 2. I know, I’m way behind! Actually, I thought it was Down-town Abbey for the longest.  I know….ridiculous! I’m a slow starter sometimes, but I’ll catch up, just wait!  So, are you watching too?  It’s such a delightful show, I find myself wanting to talk in a British accent and clip my words and say funny, oh so stodgy sayings.  What a beautiful display of cinematography in this show.   My roommate, Rhonda, borrowed the DVD for Season One and we quickly devoured it and can’t wait to see the rest.  I heard that you can watch the shows for free on Simply June, so I’ve been piling up on my bed, earphones on and just finished Season 2 and beginning Season 3, so no spoilers for me please. They really know how to keep you hanging at the end of every show, don’t they?  As soon as I get through Season 3 which no doubt will be before the week is out, I’ve started recording Season 4, so that I can get completely up to date. highclere castle (via Masterpiece Theater)  Highclere Castle, location for Downton Abbey From the website: Creator and Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes introduces the setting for the story, Downton Abbey, in his script: “The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won’t.” Indeed, on the cusp of the end of an entire way of life, the house, portrayed by Highclere Castle, transcends location and becomes a character — and one of the biggest stars — in Downton Abbey. Wow, what a place this is, right?  Who could imagine living in a castle like this?  Not me, but what fun it is to go inside the halls of Downton Abbey and see all the drama going on.  We were hooked from the first episode! img_main_highclere5 Inside the Highclere Castle What an amazing ostentatious place!  I know we are going to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the seasons, so please don’t tell me what happens!  I want it all to unfold as we watch it. img_prod_lg_downtonabbey_2 All images from So, tell me, do you watch Downton Abbey too?  Who are your favorite characters and who do you love to hate?  Of course, they want us to dislike the villains, right?  O’Brien and Thomas are at the top of the list for those you want to see get what’s coming to them.  I’m cheering for Bates and Anna and really am happy that Mary and Matthew FINALLY got married.  That was a such tease, those two! Nope, don’t tell me any more!  I want to watch the rest myself. A few observations:

  • Poor Edith, overshadowed by both her prettier sisters.
  • Grannie is a total crackup.  Her lines are priceless.
  • That whole upstairs/downstairs thing is just so old world.
  • Thomas is such a brat.
  • Yay for Sybil marrying the chauffeur.
  • Mary is a little rebel.
  • My how the world has changed in the last 100 years.
  • Bravo, bravo!

I’M OFFICIALLY HOOKED ON THIS SHOW!! Congrats!  Phyllis, Nancy and Gwen are the 3 winners of the beadboard wallpaper and have all been emailed!  Posted here on the Rafflecopter widget as well.

- Rhoda


  1. Love Downton Abbey! FYI it was Lady Sybil who married the chauffeur!

  2. I was also a late bloomer to Downton Abbey. I absolutely love it! The scenes, the characters, the fashions, the Dowager’s lines, oh, I could go on!

  3. No, I don’t watch it. But I don’t watch much tv at all. Movies either! LOL I have heard lots about the show though.


  4. Love Downtown Abbey! I started this season having tea and short bread while viewing. Many others do this from what I have read on blogs. Aren’t the women’s gowns fabulous?

  5. My dvr auto records anything on Masterpiece, and everything I read before this series started had my name written all over it….but I just could not get into it. So I must be the only 50 something woman in North America and Great Britain who doesn’t like this show. Glad you are enjoying! You’ll. Have lots of folks to talk to about it!

  6. Matthew, Judith, and Bates! Love them! Have watched all seasons, am current. My dad was a Brit, so I grew up saying Brit-isms, and still do. Just today I said ‘daft cow’ and ‘beyond the pale’ and my British and Oz friends were loving it, whilst several American friends asked for clarification on ‘beyond the pale’. I love Downton, it makes me miss my dad terribly though.

    • Okay, so what does ‘beyond the pale’ actually mean, please? Someone who was quite angry with me used it, but it didn’t seem wise in the moment to ask what that meant, lol!

      • Lisa-Maree says:

        Beyond the bounds of acceptable and decent (British) behaviour.

