Yogurt Mountain

After first hearing about Yogurt Mountain on the Rick and Bubba show, I had to check them out firsthand.  Sounded like my kind of place. If you love sweet yogurt treats and all the toppings, you will be over the moon in this place.  Apparently they are only here in Alabama, so for the rest of you, I’m so sorry. It’s a cute shop and easy to navigate. Grab a cup. Browse the many flavors on the wall that are available that day. Like Root Beer float. Watermelon Sorbet. And then go down the line, adding whatever toppings your little heart (and stomach desires).   Careful, it can get out of control here. From cookies, nuts, granola, candy….

To fresh fruitsThere’s something for every taste at Yogurt Mountain.  This was my cup. I had to try the Watermelon Sorbet.  It was all very tasty and good.  You just have to be careful about how much you pile up, or your cup will end up costing $10, since they weigh it and charge accordingly.  Mine was about $6 something and it’s not that huge.

Fun place to check out!  Maybe not an every week kind of thing, but we enjoyed our visit to Yogurt Mountain.  Check them out if you live in the area.  They are also in Tuscaloosa.


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- Rhoda


  1. I visited a similar business when in D.C. in March and I was so excited about the place until I got to the checkout. With 1 type of yogurt and one topping my bill was $8! Of course it was D.C. and everything costs more there but still!!!

  2. This looks wonderfully yummy! I love shops like that! Thanks Rhoda =)

  3. This is interesting timing for this post as Chelsea and I were researching frozen yogurt franchises just this week. I doubt we will go this route for her business but it was fun to look. Very educational too. As this is a local business we did not see it but it is a fun option to think about.

    Becky K.

  4. I love Yogurt Mountain!! But, I found this similar place that is just as good, Yogurt Twists. This is by 119 and 280 around starbucks. Alot more spacious! You should try it next time!

  5. Rhoda, we have a similar place where we live and it was our new favorite place to go this summer. Ours has 8 different flavors each day and they are delicious!!! And the toppings are so yummy too. A great summer treat! Love & blessings from NC!

  6. my mouth is watering…. too bad I’m no where near bama.

  7. My son and I went this past April when we were up in Birmingham. So good. Can’t wait until we’re back up there so I can take him again.

  8. I love Yogurt Mountain! We go there all the time. I never know what to choose for my toppings … too many choices.

  9. I love Yogurt Mountain and all frozen yogurt in general! I feel like I am a connoisseur for Birmingham. My personal favorite is Yogurt Lab on 31 across the street from the Rave. You have to try it! Bigger building, cooler design with better seating, more toppings (including Ashley Mac’s strawberry cake!), and you can swirl on the machines! Genius.

  10. I have never been to one of these…..but I am drooling…love my yogurt…
    Happy Saturday

  11. We went to one while visiting our daughter and son in law in Birmingham in June. We loved it so much we went twice! We really enjoyed sitting outside on the lawn with all the families enjoying an early summer treat. When we got home we discovered something very similar right in our own home town. Lucky us!

  12. Now that wasn’t fair to show all that deliciousness to a Virginian. 😉 Looks amazing!!!

  13. Oh, I want a Yogurt Mountain HERE!!! It all lopoks so good! I JUST had about 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt!!! Yours looks MUCH better!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  14. First of all… Oh, how I miss Rick and Bubba!!! We used to have them on here in Nashville, but not anymore. 🙁

    We have a yogurt shop similar called Sweet Cee Cee’s. We make a weekely trip there, usually on Tuesdays when they offer double stamp day (they give you two stamps on your reward card for each cup you purchase).

  15. in hawaii we have yogurt land and menchies that are like that. so fun that we went constantly and burnt ourselves out on them:)

  16. If you’re in the Atlanta area, we have a yogurt shop that is similar called Yogli Mogli. Delicious!

  17. YUM! Sitting here with only coffee, this is an unfair temptation!! Thanks for visiting me, Rhoda, I appreciated the comment!

  18. Was just in the “ham” the other weekend and my friend took us over there… FUN!! My kids loved it! And that door kept swinging open and open and open. It was one hoppin’ place. Wish there was one closer to me!

  19. We have a Sweet Papaya yogurt shop here that looks just like Yogurt Moutain! I ♥ it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing- now I think I need a yogurt run. ha ha!

  20. Oh we love Yogurt Mtn. My 3yo demands to go an a fairly regular basis, so we go about every 2wks or so…we all love it! It can be very expensive if you don’t know how to fill up the cups just right…but after our many trips I have it down to a science! So fun to see someone in my area post about places I know & love!

  21. That looks like a special treat for sure! Wish they were in KS

  22. I went to the one in Tuscaloosa. It cost us $18 for 3 people. It’s good but you don’t have any idea how much it will cost you until they weigh it. (The cup has a weight too.)

  23. Hi!! Loved this post!! We don’t have Yogurt Mountain where we live BUT we have Cherry Berry!! It’s the same identical thing!! We are completely addicted to that place and eat there way tooooo often for our pocketbook!!!

  24. Yogurt Mountain and other similar franchises are the new craze, I think! Where I live in Oklahoma, just over the past year we had at least 5 new shops open up. My favorites are the ones where it’s self-serve: you truly get to create your own little work of yogurt art!

  25. We have a couple of different yogurt parlors like that here in Baton Rouge. They are really good but you definitely have to be careful how much stuff you put in your cup!

  26. When did “the customer is always right” no longer apply. I went to Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS for American Red Cross Blood Drive tonight. I scheduled my donation there because I wanted my new favorite frozen yogurt, original TART. There wasn’t any in freezer but I asked two cartons be made for me. I was told I could make my own. When checking out I was informed I would have to pay by weight, they couldn’t make a carton because they only prepare them after hours and would then have to throw out what I had prepared and could not sell them to me. I was VERY disappointed and upset because I went out of my way to donate, there was a drive in my community a few days before, so I could go to Yogurt Mountain for my favorite flavor.

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