        The British had an actual boundary made of pale (whitish) fencing. Anyone from outside the boundary was considered of a lower standard than the British ideal.

  7. One of my favorite shows…my hubby STILL calls it Down-town Abbey 🙂 I always correct him, so 4 seasons in he is now just doing it now to annoy me 😉 No spoilers from me, but get ready for a roller-coaster of a season with #3! Such a good show! And Maggie Smith (the Dowager Countess/Grannie) adds something so very special to the show. Comedy, yes, but her character is just so unique. Sensitive at just the right moments, and so quick witted. I hope I’m like her when I’m old 🙂

  8. So I AM the only one that hasn’t watched Downtown Abbey…going to get the first season DVD now!!

    • meles Garrison says:

      Julia, I haven’t seen one episode…not the only one! My daughters love it ,so I’m pretty sure I need to check it out as well.

  9. I was also a late-comer to Downton Abbey though I am a sucker for anything British and royal. Of course, these are the lesser royals but you can’t tell them that. As a history geek, I began researching this period and found that relationships between American heiresses and British noblemen was fairly common. Americans are suckers for titles and this level of the aristocracy was commonly bordering on broke. The hypocrisy of women having a lesser place in financial dealings when it is their money that keeps the family afloat is baffling by today’s standards. Perhaps I’m just too “middleclass.” lol

  10. Been watching Downton Abbey since its debut in the US (keeping in mind viewers in Europe already have seen all of Season 4). Like so much that is on PBS from the UK, it’s superbly written and acted. Creator and writer Julian Fellowes (who also wrote the screenplay for the film Gosford Park and a highly regarded actor) is so clever and the actors include many familiar faces from British film and television – the marvelous Maggie Smith – along with the wonderful American actresses Elizabeth McGovern and Shirley MacLaine! The writing for the series is by no means complete, so no one knows how long or far it will go although I understand Julian Fellowes has indicated there will be an end at some point. I recommend his interviews with Charlie Rose – I don’t think you’ll find any spoilers even if you’re not up to current speed with broadcasts in the US. Enjoy and welcome to the Downton Abbey fold!

  11. LOVE Downton but Call the Midwife is even better. Have you seen it? They are both excellent.

  12. Hi Rhoda! I love this show too. I even got my husband hooked on it! I love Edith and am secretly always cheering her on all the time…poor girl! We have also gotten into Mr. Selfridge as well. It’s set in the same time period and is about the going’s-on of a London department store owner and it’s staff.

  13. LOL where have you been? I love it! I watch it when it comes on, record it at the same time and watch it ‘On Demand’!!!! I love the decorations, furniture and the clothes. My favorite characters is the father, Hugh Bonneville, The Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Maggie Smith, and Mr. Carson played by Jim Carter. I don’t like Mary now, I can’t tell you why because it would give away a very important thing that is going to happen! I really just love it all.

  14. Malinda Clay says:

    I too was late in watching this show. I was able to borrow Season 1 and I was like a drug addict trying to find more. I checked out Season 2 from the library and got tired of waiting for Season 3 so I broke down and bought it. I will now have to save for the other dvd’s because this is something that I could watch over and over. Like John Wayne movies. I am not finished with 3 yet but it is an emotion roller coaster so far. I shouldn’t, but I watch a lot of TV and this is TV at it’s FINEST. The acting, the cinematography, the writing, the house. I could just go on and on. I have some family issues going on right now (check out and this gives me just a little “down time” to not concentrate on my worries and watch theirs.
    Thanks again for your blog. I so enjoy it.

  15. Love Masterpiece. I wasn’t much of a TV watcher until I discovered Masterpiece Theatre . Call the Midwife , The Paradise and Mr Selfridge are also excellent. Why can’t American TV be like this.

  16. So glad to hear you have boarded the Downton Abbey train! I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to get you hooked. My husband and I discovered it last summer, bought the tapes one by one and have watched them over and over. We have also loaned them to several friends and relatives. Haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t love it. The Dowager Countess is my favorite (love to hear her called “Grandmama”)! Such a snob yet always so tuned in to what is really going on in the family!

  17. Tracey Renfro says:

    You specfically asked no spoilers and yet the latter pary of your post is full of spoilers for those just starting to watch it. A little bit of do as I say and not as I do ?

  18. Paula Lusk says:

    I started watching it when it first came on TV. This is the first Masterpiece Theatre that my husband hasn’t watched with me, well, in forever.
    I couldn’t wait. I found Simply June in October and watched them all. I know, I’m awful. lol
    When my daughter and her husband watch it (she is a hoot) she dresses in period and makes formal tea. Then she calls and tells what has gone on. I have to ask her where it is, in the season, so I know not to say anything. Love the Duchess. ‘What IS a week-end’. Hilarious. Have fun Paula

  19. Addictive, isn’t it?!? I did the marathon viewing of the first 3 seasons last year at this time, and now I’m watching the new season. It’s brutal waiting week by week for the next episode! Marathon viewing is just so much more fun! I’d be drifting off at midnight in front of the TV, my head bobbing after watching 3 or 4 episodes, telling myself “just one more”, lol. Instant gratification! Have fun – you’ve got lots of juicy scandals and surprises coming up!

    • Jaddahti J. says:

      SO agree with you on the binge watching! My daughter and I watched the first 3 seasons in a week- and now that we are watching in real time, I really miss the option of looking at each other at 2 a.m. and saying “Ok, just one more episode!” When Downton ran out, we started “Breaking Bad” – not realizing that the last half of the final season won’t be on until February! Aargh! Walking Dead in about a week and then “Game of Thrones” in April. Guess I will have to follow the suggestions and start the Midwife series- just to ensure my life is entirely consumed by television!

      • Tracey Renfro says:

        Srason 4 available on dvd today, available via Netflix and my local library has copies. Not sure of price to purchase.

  20. Happily Lady Edith begins to bloom and is actually looking much prettier! Won’t say any more so as not to spoil it. Yes, I’m a Downton Abbeyphile. Haven’t started having tea and buttered crumpets dripping with honey while watching but that may be not far off.
    PS. Have you started watching “Sherlock”? It’s on PBS right after Downton Abbey.

  21. Our 12 yo twin boys love it. One turned his girlfriend’s mom on to it! And watch Dancing on the Edge….black jazz band, 1930’s London .

  22. Glad you are loving it Rhoda! Over here it’s a real “Marmite” programme (you either love it or hate it!). I have seen every episode, and loved them all – and my favourite too is Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Duchess – what a part! Beware everyone, some real up and downs and tears and laughter to come if you have not watched all episodes yet. A few will get the come-uppance they deserve, and the costumes will continue to charm you all!

  23. Yes, Rhoda! Where HAVE you BEEN?!? My favorite character is, without a doubt, the Dowager Countess! Maggie Smith and her one-liners are absolutely the best! In Season 3, you get to meet Cora’s Mother (Shirley MacClaine) and the two of them together are great! Of course, everyone loves to complain that it’s not as good as the first season, but, alas, I still watch. I can’t help it! There’s nothing else like it on TV! A drama with class and history all wrapped up into one!

    • Oh and PS If you want to “cheat” like I do, then you can actually BUY Season 4 of Downton Abbey (out today) and binge watch the remainder of the season before everyone else (including the Christmas special!). Yes, I’m a bad, bad person and I don’t care! LOVE IT!

  24. I came in after season two, and am hooked, too! I can’t which is better: watching the episodes as they air (as I did for season three and am now doing for season four) or doing the whole marathon thing like I did for the first two seasons. Either way, it’s addicting.

  25. Marianne in Mo. says:

    I jumped in on season three, so some day must get one and two. Love the show, but have to dvr it, so I hate to get on the internet on Mondays, for fear of spoilers! Somewhere I saw a program about the castle and it’s owners, and that they are allowing filming some of the show on site so they can raise funds to do much needed repairs and restoration. The place is crumbling terribly in some spots, and the upper floors are closed off due to severe damages. Age has not been kind to the old girl, can you imagine the costs just to keep it livable?

  26. Judy Clark says:


    Love Downton Abbey! I love Maggie Smith’s character and I love Mrs Crawley, Mathew’s Mother. She is always fighting for the underdog. one of your readers is correct. Call the Midwife is wonderful. Based on a true story. Oh, you should read Lady Alimina and The Real Downton Abbey. It is who Cora’s (Downton)character is based. True story. You will enjoy it.

  27. I too love Downton Abbey. I discovered it last year and watched all three seasons fast! Then I got my sister and my best friend hooked on it….so we all watch it. Season 4 is on it’s way to our mailboxes now….can’t wait! I’ll have to check out some of the other shows people are talking about on here too!

  28. Adore Downton! Have been “on the train” since the beginning. Love, love it. Call the Midwife too.
    The third season of Midwife will air here starting the end of March. You can catch the first two seasons on JustJune. If you start getting caught up now you will be ready when the next season airs. Promise you will LOVE it!

  29. Yes, I am hopelessly hooked! Glad you’re jumping on board!!

  30. I love it too! I out watching online on PBS, then decided to get the DVD’s. Season 4 is on it’s way to me now and I can’t wait! 🙂 I also love “Call the Midwife” & highly recommend it. It’s an entirely different time period & setting. I read the book also!

  31. Tracey Renfro says:

    Try “Duchess of Duke Street”, starts in 1900 and based on real people, a Masterpiece Classic from 2005/2006 maybe. Accents are sometimes difficult to understand but I’ve found if you increase the volume you either understand them or just give up.

  32. Love, love, love Downton Abbey! I’ve gotten a lot of my family hooked on the show too! I hope I can go back to England to visit Highclere. I’ve seen a lot of castles in England, but somehow I missed this one!

  33. I LOVE Downton…some wonderful British ladies asked me to begin writing recaps for them and I have quite the following now. Maybe you’ll check them out!

  34. Amy Davis says:

    You can watch all of season 4 on simply june. No need to record. Season 4 was available on there beginning way back in September. I finished watching it in December.

  35. I’m so glad you are watching Downton Abbey! My favorite characters are Anna and Mrs. Hughs. Quilters can even purchase Downton Abbey fabric! I have! Yes, and watch Call The Midwife. It’s excellent!

  36. I am working through the seasons now too! I just started on season 3. I love it and also find myself wanting to say their little funny sayings. The only thing is I have to watch it with the subtitles or I miss bits of it here and there! 🙂

  37. Mrs. Hughes, Anna and Bates are my favorite! And the quips between Violet and Isobel Crawley are the BEST!!!!!!

  38. I would love to watch “Downtown Abbey” that is a show I know I would enjoy since I love England. That is what I should be doing during all this snow fall, instead of painting and redoing closets !!


  39. Donna Kelly says:

    I was a little late getting on the bandwagon with Downton also! Someone sent me all 3 seasons last year , via facebook. I watched them all, (as I hang my head in shame) in 8 days!!! Yes, I was obsessed! I then was actually ahead of it airing and didnt know it. I am now watching week to week as it airs. Love it!!! I really did think that after that 8 days, I spoke with a British accent and drank a ton of tea!!!!

  40. ack! I haven’t seen any of it yet either, but want to! I had to hurriedly zip past when I saw references to who got married, etc.!

  41. I love Downton Abby too! It’s hard to pick a favorite character, though Maggie Smith is excellent! I’m so glad the new season is now on PBS. I look forward to new episodes every Sunday evening! Traveling to England and touring the real Highclere castle is on my bucket list!

  42. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I love Downton Abbey! Glad you’re watching it now! I started by binge watching the first two seasons. Love the Dowager and her one-liners! I love the setting, costumes and castle. There’s another Brit series called Restoration Home that I found I love, too. Real people renovating real noteworthy castles and English properties. I watched via YouTube. My fave episode is the man solely restoring the castle he bought. Amazing!

  43. I’ve watched it since the beginning along with Silk and Sherlock and several other Masterpiece series. I will eventually watch The Midwife. I am also addicted to Game of Thrones, Homeland and enjoyed The White Queen and have watched some of Reign. It is a certainty that the BBC and HBO, Showtime and late to table Starz, are producing the quality TV now. What a shame that the big networks have gone to Reality TV instead of quality series. There are nights I never watch a network program. But I love Downton Abbey and look forward to it each week. Just have your tissues ready-I rarely miss crying in an episode.

  44. michelle ferrer says:

    Hi, Rhoda. YES, I’m a devoted fan of Downton Abbey. I’m a knitter and even found a Downton Hat pattern. I’ll send you a pic when I finish it. For character favorites: Upstairs: The Dower Grandmother Lady Grantham., for her wry humor and glue holding the family together in tough times. Downstairs: Mrs. Hughes as she is consistently a rock to lean on, Mrs. Patmore with her earthy humor, and Daisy ….fun to watch her grow up. Series is beautifully done visually and emotionally. Rhythm of the script is consistently good and the acting is quite believable. It would be helpful to read the story of Lady Almina, upon which Cora’s character is very loosely based. I know, you have that much time on your hands 😉 Anyway, love the series as it brings back a gentility of manners and place we have forgotten and do not practice, all the while making us grateful that we live in the present day. Edwardian era was quite stressful for both upstairs and downstairs folk.

  45. I adore Downton Abbey! I think it would be fun to take a tour of Highclere! You might also want to check out Sherlock…quite excellent…I would highly recommend! Have fun marathoning…is that a word? 😉

  46. I LUV period pieces so I’ve been watching from the very first episode!
    Check out these quizzes I put in two posts Rhoda–see who YOU are!!!
    and just to give you a giggle–

  47. I was hooked from the beginning! I need to order the CDs so that I can get my DowntonAbbey fix when all is over. In fact I love most of the British shows on public television. So glad you joined the Downton followers group. In Lex Ky there is going to be a Fabby Abbey Ball (for charity) in one of the Mansions.

  48. Rohoda! This is so funny. My neighbor across the street just got me hooked. I borrowed the DVD’s from my local library and just caught-up with all the seasons a couple of days ago. The Dowager (Maggie Smith’s role) is hilarious! I love her dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Yes, it does make you want to speak with a British accent. This show is addictive and it does keep you hanging and wanting more. I love this time period and Highclere castle is breath-taking! The show resembles much how the Vanderbilts lived in Biltmore. I doubt, however, that the staff intermingled and shared confidences like they do in the movie. It’s still, nonetheless, very entertaining. I love the music in the opening.

  49. Meant to say Rhoda.

  50. Love … Love Downton Abbey!!!!I did the same thing you are doing when I got a little behind last year!!!! Highclerc Castle aka.. Downton Abbey of just amazing isn’t it?? and without a doubt… my fav character is “Grandmama”.. Maggie Smith is a hoot!!!!! Her little “Snippets” crack me up!!!!!!!!!! Anna and Lady Edith are close runners up !!!! lol

  51. Love the show! Like you, I didn’t watch it in the beginning seasons so I had to play catch up by watching them on DVDs. Then, it was frustrating having to wait for this season to begin 🙂 And, once you watch them one episode after another, it’s hard to wait a whole week to see the next one now. LOL


  52. meles Garrison says:

    I haven’t seen an episode, but will definitely check it out. My daughters read the books I believe and said it was great!

  53. Better late to the party than never having arrived at all! No spoilers, but it gets crazy!

  54. Rhoda, I’m glad you are enjoying “Downton”. PBS also aired a show on Highclere featuring the current Lord and Lady. Seeing how the estate operates in the current times is very interesting. Unfortunately I can’t remember the title of the show but as we know all information is available somewhere on the internet.

  55. It allows you to escape from reality into a fictitious world for a few moments.

  56. Omg I had no idea your roommate’s name was Rhonda! How cool is that?? Can’t wait for you to get caught up so we can really dish about it;-)

  57. I love watching Downton Abbey and I have been watching it since the very beginning and have seen all of the seasons so far. It’s an amazing show! The wardrobe, interiors and scenery are absolutely spectacular! I really like little Daisy in the kitchen and Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes. Lady Mary is very strong I feel and I think her sister Edith is very pretty. Anna and Mr. Bates, who could not love them! The Dowager and Mrs. Crawley are a hoot and so is Lady Grantham’s mother! Haha! So I pretty much love all the characters and can stomach Thomas at times also! I think the whole era is amazing and sometimes just wish the elegance and respect of that day were still with us! You just can’t beat the fashion of those times! Women looked so elegant and decent, men so respectable!

    I’ve also watched ‘Call The Midwife’ and enjoy that as well but I have to say that Downtown Abbey wins hands-down in keeping my attention! Sure beats anything on television nowadays!

    Have you ever watched ‘Doc Martin’?? 🙂

  58. So glad you are on board! I knew you’d love it!

  59. Love, love Downton Abbey! I’m married to an Englishman and we live back and forth between England and Georgia (Columbus). We started watching over there beginning Season 1 and have already watched Season 4 in its entirety as it is about 6 months ahead of the States in airing. Look for “Secrets of Highclere Castle” which aired on GPTV. It takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the Castle with the current Lord and Lady. One fascinating tidbit, it was one of the previous lords who discovered King Tut’s Tomb in 1922! Maggie Smith is brilliant! Enjoy!

  60. I finished season two just last night and I am so hooked.

    I also love the PBS series called The Paradise and you can watch it on Simply June, also.

  61. Mary in Idaho says:

    Because of our enjoyment of “Downton Abbey” my husband and I searched out other BBC historical series and mini series on Netflix. Wonderful productions. Currently we are enjoying the series “Monarch of the Glen”. The author of DA, Julian Fellowes, plays a great part in this series.

  62. Terry in MD says:

    I’ve been a fan since almost the beginning. In our area we have a station called WETA UK. I watch all British TV, all the time.

    When you are done with Season Three, Google Upstairs Downtown Abbey which is a fun spoof on YouTube that I loved!

  63. Rhoda, Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s wonderful! I did the same thing you are doing. My sister gave me the previous seasons on DVD and I watched it over the holidays. Now I am caught up and watching weekly. The estate, grounds, actors, dresses, decor are all so wonderful…not to mention a fabulous story line. Such a pleasure to watch. So glad you are enjoying. Isn’t it refreshing to watch something that isn’t so polluted with bad language and trashy plots?

  64. Hi Rhoda!!!!

    I first saw Downton Abbey in Hello Magazine and thought to myself that this is a time frame
    that I really love. Actually I love reading anything by Victoria/Philippa Carr because she writes
    stories where horseback riding is the form of travel, along with carriages.

    I didn’t watch Down Town Abbey(as that’s what I thought it was called as well LOL) until I wanted
    to see what all the hoopla was about on Face Book and on Blogs I follow. So, I went out and bought
    Season 1 & 2 and ordered Season 3 from Ebay. Now I seldom watch anything but. I’ve even watched the whole of Season 4.

    I study all their finery and see if I have similar!! I collect anything to do with women’s apparel, hats, purses, gloves, compacts, lipsticks and so forth. I love the politeness and the fact there’s no swearing, gangs, guns, etc. I love the English I guess because my ancestry comes from Great Britain and the history they have amazes and captures my imagination.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  65. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was a little late to the Downton Abbey party, but now I’m hooked too!!! I love it! I am totally rooting for Edith. The poor gal needs a break! I just love how the family and the staff truly do care about one another. The show portrays an interesting dynamic between the two that many had never thought about before.

  66. Judy Stone says:

    I’m totally hooked on Downton Abbey too. Just love all the characters, good and bad, especially the Grandmother (Maggie Smith). She has such stuffy and dry humor. The period clothes and hair styles are grand. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  67. Thanks to your link to Simply June, I now am a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey. Since your post, I have watched Season One, Two, and Three, and I am ready to watch episode three of season four. I love binge watching. Thank you ever so much!

  68. Love Downton Abbey, got hooked last year and can’t wait for Sunday nights now. The women’s clothing is fabulous! and the story line always keeps you wanted more more more….Enjoy getting caught up.

  69. Vanessa Maddox says:

    Another Downton Abbey-phile here. Love the show almost as much as I love your site! One of my favorite characters is Mrs. Hughes…I love the way she zings Carson every now and thing. Especially when he’s feeling all “butlery” and high falutin’. Another favorite is Matthew’s mom, Mrs. Crawley. She can give as good as she gets and has a lovely sense of decency combined with progressive ideas. And who doesn’t love Matthew?

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